Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oklahoma Man Dies In What May Be Spontaneous Human Combustion

The charred remains of a 65 year-old Oklahoma man, with no other fire damage to the surroundings, lead investigators to believe that spontaneous human combustion may have been responsible. Investigators are looking at other answers but have not ruled out this to be a genuine case of a human being burning up almost completely with no known natural cause.

Oklahoma Man Dies In Fire, Spontaneous Combustion Not Ruled Out As Cause

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Movie Review For 'Beautiful Creatures'

SPOILER ALERT!!! Some spoilers for the movie are contained in the following review!
I just got back from watching this movie. I had such high hopes for it. I love the archetype of the witch, my favorite monster. So where do I begin? I think I will start with the bad so I can end on a positive note.

The movie is a mixture of Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hair Spray. The Southern accents are atrocious. The movie does not give the feeling that it is set in a "real" universe but always unfolds as if it is a fairy tale. There is little to no character development. Every single Southern cliche is crammed into this movie. There are a couple of scenes of Christian-bashing. The movie has some sexist scenes which really surprised me since the author of the books is a woman. I'll go ahead and spoil this little bit. In Beautiful Creatures witches don't like the term witch and prefer the term 'caster' instead. Well, when a caster turns 16 they are claimed for either the darkness or the light. Male casters are masters of their own fate and can choose to be either of the darkness of the light. Female casters are slaves to their destinies and cannot choose. They are simply claimed by either good or evil despite their free will. The way it is presented is that a woman has both a false self and secret self. When young the female doesn't know her secret self and when she turns 16 it rears it's head and that's who she really is, either good or evil. So men are masters of their fate while women are slaves to destiny. I really disliked that. Another thing I disliked is the use of the "magical negro", a supporting black character who has magical powers and who saves the day but has zero character development. It's like they only exist to save white people. There are like 2 black characters in this movie and the main woman is of the "magical negro" variety. That really bothered me. I really disliked the slant toward evil. Evil or dark casters are portrayed as far more seductive and fun while the good casters all look like eccentric drag queens. There are sub-plots and stories/elements that are not properly covered and don't quite make sense. There is a snow scene where the snow looks incredibly fake and none of it gets in Lena, the female lead's hair. Then the full moon is shown during the day time. Now, the moon can appear in the day time sky but it never appears in the day light as a full moon. The full moon always rises after sunset. Finally, winter time in South Carolina is portrayed as if there are no seasons. Like it's summer year-round.

So now for the good parts. Unfortunately this will be a rather short paragraph. The good things about this movie is that the scenery was very beautiful. The special effects were also good. There is a scene where the "magical negro" is offering food at the grave of her uncle. She was giving her uncle some of his favorite food in life in return for his help. That was a good scene. That's about it.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this movie a 5. It's perfectly average in every way.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sheriff Claims They Did Not Intentionally Burn Down Cabin Where Chris Dorner Hid, Released Police Audio Suggests They Did In Fact Burn It Down On Purpose. You Be The Judge!

Please remember that the thing that set off Chris Dorner into a murder rage was alleged police corruption. The LAPD is well known for police corruption dating back decades. So you be the judge. A Sheriff says they did not purposefully burn down the cabin where Chris Dorner hid. Police audio tapes suggest they did in fact burn it down on purpose. You be the judge. Is this Sheriff a damn liar? Also Pay attention to his body language. Note how he looks down when he makes the statement.

Police: "Burn That Mother F* Down!"

Alex Jones - LAPD Pulls A Waco On Chris Dorner

Dorner Hid Out Directly In Front Of Police Manhunt HQ

I just saw on t.v. that Dorner's hide out was literally right next to the police manhunt headquarters. This is crazy people. None of this story makes any damn sense. Now it's pretty much admitted that the police did in fact pull a Waco and burned down the cabin. And now they allegedly found his ID in the cabin. Right.

Police May Have Set Fire To The Cabin Where Chris Dorner Was Hiding

A local news station aired alleged police audio of officers yelling, "Burn that mother f***** down!" and similar phrases suggesting the fire was started by police.

Chris Dorner Fire May Have Been Started By Police: Report

Alex Jones Predicted New Waco For Chris Dorner

Another score for Alex Jones as he correctly predicted that the Chris Dorner standoff would end in another "Waco". Jones claims he knew this when it was revealed that CNN cut off their live coverage of the scene because authorities asked them to. That's just what happened in Waco where authorities asked the media to cut off their live feeds and then they burned up everyone in the building, including 17 children.

Original video:

Chris Dorner Cornered - CNN Cuts Off Live Footage - Alex Jones Predicts They Will Torch Him

For all of those people who think that certain police wouldn't do this, think again. Police already shot 2 women in the hunt for Dorner, shot as in "shoot first, ask questions later". Police also shot up the car of a man at a road check point.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Christopher Dorner Believed Dead

The cabin in which alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner has been hiding out while enganging in a stand-off has gone up in flames. FOX is reporting that Dorner is dead.

Fugitive ex-cop believed dead, as cabin stronghold goes up in flames

So now my question is if his remains will be able to be identified. This has been one of the weirdest cases in the news in a very long time. I'm still not buying it all. Much of the story makes no sense.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lightning Strikes Vatican After Pope Makes Announcement Of Stepping Down

Is it an omen? A lightning bolt struck the Vatican after Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would be stepping down as Pope due to infirmness.

Photo: Lightning Strikes Vatican After Pope's Resignation

Pope Benedict XVI And The Prophecy Of The Last Pope

Pope Benedict XVI has announced he is stepping down due to infirmness. A new Pope will be picked in March.

Pope Benedict XVI Resignation First in 6 Centuries

According to the "Prophecy of the Last Pope", attributed to Saint Malachy, the newly appointed Pope will be the last Pope. During the last Pope's reign, the city of Rome will destroyed and the end of days will be unleashed.

Dark Matters Radio - Bill Cooper Exposed

In this episode of Dark Matters Radio, Don Ecker dispels the notion that Bill Cooper was a voice for truth and a hero of the patriot movement. In reality Cooper was a very disturbed man. Included in this episode are examples of Cooper's "tall tales", lies, thievery, alcoholism, harassment of people, violent behavior, and recorded death threats made to other people. Cooper's death in 2001 was not due to a government conspiracy but was due to a paranoid Cooper firing upon police and being shot and killed in return.

For further information, click on the link below.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Christopher Dorner Hoax

If you haven't looked into it, check out the Christopher Dorner case where an LAPD officer allegedly went crazy and killed fellow officers. He allegedly posted a manifesto where he blamed police for destroying his life after he reported another officer for kicking a suspect. He is also against citizens owning guns. It's just really weird. No interviews with his family members or people who knew him. The police actually shot, as in "shoot first ask questions later", two women just because they were in a car that matched the description of Dorner's car. It's very weird and like Sandy Hook it just gets weirder each day. Now supposedly Dorner sent a package to Anderson Cooper. Yeah, craptacular Anderson Cooper, ex-CIA.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax - Disappearing And Reappearing Mailbox

In this video watch how in certain shots there is a mailbox behind the woman. Then in other shots it's gone, only to reappears in a different shot.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is Chris Kyle Really Dead?

Chris Kyle was recently murdered as reported by the mainstream media. Most of the articles are seemingly pushing that Kyle was murdered with an assault weapon. The question I have is if Chris Kyle is truly dead or not. The reason why I ask this is because of two things. The first is the story. Chris Kyle was allegedly helping a mentally ill friend out by taking him to a shooting range. Is that really the place you want to take a mentally ill person? Second, Chris Kyle was in the process of being sued by Jesse Ventura for claims that he sucker-punched Ventura and ran away from the scene. He include this story in his book, America Sniper. However, he doesn't mention Ventura's name. It wasn't until later interviews did he admit that he was in fact referring to Jesse Ventura. Ventura responded that Chris Kyle was lying, possibly to sell books. Ventura filed suit and the last I heard was the case was to be heard in June of 2013. The word is that allegedly Chris Kyle was pretty much going to lose the lawsuit for not being able to produce the multiple witnesses he claimed were there on the scene to witness the punching. Now Chris Kyle is allegedly dead and his death is being used by some to push for gun control.

So the question I have is if Chris Kyle is truly dead or not. I'm not saying he's not dead. I just would like to know more.

Jesse Jackson Implies Gun Owners Are Terrorists, Wants Homeland Security On Streets

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax - Major Coincidence As Man Shot In Aurora Shooting Lived 5 Miles From Sandy Hook, Pushing For Gun Control

Stephen Barton was injured in the Aurora shootings in July, 2012. Barton lived 5 miles from Sandy Hook/Newtown, CT. Barton is now pushing for gun control and has appeared in several ads/commercials. He even moved to NYC to help push for gun control in the city. His new boss is Michael Bloomberg and his organization is "Mayors Against Illegal Guns". Is this just a strange coincidence? One of the things I like is that Barton photographed his ticket to the Batman movie. After the shooting he posted it online and somebody tweeted about how very odd that he would have taken that picture! LOL

Note how he was transported to the hospital by a "police officer" and not an ambulance. That is definitely weird.

Children Of Sandy Hook To Sing At Superbowl

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax - Homeland Security Wants You To Use Scissors Against Spree Shooters

Instead of advising to pull out the gun that you have a concealed and carry permit for, try using a pair of scissors to fight the spree shooter or else hide under your desk. Remember, they don't want you to have guns, period.

Homeland Security Has Advise For Confronting Mass Murderers: Scissors

Sandy Hook Hoax - New Amendment Allows Government To Use Propaganda On U.S. Citizens

This is a must see. A new amendment to a preexisting bill allows the government to use propaganda against it's own citizens. Not only that, but the propaganda will then be archived as actual history.

"He Who Controls The Past Controls The Future. He Who Controls The Present Controls The Past." -George Orwell

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