Saturday, October 27, 2012

Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #4 - Real Witches

#4 - Real Witches

Even more scary than the Hex House are the accounts of real witches that have committed horrible crimes and even sacrificed humans in ceremonies or else killed or horribly mutilated victims for body parts to be used in black magic rituals. There is even an account of a Mexican police officer who claimed he was attacked by a flying witch!

Muti Murders

Mexican Witchcraft

Most Evil S2E10 Cult Leaders (Adolfo Constanzo)

Witch Charged With Murdering Man During Spring Ritual

Police Officer Claims Attacked By Flying Witch

Man Arrested For Possession Of 6 Gilded, Roasted Babies For Black Magic

Graves Desecrated, Baby Skull Stolen In Miami Cemetery

Nurse Faints After Stumbling Upon 'Witch' Feeding On The Blood Of A Patient

Satanic' Couple Arrested...Had Murdered Man's Head In Fridge, Ears In Bottles In Kitchen

Satanic Werewolf Woman Allegedly Lured Man For Sex, Tied Up, Tortured, & Stabbed Him Repeatedly

Two Teens Burned In Satanic Ritual

Eight Mexicans Arrested For Human Sacrifice To Santa Muerte

Human Fetuses Found During Miami Airport Search

Baby Sacrificed By Palo Cult

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