Monday, May 20, 2013

Sigmin, Anne

Anne Sigmin, possibly Ann Mitchum Signim, was a seemingly normal mother of two young boys when she met Charlie Sigmin. The two quickly married. Unfortunately wedded bliss would not last long. Problems developed and Charlie began to suspect that Ann was cheating on him with another man. His suspicions proved right. Having an affair would not be the only secret Anne Sigman was keeping from her husband as according to Charlie Igleheart, Charlie Sigmin's friend, Charlie Sigmin awoke one night to discover Ann was not in bed. Charlie Sigmin would search the house for her only to discover that a light was coming from an outside shed. Investigating it further Charlie allegedly discovered his wife Ann sitting in a circle of lit candles and seemingly worshipping a Satan-like poster which may have been an image of Baphomet. A few weeks prior to this incident, Charlie Sigmin allegedly discovered a voodoo doll on his side of the bed. Problems escalated and Ann eventually moved out and into the home of her lover, Gary Goff.

According to a female friend of Charlie Sigmin, who was at Charlie's house and who wishes to remain anonymous, Charlie received a phone call from Ann on October 19, 1986. The friend claimed that Ann was threatening suicide and demanding Charlie come over. Charlie then left to meet Ann. Some time that night Charlie was beaten with an iron and then shot and killed. The scene suggested an intense struggle took place. Ann claimed it was self-defense. Both Ann Sigmin and Gary Goff claimed that Charlie Sigmin arrived at the house drunk and began to attack them. Gary Goff claimed it was he who beat Charlie with the iron and shot and killed him. Ultimately the pair were released but the investigation continued.

A friend of Ann agreed to wear a wire for police in order to record her conversations with Ann. During one meeting with the friend Ann begged the friend not to go to police until she gives them (her and Gary Goff) enough time to leave town. Ann Sigman and Gary Goff would eventually flee town. Goff would eventually turn himself in. Allegedly Goff claimed that Ann threatened to put a curse on him if he dared to turn himself in. Gary Goff spent a little over 13 years in jail. Goff pleaded that Ann turn herself in. To present Ann Sigmin has yet to have been found. She is still wanted on charges of first degree murder.

Ann Sigmin would be in her latter 50s at present. Her case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries back in 1988. At the time it was claimed Ann Sigmin may be residing in either Oregon or Arizona, possibly under the pseudonyms of Andy Hayes or Andy Partlowe. However, due to the amount of time that has passed it is possible she could be anywhere and using a different name.

If you believe you have seen Ann Sigmin, please notify police.

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