Saturday, April 5, 2014

Man Sues Seattle Police Department Over Photos Released Of Kurt Cobain's Death Scene

Richard Lee is suing the Seattle Police Department for not releasing the pictures they recently released sooner. Apparently there is a Washington law that makes a fine of anywhere from $5-$100 a day per document possible. This would be an incredibly huge fine for the Seattle Police Department if he wins the case. The fine could be greater than $730,000.00, possibly even over a million dollars. The problem is that Richard Lee is representing himself. I would venture to say the suit will probably be thrown out. Richard Lee needs to find a real, competent lawyer to work this case.

I'm not a fan of Richard Lee but he is on the right path. The Seattle Police Department screwed the Kurt Cobain death investigation up from day one and they are responsible for actively preventing justice in this case. Problems arose from the first minutes of them arriving on scene where they declared it was a suicide to the police not taking items into evidence, or destroying evidence, to the many mistakes contained in the police records. Problems also arise with bias on the part of the Seattle Police as apparently Courtney Love was a possible CI or drug informant. It appears as if someone on the force even went as far as censoring police records in order to protect Courtney Love. For more information on these things, see my timeline at the below link.

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