Saturday, March 1, 2014

Alien Abduction Celebrity Arrested For Child Porn

Stan Romanek, alleged alien abductee, was arrested for possession of child pornography. Romanek was a controversial figure and had been plagued with accusations of fraud from the beginning. Romanek is perhaps best known for his "peeping tom alien", which is now generally believed to have been a hoax.

Romanek was also seemingly involved in yet another alleged hoax when he was caught playing with a recorded voice that he then played back during an Open Minds interview, using the voice to imply that an anonymous person was hacking the interview. Romanek then seemingly disconnected the call, as if to indicate said anonymous voice was attempting to silence him. Unfortunately for Romanek he wasn't aware that he was still on air when the host broke for a break and was recorded making sounds as if playing with equipment and even playing the exact same voice he would then use to "interrupt" the interview.

As to the child porn accusations, Mrs. Romanek claims that her husband is a victim of a conspiracy by DHS and that DHS agents remotely planted the child porn on his computer in order to silence and discredit him.

In the video below Stan Romanek engages is more fakery. He is caught red-handed trying to fake paranormal events.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what his defense is. Will the prosecution use the "peeping tom" or the other video cited in this post as an example of his character? i will stay tuned.

DocConjure said...

Right. The whole claim of DHS remotely planting the child porn in order to discredit him is bull shit. There's no need to discredit someone who has no credibility to begin with an especially after they have been caught hoaxing stuff several times.

I do expect the trial to go crazy with UFOs, aliens and conspiracies brought into the defense. If I were the prosecution I would use all of his hoaxes as evidence to argue against any claims that DHS was trying to discredit him.

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