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Your Stories - After Death Visitation

It is somewhat common for people to have visits or encounters with a love one only to soon discover that the loved one had died shortly before the experience. Sometimes this experience takes the form of phone calls from the dead person. Sometimes these experiences even manifest as actual sightings of the person. Jessica W. sent me the following story of her experience with an after death visitation.


I came upon your blog when looking for reviews of 7 Sisters Oils, and I noticed your request to hear stories about real-life experiences with the paranormal, and I thought I would share mine with you.

As children, my great grandmother lived with us. She was in her 90s and eventually became bedridden and quite sick, due to old age. My aunt used to say that she was really loving etc, but I have no memories of that. I do have photographs of her carrying me as a baby, and she seemed gentle and nice.

My mother did not want me or my sister to witness our dying great grandmother, and also, two kids at home with a really old and sick person was too much, so she sent us away to boarding school. I was about 7 years old.

I remember waking up one night, in boarding school. All the lights were off, and in the bed next to me, my sister was asleep, and on the other side, I still remember this girl called Samantha with short hair was also asleep.

My great grandmother was standing at the foot of my bed, asking me to come with her. I remember sitting up and watching her, but somehow thinking that I would get into trouble, so closing my eyes and going back to sleep instead of joining her.

The very next day, my mother came to the boarding school to collect my sister and myself - my great grandmother had died during the night/dawn, and she had come to take us home.

I never told her what I saw, but even as a 7 year old, I sensed that great grandmother had been asking me to go with her to...I don't know where, but to wherever she went to.

There are a few other stories, but none as important as this.

If you do use it, please do let me know beforehand.

Jessica W. also send this next ghost experience:
One more (I promise it is the last) story:

My second job in my early twenties was in an old building, where a woman was supposed to have killed herself by jumping off the roof. Old hands at the bulding said that you could see her shadow at night.

I never did.

But one night, I worked really, really late, till around 9.30 p.m. Once I was done, I switched off all the lights, ACs, computers etc, and switched off the main after that to be sure. I then called the security guy, and he sealed the door shut (company rules).

Next morning, me and my boss came in together, around 7 a.m.

The seal was still there, unbroken. All the lights, AC and computers were running. It was really weird. I asked the security guy to make sure I didn't imagine switching things off, and he confirmed that I did, but just shrugged, saying it was normal stuff when 'she' was around.
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