Thursday, April 3, 2014

Animal Sacrifices Found In Washington, D.C. Park

The remains of several chickens and a pigeon were found in a park in Washington, D.C. Authorities are convinced it was animal sacrifice and are not sure which group may be responsible.

Note: I want to applaud the writers for including that most animal sacrifices in various alternative religions are eaten. This said, this is probably an act of witchcraft, as in curse. Sometimes animals are killed as part of a spell and not part of a religious ceremony. These animals killed for a spell are not usually eaten. However, most times in witchcraft an animal is tortured and killed in order to bring about destruction and death to an enemy. There would need to be something from the victim included in the animal sacrifices, such as stuffing a living bird with the victim's photo. So finding something that would link to the victim would be a sure way of determining that this was the remains of a curse. If no such articles can be recovered then it might be that the guilty person is a rogue follower of Santeria and is not associated directly with the religion and has no real guidance from a priest or priestess. If this is the case the person would pretty much be "doing there own thing" and making it up as they go.

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