Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Corruption Of Wicca And Modern Paganism


Anonymous said...

this is an excellent, excellent show. the campy segments at the beginning and end were funny. the guest was an interesting speaker, too. i sympathize with the frustrations he explained about his rearing as a christian. i dont share his world view, but i respect his knowledge and 'back to basics' philosophy. perhaps it should be applied to those churches that have become money machines or power trips. i am catholic, but have always been interested if not fascinated by pagan, wiccan, satanic, and luciferian beliefs, history, and culture (i do not equate all three as the same). this audio posting is very educational as well as enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

I found this program to be powerful and, as soon as the book is available, then I'm going to get it. Any book that gets Wiccan's panties in a bunch I'm going to be in-line to buy.

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