Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Liz Wilde Show - Kurt Cobain Seance


Anonymous said...

that was great! i would love to hear what mickey had to say about it. im not sure i believe it to be true, but who knows...gotta be honest, i was disappointed that 'kurt' eluded to his death being a suicide. but then, someone might say that it IS fake, otherwise, there'd be a libel suit of mickey/kurt stated he was murdered.

Anonymous said...

gee, now thats strange....i linked to "the ghost of kurt cobain", which is an option at the end of the Liz Wilde entry. its a segment from a radio show where the channeler answers for cobain. his process is different than the woman from the Liz Wilde show - he is coherent and not under any hypnosis. anyway, speaking for kurt, he says that there WAS a murder! (and not a suicide) the record company guys did it, because he was more valuable dead than alive (conveniently, there is no mention of who actually pulled the trigger, and the show's host should be bitch slapped for not asking!).

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