Friday, January 18, 2013

Sandy Hook Actors Exposed? - Nick & Laura Phelps = Richard & Jennifer Sexton Of Florida?

A private researcher has accidentally discovered that a "nice Jewish family" in Florida appears to have been used to play several roles posing as "parents", "relatives", and "victims" of the Sandy Hook shooting. This was accidentally discovered when the mother, Jennifer Sexton, uploaded a photo album to Picasso, apparently not knowing it is public and not private. Not only do members of the Sexton/Greenberg family look exactly like many of the "parents", "loved ones", and "victims" of the Sandy Hook shooting but the family may have ties to the Gifford shooting. What does this mean? Think along the lines of a family that has extremely close ties to the CIA or other intelligence agency which employs them as crisis actors to play various roles. In exchange for their service the family is very well compensated. That would be my take on it. However, that's just a suggestion. I do not know the truth. While watching the videos make sure to hit the full screen button to be able to clearly see the pictures. The uploader of the middle video explains how he found the photo album. You may need to watch these videos several times before it sinks in.

Now in this first video the pictures taken from the album are older pictures so it may be hard for viewers to see how these two men are the same person. In the last videos are more recent pictures which make it very clear that Mr. Phelps and Richard Sexton are one and the same, in my opinion.

In the video below, the uploader will start to talk about Caylee Anthony. You can ignore that part because the uploader is definitely wrong with regard to that.

It's time to wake up people. If they are successful in subverting or eliminating the second amendment, and some of the "families" actually want a total gun ban, then this is not only a huge loss of freedom but it is also a very serious warning sign of future problems. Historically, weapons are banned either right before a coup or take-over or right after it. So please, wake up to this and help other people to wake up as well. Remember, you wake up by asking questions. Question everything!

The "good thing" about the Sandy Hook shootings is that it is a very easy incident to wake up to. We don't truly know anything that happened and we've only been feed contradicting misinformation from the media. Once you can wake up to Sandy Hook, then you can wake up to Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, Columbine, the Sikh Temple Shooting, Aurora, 9/11, and just about any event that has been used to attempt to subvert our liberties. What I am afraid of is that if people don't wake up then "they" will continue performing more of these stunts until they finally get what they want.


Steve Martin said...

We interviewed Zhiwen Ma (one of the two Chinese adults listed at as having shared the home at 15 Walnut Trl with the "Phelpses") live on the air yesterday. Zhiwen Ma, Weiyan Xia, Nick Phelps and Laura Phelps are still listed as living at the same address in Sandy Hook. He told us that he does not live there anymore and had moved out of state two years ago, though he answered a 203 cell phone (CT). He told us he began renting to "The Phelpses" when he moved. His (possible CIA-front) company, Solarwind, LLC, which has very scant internet presence (no customers, no feedback, no webvsite, etc.) was simply a startup that failed. We also tried reaching the Phelpses before calling Ma, but their answering machine is (predictably) full and no one was picking up. I am hearing that a LOT of the Sandy Hook "victim" families are very recent residents of the area. Has anyone confirmed that?

Stangely, and sadly, the company we use to upload and record our radio show FAILED to record this one episode...only like the third-fourth time in nearly four years...

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
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Steve Martin said...

Already did this.

DocConjure said...

@ Steve Martin,

Do your best to redo the interview. This is important information. You may have to reschedule your shows because if you wait to long that man will have been gotton to and will problably not be willing to talk.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

IF the Casey Anthony thing is a misrepresentation and not true then why put it up because then that discredits this person on the video. Just saying.

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