Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Lutins are fairy-like trickster beings who delight in causing mischief and problems for humans in areas connected to French settlers. The females of the species are referred to as Lutines.

Appearance:  A Lutin's true form is believed to be that of a small dwarf. For an image of a Lutin, click HERE.

Lore:  In Cajun folklore, Lutins are the souls of unbaptized children. However, that belief is also associated with fairies in general. Lutins are very much an annoyance, causing property damage and various nuisances. They love to spoil milk and cheese, to spook farm animals, to braid or knot the hair of horses and sleeping people, as well as to cut hair from sleeping victims, and delight in stealing objects only to place them in the most unlikely of places.

Powers:  Lutins possess magical objects, such as a hat, cap or feather, that grants them the power of invisibility.

Defense Against Lutins:  Lutins fear salt. Being similar to fairies, iron objects might also be used to protect against Lutins.

Trickster Tales: Forty Folk Stories from Around the World by Josepha Sherman

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