Thursday, May 9, 2013

Click Clack

Click Clack, a.k.a. Click Clack Slide, Click Click Slide, is a vengeful spirit or bogey-man figure in American folklore, a modern urban legend.

Appearance: The upper torso of a female corpse having extremely long fingernails. Click Clack is usually portrayed as a female though in Georgia and possibly other areas of the South, Click Clack is said to be male.

Lore: There are many legends of how Click Clack came to be. One of the most popular versions is a woman driving with her children. The car stalls on rail road tracks and is then hit by a train. When police and emergency crew arrive at the scene they locate the remains of the children as well as the lower torso of the mother. The upper torso of the mother was never found. From that night on mysterious deaths in the community began to occur. It was believed the spirit of the mother did not rest but returns to murder innocent victims. The name "Click Clack", or "Click Click Slide/Click Clack Slide", refers to the sound she makes ah locomotes using her long fingernails to move forward the subsequent sound of her sliding her torso. In those areas where Click Clack is male, it is believed he was a mentally ill or crazy war veteran who lost his legs in combat. He comes out at night to attack and disembowel his victims with his extremely long finger nails.

Power: Click Clack can move rather quickly despite it being just an upper torso. Click Clack can use it's extremely large and sharp finger nails to not only locomote but to also kill it's victims.

Defense: Unknown. However, if Click Clack is just a psycho war veteran then he should be vulnerable to standard weapons.

Click Clack

Click Clack


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