Monday, March 31, 2014

Harry's Occult Shop Has Closed

Harry's Occult Shop was Philadelphia's oldest hoodoo shop. It first opened in 1917 as a drugstore and then made the transition into hoodoo drugstore and then later into an "occult shop". They made and sold their own spiritual products. I guess I'm a little late but it appears as if the store has now closed. A new shop has opened up, not in the same building, called Mystical Emporium. Harry's Occult Shop website redirects to Mystical Emporium. I have removed the web link from my recommended links below as I do not recommend this new shop. This is a sad, sad time. Harry's Occult Shop will be missed. It's especially sad that it closed just three years shy of being open for 100 years.

To see images of Harry's Occult Shop, click HERE.

Addendum: I read online that the landlord decided to sell the building which caused the store to close. Mystical Emporium is owned by new people but they did hire the entire staff of Harry's Occult Shop. This said, Mystical Emporium appears to be far more New Age in nature and not the classic old, down-to-earth hoodoo that made Harry's Occult Shop famous.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Third Eye Man

The Third Eye Man, a.k.a. Sewer Man, is a phantom that prowls the catacombs underneath the University of South Carolina.

Appearance: A man dressed in silver or gray and having a third eye located on his forehead.

Lore: The first documented appearance occurred on November 12, 1949 and was witnessed by Christopher Nichols, a writer for the school paper. Nichols claimed he saw a man in a silver suit jump into a manhole and disappear. Nichols would later write of his experience while dubbing the phantom, "Sewer Man." It was rumored that one year later, in 1950, that a campus police officer found mutilated chickens and tracked the blood and gore to a man who was huddled down and eating a chicken raw, his face and body covered in blood and feathers. When the officer shone his flash light on the man the light revealed that in the center of the bloodied man's forehead was a third eye. This is where the phantom gets his most famous name. The officer then fled in terror. Unfortunately, there are no documents to prove that a campus police officer ever encountered such a sight on campus. Subsequent reports of the Third Eye Man have been made up through the 1990s. During the 1980s and 1990s there were scattered reports of students being sent into the tunnels for hazing rituals only to be chased out by a man wielding a large pipe. The students being hazed assumed this was part of the act but were shocked to learn that this was no joke and was not part of the hazing ritual. No one seems to have been hurt though. It is not known if the phantom has been seen since the 1990s. The Third Eye Man lives in the catacombs that exist below the university. The tunnels are believed to be ten miles in length, if not longer, which would definitely provide ample space for the survival of a 'mysterious something.' Exploration of the tunnels are discouraged. Any student caught in the tunnels is immediately expelled by the school. Most of the entrances to the tunnels are locked. A few select locations are not locked and despite the risk, some brave souls continue to dare to explore it's dark depths. The tunnels are hot and humid as steam and hot water are released from pipes underground. Would be explorers should also know that the tunnels are rumored  to connect various government buildings. If an explorer should make a wrong exit in a government building or get caught in the tunnels near a government building, then there could be severe consequences to pay.

Powers: Unknown.

Defense Against The Third Eye Man: Stay out of the tunnels where he lives. The Third Eye Man rarely exits the tunnels.

MANY People Vanishing Into Thin Air! WHAT'S HAPPENING???

FOX News - Blood Moon

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Man Kills Grandson Because He Thought He Was Possessed By The Devil

A former pastor ordered his 15 year-old grandson into a room and shot him in him the head, killing him. The grandfather believed the boy was possessed by Satan.

(FYI: I used to live on the street where this happened.)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Your Stories......Woman Captures Picture Of "Goblin"

This picture above was sent to me from a friend who accidentally recorded it. What do you think it is? Is it what it seems, a little goblin poking out from behind some boxes? Or could it be merely a trick of the light? The woman believes her house is haunted and has had several experiences, such as noises at night.

Friday, March 21, 2014

New Pictures Of Kurt Cobain's Death Scene Released

Upon reexamining the Kurt Cobain death case, Seattle Police have found a roll of film. The roll was developed and two pictures were released. You can view the pictures at the below link.,,20799054,00.html

Note how there is no water bottle or even a lid. Junkies often carry a water bottle around with them or else use a lid to hold water to use to shoot up.

For more information, read my timeline on Kurt Cobain's death at the link below.

True Blood Slot Machine

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kurt Cobain Death Investigation Reopened?

KIRO 7 News is reporting that a Detective told them that the Kurt Cobain death investigation was reopened.

Unfortunately, the Washington Post is reporting this is just a misunderstanding and that Seattle Police are just preparing for the questions that will come in due to the approaching 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death (April 5, 2014).

I sure hope the Washington Post is wrong and that the case has been reopened. At least we now know that the Seattle Police have the crime scene photos. It was assumed by many that they destroyed them or gave them to Courtney Love, per her wish. If the case hasn't been reopened, it sure needs to and fast!

To read my timeline on the events surrounding Kurt Cobain's death, click the link below.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dr. Roger Leir Passed Away

Dr. Roger Leir, famed alien abduction and alien implant researcher passed away on March 14, 2014. Leir was about to undergo an operation on his foot when, before surgery, he decided to visit the bathroom. He never came out and was discovered to have died.

The alleged implants Leir removed from the bodies of purported abductees were shown through testing at top labs to have been meteoric in origin. Many of the implants were covered in a strange biological covering that seemed to prevent an immune response. In fact, this biological coating contained nerve cells which is something that just doesn't occur with foreign objects in the body. It is believed that if this biological covering can be replicated it would revolutionize organ transplants and even set the stage for the creation of advanced cyborgs.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Alien Abduction Celebrity Arrested For Child Porn

Stan Romanek, alleged alien abductee, was arrested for possession of child pornography. Romanek was a controversial figure and had been plagued with accusations of fraud from the beginning. Romanek is perhaps best known for his "peeping tom alien", which is now generally believed to have been a hoax.

Romanek was also seemingly involved in yet another alleged hoax when he was caught playing with a recorded voice that he then played back during an Open Minds interview, using the voice to imply that an anonymous person was hacking the interview. Romanek then seemingly disconnected the call, as if to indicate said anonymous voice was attempting to silence him. Unfortunately for Romanek he wasn't aware that he was still on air when the host broke for a break and was recorded making sounds as if playing with equipment and even playing the exact same voice he would then use to "interrupt" the interview.

As to the child porn accusations, Mrs. Romanek claims that her husband is a victim of a conspiracy by DHS and that DHS agents remotely planted the child porn on his computer in order to silence and discredit him.

In the video below Stan Romanek engages is more fakery. He is caught red-handed trying to fake paranormal events.

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