Friday, March 21, 2014

New Pictures Of Kurt Cobain's Death Scene Released

Upon reexamining the Kurt Cobain death case, Seattle Police have found a roll of film. The roll was developed and two pictures were released. You can view the pictures at the below link.,,20799054,00.html

Note how there is no water bottle or even a lid. Junkies often carry a water bottle around with them or else use a lid to hold water to use to shoot up.

For more information, read my timeline on Kurt Cobain's death at the link below.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping this alive with these posts! i see all the followers' avatars - HELLOOOOOO! you can comment. i cant be the only one that is so interested in this. it makes the jim morrison legends (still alive, living in africa, etc.) so less potent than potential....MURDER! this is beyond just fans' interest.

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