Monday, October 29, 2012

Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #2 - Real Vampires

#2 - Real Vampires

The Twilight series has taken away much of the fear surrounding vampires. In fact, I'm sure there is an entire generation today that has no clue that vampires are monsters! When it comes to real vampires many people would be shocked to learn that sightings of real vampires continue into modern times.

The Highgate Investigation Part 1

The Highgate Investigation Part 2

Monsterquest - Vampires In America

The Mineral Point Vampire

The Vampire Of Defiance, OH

Vampires In Oklahoma City

The Highgate Vampire

Vampire Caused Woman To Crash Car

Susan Walsh

Vampire Bites In Washington Forest

Vampire & Satanist Charged In Triple Murder

Man Attacked By Vampire At Closed Hooter's Restaurant

The Ojai Vampire

Vampire Attacks Teen In Corpus Christi

Vampire Arrested

Mercy Brown

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