Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Third Eye Man

The Third Eye Man, a.k.a. Sewer Man, is a phantom that prowls the catacombs underneath the University of South Carolina.

Appearance: A man dressed in silver or gray and having a third eye located on his forehead.

Lore: The first documented appearance occurred on November 12, 1949 and was witnessed by Christopher Nichols, a writer for the school paper. Nichols claimed he saw a man in a silver suit jump into a manhole and disappear. Nichols would later write of his experience while dubbing the phantom, "Sewer Man." It was rumored that one year later, in 1950, that a campus police officer found mutilated chickens and tracked the blood and gore to a man who was huddled down and eating a chicken raw, his face and body covered in blood and feathers. When the officer shone his flash light on the man the light revealed that in the center of the bloodied man's forehead was a third eye. This is where the phantom gets his most famous name. The officer then fled in terror. Unfortunately, there are no documents to prove that a campus police officer ever encountered such a sight on campus. Subsequent reports of the Third Eye Man have been made up through the 1990s. During the 1980s and 1990s there were scattered reports of students being sent into the tunnels for hazing rituals only to be chased out by a man wielding a large pipe. The students being hazed assumed this was part of the act but were shocked to learn that this was no joke and was not part of the hazing ritual. No one seems to have been hurt though. It is not known if the phantom has been seen since the 1990s. The Third Eye Man lives in the catacombs that exist below the university. The tunnels are believed to be ten miles in length, if not longer, which would definitely provide ample space for the survival of a 'mysterious something.' Exploration of the tunnels are discouraged. Any student caught in the tunnels is immediately expelled by the school. Most of the entrances to the tunnels are locked. A few select locations are not locked and despite the risk, some brave souls continue to dare to explore it's dark depths. The tunnels are hot and humid as steam and hot water are released from pipes underground. Would be explorers should also know that the tunnels are rumored  to connect various government buildings. If an explorer should make a wrong exit in a government building or get caught in the tunnels near a government building, then there could be severe consequences to pay.

Powers: Unknown.

Defense Against The Third Eye Man: Stay out of the tunnels where he lives. The Third Eye Man rarely exits the tunnels.

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