Monday, March 31, 2014

Harry's Occult Shop Has Closed

Harry's Occult Shop was Philadelphia's oldest hoodoo shop. It first opened in 1917 as a drugstore and then made the transition into hoodoo drugstore and then later into an "occult shop". They made and sold their own spiritual products. I guess I'm a little late but it appears as if the store has now closed. A new shop has opened up, not in the same building, called Mystical Emporium. Harry's Occult Shop website redirects to Mystical Emporium. I have removed the web link from my recommended links below as I do not recommend this new shop. This is a sad, sad time. Harry's Occult Shop will be missed. It's especially sad that it closed just three years shy of being open for 100 years.

To see images of Harry's Occult Shop, click HERE.

Addendum: I read online that the landlord decided to sell the building which caused the store to close. Mystical Emporium is owned by new people but they did hire the entire staff of Harry's Occult Shop. This said, Mystical Emporium appears to be far more New Age in nature and not the classic old, down-to-earth hoodoo that made Harry's Occult Shop famous.

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