Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Alastor was the Greek god or daimon (spirit) of blood feuds. His name means "avenging." Alastor was also used as a title for any avenging spirit. There may have also existed a belief in multiple Alastors.

Appearance: Unknown but possibly a winged man brandishing weapons of torture and punishment, such as torches, whips and scourges

Lore: Alastor is the cause of all long-term fighting and rivalry between families. To be more specific, Alastor is charged with inspiring people to seek revenge against a person's entire family for a misdeed or wrong. He is a close companion of the Furies. Alastor will go to great lengths to avenge wrongs. In Euripides' Elektra, the character of Orestes ponders a message given by an oracle of Apollo in which he is advised to kill his mother. Orestes thinks that Alastor may have hijacked Apollo's oracle. Perhaps Alastor's most famous inspired blood feud would be between the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Powers: Alastor has the power to inspire people to seek violent revenge against the family members of a person who severely wronged them.

Defense Against Alastor  - Unknown. Alastor, like his close companions, The Furies, will stop at nothing until they have achieved their goal of punishing humanity.

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