Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Man Wanted In Murder Of Vampire-Prostitute Arrested

The man wanted in the murder of a male prostitute and self-styled vampire has been arrested in Perth, Australia. Police believe Mark Perry murdered Shane Chartres-Abbott after Abbott allegedly brutally raped Perth's former girlfriend. The victim had bruises and bite-marks over most of her body and a part of her tongue had been bitten off. Abbott was found dressed in clothing covered in the victim's blood and to have had the victim's phone in his possession. Upon questioning by police, Abbott claimed he was a 200 year-old vampire and that he regularly ingested human blood. Abbott claims that the victim told him he was going to be killed in a snuff film and so he had to fight with her in order to make his escape. Abbott was later gunned down and killed by the victim's ex-boyfriend.

What makes this case interesting is that a man named Evangelos Goussis came forward and confessed to killing Abbott. Goussis claimed that he and two police officers took part in the murder of Abbott. Also, as a male prostitute Abbott allegedly serviced many powerful men and some believe that he was murdered for fear that he would reveal the identities of his clients.

'Vampire' murder hunt ends in Perth factory


Chartres-Abbott, Shane

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