Monday, April 28, 2014

Big Bird

Big Bird is the name given to a number of reported sightings of a gigantic, bird-like monster in the area of southern New Mexico and southern Texas.

Appearance: Many witnesses claim the creature looked like a gigantic condor-like bird, being 5-7ft high, having up to a 20ft wingspan, with black or dark feathers and a bald head. Other witnesses reported a creature closer resembling a Pterosaur, an extinct flying reptile, a bat-like creature or even a flying humanoid.

Lore: Sightings of Big Bird began in January, 1976. The first witnesses were three children in Harlingen, TX, who witnessed the monster in a ditch on January 1. This sighting was followed by the sighting of officer Arturo Padilla who saw the creature in his patrol car headlights on January 7, in San Benito, TX. Officer Homer Galvin also witnessed the creature but it was too far away for him to give specific details other than the creature looked like a giant, dark bird. On the same day in Brownsville, TX, a man named Alverico Guajardo claimed to have seen a gigantic, bat-like creature. On January 14, a man named Amando Grimaldo, a Raymondville resident, claimed he was attacked by the monster. Grimaldo had the bloody, torn shirt to prove it. In fact, he was discovered by his neighbors, who found him huddling and shaking in fear in his yard. Grimaldo claimed that a furry, bat-like monster had attacked him. On February 24, three teachers reported a sighting of what they believed was a Pteranodon, a large form of Peterosaur. Sightings of Big Bird lasted for a couple of months and then tapered off and died. Every now and then a new witness comes forward claiming to have seen Big Bird. One of the latest sightings happened to Frank Ramirez in 1998 with other additional sightings reported in 2007.

Powers: Strength and flight.

Defense Against  Big Bird: Unknown. However, there is only one known instance of Big Bird attacking a person.

Big Bird As Misidentified Bird - The most common explanation for the rash of Big Bird sightings in 1976 was that people were misidentifying non-local birds. However, some witnesses insist that what they saw was not natural.

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