Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unswered Questions In The JonBenet Ramsey Murder

This list of questions may grow with time.

1.) Why were the DA and Boulder Police at war with one another?

2.) Why did the DA refuse to allow the police to subpoena the Ramsey's for the phone records and credit card transactions?

3.) Why did DA Mary Lacy allegedly refuse access to the Ramsey's medical history out of fears of hurting her friendship with the Ramseys?

4.) Why did Mary Lacy publicly "exonerate" the Ramseys while claiming that new DNA cleared them. In reality the DNA that Lacy cites is not strong and is possibly an artifact, meaning that it was likely left by the person who made the panties and possibly by coughing or sneezing on them. The DNA does not clear them at all.

5.) Why didn't the media do it's job and investigate this "new DNA" instead of just parroting Mary Lacy's statement? All they had to do is contact the Boulder police to learn that they did not clear the Ramsey's or the new DA, Stan Garnett, to learn that his office has not cleared the Ramseys.

4.) Why is the ransom note being swept under the rug? Almost nobody talks about it anymore. Ramsey supporters act like it never existed.

5.) Why is the stun gun theory being touted as fact when in reality it is just speculation? Many of the investigators do not believe a stun a gun was used.

6.) Was Burke, JonBenet's brother, asleep or awake during the 911 call? The Ramseys said he was asleep but some feel that his voice can be heard on the 911 tape.

7.) Who fed JonBenet pineapple? JonBenet loved pineapple. Pineapple was found in her small intestines at autopsy, meaning that shortly before she died she had eaten pineapple. A bowl of pineapple with Patsy's fingerprints on it was found on the kitchen table. However, Patsy denies feeding pineapple to JonBenet and claims that they put her to bed immediately upon arriving home. It's unlikely that JonBenet got the pineapple herself. Are we supposed to believe that an intruder fed her pineapple?

8.) If there was an intruder then how did they know that the dog would not be there that night?

9.) Why did Patsy claim to have worn the same dirty clothing from the night before? Patsy claims that after she awoke, and before any indication that JonBenet was missing, put on her same dirty clothing she wore the day before instead of either showering/bathing or at least changing into fresh clean clothes. Did Patsy actually change back into her dirty clothing or did she simply not sleep at all that night and was simply still wearing the same clothing?

10.) Why was JonBenet Ramsey found wearing over sized panties? Why were the panties she wore from the night before never found?

11.) Why did investigator Lou Smit conclude the Ramsey's were innocent before reviewing the case files?

12.) Why did Lou Smit crop photographs of the scene in order to exclude information that could possibly contradict his intruder theory?

13.) Why are supporters of the intruder theory so obsessed with the basement window? There were other windows left open in the house and reportedly there were some doors as well.

14.) Why do Ramsey supporters continually forget about the cobwebs on the grate/window? Just like with the ransom note, they appear to pretend as if they never existed. If there were cobwebs then nobody came through that window.

15.) If an intruder came in through the basement window then why weren't any of the debris outside of the window accidentally tracked inside?

16.) Why did the Ramsey's implicate so many people as being responsible for their daughter's murder?

17.) Why did DA Alex Hunter "clear" Burke? Due to his age he cannot be considered a suspect so how could he ever be cleared? Why did a Ramsey Lawyer draw up the paper that Hunter signed?

18.) Why was John Mark Karr (Alexis Reich) arrested off of shady tales and Internet rumors?

19.) Why is JonBenet's death listed on her headstone as December 25, instead of December 26?

20.) Did the Grand Jury ever actually vote on whether to indict the Ramsey's for the murder of JonBenet? During DA Alex Hunter's speech to the media he never states that a vote was made. Instead, he simply says there's not enough evidence for a prosecution. So the million dollar question was if this was his opinion and his action or whether the Grand Jury actually took a vote.

21.) Why did the Ramsey's say in their first media interview (CNN, January, 1997) after the murder of JonBenet that the killer needed forgiveness and that they were moving on with their lives?  After only a week?

22.) Why did the Ramsey's refuse an exhumation of JonBenet's body? Why hasn't the Boulder Police exhumed the body? They don't actually need the Ramsey's permission to do so. The Ramsey's cooperation would be nice but it is not necessary. An exhumation of the body could provide further evidence and could even possibly confirm or rule out if a stun gun was used.


Anonymous said...

could the Ramseys be the most nauseating family ever to have the nation's unwanted attention?!?
first - the beauty pageants. how...icky can you get? call me a prude, but jon looked like a tiny harlot. and i agree with some critics - it IS sexualizing them. theres no reason for a little girl to be painting her face with eye shadow except to mimic a woman exuding sexual desire.
also - the way these fruitcakes acted is so bizarre. i shouldnt be so cold, in light of the facts(the molestation and murder of a child), but this is why i tuned it out in the first place back in the 90s - because i couldnt stand those constant video clips of her prancing about like a barbie doll. i still dont know if they assume it was one of the parents or what.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous,

Actually I believe the result was that there was evidence of prior sexual abuse, as in some time before the murder.

The police tended to focus on Patsy and believed she was lying from the start. A Grand Jury was formed but no indictment was brought and it's not even known if the jury even voted.

When the new DA Mary Lacy came in she focused only on the intruder theory and that led nowhere.

Hopefully the new DA will bring the focus back upon the family.

As far as a prosecution, there likely will never be a prosecution in this case. However, it's still possible that we could learn the truth.

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