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S.K.A.T.E, Satan's Kids Against The Establishment, was an alleged satanic cult that was active in Louisiana in the early 1990s. Members of the group allegedly referred to themselves as "skaters". The skaters were allegedly responsible for the murders of at least one couple in Sulfer, Louisiana.

On February 12, 1991, the bodies of Pam and Eric Ellander were discovered in their home. The couple's young daughter was unharmed. The Ellander's car was stolen and reports were made from eye-witnesses of one Chris Prudhomme who was seen driving the car along with several passengers. Chris Prudhomme was arrested and confessed to the murders. The problem was that Prudhomme's confession did not match what police knew about the case. Chris Prudhomme would later die under mysterious circumstances while in jail. He was found hanged to death with a suicide note in which he took sole responsibility for the murders. The police believe it was a suicide and have closed the case. Researchers investigating the case are convinced the police are covering-up the truth, with the truth being that Chris Prudhomme was a mere patsy for the satanic cult and that Prudhomme was murdered to prevent the cult from being identified.

Huey Littleton, father of victim Pam Ellander, would devote his time investigating the murders and their ties to an alleged satanic cult. As a result of his work more witnesses would come forward with further information on the murders. One witness by the name of Nickie Alderson, claims that the cult held a party at the house right after the murder. Alderson claims she was in attendance at the party but at the time didn't know that there were two corpses in the house. Another witness named Chip Richard claimed that he had viewed videotapes of the cult murdering and then sexually assaulting the corpses of both Pam and Eric Ellander. The tapes were allegedly filmed by the cult.

Other individuals would be charged in association with the murders. Eighteen-year old Robert Adkins was charged with stealing the Ellander's car. According to one Shawn Moody, Adkins confessed to him that the plan was only to rob the Ellanders but that Chris Prudhomme found the Ellander's gun in the home and shot and killed them with it. This confession contradicts the testimony of Chip Richard who claims that Adkins confessed to him that Chris Prudhomme didn't murder anyone but was merely taking the fall to protect the cult.

Huey Littleton would soon meet a witness that would ultimately work to destroy his reputation and at the time cast doubt on the existence of a satanic cult. Littleton met a young woman named Pearl Fruge who claimed her cousin, Kim Manuel, witnessed the murders. Littleton convinced Fruge to tape record her conversation with Manuel. A grand jury was formed and Kim Manuel and other people were indicted for alleged participation in the murders. Manuel's attorney held a press conference and accused Fruge of lying. The police sided with Manuel's attorney. Sheriff McElveen would go on to state that Littleton had lost all credibility and could not be believed.

Robert Adkins,  one Phillip LeDeoux, and Kim Manuel were all indicted by a grand jury for the murders. However, to date not a single one of them has ever served any time for the murders of Eric and Pam Ellander. The police believe the murders were committed by Chris Prudhomme alone and that with his death the case was closed. The police reject the notion of a satanic cult being responsible for the murders. Huey Littleton continues his quest to find out the truth and gain justice for his daughter and son-in-law.

Since the truth about the murders and the alleged satanic cult behind it have never been revealed it is possible that the cult is still active today.

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Sigmin, Anne

Anne Sigmin, possibly Ann Mitchum Signim, was a seemingly normal mother of two young boys when she met Charlie Sigmin. The two quickly married. Unfortunately wedded bliss would not last long. Problems developed and Charlie began to suspect that Ann was cheating on him with another man. His suspicions proved right. Having an affair would not be the only secret Anne Sigman was keeping from her husband as according to Charlie Igleheart, Charlie Sigmin's friend, Charlie Sigmin awoke one night to discover Ann was not in bed. Charlie Sigmin would search the house for her only to discover that a light was coming from an outside shed. Investigating it further Charlie allegedly discovered his wife Ann sitting in a circle of lit candles and seemingly worshipping a Satan-like poster which may have been an image of Baphomet. A few weeks prior to this incident, Charlie Sigmin allegedly discovered a voodoo doll on his side of the bed. Problems escalated and Ann eventually moved out and into the home of her lover, Gary Goff.

According to a female friend of Charlie Sigmin, who was at Charlie's house and who wishes to remain anonymous, Charlie received a phone call from Ann on October 19, 1986. The friend claimed that Ann was threatening suicide and demanding Charlie come over. Charlie then left to meet Ann. Some time that night Charlie was beaten with an iron and then shot and killed. The scene suggested an intense struggle took place. Ann claimed it was self-defense. Both Ann Sigmin and Gary Goff claimed that Charlie Sigmin arrived at the house drunk and began to attack them. Gary Goff claimed it was he who beat Charlie with the iron and shot and killed him. Ultimately the pair were released but the investigation continued.

A friend of Ann agreed to wear a wire for police in order to record her conversations with Ann. During one meeting with the friend Ann begged the friend not to go to police until she gives them (her and Gary Goff) enough time to leave town. Ann Sigman and Gary Goff would eventually flee town. Goff would eventually turn himself in. Allegedly Goff claimed that Ann threatened to put a curse on him if he dared to turn himself in. Gary Goff spent a little over 13 years in jail. Goff pleaded that Ann turn herself in. To present Ann Sigmin has yet to have been found. She is still wanted on charges of first degree murder.

Ann Sigmin would be in her latter 50s at present. Her case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries back in 1988. At the time it was claimed Ann Sigmin may be residing in either Oregon or Arizona, possibly under the pseudonyms of Andy Hayes or Andy Partlowe. However, due to the amount of time that has passed it is possible she could be anywhere and using a different name.

If you believe you have seen Ann Sigmin, please notify police.

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Faces Of Death IV (1990)

Warning: This film contains scenes of a gruesome nature. Many of the scense are faked but some are real. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Nain Rouge

Nain Rouge (Red Dwarf) is a type of Lutin that is believed to have originated in the Normandy area of France but is best known in Detroit, Michigan.

Apperance: A small dwarf with monstrous or animal-like features, glowing red eyes, horribly decayed teeth, and wearing a red suit. For images of Nain Rouge, click HERE.

Lore: Sightings of the Nain Rouge in Detroit date back to the year 1701. Ever since that first sighting, the Nain Rouge took on the character of an omen of ill fortune. His appearances or 'attacks' occurred right before some tragedy was to strike Detroit. Sightings of the Nain Rouge have occurred as recently as 1996. In 2010 Detroit residents instigated a parade, La Marche du Nain Rouge, which serve to both poke fun of the legend as well as to ritually banish the Nain Rouge so that it can no longer do any harm for the coming year. Participants in the parade are encouraged to wear masks or disguise themselves so that the Nain Rouge won't recognize them and take revenge against them.

Powers: As a Lutin the Nain Rouge possess a magical item that grants him the power of invisibility. The appearance of the Nain Rouge is an omen of bad luck or a tragedy to soon befall Detroit.

Defense Against Nain Rouge: As a Lutin, Nain Rouge fears salt. Iron objects might also be effective in warding him off.

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Bigfoot Allegedly Shot In PA

A man claims to have heard over his ham radio a report involving state police that a Bigfoot was shot in PA and the body found. More info to be released today.

Bigfoot Shot In PA?

I'm not holding my breath.

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Lutins are fairy-like trickster beings who delight in causing mischief and problems for humans in areas connected to French settlers. The females of the species are referred to as Lutines.

Appearance:  A Lutin's true form is believed to be that of a small dwarf. For an image of a Lutin, click HERE.

Lore:  In Cajun folklore, Lutins are the souls of unbaptized children. However, that belief is also associated with fairies in general. Lutins are very much an annoyance, causing property damage and various nuisances. They love to spoil milk and cheese, to spook farm animals, to braid or knot the hair of horses and sleeping people, as well as to cut hair from sleeping victims, and delight in stealing objects only to place them in the most unlikely of places.

Powers:  Lutins possess magical objects, such as a hat, cap or feather, that grants them the power of invisibility.

Defense Against Lutins:  Lutins fear salt. Being similar to fairies, iron objects might also be used to protect against Lutins.

Trickster Tales: Forty Folk Stories from Around the World by Josepha Sherman

Psychic Detective Solves Murder

Faces Of Death III (1985)

Warning: This film contains scenes of a gruesome nature. Much of the footage is faked but some scenes are real. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Smiley Face Killers Amongst Us?

Eugene Kane believes it's time we face the issue and demand answers. Why are so many young men drowning under strange circumstances?

The killer nobody wants to talk about

Return Of The Smiley Face Killers?

More mysterious deaths leave some believing that the urban legend of serial killers who prey on "attractive, athletic, young, white males" may be true.

Mysterious Drownings: The I-Team exposes deadly pattern

Witches Forbidden To Fly Over 150 Meters In Swaziland

A Civil Aviation Authority marketing and corporate affairs director has told newspapers that witches are not allowed to fly over 150 meters.

Broomstick-flying witches to be brought down in Swaziland

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Is Jay-Z An Immortal Warlock Of The Illuminati?

Rumors have swirled around for a very long time that Jay-Z is a member of the Illuminati. Now a picture of a man from 1939 has surfaced. The man in the picture bears a striking resemblance to Jay-Z. Some would interpret this to mean that Jay-Z is a time traveler. However, perhaps it's a sign that Jay-Z has sold his soul to Satan in exchange for eternal youth and for becoming a master warlock? Makes you think.

Jay-Z, Time Traveler? Man In Vintage Photo Bears Resemblance To Rapper

Jay-Z's Illuminati clothing line:

(FYI: This blog entry is in jest...or is it?)

UFO Sightings "Alien Human Project"

UFO Sightings "The Truth Embargo" Full Length Feature! The Citizen Hearing 2013 Watch Now

Faces Of Death II (1981)

Warning: This film contains scenes of a gruesome nature. Many of the scenes are fake but some are real. Viewer discretion advised.

The Unexplained - UFOs Vs. The Government

C2CAM - May 13, 2013 - After Death Evidence

Vanity Fair - Have Humans Been Abducted By Aliens?

A Vanity Fair article questioning alien abduction.

Alien Nation: Have Humans Been Abducted by Extraterrestrials?

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Book Review - Encyclopedia Of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide To The Magic Of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses

The book is, Encyclopedia Of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide To The Magic Of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses by Judika Illes.

The title of the book is misleading. This book is almost entirely on pagan gods. The entries are not detailed and are only basic or rudimentary with regard to the information presented. The writing style of the author is somewhat cheesy and much of the information has seemingly been made up in the typical Wiccan-fashion.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 1. I would not recommend it.

DVD Reviews - The Unexplained (1996) Box Set

The DVD set is, The Unexplained Box Set.

The Unexplained is a paranormal-themed documentary series that first aired in 1996. There were multiple episodes but for some reason the box set only contains four episodes. Three of the four episodes, The Vampire Myth, Poltergeist, and Spontaneous Human Combustion, are good. The other episode, Extreme Sacrifice, is perhaps the worst episode of the series and doesn't fit the theme of the series. For some unknown reason several other good episodes such as, Alien Abductions, UFOs Vs. The Government, and Haunted Houses, were not included. It's a shame that they were not.

I loved this series and remember watching the episodes many times throughout the 90s and early 2000s. I would love to own all the episodes and since only four were released in the box set I'm not quite satisfied.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with one being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this a 5. If the remainder of the episodes were included I would definitely give it a 10.

Book Review - Magic When You Need It: 150 Spells You Can't Live Without

The book is, Magic When You Need It: 150 Spells You Can't Live Without by Judika Illes.

The book is mediocre at best although there a few good spells and a few good ideas. There is some hoodoo-related stuff in it. I would rate this book as average if it weren't for the fact that the author clearly lifted spells from well known sources and simply reworked them, sometimes just slightly, while presenting it as if she was the author of the spell. This is unforgivable. Case in point, "Green Devil Repossession Service". This spell uses a green devil candle to have a person pay you the money they owe you. This spell appears to have been lifted from Cat Yronwode at Lucky Mojo. Here's a link to Cat's spell: Green Devil Money Back Spell. I would also add about the scarcity of purchasing a green devil candle. As far as I know, Lucky Mojo is one of the only places to purchase a green devil candle. Most other places only sell them in red or black. So that is another indication that Judika Illes stole this spell. In my opinion, Judika Illes is a thief and should not be rewarded by people purchasing her books. Additionally, if she lifted this spell she probably lifted many more as well.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 1. Do not purchase it. Do not reward thievery.

Faces Of Death (1978)

Warning: This film is extremely gory. Most of it is fake. However, some scenes are real.

C2CAM - May 8, 2013 - UFOs & Abductions

Haunted Devon Radio - New Orleans Voodoo With Bloody Marry

Unknown Aircraft Routinely Buzzes Quincy

Quincy residents, including local government figures, are being kept in the dark from the FAA regarding a mysterious plane that routinely buzzes the city on clear nights.

Mystery Aircraft Frightens Quincy Residents

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Click Clack

Click Clack, a.k.a. Click Clack Slide, Click Click Slide, is a vengeful spirit or bogey-man figure in American folklore, a modern urban legend.

Appearance: The upper torso of a female corpse having extremely long fingernails. Click Clack is usually portrayed as a female though in Georgia and possibly other areas of the South, Click Clack is said to be male.

Lore: There are many legends of how Click Clack came to be. One of the most popular versions is a woman driving with her children. The car stalls on rail road tracks and is then hit by a train. When police and emergency crew arrive at the scene they locate the remains of the children as well as the lower torso of the mother. The upper torso of the mother was never found. From that night on mysterious deaths in the community began to occur. It was believed the spirit of the mother did not rest but returns to murder innocent victims. The name "Click Clack", or "Click Click Slide/Click Clack Slide", refers to the sound she makes ah locomotes using her long fingernails to move forward the subsequent sound of her sliding her torso. In those areas where Click Clack is male, it is believed he was a mentally ill or crazy war veteran who lost his legs in combat. He comes out at night to attack and disembowel his victims with his extremely long finger nails.

Power: Click Clack can move rather quickly despite it being just an upper torso. Click Clack can use it's extremely large and sharp finger nails to not only locomote but to also kill it's victims.

Defense: Unknown. However, if Click Clack is just a psycho war veteran then he should be vulnerable to standard weapons.

Click Clack

Click Clack


Teke Teke

Charmed : DVD Extras The Making of a Monster

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Teke Teke

Teke Teke, a.k.a Tek Tek, Bata Bata, is a vengeful spirit who haunts railways and train tracks in the folklore of Japan.

Appearane: The upper torso of the corpse of a girl carrying a saw or scythe.

Lore: According to legend, Teke Teke was a young girl who was abused by her class mates. One day while waiting for the train her class mates played a horrible prank on her. The prank involved an insect. The girl became so frightened she fell on the train tracks and was struck and killed by the train. The accident severed her body in half. In death the spirit of the girl did not rest and was transformed into a vengeful spirit who attacks people, usually children. When she finds a victim she at first asks the victims where her lower torso is. If the person answers anything other than "Meishin Railway", and this includes screaming or even remaining silent, then she will in a split-second severe the victim in two. If the victim attempts to run away she will also sever them in two.

Powers: Teke Teke is a spirit and can seemingly appear and disappear at will. She is incredibly fast for being merely a torso and can sever a victim in the blink of an eye.

Defense: The only way to defend yourself against Teke Teke is to answer her question with "Meishin Railway". She will then ask how you know this information. You must respond with, "Kashima Reiko told me", or a similar phrase. Kashima Reiko is believed by locals to be her true name.

WARNING: According to lore, anyone who first learns of Teke Teke is in danger of encountering her within a month. So I would advise that if you are reading this blog entry that you may wish to avoid railways and train tracks for the next month or so.

Teke Teke

Teke Teke


Click Clack

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C2CAM - May 3, 2013 - Witchcraft With Dr. Evelyn Paglini

Richard Dolan - Alleged CIA Source Allegedly Spills The Beans On UFO Cover-Up

This needs some set up. Richard Dolan is interviewing an anonymous man who claims to have worked for the CIA. The man is dying and claims that since he is dying it's time to come forward with what he knows. I personally do not believe him. However, each and every person should make up their own minds. This interview was shown at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure.

ANONYMOUS from Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell on Vimeo.

Intruders (1992)

Jacques Vallee, Terrence McKenna, John Mack, Budd Hopkins on the Alien, UFO, Abduction phenomenon

BOA - July 1, 2008 - Jacques Vallee On UFOs

C2CAM - May 2, 2013 - Citizen Hearing On Disclosure

C2CAM - May 5, 2013 - The Afterlife And Channeling

AOL Ditches "Weird News"

AOL use to run a section at the bottom of their page for "Weird News", showing relevant and updated links to news articles of a strange nature, including UFOs and the paranormal. A few days ago AOL removed the section. This is a shame. If you were a fan of the section then contact AOL and let them know you want your "Weird News" back.

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Red Mask Woman

Red Mask Woman is the Korean version of Slit-Mouthed Woman.


Slit-Mouthed Woman

Friday, May 3, 2013

Slit-Mouthed Woman

Slit-Mouthed Woman (Kuchisake-onna in Japanese) is a malevolent spirit in Japanese folklore.

Appearance: A seemingly beautiful Japanese woman wearing a surgical mask to hide the fact that her mouth has been split open and is horribly disfigured. She also carries a pair of scissors. For images of Slit-Mouthed Woman click HERE.

Lore: The legend of the Slit-Mouthed Woman begin in Japan in 1979. No one is sure just how the legend started but there were claimed sightings of the Slit-Mouthed woman that began a local panic and caused much hysteria. There are many legends about how the Slit-Mouthed Woman came about. According to one legend the Slit-Mouthed Woman was a woman who was mutilated and murdered by her husband. Her soul does not rest and roams the earth looking for revenge which she takes out on innocent people, usually children. Another legend speaks of a incredibly selfish, shallow woman who ends up being disfigured during a botched plastic surgery. Yet another legend claims she was mutilated in a car crash. When the Slit-Mouthed Woman has found a victim she will appear before them wearing the surgical mask. She will then ask the person if they think she is beautiful. If the person responds no she will then kill them. If the person responds yes she will then remove the mask and reveal her deformed face. She will ask the question again. If the person responds no she will kill them. If the person responds yes she will then mutilate their face with a pair of scissors.

Powers: As a spirit the Slit-Mouthed Woman can appear or disappear at will. She can also move so fast as to prevent her victims from escaping.

Defense Against Slit-Mouthed Woman: In order to escape becoming the next victim of the Slit-Mouthed Woman one must attempt to outsmart her. One way to do it is to answer her in a way in which she is not accustomed to. For example, when she asks her would-be victim if they think she is beautiful the person can respond with, "You are of average looks". This will confuse her as she is used to either a yes or no answer. Instead of being frightened one can respectfully bid her pardon and advise her that one is late for a prior commitment and cannot stop to speak with her. Because the Japanese are so big on respect and manners she will then likewise pardon the fortunate would-be victim. Some even claim that throwing objects at her can buy one time to escape as she will be forced to pick the items up. This is similar to beliefs in scattering seeds to protect a person from a vampire as the vampire would be forced to count each seed before they could attack the victim.

True Story?: There is a claim online that the legend of the Slit-Mouthed Woman began with a real case back in the 1970s of a woman who was hit and struck by a car as she attempted to chase children. Supposedly her face was mutilated or jaw ripped off during the crash. However, there is no actual proof online that this case happened. It may just be another aspect of the legend.

Similar Monsters: The Slit-Mouthed Woman is extremely similar to sightings of Phantom Clowns in the United States. In Korea the spirit called "Red Mask Woman" is pretty much identical to Slit-Mouthed Woman.

Japanese Urban Legend - Slit Mouth Woman

Scary | Myspace Video


Kuchisake-onna - The Slit-Mouthed Woman

Slith-Mouthed Woman

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U.K. Airbus Has Near Collision With UFO

Two pilots reported seeing a blue and yellow unidentified object fly right under the craft near Glasgow airport.

Pilot describes moment an Airbus with up to 220 people on board came dangerously close to crashing into 'UFO' as it came in to land

The Night Fright Show - Witches' Book Of The Dead With Christian Day

Rose McGowan in the Charmed Extras DVD bonus

Woman Sees Rougarou In Mississippi

Seconds From Disaster - S1E3 - Oklahoma City Bombing

No Apologies Satanism Podcast

C2CAM - April 25, 2013 - Light Phenomenon & Mystery Booms

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Happy Beltane!

Wishing all my Wiccan and Neopagan friends a wonderful and merry Beltane!


Vincent Price - Witchcraft - Magic - An Adventure In Demonology (1969)

Holly Marie Combs in the Charmed Extras DVD bonus

Racheal Maddow - "Congress Pressed On UFOs"

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Cajun Justice: Rougarou



C2CAM With Art Bell - April 13, 1996 - Ghost To Ghost

Cover-Up In Oklahoma

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