Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Family Guy Boston Bombing Conspiracy

I've written on this dozens of time on YouTubes and forums. So it's time to blog on this.

There's a video online that someone uploaded and suggested that Family Guy predicted the Boston Bombing. The uploader is a total douche bag who spliced unrelated segments together to make it appear that Family Guy predicted the tragedy. What happened was that there was a scene of Peter driving a car in the Boston Marathon, running over and killing runners. The uploaders took this and spliced it with another clip where Peter befriended a terrorist and used a cell phone he was given which triggered bombs when it was used. So these are two separate scenes that the uploader spliced together to make it look like Peter was able to kill people in the Boston Marathon by using a cell phone to detonate bombs. Again, the uploader is a total douche bag, a real nutter. Family Guy did not predict the Boston Bombing.

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