Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nain Rouge

Nain Rouge (Red Dwarf) is a type of Lutin that is believed to have originated in the Normandy area of France but is best known in Detroit, Michigan.

Apperance: A small dwarf with monstrous or animal-like features, glowing red eyes, horribly decayed teeth, and wearing a red suit. For images of Nain Rouge, click HERE.

Lore: Sightings of the Nain Rouge in Detroit date back to the year 1701. Ever since that first sighting, the Nain Rouge took on the character of an omen of ill fortune. His appearances or 'attacks' occurred right before some tragedy was to strike Detroit. Sightings of the Nain Rouge have occurred as recently as 1996. In 2010 Detroit residents instigated a parade, La Marche du Nain Rouge, which serve to both poke fun of the legend as well as to ritually banish the Nain Rouge so that it can no longer do any harm for the coming year. Participants in the parade are encouraged to wear masks or disguise themselves so that the Nain Rouge won't recognize them and take revenge against them.

Powers: As a Lutin the Nain Rouge possess a magical item that grants him the power of invisibility. The appearance of the Nain Rouge is an omen of bad luck or a tragedy to soon befall Detroit.

Defense Against Nain Rouge: As a Lutin, Nain Rouge fears salt. Iron objects might also be effective in warding him off.

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