Saturday, December 21, 2013

Satanic Group Wants Monument At Oklahoma State Capital

Currently a "freeze" has been put in place on any new monuments depending of  the court case. In reality the ten commandments monument will more than likely be removed and not religious monuments erected.

It wasn't just Satanists who wanted a monument. A Hindu group wanted to erect a statue to a monkey-god and atheists wanted to erect a statue to "The Flying Spaghetti Monster".


Anonymous said...

i think ALL of them should be allowed. i am catholic, and would like to see the Ten Commandments remain - this is only because i feel a vast, vast majority of people ARE christians in Oklahoma. what is there to fear? given that, then the hindus and satanists should do the same. clarification, though - i doubt they are 'satan worshippers' as the television reporter stated. they are "satanists", which i learned from this great blog, DO NOT WORSHIP A DEITY. now luciferians do - they believe a "devil" exists. satanists, though, nope.

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous at 10:08,

The law is very clear...separation of church and state. The satanic and other monuments will not be approved and the judge will order the 10 commandments monument taken down, which is what they really wanted. The easiest way to get the "separation of church and state" is to demand equal representation.

LaVeyian Satanism was allegedly "atheistic" but now in his approved biography it has Anton praying to Satan in a time of need for the healing of a friend. That pretty much proves his claims that "Satan doesn't exist" is a lie. Also, in his book there is a story of how and other church members ate human flesh, I did you not.

Anonymous said...

wow!!! the things i learn here! is the bio recent? i know Anton died years ago - was the bio just finished? i will check into that.
i disagree with the separation of church and state because what is meant by a 'church' is the actual governing body, and not a belief system or philosophy. the Ten Commandments is culturally significant in the history of this country. this does not "establish" a religion (as forbidden in the constitution). i can understand how it can be interpreted as PROMOTING one. what the leaders may have been doing was preventing the hardcore Anglicans from abusing their power.

Anonymous said...

i see "The Secret Life of a Satanist" was publishes in 1992, if not earlier. i wonder what Zeena had to say, if anything. im cynical about the flesh-eating - LaVey seemed like he would enjoy shocking our sensibilities. the book pre-dates his death. i will later on research the web to see what reaction there may have been to the bio, especially from zeena and nikolas schreck.

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