Thursday, July 11, 2013

Your Stories - Strange Footprints In Tate County, Mississippi

I was contacted by a woman I'll call Janet to protect her identity. Janet discovered some weird footprints after a storm and sent me this.

These tracks were found behind my house after an evening of heavy rain. These pictures are of different angles of the same track. The other tracks are not so clear because they were in grass. The tracks seem to come from nowhere and disappeared to nowhere.


Doc-Thank you for your interest and yes please use on your blog. But let me give you the full background of the tracks. Last week we had a storm that knocked-off the electric from 8:30pm until 1:30 am. Since it is a rural area it takes a while for the electricity to come back on. Around 11 pm because of the heat I decided to sleep on the couch in the living room. I had the windows opened liberally in an attempt to catch some type of breeze. I could not rest because it was hot, sticky and just uncomfortable. While I was lying there on the couch I could hear some dogs off in the distant causing a big disturbance. Ok, no big deal. Shortly after that I hear what sound like a different set of dogs barking and causing a ruckus just a bit closer. I wondered what was going on but still ok, no big deal. Then it started with dogs just down the road, even closer. So I looked out the windows but because of the darkness I could not see anything. I went back to the couch and to lie down. As I was attempting to rest I literally saw and felt a shadow cover the window that was blacker than the black inside and outside the house. It startled me so badly that I immediately grabbed for the flashlight convinced that someone was standing outside the window peering in at me. Nothing. Now it could not have been a neighbor since the nearest one is at least an acre away and no one else in the house was up. I verified that.

Now about the tracks, this past Friday evening we had another storm. No loss of electricity this time. The following day I went out messing around the yard and discovered these tracks. At first I too thought it was a dog but I notice like an arch, ridge and heel. The tracks seemed to come from nowhere and disappeared. I thought at first the one track could be an anomaly but there are at least 2 others. They were in a grassy part but they still have that deep back indention. After taking the first set of pictures I put the date and time stamp on my camera for documentation. I used the fly swat as a scale because I did not want to wait to search around for a ruler. I will send you all of the photos and I welcome any feedback. Also, there are many strange sightings in this area and has been for decades.
I communicated to her that the top portion of the print looks like dog prints but I don't know what the bottom, portion is. Strange.
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