Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Texas Man Carves Pentagram On 6 Year-Old Son's Back With Box Cutter

Richland Hills carved a pentagram onto the back of his 6 year-old son and then called 911. When the operator asked him why he did it Hills responded that it was a holy day, 12/12/12. Hills has been arrested.

Pagan Symbol Carved Into Six-Year-Old's Back

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Anonymous said...

i dont want to stir up things with an 'us vs. them' mentality. i do NOT promote that. but i just want to point out that here is a pagan, doing something horrific. if he carved a cross, the comments would be FLOODED with hatred towards the christian faith (based on my experience). should i assume pagans are into drawing blood, harming children for power or whatever....? no, i know better (in fact, the person i love is a pagan!). people are generally bigoted all the way around - thats why face to face i dont care to discuss religion or politics with someone unless i am sure it can remain an intelligent conversation, or (in the case of religion) its someone who i trust will be honest, and accept honest opinions....

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