Monday, April 14, 2014


Achlys is the primordial goddess of death and darkness, more specifically the approaching darkness that a person experiences just prior to dying. She is also responsible for the clouding over of a corpse's eyes. She is considered to also be the personification of misery and sadness.

Appearance: A disgusting hag, covered in dirt, having a starving and decaying, emaciated body with swollen knees, long fingernails, cheeks oozing blood and a nose that constantly runs. Achlys is said to be eternally crying.

Lore: Achlys is said to have been the first created being. This is at odds with the traditional Greek belief that Nyx (night) was the first being. It could be that Achlys is an archaic form of Nyx. However, some suggest tat Achlys is a daughter of Nyx, which would further confuse matters. An image of Achlys appeared on Heracles' (Hercules') shield.

Power: Achlys brings the darkness of death upon the eyes of the dying and clouds the eyes of the corpse.

Defense Against Achlys: None

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