Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dr. Evelyn Paglini Has Passed Away

Dr. Evelyn Paglini has passed away. Paglini was a practicing witch and semi-celebrity, having appeared on Coast to Coast AM with both Art Bell and George Noory from the 1990s up to 2013. Paglini's appearances on Coast to Coast AM remained popular for her psychic predictions and the free spells she gave out to listeners. Paglini also owned her own occult store, Mystical Blend. On Saturday, March 29, 2014, Paglini passed away from heart failure. The current inventory at her store will be sold and then the store will close.

I had  a love/hate relationship with Paglini, even though I never met her or conversed with her. I loved her attitude about "fighting evil." However, Paglini was incredibly wrong at times and was involved in practices that people really should know about. In the early 1970s Paglini was a practicing satanist, although it was a different form of satanism than the LaVeyan satanism that most are familiar with. She created her own satanic church in Chicago in 1974. In the 1980s Paglini reinvented herself as an alleged neopagan, stregha-witch, with an unusual sounding name of her alleged tradition (genesian?), which she claims was taught to her by a relative. Unfortunately, there's simply no evidence to indicate any of this is true. It seems as if she just made this up and went with it, developing this mythology as the years passed. If this wasn't bad enough, in the 1980s Paglini supported the claims of alleged SRA survivors. SRA (satanic ritual abuse) is the claim that satanic cults are abusing children in satanic rites, performing human sacrifice and forcing young girls to be "breeders", to constantly give birth to babies which would then be sacrificed to Satan. To date no alleged "SRA survivor" has ever presented sufficient proof or evidence to indicate their claims are valid. What is proven is that the false accusation by these "survivors" have destroyed the lives of countless innocent people. By supporting these mentally ill people Paglini has played her part in destroying innocent lives as well. Finally, I need to touch on the magic spells that Paglini performed. It's clear to me that Paglini took hoodoo, a.k.a root work or conjure, and tried to turn it into a neopagan craft. Even though Paglini seemingly stole stuff from hoodoo she seemingly did not have a basic understanding of what she was doing. This is evident in the recommendations she made concerning the candles, colors and oils she made to people during her interviews. It seems she knew "just enough" about hoodoo to get by with stealing it but truly lacked a basic foundation of understanding.

Now, I reveal these stuff not because I'm a "hater." I reveal this stuff because I purposefully wait until someone has passed away in order to reveal what I know about them. I believe it's important that people know she was a satanist and that she pretty much made up her claims about a hereditary line of witchcraft. This said, I viewed her in the light of entertainment. I enjoyed her media presentations and I will miss hearing more from her.

R.I.P. Dr. Evelyn Paglini. Below is one of her first, if not her actual first, appearance on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. This program aired on July 16, 1997.


Anonymous said...

She never hurt a soul in her lifetime. She was a dear woman who was very grounded in her approach to healing and help to the world. She warned millions of the terrible winter weather coming this last year. May she rest in peace knowing she helped many. Look beyond what you think you see and see the truth.

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous,

She was also wrong on many occasions. Then her predictions became more vague and true only because they were generally true. For example, it's not a prediction to say that in Winter there will be many ice storms or that in Summer there will be heat waves. This is true most years.

However, I don't have issue with her psychic predictions. I have issue with her lies. She could have easily been a conjure worker and still helped people. But that's not what she chose to do. She chose to lie and weave an intricate deception while billing herself as the sole heir to an imaginary hereditary lineage of witches, hiding her years as a practicing satanist. She used these lies to financially prosper herself while stealing from the real tradition of hoodoo.

So sure, she may not have actively hurt anyone. She was a human being and I do not stand in judgement of her life. However, this information needs to come to light.

Anonymous said...

So you wait until someone dies (when they can't defend themselves) before attempting to defame them? Really? I don't know much about Dr. Paglini but she seemed no worse than any other witchy semi celebrity out there. As for what she may or may not have done decades ago, She was a human being. Humans mess up. The beauty of being human is that we can change what needs to be changed to make life better as well as to impact the world in a better way.

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous

I think there is some form of mental disconnect with you.

Paglini lied in order to gain financially. She stole from the real tradition of hoodoo to prop up her lies.

I am a conjure worker. I practice hoodoo. I don't take kindly to people stealing from it and trying to claim it as their own.

According to law, when a person dies their reputation dies with them and the family can not sue for slander.

Evelyn Paglini was a human being, a flawed human being like most people. However, it's important for people to realize this information in order to try to stop it from happening again. Anybody who attempts to follow in her footsteps and do what she did should be called out on it. What she did is not okay. It's not acceptable. She died unrepentant and she should be called out for it.

Anonymous said...

(I'm not the original Anonymous poster)

She was a liar, a fraud, and a charlatan. Plus, that smoker's laugh was a big turn-off.
Yes, people are flawed, but that's a convenient excuse when someone CONSCIOUSLY, KNOWINGLY, perpetrates falsehood and lies for gain. Is there any indication she was insane and not aware she was manipulating people? (not a rhetorical question, because in all fairness, that might be the case. i didnt know her personally).
Finally - EVERYONE is nice. give me a break. people are civil and "sweet" and whatever else to their friends and family, but that has absolutely no bearing on their overall character. i mean, Hitler adored Eva Braun and probably treated her like a queen.

leyla said...

I enjoyed her interviews with Art. They had good chemistry, and it was refreshing to hear a non-Wiccan POV.

What's your source on the Satanism thing? Not that it changes my opinion of her one way or the other. Just curious if that is whispered about within the magick community or if you know firsthand.

DocConjure said...

@ Leyla,

I found the satanism stuff by Google some years back. I recently Google her again so it's still out there. There's a blog called Occult Chicago that has a few blogs talking about her. The satanic church she opened in 1974 was called "Thee Satanic Temple" or something like that. She was involved in another satanic church with some other guy named Taylor in 1971 and then they got into a fight and she went her own way and formed her own satanic church.

All, and I do mean all, of her claims of being a witch are lies. She claims she is the last surviving hair to a thousand year old lineage of witches called "genesian"(probably misspelled). There is absolutely no information online about any tradition of witchcraft called "genesian." However, there is a St. Genesius, who was the Catholic saint of actors and clowns. Everything she did was an act an she was a clown for sure! She claims her grandfather initiated her when she was 4 years old and taught her "natural magic." These are all lies.

All the magic she performed was stolen from hoodoo, the candles, the oils, etc. She NEVER gave a spell that didn't require anyone not to have to purchase her products at her store. She never gave out any spells that one could use with products one had around the house, like a real practitioner of hoodoo would know about. Her spells were cheesy and stupid. She got the properties of herbs screwed up with one another. For example, she claims Angelica root, which is used for protection, is used for money drawing. She took the names of well known candles used in hoodoo and renamed them. For example, she took jumbo pillar candles and renamed them as "soldier candles." Her knowledge of magic was kindergarten level. That's probably because she was a thief and stole it from hoodoo rather than trying to enter as a student into anything.

So she is 100% a fraud, a phony. This said, I understand how people liked her. She was entertaining and I only view her as entertainment.

DocConjure said...

@ Leyla,


Her satanic church was named, "Thee Satanic Church." She opened it up in 1974 and disbanded in 1980. Prior to this, in 1971, she and a man named Terry Taylor created a satanic church named, "Thee Satanic Orthodox Church of Nethilum Rite." The pair had a falling out and Evelyn Paglini left and formed her satanic church. In the 1980s she dropped satanism and reinvented herself as a lone surviving heir to a thousand year old lineage of witches called "genesian." She would keep this mythology going until her death.

Anonymous said...

I met Dr Paglini in 1982 and was friendly with her until the late 90s. She cursed people, hurt people and I myself was spiritually attacked by her. I respected her, looked up to her and never deserved what she did to me. I am shocked and saddened to hear of her death but I knew her and what she was capable of doing. IF the author wishes to contact me, I would welcome communication. Everyone else, her work is real; no everyone gets results; it is up to God. However, much of what she did was negative and I'm sorry so many were hurt. It is sad she is gone. Many of her predictions came through but the wrench was thrown and many were harmed. Catch 22. Sad.

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous at 1:22pm on April 4,

How am I supposed to contact you when you left an anonymous comment? My email address is to the right side of the blog. You can email me if you like.

Anonymous said...

How do u get rid of unused material from her

Chris Scott said...

I'm not a fan of hers either but waiting until someone dies before speaking your piece is bad manners and cowardly. If you won't say it while they are alive then let them go in peace.

DocConjure said...

@ Chris Scott,

You are ignorant, so I'll forgive you. There's a line out the door of people who claimed that Evelyn cursed them. Do you really think I want to invite that into my life? I mean, I can carry my own but I'm not about to willingly open myself up to spiritual attack like that. Perhaps you may be ignorant enough to do so, but I'm a bit wiser in these matters.

Mojojomonkeybrains123 Mojojojomonkeybrains123 said...

Satanists do use breeders, also they use them very young as soon as the menses start. They eat human flesh and levay satanists are pansies compared to the real thing. Alister Crowley was also tame in comparison.I mean no
offense to anyone I am simply speaking the truth.

evie said...


Trumps said...

If only people took the time to understand Satan and Satanism, how different are the real satanist from what the media and the Christians make Satanist to be, how satanist are not interested in the Abraham religions, and how Satan views his people, how satanist are equals and not followers, and how satanists are knowledgeable and not blind believers. how satanist do not need all the crap christians think, it christians that drink and eat blood and flesh, and they think they are consuming the flesh of there human god, while satanist have the pleaser of knowing an angel, a brilant angel of light and wisdom, before christians speak they should look at the mirror and see there black clad priest, and there boy loving leaders, trow stones if you dare maybe your man god was a satanist too,

Aaron David Sacks said...

After I graduated art school I had an enormous block against me and my teachings from Heaven as I attempted to work at a store serving people. I believed you should never tell anyone what you desire to do in life or you lose your potential. At this time my ability to concentrate was gone. There was always a sudden loud noise from the neighbors or people outside to interrupt me when I tried to. I knew that the gods and goddesses of the four elements are real and it was time for me to cast a spell. That is when I remembered Evelyn Paglini and I ordered oils, candles, and instruction CD's from her but after she died and I did not know she was dead. I performed my luck spell as I went to federal court until I overcame these malicious and anti-Semitic forces by making one of my former employers pay me lost wages.

Anonymous said...

I have used her candles & spells, they have worked for me every time, so, I have to exercise caution. I would advise anyone using her items to do the same.

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