Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Buffy - Rare Cast Interviews (1998)

J.R.Q.E. - S1E1 - Bigfoot

The Most Terryfing Places In America 5

The Most Terrifying Places In America 4

Child Sacrifice - Uganda

Bishop Slaps Witch

Art Bell Returns!

If you were a fan of the original Art Bell Coast to Coast show of the 90's then this will get you excited. Art Bell is returning to radio with a new show called, "Art Bell's Dark Matters". The format will probably be the same as the original Coast to Coast show.

Radio's Art Bell returning with Sirius XM show

I can't wait. Ever since George Noory took over Coast to Coast the show has been declining. Lots of New Age nonsense was introduced and it just went downhill from there. Now it can go weeks without and interesting episode. Art Bell's the man and knows what made him popular, UFOs and Paranormal. Forget all the channelling Pleiadians and communicating with dolphins. Let George Noory deal with that!

Some classic Art Bell shows:

Roswell Crash - September 4, 1994

"Ghost to Ghost" - October 30, 1995

Harlot The Witch - October 23, 1997

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Buffy Special Features - Casting Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Mysteries From Beyond Earth (1975)

MysteryQuest - Return Of The Amityville Horror

Physicist Comes Out Of The Closet, Says UFOs Are Real Phenomenon And Are Advanced Technology

Physicist Eric Davis has come forward to claim that UFOs represent an advanced technology and are intelligently controlled.

Eric Davis, Physicist, Explains Why Scientists Won't Discuss Their UFO Interests

Witch Who Stole $23,000 Doesn't Have To Repay Money

Samantha Jane Macey, a self-styled witch, tricked people out of over $23,000 by claiming the money would go to flood disaster relief. Instead she spent the money. The courts have ruled she doesn't have the repay it. She must be working some powerful witchcraft.

Witch will not have to repay $23k conned from flood donations after attorney-general loses appeal

The Museum Of Witchcraft

C2CAM - July 23, 2013 - TWA 800/Dreams

Thursday, July 18, 2013

30 Minutes Of Behind The Scenes Footage From Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Finding Atlantis

The Tommyknockers (1993)

Travis Walton tells of his alien abduction experience

C2CAM - July 17, 2013 - Mermaids & Strange Creatures

Ryan Adams Claims He Saw UFO Chased By Police & Helicopters

Singer Ryan Adams claims that on July 11, while driving in Glendale, CA, he witnesses a giant UFO being chased by police and helicopters. He said it was like a sci-fi movie come to life. Adams originally made multiple tweets of the incident but has since deleted them.

Ryan Adams Tweets California UFO Sighting, Then Deletes Tweets

Demi Lovato Believes In Ghosts

In a recent interview Demi Lovato admitted she believes in ghosts and claims her home was haunted by a spirit she calls Emily.

I go ghost hunting: Demi Lovato

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

American Paranormal: Haunted Prison

Chupacabra: Is It Real?

National Geographic: Vampires In Venice

Vampires: Is It Real?

10 Celebrities Who Have Seen Aliens

Time News Feed on 10 celebrities who have claimed to have had contact with UFOs/Aliens.

10 Stars Who Have Seen Aliens

C2CAM - July 15, 2013 - Exorcism & Religion In Madagascar

Psychic Finds Body Of Missing Boy

Pam Ragland saw a news story on a missing boy and immediately had a psychic vision of where the body was located. She actually led police to the site where the body was found buried. What's this nonsense about psychics not being useful to cops?

Police: Psychic Found Body Of Missing 11-Year-Old Boy

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Baron Davis Claims To Have Been Abducted By Aliens

Basketball star Baron Davis recently admitted in a podcast that he was abducted by aliens about 2 weeks agon while driving in California. Davis claimed the aliens looked part human.

Knicks basketball star claims he was 'actually abducted by ALIENS two weeks ago'... but after recovering with two burgers decided the experience wasn't too bad



Thursday, July 11, 2013

Your Stories - Strange Footprints In Tate County, Mississippi

I was contacted by a woman I'll call Janet to protect her identity. Janet discovered some weird footprints after a storm and sent me this.

These tracks were found behind my house after an evening of heavy rain. These pictures are of different angles of the same track. The other tracks are not so clear because they were in grass. The tracks seem to come from nowhere and disappeared to nowhere.


Doc-Thank you for your interest and yes please use on your blog. But let me give you the full background of the tracks. Last week we had a storm that knocked-off the electric from 8:30pm until 1:30 am. Since it is a rural area it takes a while for the electricity to come back on. Around 11 pm because of the heat I decided to sleep on the couch in the living room. I had the windows opened liberally in an attempt to catch some type of breeze. I could not rest because it was hot, sticky and just uncomfortable. While I was lying there on the couch I could hear some dogs off in the distant causing a big disturbance. Ok, no big deal. Shortly after that I hear what sound like a different set of dogs barking and causing a ruckus just a bit closer. I wondered what was going on but still ok, no big deal. Then it started with dogs just down the road, even closer. So I looked out the windows but because of the darkness I could not see anything. I went back to the couch and to lie down. As I was attempting to rest I literally saw and felt a shadow cover the window that was blacker than the black inside and outside the house. It startled me so badly that I immediately grabbed for the flashlight convinced that someone was standing outside the window peering in at me. Nothing. Now it could not have been a neighbor since the nearest one is at least an acre away and no one else in the house was up. I verified that.

Now about the tracks, this past Friday evening we had another storm. No loss of electricity this time. The following day I went out messing around the yard and discovered these tracks. At first I too thought it was a dog but I notice like an arch, ridge and heel. The tracks seemed to come from nowhere and disappeared. I thought at first the one track could be an anomaly but there are at least 2 others. They were in a grassy part but they still have that deep back indention. After taking the first set of pictures I put the date and time stamp on my camera for documentation. I used the fly swat as a scale because I did not want to wait to search around for a ruler. I will send you all of the photos and I welcome any feedback. Also, there are many strange sightings in this area and has been for decades.
I communicated to her that the top portion of the print looks like dog prints but I don't know what the bottom, portion is. Strange.
If you have had a supernatural experience and would like to share it with me, send me an email to:

The Orishas- Introduction to Ifa: Yoruba Religion

City Confidential - Horror In Amityville (2002)

Human Bones Found At Winston Lake

16x9: In the Blood: Voodoo investigation

Who Do The Voodoo in Bridgeport, CT?

Man Allegedly Puts Voodoo Curse On Man And Then Attacks Him With Machette

A Palm Coast, Fla, man stands accused of attacking the boyfriend of his sister...after he put a voodoo curse on the man.

Machete, voodoo curse attack under investigation

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Your Stories - After Death Visitation

It is somewhat common for people to have visits or encounters with a love one only to soon discover that the loved one had died shortly before the experience. Sometimes this experience takes the form of phone calls from the dead person. Sometimes these experiences even manifest as actual sightings of the person. Jessica W. sent me the following story of her experience with an after death visitation.


I came upon your blog when looking for reviews of 7 Sisters Oils, and I noticed your request to hear stories about real-life experiences with the paranormal, and I thought I would share mine with you.

As children, my great grandmother lived with us. She was in her 90s and eventually became bedridden and quite sick, due to old age. My aunt used to say that she was really loving etc, but I have no memories of that. I do have photographs of her carrying me as a baby, and she seemed gentle and nice.

My mother did not want me or my sister to witness our dying great grandmother, and also, two kids at home with a really old and sick person was too much, so she sent us away to boarding school. I was about 7 years old.

I remember waking up one night, in boarding school. All the lights were off, and in the bed next to me, my sister was asleep, and on the other side, I still remember this girl called Samantha with short hair was also asleep.

My great grandmother was standing at the foot of my bed, asking me to come with her. I remember sitting up and watching her, but somehow thinking that I would get into trouble, so closing my eyes and going back to sleep instead of joining her.

The very next day, my mother came to the boarding school to collect my sister and myself - my great grandmother had died during the night/dawn, and she had come to take us home.

I never told her what I saw, but even as a 7 year old, I sensed that great grandmother had been asking me to go with her to...I don't know where, but to wherever she went to.

There are a few other stories, but none as important as this.

If you do use it, please do let me know beforehand.

Jessica W. also send this next ghost experience:
One more (I promise it is the last) story:

My second job in my early twenties was in an old building, where a woman was supposed to have killed herself by jumping off the roof. Old hands at the bulding said that you could see her shadow at night.

I never did.

But one night, I worked really, really late, till around 9.30 p.m. Once I was done, I switched off all the lights, ACs, computers etc, and switched off the main after that to be sure. I then called the security guy, and he sealed the door shut (company rules).

Next morning, me and my boss came in together, around 7 a.m.

The seal was still there, unbroken. All the lights, AC and computers were running. It was really weird. I asked the security guy to make sure I didn't imagine switching things off, and he confirmed that I did, but just shrugged, saying it was normal stuff when 'she' was around.
If you have had a supernatural experience and would like to tell me about it, send me an email to

Evidence Of Vampires Among Us?

The Source Of Vampires (2013)

20/20 - Inside The World Of Real Vampires

Human Sacrifice - Demons & Witchcraft

The Magic Sandwich Show - Witches And Warlocks - Part 1

Child Sacrifice - Uganda

Monday, July 8, 2013

Google Celebrates The 66th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

In celebration of the 66th year-anniversary of the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial craft near Roswell, NM, Google has unveiled a cute alien-themed game. You, the player, are an alien that has crash-landed on a farm and you must collect the pieces of your ship to escape. To play the game simply go to today, July 8, 2013.

Tip: If you are going to play the game zoom out to make the game bigger. On my screen it's perfect at 200x normal size.

Roswell (1994)

Unsolved Mysteries - Roswell Incident

Recollections Of Roswell Part 2

The Roswell Incident

History's Secrets - The Real Roswell Conspiracy

Roswell UFO Incident's Anniversary

C2CAM - Roswell Confessions

C2CAM - Roswell

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Physical Evocation Of Spirits - Interview With Nate Bales

The John Moore Show - October 31, 2012 - Black Knight Satellite

Vanished! - A Video Seance

VANISHED! A VIDEO SEANCE from Conrad Weiskrantz on Vimeo.

C2CAM - July 2, 2013 - Mars Discoveries

Sasquatch Summit - Loren Coleman

Rappers Speak Out On The Illuminati

Man Wanted In Murder Of Vampire-Prostitute Arrested

The man wanted in the murder of a male prostitute and self-styled vampire has been arrested in Perth, Australia. Police believe Mark Perry murdered Shane Chartres-Abbott after Abbott allegedly brutally raped Perth's former girlfriend. The victim had bruises and bite-marks over most of her body and a part of her tongue had been bitten off. Abbott was found dressed in clothing covered in the victim's blood and to have had the victim's phone in his possession. Upon questioning by police, Abbott claimed he was a 200 year-old vampire and that he regularly ingested human blood. Abbott claims that the victim told him he was going to be killed in a snuff film and so he had to fight with her in order to make his escape. Abbott was later gunned down and killed by the victim's ex-boyfriend.

What makes this case interesting is that a man named Evangelos Goussis came forward and confessed to killing Abbott. Goussis claimed that he and two police officers took part in the murder of Abbott. Also, as a male prostitute Abbott allegedly serviced many powerful men and some believe that he was murdered for fear that he would reveal the identities of his clients.

'Vampire' murder hunt ends in Perth factory


Chartres-Abbott, Shane

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