Saturday, December 29, 2012

Columbine Shooting: Unraveling the Sheriff's Official Line


Anonymous said...

im not sold. for example, why did the cops wait an hour to enter the building? i remember that sad day well - they wanted to check the building for rigged explosives. in this short documemtary, the narrator claims this incident was politically motivated. i dont believe in that, either. i can respect that there was more than one shooter, but there is little else i agree with in this 'conspiracy'. and harris being raped by the sherrif? was HE any more trustworthy - an antagonistic, anti-authoritarian psychopath killer, obsessed with guns, death, and without any empathy or conscious for his victims?

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous at 5:42 PM,

Sheriff Sullivan, who is connected to the case, plead guilty this year to trading meth to male informants for sex. During his iterrogation he phrased his responses to indicate he may have had sex with underage boys, may have used the date rape drug to obtain sex, and may have spied on underage boys in a locker room. I did a blog on this.

A judge has sealed the files for 25 years. There are some people who have have seen the files before they were sealed. These individuals are on gag order not to release the contents. However, at least one has hinted that it was not just one accusation of rape.

I did a blog on "The Truth of Columbine", which you should read whih gives a very abridged list of things about the case that most people do not know.

Harris and Klebold were not innoent. They are guilty. However, they were not the masterminds. Instead, they were made patsies.

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