Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lawndale Thunderbird

The Lawndale Thunderbird was a large, bird-like monster that allegedly attacked a 10 year-old boy in Lawndale, IL, on July 25, 1977.

Appearance:  A 4 ft long bird, body-wise, with dark plumage and a white ring around it's neck. The wings were described as being at least 4 ft in length each. It's neck was described as being 1 ft in length and it was reported as having a 6 in, hooked beak.

Lore: At approximately 8:10 pm on July 25, 1977,  10 year-old Marlon Lowe was playing outdoors when two very large, dark birds began to fly over his head. One of the birds swooped down and began attacking the poor boy. Marlon began screaming for help and attempted to run inside. His screams alerted his mother, Ruth Lowe. When Ruth Lowe went to see why Marlon was screaming her eyes where met with horror. A giant bird swooped down and grabbed her son, who weighed 56 lbs, and drug him approximately 35 ft away. A second large bird was flying very close by as well. Ruth immediately ran to her son and grabbed him and frantically began swinging and hitting at the birds in order to shoo them away. Eventually she succeeded and both birds flew off in the distance. The family decided to call the police. The police investigated but found no trace of the birds. The story then leaked to the media and the Lowe family became a laughing stock of the community. For some reason people disbelieved the family and thought it was a hoax. Unfortunately, Marlon Lowe was bullied and was even beaten up by kids at school. Despite all this the family still stuck by their initial story and has never changed their story in all the subsequent years.

Powers: Strength and flight.

Defense Against The Lawndale Thunderbird: There have been other reports of large birds attack children weighing circa 50 lbs or so. So it appears as if this is a genuine, if not infrequent, threat. The birds can be scared away with adults using force.




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