Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Most Important Piece Of Evidence In The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case

Readers who have read my past blogs on the JonBenet murder case know that I have a passion for the ransom note. For me, that note is the most important piece of evidence in the case. The sad truth is that the ransom note is being swept under the rug. Ramsey supporters seemingly act as if the note doesn't even exist. So in this blog entry I'm going to do my best to bring attention back to the ransom note and help explain why it is so important to this case. If you have not read the ransom note, then you can read it by clicking HERE.

Patsy Ramsey claims she found he note on the stairs in the home circa 5:30 AM on December 26, 1996. Patsy Ramsey allegedly calls the police before even checking to see if JonBenet was actually missing. Now, the first thing that needs to be discussed is the length of the ransom note. The average ransom note is only a few sentences long. Below is an example of an average ransom note.

"We have your daughter. If you want to see her again you will meet our demand of one million dollars to be paid in low denominations. We will contact you shortly to provide further instructions."

The ransom note allegedly found on the stairs by Patsy Ramsey was two and a half pages in length. The length itself is unusual.

The second thing of interest is that the note references information known only to the family, or in the case of the amount requested, only the family and John Ramsey's employer. The amount requested, $118,000.00 is also the exact sum of John Ramsey's Christmas bonus that year. Other examples of insider information in the note are that the author of the note knew that John Ramsey had an attache, had a brown paper bag in the home, and that this sum of money could be obtained from a withdrawal from the Ramsey's bank account.

The third thing of interest is that the group of people responsible for the kidnapping are terrorists. The notion of terrorists kidnapping a child is unusual. The author of the ransom note describes the group as a "foreign faction". This is unusual terminology. The note is signed "S.B.T.C.  Victory!". There is nothing in the ransom note which suggests what the letters stand for. This is also unusual for terrorist groups as most such groups want their identity known and want the attention.

The fourth thing of interest about the note was that it was written on Patsy Ramsey's notepad, using a pen taken from a pencil holder in the home. After the author wrote the note the pen was placed back into the pencil holder.

The fifth thing of interest was that there was a practice ransom note made.

The sixth thing of interest about the note is that all of the Ramsey's except for Patsy Ramsey could be ruled out as being the author. Various experts have analysed the ransom note and a few believe the note was written by a woman. One linguistics expert, Barbara J. Becker, even concluded that not only was the ransom note written by a woman but that it was written by Patsy Ramsey. To read Barbara J. Becker's analysis of the ransom note, click HERE.

The seventh thing of interest is the knowledge that the author of the note was not concerned about being caught in the home. The author of the note was not rushed or under any pressure of time constraints. The length of the ransom note, as well as the fact that there was a practice ransom note made and that the pen was returned to the pencil holder all suggest that the author was comfortable or at ease in the home. The author did not fear being caught.

It is my personal opinion that this ransom note is perhaps the most important piece of evidence in the case. It is my person opinion that if readers ponder the implication of the ransom note it will lead directly to the guilty people. The note itself does not prove that the author murdered JonBenet. Instead, the note only points to the group of people who should come under suspicion for the murder of JonBenet.

So the next time you hear JonBenet's murder in the media or hear or see an interview with John Ramsey or their supporters, take note on how the ransom note is completely ignored and swept under the rug, as if it never existed.

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