Monday, August 26, 2013

JRQE - S1E5 - Real Close Encounters


Anonymous said...

thank you, joe rogan! for stating the truth - that there is no hard evidence, despite the embellished stories, the illusions, the misguided conclusions, and the hoaxes.

DocConjure said...

@ Anonymous,

Don't fool yourself. This was the worst episode of the series so far. Rogan only interviewed nuts and crackpots. He didn't bother interiewing people like Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who claimed that the Roswell crash actually happened and that it was extraterrestrial. He didn't bother devling into the actual evidence, such as cases with radar, even multiple radar systems simultanously recording an unknown flying object. Not to mention the case with multiple radar confirmations, plus ground eye-witness, flight eye-witnesses, and recording of isntruments that the UFO is giving off some form of electical signal or broadcat. Rogan also didn't touch on the highly credible people who have seen UFOs. No. Rogan just stants there and actually demands that Bill Birnes present a crashed UFO and bodies. That was so incredibly stupid.

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