Friday, April 18, 2014


Limos was the Greek goddess or daimones (spirit) of hunger, starvation and famine. The Romans called her Fames.

Appearance: An emaciated, starving woman with hollow, sunken eyes, parched lips and skin looking like parchment covering bones.

Lore: Limos and Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, are not allowed to meet or be together in the same location, per the decree of the Fates, the goddesses of fate and destiny. This said, Demeter calls upon Limos when she is in need of her service, mostly to punish mortals with famine. She once punished a king by using Limos to inflict him with such severe hunger that he eventually began to eat himself. She is believed to make her home in the far desolate north or at the entrance of the underworld.

Powers: Limos spreads starvation and famine with her breath.

Defense Against Limos: Unknown, though today many charities are dedicated to combat hunger. Please consider donating to these causes.

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