Thursday, January 31, 2013

MSNBC Under Fire For Dishonest Editing At Gun Hearing

MSNBC has come under fire for editing a story to make it appear as if a Sandy Hook parent of a victim was heckled by gun supporters when in fact the parent asked a question of the audience.

MSNBC Criticized For Editing Of Newtown Gun Hearing (VIDEO)

President Obama Will Not See The End Of His Second Term?

Okay, people this is news to me. I have no idea what this means or what has occurred. Lyndon Larouche claims that Federal courts have indicted President Obama on serious charges and that it is unlikely that President Obama will finish his second term as President. That would imply impeachment. As to what the charges are, Larouche doesn't say. However, Larouche does say that the only way Obama can maintain his presidency is for a coup d'etat.

Sandy Hook Hoax - You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round. Like A Record Baby, Right Round, Round, Round

This is a repost but I will keep reposting it so people can wake up. At the firehouse people were walking around in circles. They would leave through the back door, enter a side door a few feet away, or leave the back door and walk around the firehouse and turn and walk back into the entrance. A parent even pretty much admitted it by saying he must have walked a hundred laps around the fireplace. This "walking in circles" would give the impression of far more activity occurring and far more people being present than actually were. This is extremely weird, people.

Parent = "I Must Have Done A Hundred Laps"

Going In Circles

Gene Rosen Was Involved In Community Theatre

Gene Rosen's People Attempt To Have "Sandy Hook Hoax" Videos Removed From YouTube

A group composed of supporters of Gene Rosen is campaigning to have videos on the Sandy Hook Hoax removed from YouTube. The group claims to have successfully been responsible for the removal of 5 videos and wants other people to join the effort by reporting each and every Sandy Hook Hoax video to YouTube.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax - We'll Go Round In Circles Song

More Footage Sandy Hook Hoax Actors Going In Circles

Police Chief: "We Broke The NRA", "We Can Have Guns Off The Street Within A Generation"

Sand Diego Police Chief, William Lansdowne, a supporter of the disarming of the American public and supporter of Obama and Feinstein's gun control bill, stated in an interview that we can have guns off of the street [outright total gun ban?] within a generation. He also stated, "We broke the NRA".

Police Chief: Within A Generation, Guns Will Be Taken Off The Streets

If you haven't woke up yet you quickly need to. It's not just the banning of assault weapons. These people ultimately want to abolish the entire 2nd Amendment. If the 2nd Amendment falls, all of our other rights will also quickly fall as we can not protect ourselves from a government coup or take-over, a tyrannical government. Also, they will try to shoot for a total gun ban all at once. If that doesn't manifest then they will use the incremental approach, i.e. "baby steppin'" their way until a total gun plan. Wake up! Help other people to wake up. We can stop this if people wake up. Remember, these hypocrites will keep their guns but you dirty slave can not be trusted to own guns. Feinstein's bill exempts government officials.

Sandy Hook Hoax - I Must Have Done A Hundred Laps

In the following clip a parent of a victim at Sandy Hook says he must have done a hundred laps (around the firehouse). This is important as the footage of the firehouse seems to show people walking around in circles, going out one door and into a nearby door, and going out of a door and walking around to the entrance. Such would give the illusion of activity and give the illusion that more people were present than actually were. MUST WATCH the second video in full screen (click button on lower right of the video player) to truly appreciate the endless circle of people going out the back door, around the building, and then back into the entrance. This is crazy people!

Gene Rosen FEMA Connection?

Sandy Hook Hoax = First Picture Of Broken Glass

Here's the first picture of broken glass we have since the shooting. Note: The glass was most likey done by police. We have not seen the alleged entrace Adam Lanza shot his way through.

SANDY HOOK - The Documentary (FULL VIDEO) 2013 Official

The Sandy Hook Controversy - James Tracy on GRTV

Sandy Hook - Nurse Claims Parents Told Their Kid Died Before Deaths Were Even Confirmed Identified

In this video a "nurse" claims that the parents of the deceased victims were notified even before the deaths were confirmed or the bodies identified.

Max Igan - Truth Frequency Radio - 01-26-13 - Sandy Hook PsyOp

Sandy Hook Hoax - Actors Walking In Circles To Create Illusion Of More People

In this video others have pointed out that it appears that people are simply walking in circles in order to give the impression there are more people present. You can see people come out of one door and then go right into another door as well as people walk around the firehouse and turn and assumingly go back into the entrance. Please remember that there is definitely not enough people at the firehouse. There are circa 600 students at Sandy Hook, likewise if only one parent should show up there would be about 600 parent. Also take notice of there not being one kid shown. There is no footage of any children evacuating either

Sandy Hook Hoax - Example Of Green Screen

Edit: They blocked me from posting it. When you hit play, click on the link on the screen to watch it on YouTube.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Joyce Riley Power Hour - 'Bonnie': Coroner Says Sandy Hook a Hoax 1/25/2013

Sandy Hook Hoax - Fake Grandparents Exposed?

The Sandy Hook Circus of the Bizarre

Sandy Hook - There's Somethin' Rotten in Denmark

All 4 Car Doors Open At Sandy Hook = Multiple Suspects In The Black Honda

Witness reports all 4 doors of the car allegedly driven by Adam Lanza to be open, prior to the arrival of the police. Black sweaters were also said to be strewn around. This would imply there were additional people in the car and that Adam Lanza was not alone. Did the police close the doors and remove the sweaters to stage a "long wolf" scenario?

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax - School Nurse Sally Cox Slips Up Again

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax - Seeing Is Believing?

There is enough evidence to suggest that the media was using this technology in their sandy Hook shooting reports.

How The Media Could Have Helped Fake Sandy Hook

The following is a true case of CNN being busted creating fake media reports. It also appears that CNN has continued doing this by using blue or green screen technology to deceive the public as several reports on the Sandy Hook shooting contain errors common with this technology. So for those who think that Sandy Hook could absolutely not be a hoax, think again. It can. The technology exists to fake it and fake much, much more. However, I'm not saying I know that it is fake. Please keep that in mind.

Now, CNN seemingly still churns out fake reports quite readily. Below is another example of a news report that many people believe is fake, a hoax, created by CNN. You will need to come to your own opinion. However, just remember how Anderson Cooper attacked "conspiracy theorists", when he himself, in my opinion, is likely involved in this type of deception.


PsyOps (Psychological Operations) - "We can screw with your perceptions, your opinions, your very minds. We can make you conform to the opinions we wish you to have and to perceive the reality of a given situation in accordance to our will."

Sandy Hook Hoax - Green Screen Tips

Sandy Hook Hoax - Gene Rosen Green Screen

Another possible green screen was used in an interview with Gen Rosen. Pay attention to his eye and cheek.

Sandy Hook Hoax - Barden Family Green Screen

The Barden family, the ones pushing a total gun ban, apparently did their interview with a green screen (or blue screen). According to the uploader, if you pay attention the bodies, the couch, and even their heads, it appears that a green screen is used. The uploader believes the Barden family is actually sitting on a bench with the couch and background being green screen. You will need to watch this in full screen mode.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Alex Jones Show - January 27, 2013 - Sandy Hook Hoax, The New Royalty, Obama Gun Control

ABC Busted Using Blue Screen/Green Screen For Sandy Hook

Breaking News On The JonBenet Ramsey Case

The 1999 Grand Jury voted to indict the parents for her murder but Distract Attorney Alex Hunter refused to prosecute them.

JonBenet Ramsey Case: Grand Jury Voted To Indict Parents, But Boulder DA Refused To Prosecute

Note: The author of the article says that the Ramsey's were absolved of the crime. This is not true. What happened is that former DA Mary Lacey was a friend of the Ramseys and she cleared them right before she left office. She claimed "new DNA" evidence cleared them but the sad truth is that she is being seemingly deceptive. It wasn't new DNA, but the same DNA they always had and the DNA was degraded. A killer is not going to leave degraded DNA. The new DA has already stated in interviews that (paraphrased), Mary Lacey's actions would cause some problems but wouldn't hinder the investigation.

For information on the unanswered question on the JonBenet Ramsey murder, click the link below:

Unanswered Questions n The JonBenet Ramsey Murder

Why All Gun Free Zones Should Be Abolished And Why Everyone Should Get Conceal And Carry

Currently people are being brainwashed into thinking that gun control  and "gun free zones" are the solution to stop gun violence and spree shooters. This is absolutely incorrect. Almost every single spree shooting has occurred in gun free zones, places like schools, malls, and movie theatres.

The reason why we need to abolish gun free zones and why most people should be encouraged to conceal and carry is due to the psychology of spree shooters. Now, this information only covers the spree shooters, the mentally ill nuts like Adam Lanza. Criminals and gangsters have to be viewed different.

The typical spree shooters is mentally ill. Very few of them are sane. They are also cowards. The cowardly aspect to their personality can be used against them. One of the things spree shooters do is plan the killing spree, either in their head, on paper, or both. They take delight in fantasizing their killing spree for months to years before they actually carry it out. If something goes wrong, if somebody says something that upsets them or angers them, they will respond by immediately jumping into fantasy mode where they imagine carrying out the attack as punishment against society. Depending on the level of mental illness and the condition involved, the spree shooter can be fueled by paranoia and imagined offenses, not to mention follow orders from the voices in their heads.

As I mentioned above, spree shooters are cowards. This is important because it can be used to stop them. People don't realize they are cowards and that's a problem. Because we can use that fact to stop them. So how do we do that?  Well the first step is to fully understand how intricate their fantasies are. Not only do they spend months to years planning them and relishing the events in their minds but they also ALWAYS add one detail that we can use to our advantage. The extra part of the fantasy they always add is their own deaths. When they fantasize about going on a killing spree they always include themselves dying at the end. So that's how we can use it to our advantage. They are cowards plus they always include their own deaths in their schemes.

In order to stop the killing spree the shooter can be shot and killed or otherwise incapacitated. However, this can be very risky. The easiest way to stop these spree shooters is to trigger the end of their fantasy, the part where they die. This can be done by either the mere presence of cops or by a citizen with a concealed gun. Most people don't know that the overwhelming majority of spree shooters kill themselves as soon as they see the police. When a spree shooter sees the police it triggers the final part of the fantasy and they will retreat and blow their brains out. This can also be triggered by citizens with concealed guns because spree shooters are cowards. A spree shooter NEVER fantasizes about citizens who shoot back. That's just doesn't happen. They expect police to fire back but they never include citizens returning fire in their fantasies. A citizen with a concealed gun could quickly either take out the shooter or trigger the spree shooter to kill themselves.

So in my opinion the answer is not gun control or gun free zones. These only help the spree shooter kill people. The answer is abolishing gun free zones and encouraging conceal and carry.

My Opinion On The Sandy Hook Shooting

I decided it was time to publicly state my personal opinions on the Sandy Hook Shooting as I'm getting responses from people telling me what I believe and of course what they claim I believe is simply not true, i.e. "You believe no kids died!".

My personal opinion on the Sandy Hook shooting is that a tragedy did occur and that people did in fact die. However, I believe that the tragedy was hijacked by a nefarious group with an agenda to eliminate or subvert the 2nd Amendment. I believe that part of the hijacking involved the deception, out-right lying, and twisting of the facts in order to sway public opinion. If you will recall, the media sold us a huge bag of contradicting information. I believe this was done on purpose. I justify this opinion because if you go back and watch the news videos on YouTube you will see and hear journalists and reporters say that "law enforcement" or an "anonymous military source" had confirmed this information they presented to the public. So in my opinion the choices we have are that these reporters are lying or there actually were anonymous people purposefully giving out false information. Why would law enforcement and the military sources be giving out false information? Think PsyOps. Think 'logic bomb'. They want you so confused that you can't make heads or tails of it and simply throw up your hands in the air and give up.

So why would "they" want to create a logic bomb? The only people questioning the events of Sandy Hook are the people who are awake. The sleeping masses don't care and only believe the official story. So the "logic bomb" is designed to attack those who question what happened. They've purposefully muddied the waters to obscure the truth.

Now, as far as actors go. I do believe it's possible that actors were used. Now, when I say actors I do not mean professional actors. I mean people acting, pretending to be the parents, loved ones, victims, and associates of the victims. Usually these people have ties to either government or military intelligence. One can only assume they are paid well for their performance. Now, this is perhaps the most controversial thing that many people can't seem to comprehend. Why would "they" use actors? The answer is quite simple. By planting fake parents and loved ones the actors can push for the agenda, the elimination of or the subversion of the 2nd Amendment. Now, think about this. There were 27 people killed. That means 27 families. Why do we only hear from the same 4 or 5 families? Why are most of these 4 or 5 families pushing gun control or even a total ban of guns? So I would suggest that some of the "families" of victims that have been paraded around and allowed to espouse for the end of the 2nd Amendment were fakes, frauds, phonies. In addition to fake loved ones there is also the issue of fake "supporting actors", people who were not related to any of the victims but whose stories served to "pull the heart-strings" of the public and get them in position to where they can be manipulated into agreeing to gun control or gun bans. Remember, that is what a PsyOps is all about, i.e. "We can screw with your perceptions, your opinions, your very minds. We can make you conform to the opinions we wish you to have and to perceive the reality of a given situation in accordance to our will."

Barden Family Pushing Total Gun Bun

Anderson Cooper Reads Barden Letter For Total Gun Ban

No in a nutshell I believe a tragedy did happen and that it was hijacked by a nefarious group hell-bent on disarming the public. However, I do have an open mind and if there is any new information that surfaced suggesting that the entire event was hoaxed I would still look over the information and keep an open mind.

Sandy Hook Conspiracy - C.I.A. PSY-OP? TheTrutherGirls + Max Igan Response

Why People Think Sandy Hook Is A Hoax

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Most Disturbing Video I've Seen On Gun Bans

I was surfing YouTube and found a video made by an alleged U.S. Army veteran. This man is all for a total gun ban and elimination of the 2nd Amendment. He doesn't believe citizens of the U.S. should be allowed to own any guns and he claims that banning guns will prevent further children from dying in shootings. I was so horrified that I posted a message asking him to justify his opinions. He responded by calling me a turd and then blocking me.

Now, I fully respect veterans.and the first amendment right for freedom of speech. However, I simply can not fathom how this man who risked his life to protect our freedoms would join forces with the people wanting to take away our freedoms.

Now, I won't post the video here because I don't want anybody to attack him. However, this needs to be addressed. It's one thing to be ignorant on the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. It's quite another thing to know of the purpose and to willingly choose the side of the tyrants who wish to destroy our freedoms. On top of that his belief that a total gun ban will prevent further spree shooting is completely incorrect. Criminals and the mentally ill don't give a damn about gun control. In fact, criminals may actually be in favor of  gun control as it means they can now rest easy that they won't see the end of a shotgun or rifle when they break into homes to rob, rape or murder the inhabitants.

Now, to exercise my 1st Amendment. It is my opinion that if you don't support our freedoms then you shouldn't be serving to defend them. Because people have sacrificed their lives, spilt their blood, in order to protect these rights. Let's not let their sacrifices be in vain.

Creepy Gene Song!

Cheer Up Creepy Gene!

Anderson Cooper's Disappearing Nose - Were Green Screens Used In Sandy Hook Media Footage?

Okay, when I first heard this I thought it was just crazy nonsense. However, I finally decided to watch the video and now I'm not so sure. I really don't know. Is the deception so great that the media used green screens to fool us with their Sandy Hook coverage? I don't know the answer. However, watch the video below and judge for yourself. Is that background fake? You will need to view the video in full screen mode.

SS Death Idex Lists Adam Lanza As Dying December 13, One Day Before The Shooting

CNN Still Using Fake Footage Of Sandy Hook

Even though CNN was busted for airing fake Sandy Hook footage they refuse to take the videos down from their site. For those who don't know, CNN passed off footage of a school shooting drill that was taking place about 20 minutes away from Sandy Hook at the exact same time as the Sandy Hook shooting. Yes, you read right. At the exact same time as the Sandy Hook shooting there was a school shooting drill being carried out about 20 minutes away from Sandy Hook. CNN is using footage of the drill and wants to decieve you, the viewer, into thinking this is Sandy Hook. I can only assume they are deliberately being deceptive because the drill footage is more energetic with law enforcement running around, i.e. it makes a more dramatic presentation.

Feinstein Unveils Her Draconian Attack on The 2nd Amendment

For those of you who do not know, Feinstein is a total hypocrite. She does not want you to have guns even though she has had a concealed permit. So her life is more important than your life, you dirty, unwashed slave. Her new bill only stops you, the slaves, from owning the guns that are banned. Our masters, "Government Officials", will be exempt.

Included in the bill is for gun owners to register like sex offenders. Right now, there are people pushing for a similar thing in Missouri. A Missouri Democrat wants citizens of Missouri who own guns to register with local schools. Failure to comply would result in a fine of $100. If "they" think a parent is storing guns inappropriately then the fine is $1000.

Feinstein's Gun Control Exempts Government Officials

Hypocrite Diane Feinstein's new gun control is only for we slaves. Our masters will be exempt. People, you need to wake up. Contact your senators, your congressman. Let them know you do not support the trampling of the U.S. Constitution and the subversion of the 2nd Amendment.

Feinstein's Gun Control Bill To Exempt Government Officials

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Rampage Movie Predicted The Sandy Hook Massacre

Warning! This video contains graphic depictions of violence. The creator of this video believes that the 2010 movie, The Rampage, inspired the Sandy Hook Shooting. In the movie a disturbed young man goes on a spree killing using the same guns and even dressed in body armor as Adam Lanza was originally reported. Some very good questions are posed in this video. Also keep in mind there was a school shooting drill being carried out about 20 minutes away from Sandy Hook at the EXACT same time as the shooting. Please keep that in mind. Is that just a coincidence? Many people think not and especially when there was a subway bombing drill carried out at the same time as the London subway bombing, and hijacking drills carried out at the same exact time as 9/11. Also keep in mind that in addition to the school shooting drill there was also a FEMA course being taught about the subject of children in disasters that occurred at the exact same time as well.

Police Speaking Foreign Language At Sandy Hook???

In this video an observant viewer caught what appears to be law enforcement speaking a foreign language at Sandy Hook. What the hell is going on?

The Pete Santilli Show - Ben Swann on Sandy Hook

In The Wake Of Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Actors Promise to take away your 1st and 2nd Amendment rights

Stick To The Script, Gene Rosen!

Sandy Hook : 4 Handguns in School, Assult Rifle in Car & Adam Lanza Cremated In Secret

Globalist Witch Dianne Feinstein, Demands All Guns To Be Turned In

Thursday, January 24, 2013

GUN CONTROL Based On SANDY HOOK Shooting: Systematic Gun Grab, Ban And Fingerprint Database!

Eric "Fast And Furious" Holder Wants To Brainwash You On Guns

A 1995 video on Eric Holder talking about bainwashing citizens against guns and shaming gun owners into getting rid of guns, just like they have shamed smokers. Holder paid a visit to Sandy Hook after the shooting.

Save The World Radio 42 - Sandy Hook and the 2nd Amendment

Hypocrite Diane Feinstein Wants Your Guns

Diane Feinstein is a gun control hypocrite. Not only is she the driving force behind the new gun control legislation, as well as the previous ban in the early 90s, but she was carrying concealed while pushing for gun bans. People, it's time to wake up. These people who wants to subvert the 2nd amendment only want to prevent citizens from having guns. They sure as hell won't give up theirs.

Gene Rosen Pushing Gun Control?

In this video you will listen to the sicko Gene Rosen give one of the several versions of the story he has given to a reporter. At the end of the video Gene Rosen says he wants the children to be the basis of the solution. What solution is that, Mr. Rosen? Gun control? People, you need to wake up!

New Family Interview With Sandy Hook Victim Family

This interview was done on December 15, 2012, one day after the shooting. The family has the same strange behavior that most of the parent of Newtown seem to have.

CONSPIRACY THEORY A Derogatory Title to Dismiss a Critical Thinker

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Founding Fathers Battle Gun Grabbers From the Grave

You Know You Are A Gun Control Hypocrite If...

Celebrity Hypocrites Want Your Guns

Original Video:

What they don't want you to know:

They are all hypocrites. Most of them used armed body guards.

Sandy Hook Hypocrites Now Demand Obama's New World Dictatorship

Monday on t.v. I heard "journalist" and anchors claim that Obama was a civil rights leader on par with MLK. My jaw dropped. Then again, this doesn't surprise me. If Obama can get a Nobel Peace Prize for being the first black president then people will sure as hell claim he is an equal to MLK.

Sandy Hook HOAX BLOWN The Evidence and Motive

Sandy Hook Hoax - Media Plays The Hat Game To Fool You

Just when the Internet exploded with people questioning the Sandy Hook shooting the media shifts gears and presents an incredibly stupid account of Te'o's allegedly made up girlfriend who died. Oh, they will ask the tough questions on this stupid news story, won't they!

Included is craptacular Anderson Cooper. Remember that Anderson Cooper is ex-CIA.

CNN Busted Using Fake Footage Of Sandy Hook

This is the second video on this topic I've posted. CNN used fake footage of Sandy Hook. It's hard to believe this was an accident because in the fake footage there is a lot more activity than in the true footage. So from my perspective it's like someone made the decision to show this footage in order to deceive people because the true footage may have been too "boring". For those who don't know this footage was of a shooting drill, at the exact same time as the real shooting, that took place only about 20 minutes away from Sandy Hook Elementary.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sandy Hook - Bullet Proof Glass

Sandy Hook was supposed to have bullet proof glass. However, the "official story" is that Adam Lanza shot his way through it. I bet when the report comes out that it will be that Adam Lanza coincidentally shot out one part of the glass that wasn't bullet proof. However, I'm still skeptical of the notion that he shot his way in to begin with. We've not seen any pictures of broken glass.

Sandy Hook HOAX - PROOF the "Evacuation" Was Staged

This video is important because there is no media footage of any children being evacuated. Debunkers claim the evacuation was done prior to the media arriving to the scene but the media arrived there incredibly quick. The only "evidence" of an evacuation is a few pictures taken by the Newtown Bee. These pictures only show a single line of students with a couple of teachers. This is important because the Newtown Bee is not credible. They were the ones to print a story with an interview with the dead principal, only to retract it after people exposed them. They were the ones to print a story about an "anonymous source" who told them the 2nd shooter was an off-duty police officer from another town. They did not question the source why a police officer would be fleeing other police officers, nor did they question why he would be dressed up in a similar fashion to Adam Lanza. In the video below the sun angles are good evidence suggesting that these pictures taken by the Newtown Bee were in fact from later in the day and not early in the morning before other media arrived. This would indicate they may be staged, a hoax. Included is the testimony of the nurse who claims she wasn't evacuated until after 1pm, during the media frenzy.

Is DallasGoldBug a Sandy Hook truther disinfo agent fake actor

Surviving The Matrix - Sandy Hook: An American Coup d'├ętat?

SOTT Talk Radio: Sandy Hook: What Really Happened?

Gene Rosen performs his sick act for Mexican TV Univision - IN SPANISH!

Gene Rosen is up to his same tricks. This time he give an interview in Spanish to Mexican journalists. Buy your tickets now for the "Gene Rosen LIVE!" international tour!

PsyWars - Wake Up!

PsyOps (Psychological Operation):

Planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups, and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator's objectives. Also called PSYOP. See also consolidation psychological operations; overt peacetime psychological operations programs; perception management. (Source: U.S. Department of Defense)

Perception Management:

Controlling, steering, or influencing the perception of the public, propaganda.

In a nutshell:

We can screw with your perceptions, your opinions, your very minds. We can make you conform to the opinions we wish you to have and to perceive the reality of a given situation in accordance to our will.

Don't for a second think that PsyOps and Perception Management are not being used on the American public. They are used on a daily basis. One of the biggest mediums for psyops and perception management is the media.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Oklahoma Bill Would Outlaw Any Federal Gun Control

Sen. Nathan Dahm of Oklahoma has created a new bill that if passed would outlaw not only all gun control legislation of the federal government but would also allow for the fining and imprisonment of any federal agent attempting to enforce federal gun control.

Sen. Dahm has also introduced 2 additional bills that would allow law-abiding citizens to carry guns into gun-free zones, violating federal law, as well as allow people to carry guns in their vehicles.

Broken Arrow lawmaker's bill would defy federal gun laws

Sandy Hook - A Tale of Three Nurses

New Sandy Hook Witness Story Makes No Sense

This is an interview with a new witness of the Sandy Hook shootings. If you didn't know anything about Sandy Hook you may believe her story. However, if you knew some things you would quickly realize her story doesn't jive. For one, she says the janitor locked them in the rooms. There's no need for that. The doors locked form the insides and the teachers had the keys, save for one substitute teacher. Then she claims that the shooting lasted about 25 minutes. We know that the police where there on scene within 7 minutes of the 911 call, so that means the police must have just allowed Adam Lanza to finish his job and kill himself before moving in. Also, she says she called 911. This may or may not be true. In the future we will probably know the truth if the calls are released. The reason why I says this because it has been the standard belief that there was only on 911 call placed, with no one, not even neighbors calling in. But why hasn't the 911 tapes been released yet? They are usually one of the first things that are released. Finally, this witness talks about evacuation. There is no footage of any child being evacuated. There is only one still picture of a line of students and a couple of teachers. This picture was taken by someone with the Newtown Bee. That paper was the same source that claimed that the dead principal came back to life to give them an interview and that the 2nd shooter was an off-duty police officer from another town. So we really can't trust that paper at all and must reject it. So there's no footage of an evacuation. One of the reporters in a helicopters specifically said it was his belief they were keeping the children in the school because it was cold outside. There is another witness who claims she stayed in a cabinet until after 1pm. This is the strangest alleged school shooting ever.

You may want to use full screen mode in order to read the writing on the screen.  

Sandy Hook - CNN Aired Footage Of A Drill That Occured At The Same Time As The Shooting As If It Was The Sandy Hook Shooting

At the same time as the Sandy Hook shooting was also a nearby drill/exercise. CNN aired footage of the dril as if it was the shootings.

Sandy Hook Hoax Vs A Real School Shooting

Warning! This video contains graphic footage from a real spree shooting at a school in Brazil. Note how the media captured all of it. Now compare this to the media footage of Sandy Hook and it looks like it's fake, like a drill and not a reality. In Sandy Hook there is no footage of any children being evacuated, no broken glass, nobody running or screaming, no one seen bleeding or injured, none of this stuff was caught by the media even though those vultures haven't changed a bit and were all over the place, even in helicopters. If you go back and watch the helicopter footage the reporter even states that the kids are being kept in the school probably because it's too cold outside. Yet still, no footage of children being evacuated.

Video Response To Snopes re: Sandy Hook Hoax "Debunking" - Additional Suspects In Custody

Sandy Hook Official Story DEBUNKED - HOAX Exposed

Sandy Hook Massacre Official Timeline Fabricated!

Sandy Hook Breaking News!

It seemed the media dropped the ball again. The media reported that the AR-15 that Adam Lanza allegedly used to kill the victims was stolen from his mother, Nancy Lanza, who they were legally registered to.

Guess what? There is already an assault weapons ban in Connecticut. That means that the the AR-15 could not have been legally registered as it was illegal for her to possess it, unless she was able to grandfather one in. But don't stop there!

How do we know that Adam Lanza got these guns from his mother? The answer is of course that we don't know. Nothing has been released proving this.

Let me take this one step further. How is Obama's desire to ban ARs going to help prevent tragedies if the Sandy Hook shooting already took place in a state where ARs are banned?

It's time to wake up people!

Connecticut Already Has A Ban On Assault Weapons

Remember, gun control is not about guns. It's about control.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Power Hour - Sandy Hook Special Investigation - January 16, 2013 - Joyce Riley Interviews Mike Powers

Sandy Hook Truther Has Absolute Proof of Hoax(PROP)


The Freedom Link Broadcast - January 2, 2013 - Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook - Zombie Teachers And Bullet Forensics

In this video you wlll need to watch it in full screen mode by clicking on the lower right box on the player. You may need to stop the video frequently to read the messages on the screen. In the video you will see how we are supposed to believe that people heard shots and then like zombies, moved toward the shooter and were killed. It's a very intersting video and I would recommend following the links in the screen.

The Alex Jones Show - Sandy Hook - Prof. James Tracey

Sandy Hook - Dead Principal Comes Back To Life To Give Interview

Note: This is the same paper that claims that a "source" revealed that the second shooter who fled police into the woods was an off-duty officer.

More Sandy Hook B.S. - Yet Another Fake Identity For The Second Shooter...Time To Wake Up!

Questioning The Batman Massacre

Testify - Rage Against The Machine

All these Sandy Hook blogs I've been posting has made me in the mood for some resistance music.

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." -George Orwell

The James Holmes Conspiracy

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Sorcery Of Sandy Hook

Posting Sandy Hook Comments On My Blog

For now on I will implement a new policy on my Sandy Hook blog entries. Currently someone is going around posting shill and troll comments always questioning every single thing I do but never ever questioning any of the official story. They are operating off of the assumption that the "official story" is correct and that anyone who questions the official story is the problem. I don't have time for this so from this time forward I will simply delete these comments. This policy is only in effect for the Sandy Hook blog entries and until the sleeping idiots decide to move on to elsewhere.

Now, this is the nerve of this person(s). They know I use the term "question everything", and they use it in their comments. However, the only things they are questioning is me and the "conspiracy theorists". To date they have never questioned the official story in any of their comments. Why is this important? Because I've already blogged on this. This person is a debunker. That's what they do. They think that questioning "conspiracy theories" and blindly accepting the official story makes them appear intelligent, wise, and rational. In reality, they are asleep and do not know it. They will never wake up until they realize that they must question every single thing, including the official story.

This really hurts me because I hate censorship. However, at the same time I don't have time to waste on the debunkers who want to distract people from waking up. Once again, this change is only for the Sandy Hook blog entries.

More Sandy Hook B.S. - Yet Another Fake Identity For The Second Shooter...Time To Wake Up!

The Newtown Bee has published an article reading that the 'second shooter' was just an unidentified and off-duty officer from another town. You can read it below. This information is only mentioned in the last couple of sentences in the article.

Police Union Seeks Funding For Trauma Treatment

Now, people. Please be awake on this.

1.) We don't know who the source is.

2.) We don't know the name of this alleged off-duty officer.

2.) What journalist in their right mind would list this as the last couple of questions in an article with no follow-up?

3.) Why in the hell would an off-duty police officer be dressed just like Adam Lanza was dressed as well as flee from cops into the woods?

Does this story make sense? Because I smell B.S.

Real Sandy Hook Shoting Witness Has Something Very Interesting To Say

First let me premise this by saying this is one of the few witnesses I actually believe. Her body language is consistent with her narrative and there is no weird emotions or obvious signs of deception. Her story is odd because she saw something strange occur prior to he shootings, two boys screaming and then a black car pulled up, before gun shots that were allegedly the shots at the school. Note how she is a neighbor of Georg Rosen. We know this because she lives by the firehouse. Rosen's house is literally feet away from the firehouse, the spot the first responders were set up. Rosen claims he had no idea anything was going on, despite the fire trucks, ambulances, flashing lights, sirens, and multitudes of people. This is very strange.

Now, just to be clear here. This woman sighted some strange things that occurred prior to the school shootings. She saw 2 boys (one on a skateboard), screaming and fleeing. They past the firehouse and a black car pulled up into the firehouse. Then a man came running looking for the kids. So what is going on? Well, the only think I could point out is that it's very doubtful that man was a parent. There's no way that a parent could be notified that quickly. Perhaps the kids were going to school and saw something they should not have seen and then fled. Perhaps the black car and the man was after them. However, I just don't know.

Sandy Hook - The Second Shooter Was Not Chris Manfredonia

Readers, right now debunkers are on the attack trying to claim that the alleged second shooter was simple Chris Manfredonia, a parent of a child at Sandy Hook. They do this without even questioning what they are actually saying. Because if they actually thought about it then they would realize that this doesn't make sense.

First let me remind my readers that there was a total of 4 allegedly shooters. One was dead (Adam Lanza), two were sighted running into the woods but only one man was caught and arrested, and the last one was claimed by witnesses to be prone on the ground and handcuffed.

So debunkers don't seem to know about these other people. They think it's just a second shooter and they claim this parent was mistaken for the second shooter, case closed. Not so fast. Why would a parent flee from cops into the woods? Why would he be wearing the exact same type of clothes, camo pants and a black shirt, that Adam Lanze wore? It doesn't make sense. If Chris Manfredonia was mistaken for a shooter at the scene then he would more than likely be the man that was sighted prone on the ground and handcuffed and not the person that was arrested running into the woods.

So be on your guard because I've been told there are now actual news articles saying that the second shooter never existed and that it was just Chris Manfredonia. Keep asking why he would be dressed in the same clothes and fleeing from police into the woods. Makes no sense. As far as I can tell, we still don't know the identity of the man running from police into the woods.

The Purpose Of The Second Amendment

I'm posting this because I got into a heated exchange with an alleged "friend of the family" of a victim of Sandy Hook. This woman argued that all guns need to banned, that in a "civil society" there is no place for citizens to own weapons. She then stated that my right to go hunting does not take presidence over the life of a child. That set just set me off.

Let me state this to my readers real quick.

1.) Our right are God-given, or if you don't believe in God then it means we are born with them. The government does not give us our rights. This is important because once you realize that the government doesn't give us our right then you will also realize that they cannot take away our rights. There is a movement to deceive people and twist the Constitution around so that people think that we get our rights from the government, that instead of the government being for the people that we are to be for the government. Open your eyes to how the term "public servant" is now replaced with "officials" and "authorities".

2.) The Constitution/Bill of Rights doesn't give us our rights. It merely confirms and upholds them. We are born with our rights, they are God given.

3.) The Second Amendment is not about hunting, nor is about defending your home from a break-in.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. -The Second Amendment"

Do you read anything about hunting or protecting your home from break-ins or criminals in this? It's because the Second Amendment is not about any of these things. Instead, the founding fathers were paranoid with the thought that in just a few short generations the nation would fall back into tyranny, that there would be what we would call a government coup or take-over, and our liberties would be lost. So they believed that the citizens shall be armed as a last defense in hopes that they could defend themselves against a corrupt government and restore the nation.

Gun control is not about guns. It's about control. Severe gun control makes sure that citizens do not have access to the same weapons that our government has and thus having no hope to defend ourselves from a corrupt government.  Read the last three words of the Second Amendment until it finally sinks in.

For the young people out there, teens and young adults, there is a movement to target you because these people know you are the future. However, they are deceiving you into thinking the world is perfect or that we could even create a perfect world. They don't want you to know the purpose of the Second Amendment. They don't want you to know that the founding fathers were absolutely paranoid that "the American experiment" would fail and the nation sink back into tyranny. So please don't be deceived. You young people are the future. Just make sure that you remain educated and not allow emotional please and tragedies to blind you from the big picture.

Sandy Hook - Update On Security Footage & Ryan Lanza's ID

An alleged resident of Newtown, CT, has advised me that there may not be surveillance footage of the school. This person claims that as far as they know there was only one security camera outside the front door and that it did not actually record anything and was only used to identify people who wished to enter the school. I was also told that in order to get in you had to show your ID and then they would make the choice to buzz you in or not. So that made me question if that was the reason why Adam Lanza allegedly had Ryan Lanza's ID on him. However, and if so, this still does not explain how Adam Lanza got hold of the ID as Ryan Lanza has claimed he hasn't seen his brother since 2010.

I am very skeptical of the claim that the security system didn't record anything. I want to see the tapes. I don't have to see little kids get shot, as that would be horrible. However, I do think that the public needs to see footage of Adama Lanza gaining access to the school. How Adam Lanza gained access to the school is a big question for many people and the media seems to not even be interested in such question.

Friday, January 18, 2013

One Theory Of Sandy Hook Actors

I was tossing around this theory to a few people on YouTube. Before I share please know that I do not cling to it. I'm not saying it's the truth, as I don't know what the truth is. However, it is something to ponder.

Let's assume that the tragedy did indeed occur and that fake actors were used. How could this be? What if the tragedy was hijacked by a criminal element who wanted to use it to push to subvert the 2nd amendment or eliminate it. So instead of hearing from the real parents of victims, parents and loved ones who may be too emotional and overcome with grief to actually give interviews, what if fake actors where sent to pose as parents and loved ones in order to steer America into choosing to get rid of guns? That would explain why these "fake" loved ones seem very odd with regard to their behavior and would also explain why they are seemingly pushing for severe gun control and/or the banning of all guns while being able to clearly and intelligently engage in a rational discourse.

Waning! - YouTube Is Now Taking Down Videos On Sandy Hook

YouTube is now on the ball taking down videos that question the Sandy Hook shooting under the claim of copyright violation and/or the posting of violent material. I know this because about 7 links I had bookmarked early this morning have now all been taken down by YouTube. Most of these copyright and violent material claims are bogus. There is a category of use called "Fair Use" and almost all of these videos do indeed fall under this category. This is a tactic of censorship and one to silence the issue and prevent further people from questioning the events.

If you are of the awake, then please do your best to copy the good videos you find and mirror them so that the information can continue to be spread.

Sandy Hook Familes Urge Total Ban Of Guns

Gene Rosen's Greatest Hits

Debunkers Attack Reporter For Questioning Sandy Hook

Award winning reporter, Ben Swann of FOX 19 in Cincinnati, has come under attack by debunkers for having the audacity to question the Sandy Hook shooting.

 Reporter Ben Swann Smeared For Questioning Media's Sandy Hook Narrative

Keep up the good work, Mr. Swann. You are one of the very few journalist actually doing your job. However, remember there's always a price to pay for the quest of truth.             

What Do You Know About Sandy Hook?

-It was Ryan Lanza who was the killer.
-No, it was Adam Lanza who was the killer. He had Ryan's ID in his pocket even though Ryan says he hasn't seen him since 2010.
-Nancy Lanza was a teacher.
-Nancy Lanza was not a teacher.
-Nancy Lanza was a prepper.
-Nancy Lanza was not a prepper but a normal mom and housewife.
-Nancy Lanza was killed at the school.
-Nancy Lanza was killed on the highway.
-Nancy Lanza was killed in her home.
-Adam Lanza's father and brother were also killed in the home.
-Adam Lanza's father and brother were not killed.
-Adam Lanza was involved in an altercation at the school the day before the shooting.
-Adam Lanza was not involved in an altercation at the school the day before the shooting.
-Adam Lanza stole his mother's car to drive it to the school.
-The car was allegedly registered to one Christopher A. Rodia.
-There were 2 guns.
-There were 3 guns.
-There were 4 guns.
-One gun was found in the trunk of the car allegedly registered to Christopher A. Rodia.
-Adam Lanza gained access to the school, which required a person to be buzzed in through the front door and has security cameras, by dressing up as a clergy member.
-Adam Lanza gained access to the school, which required a person to be buzzed in through the front door and has security camera, by shooting the door.
-Victoria Soto's entire class was killed.
-Victoria Soto's entire class survived.
-Some of Victoria Soto's class were killed and some survived.
-Victoria Soto hid her class from the shooters.
-Some of Victoria Soto's class were killed when they tried to flee the room.
-Some of Victoria Soto's class ended up at Gene Rosen's house.
-Adam Lanza wore a mask.
-Adam Lanza did not wear a mask.
-Witnesses reported seeing a van with a person dressed as a nun.
-Witnesses did not report seeing a van with a person dressed as a nun.
-The School nurse says she saw Adam Lanza and looked him straight in the eyes.
-The School nurse changes her story and says she hid under her desk and that she only saw his lower body.
-The School nurse says Nancy Lanza was a wonderful person and a wonderful Kindergarten teacher, even though Nancy Lanza was never a teacher there.
-George Rosen saw 6 kids sitting by themselves at the end of his driveway.
-George Rosen saw 6 kids sitting with a loud man and a female bus driver at the end of his driveway.
-George Rosen saw 6 kids sitting with a female bus driver at the end of his driveway.
-George Rosen took in the kids and let them play with toys that he for some reason kept in his house and didn't immediately call the police, the school, nor ask the kids if they knew their phone numbers.
-George Rosen heard the shooting but thought it was hunters. (at the school?)
-George Rosen didn't know there was anything going on, even though the first responders were set up at the firehouse right by his house.
-There were no injured, all died.
-There were 2 injured who survived.
-There was 1 person who was injured.

This is just a minority of the contradicting misinformation that were sold by the media. We don't know pretty much anything about what actually happened. Now there are websites by "debunkers" that claim to explain away these things but if you question it further their answers are cherry picked and they want you to think that it's wrong to even question things. As if questioning is a sign of lunacy.

Comment I Recieved On Sandy Hook Actors

I recently posted this blog entry:

Sandy Hook Actors Exposed? - Nick & Laura Phelps = Richard & Jennifer Sexton Of Florida?

Well, I received the following comment.

"We interviewed Zhiwen Ma (one of the two Chinese adults listed at as having shared the home at 15 Walnut Trl with the "Phelpses") live on the air yesterday. Zhiwen Ma, Weiyan Xia, Nick Phelps and Laura Phelps are still listed as living at the same address in Sandy Hook. He told us that he does not live there anymore and had moved out of state two years ago, though he answered a 203 cell phone (CT). He told us he began renting to "The Phelpses" when he moved. His (possible CIA-front) company, Solarwind, LLC, which has very scant internet presence (no customers, no feedback, no webvsite, etc.) was simply a startup that failed. We also tried reaching the Phelpses before calling Ma, but their answering machine is (predictably) full and no one was picking up. I am hearing that a LOT of the Sandy Hook "victim" families are very recent residents of the area. Has anyone confirmed that?

Stangely, and sadly, the company we use to upload and record our radio show FAILED to record this one episode...only like the third-fourth time in nearly four years...

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
Host, The Aroostook Watchmen Radio Show
Over The Constitutional Radio Network
780 AM in Monticello, 88.1 FM in Westbrook, 88.1 FM in Portland, 96.5 FM in Brewer, Maine.

If you go to their website you can verify that this show failed to record. Very strange. Here's a link below.

Sandy Hook Actors Exposed? - Nick & Laura Phelps = Richard & Jennifer Sexton Of Florida?

A private researcher has accidentally discovered that a "nice Jewish family" in Florida appears to have been used to play several roles posing as "parents", "relatives", and "victims" of the Sandy Hook shooting. This was accidentally discovered when the mother, Jennifer Sexton, uploaded a photo album to Picasso, apparently not knowing it is public and not private. Not only do members of the Sexton/Greenberg family look exactly like many of the "parents", "loved ones", and "victims" of the Sandy Hook shooting but the family may have ties to the Gifford shooting. What does this mean? Think along the lines of a family that has extremely close ties to the CIA or other intelligence agency which employs them as crisis actors to play various roles. In exchange for their service the family is very well compensated. That would be my take on it. However, that's just a suggestion. I do not know the truth. While watching the videos make sure to hit the full screen button to be able to clearly see the pictures. The uploader of the middle video explains how he found the photo album. You may need to watch these videos several times before it sinks in.

Now in this first video the pictures taken from the album are older pictures so it may be hard for viewers to see how these two men are the same person. In the last videos are more recent pictures which make it very clear that Mr. Phelps and Richard Sexton are one and the same, in my opinion.

In the video below, the uploader will start to talk about Caylee Anthony. You can ignore that part because the uploader is definitely wrong with regard to that.

It's time to wake up people. If they are successful in subverting or eliminating the second amendment, and some of the "families" actually want a total gun ban, then this is not only a huge loss of freedom but it is also a very serious warning sign of future problems. Historically, weapons are banned either right before a coup or take-over or right after it. So please, wake up to this and help other people to wake up as well. Remember, you wake up by asking questions. Question everything!

The "good thing" about the Sandy Hook shootings is that it is a very easy incident to wake up to. We don't truly know anything that happened and we've only been feed contradicting misinformation from the media. Once you can wake up to Sandy Hook, then you can wake up to Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, Columbine, the Sikh Temple Shooting, Aurora, 9/11, and just about any event that has been used to attempt to subvert our liberties. What I am afraid of is that if people don't wake up then "they" will continue performing more of these stunts until they finally get what they want.

Sandy Hook Shooting False Flag- Bad Actors

I like this clip because it makes it more clear that Robbie Parker was laughing right before his speech. There's also an interesting clip of Lt. Vance ignoring a question

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sandy Hook Written On Map In Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

I have no clue if this is just a coincidence or what. Some people believe that someone who worked on the film was trying to warn people that this was a false flag but I have no clue. It is weird because Sandy Hook is not a popular name for a town or place.

Dubunkers Begin Their Assault On Intelligence By Attacking The Notion Of Questioning The Sandy Hook Shooting

Debunkers are now on the attack. The craptacular Anderson Cooper has already spoken out on "conspiracy theorists" with regards to the Sandy Hook shooting. This is the same crappy Anderson Cooper who interviewed JonBenet Ramsey's father who was pushing a new book. Not only did Anderson not ask him any hard questions, he didn't even do his research as he continued to spread the untruth that the Ramseys were cleared of all suspicion. Not to mention that Anderson Cooper's coverage of the Sandy Hook shootings was abysmal. Not once did he pick up on the unusual behavior or attitude of the "parents" or "loved ones". He didn't have to say, "You FAKE!". No, instead he could have at least asked something similar to, "Can you tell us how you personally grieved after the tragedy? I know we all grieve differently but some people may be confused by the extent you felt the loss...". Did we get anything like that? No. Instead, we got weirdo after weirdo parent and loved one who acted very strange and Cooper never seemed to catch on. Oh, and don't make me even talk about Cooper's "Amazing Grace" comment.

Now debunkers are writing articles and attacking videos of people who are questioning the official story. I've already posted an article on how Gene Rosen claims he is being harassed by people who accuse him of being an actor. The author of the article calls these people "conspiracy theorists" and "truthers" in an attempt to make them appear crazy.

I've personally seen dozens of comments on other sites from people who claim that "conspiracy theorists" and "truthers" are the the types of people we don't want having guns. That is a very deep statement showing not only how ignorant these people are but also shows how very close we are to potentially losing the second amendment.

A new "huffington post" (huff = hot air) article has surfaced about how people are now debunking the claims of conspiracy theorists with regard to Sandy Hook. If you read the article below they are literally attacking the very notion of questioning. So you don't have to have a theory or claim, just the notion of questioning the official story is kin to lunacy. But the big thing to pay attention to is that nothing is actually addressed. These 'experts' just make wide-sweeping proclamations instead of actually addressing anything. Instead of doing any real debunking they just want you to take their word for it. Let me tell you, these are some very lame, lazy debunkers. In the past debunkers actually knew a think or two about that which they claimed to be debunking. Today they just make proclamations and like to lord over people.

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Video Debunked By Experts

Here's the video mentioned in the article.

For info on the unanswered questions of the Sandy Hook shooting, click the below link.

Unanswered Questions In The Shady Hook Shooting

Sandy Hook Fake - Mom's Picture Of Living Daughter Stolen For Use For "Victim"

A mother who took a picture of her living daughter has discovered that someone stole it from her flickr account and is using it for an alleged "victim" of the Sandy Hook shooting. It's time to wake up people.

Cry Not, The "Parents" And "Loved Ones" Of Sandy Hook Victims

In the clip below are more examples of the "parents" and "loved ones" of Sandy Hook victims who remain cheerful and do not shed tears even though their child or loved one was allegedly brutally murdered just 48 hours previously. Now, I know people grieve in different ways. For example, I'm not a public cryer. If I feel like I'm going to lose control and cry I will leave and go somewhere private. So I'm not necessarily looking for tears. Instead, I'm looking for other signs that these "parents" have been grieving. There's no puffy eyes. No bags under the eyes. No body language indicating these people are stressed out, have gone without sleep, absolutely nothing. Every single one of these "parents" or "loved ones" are seemingly cheerful. Some my sniffle from time to time. Some hide their eyes as if they were crying but when they reveal their faces again, no tears and they immediately return to the cheerful stance. I am very skeptical these alleged "parents" have truly lost a daughter or son and my readers should be as well. Now, watch the video and then I want you to do something for me. After you watch the video, watch it a second time. On the second watch turn off or turn down the sound and only focus on the body language. There is absolutely no genuine body language indicating these family members are grieving parents. If you do this then then you wouldn't even know that the subject was the brutal murder of a child and that my readers is very strange. I know this topic is considered taboo but these are questions we absolutely must ask. Are these the genuine parents and loved ones of children and adults who were brutally murdered just 2 days prior or are they actors?

Just for the record, if my child or loved one was brutally murdered I would be a wreck for weeks, if not months. If the killer was still alive I would be out for blood and would probably need to be held down. There's no way I could give an interview just two days after the murder, while remaining cheerful or not breaking down.

Notice how the family in the video above is pushing for a total gun ban? That's the agenda, folks! They won't stop until they completely do away with the second amendment.

Unanswered Questions In The Sandy Hook Shooting

Below is a partial list of unanswered questions in the Sandy Hook shooting. The list may grow with time.

1.) Why is the car the media reported as being the car Adam Lanza drove and claimed to be his mother's car, allegedly registered to one Christopher A. Rodia? Who is he? Is he a felon? Was he there at the scene?

2.) How did Adam Lanza gain access to the school when the school required one to be buzzed in and also had security cameras? In one version given by the media, Adam Lanza dressed as a clergy man and was able to fool people into letting him in. In another printed story Adam Lanza shot open the door himself.

3.) Why has none of the footage been released? What's to hide? We don't have to see the horrors of children being shot but footage of him entering the school is not problematic.

4.) Why did Adam Lanza target the school?

5.) Why did Adam Lanza have his brother, Ryan Lanza's, ID on him even though his brother claims not to have seen him since 2010?

6.) Why are there little-to-no records on Adam Lanza after 2009?

7.) Who were the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th suspects allegedly arrested at the school?

8.) How many guns were actually used? Media reports varied, anywhere from 2-4 guns with one being allegedly left in the car allegedly registered to Christopher A. Rodia.

9.) Why were there so very few witnesses to the hearing of the alleged 100+ rounds fired? Most of the witnesses to the shootings claimed to only here "popping", sound of someone kicking a door, or "making racket".

10.) Why were ambulances kept so far away from the school? Only one ambulance was at the scene and it was located far from the school and the road before it was blocked. The rest of first responders were made to set-up at a fire house close to Gene Rosen's house.

11.) Why isn't alleged victim Emilie Parker allegedly not in any class photos at Sandy Hook? Is there any proof she was actually a student there?

12.) Why was Emilie Parker's memorial FB page set up on the same date as the shooting?

13.) Were the pictures of the Parker family photoshopped or doctored in any way? Some of the pictures seemingly reveal anomalies such as children with 4 fingers and missing legs. Some have alleged that Emilie was inserted into some of the pictures.

14.) Why was the "RIP Victoria Soto" FB page created on December 10, 2012, 4 days before the shooting? Why did the creator delete it and create a new page after people started posting comments asking why the date was 4 days before the shooting?

15.) Why was there a Sandy Hook Support Fund page created on December 11, 2012, 3 days before the shooting?

16.) Why were so many of the parents and loved ones seemingly in cheery moods in interviews taking place within 48 hours of the murders? How come not one single parent or loved one appeared to be so emotional as to shed actual tears or to not be able to continue an interview without a break to compose themselves? They all acted as if the event was decades in the past after the healing power of time and not just 2 days previously. Why did many push for extremely severe gun control laws, even the banning of all guns save for the military and police?

17.) Who is that girl in the picture with President Obama? Is that Emilie Parker, one of her sisters, or someone else entirely?

18.) Why is there no footage of any children or teachers being released from the school? To date the only documentation is one single picture of a single line of children with a couple of teachers. You mean to tell me that helicopters flying circles around the school and the media vultures never were able to film any students or teachers leaving the school after the tragedy, or even from a distance?

19.) Why does the helicopter footage from the scene not show people or law enforcement running? Everyone is casually walking around talking, until the additional suspect(s) fleeing into the woods become an issue. If you haven't seen the footage, go on YouTube. It's very strange. People just casually waking around the school and parking lot. No body's running or seemingly in any hurry.

20.) Why was a FEMA class occurring just 20 minutes away from the shooting and about the subject of "children in disasters"? Was that just a coincidence?

21.) Why did the school nurse change her story? She first said she saw the shooter in the eyes. She later changed it to that she only saw the bottom portion of his body as she hid under her desk. Why did she allegedly tell a reporter that she knew Adam Lanza's mother and that Lanza's mother was a teacher at the school, when in fact she wasn't?

22.) Why does Gene Rosen seemingly change his story nearly every single time he is interviewed? In one version he found the kids by themselves. In another version there was a loud man and a female bus driver with them. In a third version only the female bus driver was with them. He then takes the 6 children into his home, allows them to play with the toys that he for some reason he keeps in his home, and doesn't immediately call the police, the school, or asks the kids if they know their phone numbers? Why in the world would a bus driver drop off kids to a stranger, more specifically, why would a female bus driver drop off kids to a strange man? Why did Gene Rosen claim not to know what was going on when the fire house where the first responders were set up was right by his house? Surely the flashing lights, sirens, and multitudes of people would have caught his attention?  Why did he claim to hear the shooting but said he thought it was the school? Why is the media not calling him out on his b.s?

23.) Why was there a printed interview with the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary after the shooting, only to be retracted once it was learned that she died in the tragedy? Did the reporter just make it up?

24.) Why did the media fail us once again? Are there no true journalists left in America?

25.) Why did Lt. Vance threaten to investigate and prosecute people on social media spreading "false information". Wouldn't that interfere with the first amendment, the freedom of speech?

26.) Why did Adam Lanza destroy his hard drive to the point where even the FBI can't retrieve any information off of it? If he was going to kill himself, what's to hide? Was it Adam Lanza that actually destroyed it?

27.) If Adam Lanza planned on killing himself, then why did he allegedly wear a bullet proof vest and body armor?

28.) Why is there a scene in the movie, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, with the words, "Sandy Hook" written on a map? Does it have any meaning or is it just coincidence?

29.) Why did one of the bullet holes in the car in the parking lot appear to be an exit hole instead of an entry hole?

The Conspiracy Show - December 30, 2012 - Sandy Hook Conspiracy

A podcast on the many holes and inconsistencies in the official story of the Sandy Hook shooting.

The Conspiracy Show - December 30, 2012 - Sandy Hook Conspiracy

Don't Demolish Sandy Hook Elementary!

Make Your Own "Sandy Hook Promise"

Sandy Hook is a Hoax? Now What?

We Need More Focus on Sandy Hook Hoax

I Agree with Fau Professor on Sandy Hook Hoax

Sandy Hook Support Fund Created 3 Days Before The Shooting

I found a link to a pic of a Google search showing a Sandy Hook Support Fund that was created on December 11, 2012, three days before the shooting. I currently don't have an explanation for this but I am not ruling out some form of back-dating error.

FAU professor makes no apologies for calling Connecticut school massacre a hoax

Sandy Hook Hoax Completely Revealed - Media Lies - Actors - Satanism - Govt. Cover-Up - False Flag

Warning: This show contains major cussing and adult language. I'm posting it because I applaud people who are brave enough to question the official story.

Sandy Hook - The Truth

I'm only posting this here for a few reasons. For one, it gives more information on Christopher Rodia. It also has a clip of a news segment that claims Adam Lanza was able to access the school because he dressed like a clergy member? Previously, a published report stated that Adam Lanza gained access by shooting open the door. The problem is that the door required one to be buzzed in and had security cameras. To date no footage has been released. Finally, there's also a clip of a parent saying they were notified of the shooting by a text from CBS?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax - Oscar Nomination 2013

"Parents" and "loved ones" of "victims" recount the tragedy with smiles instead of tears and upbeat, optimistic attitudes despite having their loved one allegedly brutally murdered within 48 hours of the interviews.

I should also mention that the "journalists" interviewing them are also part of the problem. They get the big paychecks to tow the official story. None of them actually do the job they are supposed to do. Any journalist worth their salt would have at least asked why these family members are so cheery after the tragic murder of a child or loved one. Unfortunately, that's the media today. A bunch of parrots who squawk what they are told in exchange for the comfy positions and heavy paychecks. This country is screwed.

Beautiful Rant By Adam Curry About How Fake the Sandy Hook Shooting Is

The Sandy Hook Hoax Fake Actors Exposed

Emilie Parker's "Aunt" Confused?

In this video the so-called "aunt" of alleged Sandy Hook shooting victim Emily Parker, doesn't seem to know much about her "niece". Like for example she mentions Emilie's two big sisters. In fact, Emilie was supposed to be the oldest at 6 years old, with her sisters being 3 and 4 years old. Question Everything.

Emilie Parker, Vicsim?

Emilie Parker is an alleged victim of the Sandy Hook shootings. It appears as if Emilie may have come back to life in order to take a picture with President Obama. One can only assume that she then promptly re-died.

"Question Everything", means just that.

Vicsim = "Simulated Victim" (Fake Victim)

"Sandy Hook Hero" Claims Harassed By People Accusing HIm Of Being An Actor

"Sandy Hook Hero" Gene Rosen, claims he is being harassed by people who accuse him of being an actor and lying about his story of taking in children who fled the school during the shooting.

Gene Rosen, Sandy Hook Hero, Harassed By Conspiracy Theorists Who Claim He's An Actor

My personal opinion:

Gene Rosen is a very bad actor who can't keep his story straight. He has given at least three (3) different versions of his story. In one version, there was a strange man with the kids. In another version there was a man and a female bus driver. In another version he found the kids alone. He then takes the kids into his home and lets them play for 30 minutes before they tell him that their teacher was dead. Rosen did not immediately call the police, nor the school, nor apparently asked the kids if they knew their phone numbers so he could call their parents. He is a very bad actor.

Notice how the author of the article calls people "conspiracy theorists" and "truthers". That's done in an attempt to make anyone who questions the official story to be crazy. People, we are indeed being lied to. Why in the hell would a female bus driver allow a strange man to take these kids? Why would a strange man be with them? In my opinion it's all lies. And I do blame the media for not calling him out on his bull shit. Because the media dropped the ball once again. Not only is, in my personal opinion, Gene Rosen a bad actor and a fraud but he is not the only one. With Sandy Hook, we have "parents" creating pages on websites prior to the shooting or on the same day of the shooting, we have family members not shedding any tears, and we have parents who laugh and joke around, seemingly unaware the camera is on, only to suddenly get into character and act sad.

Here's a clip of Rosen's "strange man" version of the story.

Remember folks, they're using Sandy Hook to take your guns. Don't you think we better be real sure the events happened per the "official story", if they happened at all?


I'm in the middle of this and I'm blown away. It's starting to look like Sandy Hook was indeed just another false flag, this time to subvert the second amendment and take our guns away. Well, I can't say that I actually believe it was a false flag but I'm convinced we are being lied to. People, please continue to research this. Don't let all the weird stuff just get swept under the rug. While this case is still fresh in the news people need to demand answers.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sandy Hook: Cop in CT on Contradictions, Inconsistencies & Gun Grab

Part 1

Part 2

CT. COP on Sandy Hook Inconsistencies: "THINGS DON'T ADD UP"

"RIP Victoria Solo" Facebook Page Created On December 10, 4 Days Before The Shooting

On the original page, the one that was removed, the creator put a message saying (paraphrased), "To all of you people saying this page was created on December 10, before the shooting, I made this page for something else and just decided to make it her memorial, so there". Only Facebook could confirm if the page with the title, "RIP Victoria Soto", was in fact created on December 10, or not, but they would probably require a court order. I'm guessing the info has probably been accidentally erased. However, I can confirm that people were indeed leaving comments on the page as to why it was said it was created on Decembe 10, when the shooting happened on the 14.

Another Sandy Hook Massacre Oddity

I'm sorry, but if I lost a child in the tragedy I would not be thinking on the exact same day they died, that I needed to put a page online to solicit money. People, please start researching the Sandy Hook shooting. There is a lot of very strange things going on. I can't tell you what it means but it is very unusual.

SANDY HOOK "Getting even Stranger" Dec 23 2012

I just want to let my readers know this. This guy in this clip, I've seen about 3 or so interviews with him. In those interviews he never, repeat, never, mentioned that there was a strange man and woman with the kids. In the interviews I've seen, he simply states that the kids were sitting calmly outside his house. So his story has changed. I don't know what it means, just that his story has changed.

Sandy Hook-False Flag Hoax Gun-Grab

Sandy Hook - Did Adam Lanza Exist?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Journeys From Beyond (1977)

Strange Is Normal: The Amazing Life of Colin Wilson

Esoteria - UFOs

Now That's Weird - UFOs

C2C W/ Art Bell - Ghost To Ghost (October, 31, 1995)

C2CAM - January 2, 2013 - Bigfoot

C2CAM - January 1, 2012 - Anual Predictions

The 5th Dimension - Mind Over Matter

TheUn-XP-Radio-Cattle Mutilations-Linda Moulton Howe

Linda Moulton Howe interviews John Burroughs - X-Conference 2010

C2C W/ Art Bell - Ghost To Ghost (2001)

UFOs - From The Legend To The Reality

Barney Hill Complete Hypnosis

C2C - Rendlesham and Voronezh UFO Incidents

Friday, January 11, 2013

Movie Review - Warm Bodies (2013)

Last night I got passes for a free movie screening to the movie, Warm Bodies. So I thought I would give it a review.

I can't give away much of the plot because it would spoil the movie for most people. So therefore I would describe the movie as a zombie-romance-comedy-horror movie. So a little something for everyone. There are two types of zombies in the movie which I would describe as the first type of zombie, called corpses in the film, as clinging to whatever humanity they have left. The second type of zombie, referred to as boneys, have abandoned all traces of their former humanity and fully embraced their monster roll. Both types of zombies eat human flesh. The movie begins with a zombie, a corpse variety, who falls in love with a living human girl and this love changes him. There is a deeper meaning to the movie when applied to society. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. For my Demoniacal readers, this movie would be perfect for Valentine's Day. How about a romance with brains instead of one with roses and chocolates!

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this movie an 8. Warm Bodies premieres on February 1.

Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident 30th Anniversary Conference in Woodbridge

CNN Special Assignment - Rendlesham/Bentwaters UFO (1985)

Rendlesham Revealed - a BBC Radio Suffolk Special (2010)

Deus Ex:Human Revolution and Transhumanism

Dark Watchers: The Woman In Black

Your Need to Know - Italy's Fascist UFO Files

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Predictions With George Noory (2006)

NightFrightShow - MJ12, Roswell, UFOs, & Eisenhower With Stanton Friedman

The Statement Show - Roswell, Flying Saucers & Disclosure With Stanton Friedman

C2CAM - Rendlesham and Voronezh UFO Incidents With Peter Robbins

Paratopia - Jim Penniston's Binary Codes

The Joiner Report - January 13, 2011 - Jim Penniston's Binary Codes

NZ Police Station Haunted

NZ police at the Hornby police station in Christchurch, claim it is haunted. Officers have been reporting supernatural experiences for about 20 years now.

Night noises stump Christchurch crime busters

Monday, January 7, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Columbine Debunkers On The Attack!

I know I said I wouldn't post anymore on Columbine but I just thought I would share this with my readers. I've been getting comments and personal messages on YouTube from a debunker who supports the official explanation of Columbine. I asked this person to watch the Columbine Cause prior to debating me on it because I know for a fact that this person has no clue about the facts of Columbine. So the person watches it and comes back with that not only am I crazy but so are all the witnesses who named additional shooters or who gave testimony indicating multiple shooters.This person actually wrote that you can't trust a single thing any of the witnesses said. This is the type of logic you have to deal with when you speak out on things and question if we were told the truth. It's like they are plugged into the matrix and I'm part of the resistance fighting the machines. These debunkers are like happy little slaves to the system. It's quite sad.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Guthrie, OK, 'Mystery Booms' Puzzle Residents

For the past few months residents of Guthrie, OK, have reported strange booms and explosion sounds that have many of the community puzzled as to the origin.

Mystery booms has everyone guessing in town

My Last Post On Columbine

This will be my last post on Columbine unless new information surfaces. Before I end I would like to just briefly mention a few things.

1.) Avoid William Zabel's material. Ironically, his material was what first brought the Columbine conspiracy to my attention. However, after doing research it's clear to me at least that Zabel is just yanking chains or may not even be mentally stable. The reason why I say this is that he has been supposedly writing a book and putting up a website for about 6 years now and each time he is interviewed he says something to the effect that the book is at the printers and should be out in a couple of months, or that the website should be up and running in a week. In one interview he even said he would have more material up by the afternoon of the interview! Sorry folks, but there is no book and there is no website. Almost all of Zabel's material is unsupported and unverifiable. Plus he is now tossing in the paranormal to the mix. His last interview with BOA was just off the wall with crazy stuff. It's time to ditch him. Focus on Evan Long and his material instead. If Zabel ever gets his act together then I might reconsider but at this time I will no longer be posting any of his interviews.

2.) If you have not watched, The Columbine Cause then please do so! This documentary goes over the actual eye-witness testimony showing to the viewers that many, many people witnessed multiple shooters, even naming them! It's the best documentary currently available on Columbine. All the other documentaries serve only to promote the "official explanation".

3.) Don't take my opinion, or Evan Long's opinion, at face value. Look at police records of witness testimony for yourself at the link below.

Now, before you visit the site I'll give you some information. Whenever you see a name that's been redacted, blacked out, then that is a witness naming someone other than Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold. Skip over the library witness at first and start with the outside witnesses. Then when you are done with the witnesses come back to the library witnesses. The reason being is there are a few things to be picked up from the library witnesses but not as important as the other witnesses because the other witnesses are the ones to describe and name additional shooters and perps. When you double back to the library witnesses, pay attention to the statements of the witnesses, not the descriptions of the suspects as they all saw Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, but the statements themselves. For example, the very first witness says that whenever the suspects heard a gunshot or explosion that they yelled, as if they were happy. Why is that important? Because we don't know if that statements means they fired the gun and exploded a bomb and yelled or they heard someone else in another part of the school fire a gun and exploded a bomb and then yelled. The police did not question the witness or ask him to clarify his statement. Too bad because that would have been excellent evidence PROVING additional shooters and perps.

Finally, be on the look out for potential police tampering with witnesses or pressuring them to change their story. The very first witness listed in outside witnesses may have been tampered with. In his situation on 4/20/99 he clearly wrote that he saw 3 perps. By the time the police typed up his testimony on 4/28 it had changed to just two perps. Several witnesses complained that police pressured them into changing their story to fit the official explanation of only Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as planning and carrying out the attacks by themselves, with no additional help, and without anyone knowing about it.

Columbine Shooting Official Government Document Library

4.) There is practically no hope for justice in this case. The additional shooters got away with murder. The majority of witnesses no longer want to speak out on what actually happened. The media failed the nation once again and the latest book that is spouted as the 'be all' of Columbine just tows the official explanation. The case will likely never be reopened. Perhaps in the future, decades from now, someone will stumble across some documents proving the cover-up but even then don't expect any huge announcement. Sorry, that's just how it goes in this crazy world.

5.) This is the end...unless any further developments surface. I'm not holding my breath. Remember the dead of Columbine. May they rest in peace. Remember the injured, may they receive full physical, emotional, and mental healing.

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