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S.K.A.T.E, Satan's Kids Against The Establishment, was an alleged satanic cult that was active in Louisiana in the early 1990s. Members of the group allegedly referred to themselves as "skaters". The skaters were allegedly responsible for the murders of at least one couple in Sulfer, Louisiana.

On February 12, 1991, the bodies of Pam and Eric Ellander were discovered in their home. The couple's young daughter was unharmed. The Ellander's car was stolen and reports were made from eye-witnesses of one Chris Prudhomme who was seen driving the car along with several passengers. Chris Prudhomme was arrested and confessed to the murders. The problem was that Prudhomme's confession did not match what police knew about the case. Chris Prudhomme would later die under mysterious circumstances while in jail. He was found hanged to death with a suicide note in which he took sole responsibility for the murders. The police believe it was a suicide and have closed the case. Researchers investigating the case are convinced the police are covering-up the truth, with the truth being that Chris Prudhomme was a mere patsy for the satanic cult and that Prudhomme was murdered to prevent the cult from being identified.

Huey Littleton, father of victim Pam Ellander, would devote his time investigating the murders and their ties to an alleged satanic cult. As a result of his work more witnesses would come forward with further information on the murders. One witness by the name of Nickie Alderson, claims that the cult held a party at the house right after the murder. Alderson claims she was in attendance at the party but at the time didn't know that there were two corpses in the house. Another witness named Chip Richard claimed that he had viewed videotapes of the cult murdering and then sexually assaulting the corpses of both Pam and Eric Ellander. The tapes were allegedly filmed by the cult.

Other individuals would be charged in association with the murders. Eighteen-year old Robert Adkins was charged with stealing the Ellander's car. According to one Shawn Moody, Adkins confessed to him that the plan was only to rob the Ellanders but that Chris Prudhomme found the Ellander's gun in the home and shot and killed them with it. This confession contradicts the testimony of Chip Richard who claims that Adkins confessed to him that Chris Prudhomme didn't murder anyone but was merely taking the fall to protect the cult.

Huey Littleton would soon meet a witness that would ultimately work to destroy his reputation and at the time cast doubt on the existence of a satanic cult. Littleton met a young woman named Pearl Fruge who claimed her cousin, Kim Manuel, witnessed the murders. Littleton convinced Fruge to tape record her conversation with Manuel. A grand jury was formed and Kim Manuel and other people were indicted for alleged participation in the murders. Manuel's attorney held a press conference and accused Fruge of lying. The police sided with Manuel's attorney. Sheriff McElveen would go on to state that Littleton had lost all credibility and could not be believed.

Robert Adkins,  one Phillip LeDeoux, and Kim Manuel were all indicted by a grand jury for the murders. However, to date not a single one of them has ever served any time for the murders of Eric and Pam Ellander. The police believe the murders were committed by Chris Prudhomme alone and that with his death the case was closed. The police reject the notion of a satanic cult being responsible for the murders. Huey Littleton continues his quest to find out the truth and gain justice for his daughter and son-in-law.

Since the truth about the murders and the alleged satanic cult behind it have never been revealed it is possible that the cult is still active today.


Anonymous said...

Do you have anymore info... If you don't, I'm sure I do!!! TRUST ME!!! I was young but lived with all of them... I was making Valentin's for school when we found out Chris "hung himself" still to this day I think they killed him cause he showed no remorse!!

Anonymous said...

There are some misspellings. here are corrections. I actually knew these people, so I know. The town is spelled Sulphur (not Sulfer). The last name of the victims is Ellender (no A). It is spelled LeDoux (not LeDeoux). I hung out with these people everyday after school for an hour to two hours. I was only 14. If there was a satanic cult, I didn't know about it, but there was a lot of things I didn't know it turns out.

Anonymous said...

If yall apparently hung out with them, any of yall know Donald Butts?

Anonymous said...

Donald cocks?

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