Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax - Major Coincidence As Man Shot In Aurora Shooting Lived 5 Miles From Sandy Hook, Pushing For Gun Control

Stephen Barton was injured in the Aurora shootings in July, 2012. Barton lived 5 miles from Sandy Hook/Newtown, CT. Barton is now pushing for gun control and has appeared in several ads/commercials. He even moved to NYC to help push for gun control in the city. His new boss is Michael Bloomberg and his organization is "Mayors Against Illegal Guns". Is this just a strange coincidence? One of the things I like is that Barton photographed his ticket to the Batman movie. After the shooting he posted it online and somebody tweeted about how very odd that he would have taken that picture! LOL

Note how he was transported to the hospital by a "police officer" and not an ambulance. That is definitely weird.

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