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Happy Halloween!

Tonight's the night when veil between this world and the next is at it's thinnest and all manner of spooks and ghouls can cross over, the time when witches, goblins, fairies, and monsters roam the streets, where werewolves hunt the forests and vampires stalk their prey. Children of the night, unite!

Wishing Everyone A 'Spooktacular' Halloween!

Happy Haunting!

Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #1 - The Mothman

#1 - The Mothman

*Reminder, this list is in no particular order

What makes the Mothman sightings so scary is that it's not just about the sightings of a giant bird/human/monster. The sightings of the Mothman coincided with sightings of UFOs, Men In Black, strange people who didn't appear to be human, poltergiests, disembodied voices, and all manner of strange phenomenon. What was the Mothman? Some say it was a demon. Some say an angel. Some say just a giant bird. Whatever it was, sighings tended to forever change the lives of those people unfortunate enough to encounter it.

The Mothman

Mary Hyre

C2CAM - October 30, 2012 - NDEs & Ghostbusting

WKBW Halloween Show - Vampires (1973)

Vampire Secrets (2006)

The Real Story Of Halloween (2010)

The Haunted History Of Halloween (1997)

Martha Stewart's Best Halloween Ideas

In The Shadow Of The Highgate Vampire Part 5

Weird Or What? S2E9

Oklahoma Witches

Some modern witches in Oklahoma face discrimination.

Oklahoma Witches

Monday, October 29, 2012

Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #2 - Real Vampires

#2 - Real Vampires

The Twilight series has taken away much of the fear surrounding vampires. In fact, I'm sure there is an entire generation today that has no clue that vampires are monsters! When it comes to real vampires many people would be shocked to learn that sightings of real vampires continue into modern times.

The Highgate Investigation Part 1

The Highgate Investigation Part 2

Monsterquest - Vampires In America

The Mineral Point Vampire

The Vampire Of Defiance, OH

Vampires In Oklahoma City

The Highgate Vampire

Vampire Caused Woman To Crash Car

Susan Walsh

Vampire Bites In Washington Forest

Vampire & Satanist Charged In Triple Murder

Man Attacked By Vampire At Closed Hooter's Restaurant

The Ojai Vampire

Vampire Attacks Teen In Corpus Christi

Vampire Arrested

Mercy Brown

C2CAM - October 28, 2012 - World's Weirdest Places

WKBW Halloween Show - UFOs (1973)

The Hermetic Hour - The "Why" Of Magick

The Corbett Report - The Kubrick Question

KATU-2 Town Hall Debate On Bigfoot

Conspiracy Road Trip - UFOs

Weird Or What? S2E8

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #3 - The Exeter UFO Incident

#3 - The Exeter UFO Incident

Early on the morning of September 3, 1965, a young man was hitchhiking home from his girlfriend's house when he noticed a group of strange red lights in the sky that appeared to be approaching him at a fast speed. He dove into a ditch to hide himself and then later banged frantically on the door of a nearby house for help. Unfortunately nobody was home but he was able to flag down a passing car with a couple who dropped him off at the police station. What followed is perhaps one of the scariest encounters with a UFO, one in which a police officer almost shot at something that may have come from another world.

The Exeter UFO Incident

Tonight Is The First Night Of The Blood Moon!

Tonight is the first night of the full moon. This month's full moon is called the Blood Moon, or Hunter's Moon. I think Blood Moon has a better sounding, almost "vampiric" name, don't you think?  Happy Haunting!

Creatures Of The Night, Unite!

C2CAM - October 27, 2012 - Demonic Beings

C2CAM - October 26, 2012 - Ghost Detection

C2CAM - October 25, 2012 - UFOs, Climate Change And Crop Circles

Netherworld Haunted House Walkthrough


Salem Halloween (2011)

Weird Or What? S2E7

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Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #4 - Real Witches

#4 - Real Witches

Even more scary than the Hex House are the accounts of real witches that have committed horrible crimes and even sacrificed humans in ceremonies or else killed or horribly mutilated victims for body parts to be used in black magic rituals. There is even an account of a Mexican police officer who claimed he was attacked by a flying witch!

Muti Murders

Mexican Witchcraft

Most Evil S2E10 Cult Leaders (Adolfo Constanzo)

Witch Charged With Murdering Man During Spring Ritual

Police Officer Claims Attacked By Flying Witch

Man Arrested For Possession Of 6 Gilded, Roasted Babies For Black Magic

Graves Desecrated, Baby Skull Stolen In Miami Cemetery

Nurse Faints After Stumbling Upon 'Witch' Feeding On The Blood Of A Patient

Satanic' Couple Arrested...Had Murdered Man's Head In Fridge, Ears In Bottles In Kitchen

Satanic Werewolf Woman Allegedly Lured Man For Sex, Tied Up, Tortured, & Stabbed Him Repeatedly

Two Teens Burned In Satanic Ritual

Eight Mexicans Arrested For Human Sacrifice To Santa Muerte

Human Fetuses Found During Miami Airport Search

Baby Sacrificed By Palo Cult

Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #5 - The Lizard Man Of Scape Ore Swamp

#5 - The Lizard Man Of Scape Ore Swamp

On June 29, 1988, 17 year-old Christopher Davis was driving home in Lee County, SC, at circa 2:00 AM, when he had a flat tire. He pulled over along side a road near Scape Ore Swamp. While finishing changing the tire Davis heard what he thought was the sound of something large approaching him. Davis quickly turned around to face the noise and to his horror saw a 7ft-tall, red-eyed, lizard humanoid quickly running toward him. Davis quickly jumped in his car and in the nick of time as the lizard man scratched at the car and tied to open the door. Davis sped off, awoke his parent and then headed to the police station to report the encounter. The police took the story seriously.

The Lizard Man Of Scape Ore Swamp

Those Incredible Animals - Bigfoot & Lizard Man

More Lizard Man Sightings:

The Riverside, CA, Repitle Man


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #6 - The Flatwoods Monster

#6 - The Flatwoods Monster

On September 12, 1952, a group of 7 people and a dog headed off to a location believed to be the landing site of a shooting star. When the group approached the area they believed the object landed they were shocked to discover a mysterious patch of horribly smelling fog and a brilliant red lighted object. The dog ran ahead into the fog, came back out and then ran away. It died shortly thereafter, presumable from the strange fog. Meanwhile, the group was horrified to see a 10-12ft monster with a head shaped like an ace of spades and which made a strange hissing noise step out from behind a tree. The group fled in terror.

The Flatwoods Monster

DTV Monster Hits (1987)

The Satanic Rites Of Dracula (1973)

Who Killed Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls? Interview with Detective Greg Kading

Oddities - S4E12 - Sorceress Of Love

NYC Officer Arrested In Plot To Torture, Eat Women

NYC Officer Gilberto Valle was arrested for scheming to torture and eat women.

NYC officer detained in ghoulish kidnap plot

UFO Photographed Above Pike County

Weird Or What? S2E6

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #7 - Real Werewolves

#7 - Real Werewolves

When most people think of werewolves they think of Hollywood movies. Many people would be shocked to learn that people continue to report encounters with werewolves into modern times. In the United States you might have the best chances of encountering the hairy beast in the northern midwest states and as far south as Oklahoma and Texas.

Some people call them werewolves. some people call them dogmen, Linda Godfrey, a journalist who has spent years researchin the sightings, prefers the term 'manwolf'.

The Beast Of Bray Road

The Lawton, OK, Werewolf

The Mobile, AL, Werewolf

The Defiance, OH, Werewolf

The Southend Werewolf

Monsterquest - American Werewolf

Monsterquest - America's Wolfman

C2CAM - Manwolf Sightings

Weird Or What? S2E5

Magick of Solomon with Poke Runyon

Dr Seuss - Halloween is Grinch Night (1977)

"Santa Muerte" Mexico's Saint of Death: on The Border with Alex Jones

Witchcraft 3: The Kiss Of Death (1991)

The Defiance, OH, Werewolf

From late July to mid-August of 1972, residents of Defiance, OH, reported sightings of a werewolf. The sightings began in the early morning hours on July 25, when a railroad worker was attacked by what he described as a man with an animal's head who carried a two-by-four. The railroad worker was struck on the shoulder and received minor wounds. The werewolf escaped back into the darkness. The werewolf would later attempt to attack two other railroad workers in a similar fashion but they managed to escape the beast.

A woman who lived next to the railroad tracks had a neighbor call the police to advise them that for several nights at around 2:00 AM, something rattled her front door nob and attempted to gain entry into her house. Another woman claimed that something scratched fiercely at her front door. The woman told the police that if whoever it was ever manged to break in that she would shoot it. Other residents reports strange scratching or clawing as if something was trying to gain entrance into their homes as well. Drivers reported seeing it along roadsides. Several residents reported being stalked while walking at night.

Local police dubbed the beast "the wolf man" while most residents tended to call it "the thing". The police took the sightings seriously as one man had been injured in an attack. Descriptions of the beast were all consistent, circa 6-8 ft tall, hairy, having what was described as an "animal's head" with large fangs, dressed in jeans and a shirt, and barefoot with fury feet. The creature was reported to move like a caveman. Interestingly, the beast attacked during a full moon. By mid-August sightings of the werewolf diminished and the beast appeared to have disappeared into the darkness once and for all.

An American Werewolf In Defiance

Defiance, OH, Werewolf

The Werewolf Of Mobile, AL

In April, 1971, for approximately ten days, residents of Mobile, AL, reported sightings of a werewolf . The monster was described as having the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a wolf. The local paper received 50 calls pertaining to sightings of the beast. The monster never harmed anyone but did give chase to a few unlucky people. After ten days of sightings the beast mysteriously disappeared and was sighted no more.

The Wolf Woman Of Mobile, AL

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #8 - The Kelly Hopkinsville Goblins

#8 - The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins

On the night of August 21, 1955, a Sutton family member witnessed what he thought was a shooting star land nearby. Shortly thereafter the family was alerted by the family dog barking wildly and then whimpering and hiding itself under the house. When family members went outside to investigate to their horror they witnessed several 3-4ft tall "goblins" approach the house. What followed was a night of terror.

The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins

Halloween Safety Educational Film (1985)

Magick Ritual 101 - Introduction

Oddities - S3E14 - Black Magic Woman

This Is The Zodiac Speaking (2007)

Autopsy 2

Bitten (2008)

Weird Or What? S2E4

Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #9 - The Hex House

#9 - The Hex House

Remember those legends and folktales from our childhood of witches enslaving people and even killing people? Welcome to the real life version! The Hex House is a real-life tale of an alleged witch in Tulsa, OK, who not only kept two women enslaved via threats of black magic curses but also may have put the mental whammy on her husband and maid in order to make them kill themselves so that she could collect the insurance money.

The Hex House

WMTV News 15 - Werewolves In Wisconsin?

Man Claims Bigfoot Vandalized His Winnebago

John Reed claims that earlier this month a Bigfoot vandalized his Winnebago and threw rocks at his lights. Other claims of Bigfoot attacks are included.

Bigfoot Vandalizes Winnebago And Other Claims

Halloween Safety Educational Film (1977)

Who KIlled Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

The Autopsy Series

Dr . Terror's House Of Horrors (1965)

Weird Or What? S2E3

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Top 10 Scariest Real Monsters For Halloween - #10 - The Black Hope Horror

This are my opinions on the top scariest true monster stories for Halloween. The entries will be listed in no particular order.

Number 10 - The Black Hope Horror

This is the real-life "Poltergeist" with a housing development in Texas that was built on top of an old slave cemetery.

For more information, read the following book:

The Black Hope Horror: The True Story Of A Haunting by Ben Williams, Jean Williams, and John Bruce Shoemaker

The Lawton, OK, Werewolf

In 1971, residents of Lawton, OK, reported a rash of werewolf sightings spanning three days (Friday, Saturday, & Monday, beginning February 27). The first witness, one Donald Childs, experienced a heart attack after looking out his window to see the monster drinking out of his (empty) fish pond.

Police Officer Harry Ezell fielded many calls from concerned citizens reporting the monster running down streets, chasing cars, and hiding in bushes.

One of the stranger calls Officer Ezell received was from a witness who claimed he looked out his apartment window to see the creature sitting on the railing. The witness thought it must be a practical joke until the creature jumped off the 17ft railing and then ran off in the distance in the manner of an ape or monkey. The witness went on to say the creature had a disfigured face, as if scarred from being burned.

Other witnesses of the monster include a group of soldiers stationed at Ft. Sill.

Probably the most peculiar aspects of the sightings was that the creature was said to wearing tattered clothing, with one witness claiming it was wearing pants "which were too small for him".

The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopedia Of Shape-Shifting Beings by Brad Steiger

C2CAM - October 19, 2012 - H.P. Lovecraft


US News And World Report - UFOs Pose Danger To Aviation

The US News And World Report recently published this article suggesting that UFOs do indeed pose a threat to the safety of pilots and their crews.

UFO Sightings Pose Danger to Aviation

C2CAM - August 3, 2012 - Practicing Magick

Witcchraft (1988)

Weird Or What? S2E2

Friday, October 19, 2012


Ludverc, a.k.a. Luderc or Liderc, are vampiric monsters of Hungarian and Romanian folklore.

Apperance: In their natural state Ludverc appear as balls of light or are sometimes said to be shooting stars or even embers. Others suggest that Ludverc appear in all of their shapes at once and only cause their victims to perceive one of their forms.

Lore: Ludverc are vampiric monsters that feed off of the life force of human beings. To accomplish this Ludverc will traverse the night sky in search of victims. Ludverc prefer widows/widowers. When a suitable victim is found the Ludverc enters the home through the tiniest crack or crevice, often via the keyhole, and then shape-shifts into the form of the deceased spouse. The Ludverc then seduces the victim and engages in sex with them. The next day the victim will feel fatigued and drained of energy. The Ludverc then returns each night to repeat the process until the victim dies.

Powers: Ludverc are shape shifters and can fly.

Defense Against Ludverc: Ludverc are vulnerable to sunligh, magic and exorcisms. Garlic repels Ludverc. A simple charm to keep a Ludverc out of a room is to place a garter on the door nob at night. Incense and the burning of birch branches will repel Ludverc.

The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters  by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

The Vampire: A Casebook by Alan Dundes

C2CAM - October 18, 2012 - Psychic & Survival Of Consciousness

Dead Hour Radio - 6/19/2012 - The American Werewolf With Linda Godfrey

Linda Godfrey is interviewed concerning real life reports of werewolves.

Dead Hour Radio - 6/19/2012 - The American Werewolf

Donald's Halloween Scare (2000)

Weird Or What? S2E1

End Times And The Mayan Prophecy: 2012 Explained

Truth About The Philadelphia Experiment

Remote Viewing Life On Mars (2010)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween - Trick Or Treat

Weird Or What? S1E6

Animal Sacrifices Dumped In North Fort Myers Upsets Residents

Santeria practitioners are increasingly angering residents of North Fort Myers for their continuing littering of the corpses of animal sacrifice victims.

Dumped carcasses annoy North Fort Myers neighborhood

Vampires - Episode 3 - Zaar Feeds

Cow Tongue Nailed To Tree May Be Santeria Ritual

A cow tongue was found nailed to a tree in the Yuma Civic Center parking lot. It is believed the cow tongue was put there as part of a Santeria ritual.

Cow tongue nailed to tree at civic center

Note: This is a well known spell to shut some one's mouth. It is found in a variety of traditions and it is also used in court cases where one wants to silences someone who may testify against them.

Jerry Pippin - October 15, 2012 - Mysterious Marfa Lights & Presidio UFO Festival

LA = Santeria Capital Of United States?

An article suggesting that the rise of Santeria in Los Angeles may make the city the "Santeria Capital" of the United States.

LA Emerging As Santeria Capital Of America

Friday, October 12, 2012

Conscious Life Podcast - Richard Dolan On UFOs Part 1

Are We Living In A Computer Simulation

Scientists Devise Plans To Test If We Are Living In A Computer Simulation

A group of scientists led by Silas Beane in Germany, are devising experiments to see if we are living in a computer simulation.

The Measurement That Would Reveal The Universe As A Computer Simulation

Marilyn Monroe: A Case For Murder (1988)

CBS - Was Marilyn Monroe Murdered?

UFO Crash Con - Tunguska & Crashed UFOs - Nick Redfern

Weird Or What? S1E4

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Honor The 9/11 Vicsims!

Vicsim = simulated victim, a fictional or fake victim.

There are many problems with the alleged victims of 9/11. There are so many problems that certain people question if they ever actually existed. This does not mean that there were no actual casualties or real victims of 9/11. Instead, it may mean that the victims or casualties are far lower than we are led to believe. If in fact there are fake victims then it would be a situation in which we the public need to think long and hard about whether or not we've been told the truth from our government. The theory is that some of the victims were completely fictional, some were fictional and were given fake 'real' families, and some were accidental casualties. It's also been suggested that perhaps people who were dying may have been brought into the mix so as to be able to go out in glory.

Examining The Victims Of 9/11

Encoding Data Anomalies Of Some 9/11 Victims

Honor The 9/11 Vicsims!

The Real Deal With Jim Fetzer - 9/11 Hollow Towers

National Atomic Testing Museum Area 51 Exhibit (Roswell 2012 Lectures)

Richard Dolan - How To Prepare for ET Disclosure

Richard Dolan on The Unexplained | UFOs in 2012, June 16, 2012

UFO - Miracle Of The Unknown

Max Burns - The Sheffield Incident

Weird Or What? S1E4

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Write From The Author - Cyril Wecht On The JonBenet Ramsey Murder - Part 2

Esteemed forensic pathologis Cyril Wecht returns to shed more light on the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Included is Wecht's opinion that JonBenet suffered chronic sexual abuse. Once again, Wecht does not believe in the intruder theory.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Write From The Author - Cyril Wecht On The JonBenet Murder Part 1

Esteemed forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht discusses his opinion on the JonBenet murder. Wecht is really worked up in this interview! Let's just say that he does not support the intruder theory.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Four Must-Read Books On The Murder Of JonBenet

If you are interested in the murder of JonBenet then these four books are a must-read.

1.) JonBenet: Inside The Ramsey Murder Investigation by Steve Thomas and Donald A. Davis

Steve Thomas is a former detective on the case and quit in disgust on what would have been JonBenet's seventh birthday. Thomas is convinced Patsy Ramsey killed JonBenet.

2.) Perfect Murder, Perfect Town by Lawrence Schiller

Also be sure to watch the miniseries based on this book. This book is good for learning about all the crazy crap that went on behind the scenes.

3.) Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? by Charles Bossworth and Cyril H. Wecht

Esteemed forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht dissects the autopsy reports and uses his knowledge and expertise to uncover how he believes JonBenet died. He does not state who he thinks did it. However, common sense will allow people to figure that out.

4.) Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet? by A. James Kolar

James Kolar was the former lead investigator for the DA on the JonBenet murder. Kolar specifically claims to have used his retirement money to write this book so that the public could finally learn the truth. Kolar dismantles the intruder theory, releases shocking new information that has never been released to the public before, and argues that suspicion needs to once again be placed back upon the family. Due to legal reasons Kolar doesn't state who he believes killed JonBenet Ramsey, other than indicating that suspicion lies with the family. This one book, more than any other on this subject, stands to "blow the minds" of readers.

Friday, October 5, 2012

JonBenet Ramsey Murder Crime Scene Footage

This is newly released crime scene footage for the JonBenet murder case. It's very important for a few issues.

1.) Cobwebs in the window suggest nobody came in through this window.

2.) Broken window with cobwebs suggest window was not broken recently and is not associated with the case. (John Ramsey originally told police that he broke the window months prior. However, certain believers in the intruder theory claim the killer broke the window.)

2.) Debris outside the window yet none tracked in suggest nobody came in through this window.

3.) Chair and stool found in the same general area as the suitcase yet we are to believe that the killer used a suitcase to climb out the window instead. (Lou Smit cropped photographs to remove the stool and the chair. Many believe this cropping of the photographs to be deceptive in nature.)

4.) Toy track which may have caused the marks that others suggest are from a stun gun. (Note; No evidence of a stun gun found at autopsy. Instead those marks are listed as abrasions, not burns.)

New Clues In The JonBenet Ramsey Murder

Peter Boyles Show - August 2, 2012 - James Kolar on "Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?"

Peter Boyles interviews James Kolar, DA investigator on the JonBenet murder who in his new book argues that there was no evidence supporting the intruder theory and that suspicion needs to once again be placed on the Ramsey family.

Peter Boyles Show - August 2, 2012 - James Kolar on "Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?"

I cannot stress enough how important it is for people to read this book. James Kolar has seen all of the evidence and included in the book is information the public previously did not know. To order the book, click the link below.

Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnaped JonBenet? by James Kolar

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unexplained Mysteries - Psychic Crime Solvers

The Book That Can't Be Read (2011)

Bigfoot - Honey Creek Creature

Richard Belzer - Who Really Killed JFK?

30 Odd Minutes - Chasing Spirits With Nick Groff

Haunting: Mermaid Inn - Real Ghosts

Levi Page Show - Criminal Profiler Pat Brown, Dr. Richard Weinblatt, & Tricia Griffith On The JonBenet Murder

A very interesting show with criminal profiler Pat Brown, and former police chief Richard Weinblatt. Tricia Grifith of websleuths also joins in with new information that a doll was placed next to JonBent's body.

Levi Page Show - Pat Brown, Dr. Ricahrd Weinblatt, & Tricia Grifith on the Jonbenet Murder

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Most Important Piece Of Evidence In The JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case

Readers who have read my past blogs on the JonBenet murder case know that I have a passion for the ransom note. For me, that note is the most important piece of evidence in the case. The sad truth is that the ransom note is being swept under the rug. Ramsey supporters seemingly act as if the note doesn't even exist. So in this blog entry I'm going to do my best to bring attention back to the ransom note and help explain why it is so important to this case. If you have not read the ransom note, then you can read it by clicking HERE.

Patsy Ramsey claims she found he note on the stairs in the home circa 5:30 AM on December 26, 1996. Patsy Ramsey allegedly calls the police before even checking to see if JonBenet was actually missing. Now, the first thing that needs to be discussed is the length of the ransom note. The average ransom note is only a few sentences long. Below is an example of an average ransom note.

"We have your daughter. If you want to see her again you will meet our demand of one million dollars to be paid in low denominations. We will contact you shortly to provide further instructions."

The ransom note allegedly found on the stairs by Patsy Ramsey was two and a half pages in length. The length itself is unusual.

The second thing of interest is that the note references information known only to the family, or in the case of the amount requested, only the family and John Ramsey's employer. The amount requested, $118,000.00 is also the exact sum of John Ramsey's Christmas bonus that year. Other examples of insider information in the note are that the author of the note knew that John Ramsey had an attache, had a brown paper bag in the home, and that this sum of money could be obtained from a withdrawal from the Ramsey's bank account.

The third thing of interest is that the group of people responsible for the kidnapping are terrorists. The notion of terrorists kidnapping a child is unusual. The author of the ransom note describes the group as a "foreign faction". This is unusual terminology. The note is signed "S.B.T.C.  Victory!". There is nothing in the ransom note which suggests what the letters stand for. This is also unusual for terrorist groups as most such groups want their identity known and want the attention.

The fourth thing of interest about the note was that it was written on Patsy Ramsey's notepad, using a pen taken from a pencil holder in the home. After the author wrote the note the pen was placed back into the pencil holder.

The fifth thing of interest was that there was a practice ransom note made.

The sixth thing of interest about the note is that all of the Ramsey's except for Patsy Ramsey could be ruled out as being the author. Various experts have analysed the ransom note and a few believe the note was written by a woman. One linguistics expert, Barbara J. Becker, even concluded that not only was the ransom note written by a woman but that it was written by Patsy Ramsey. To read Barbara J. Becker's analysis of the ransom note, click HERE.

The seventh thing of interest is the knowledge that the author of the note was not concerned about being caught in the home. The author of the note was not rushed or under any pressure of time constraints. The length of the ransom note, as well as the fact that there was a practice ransom note made and that the pen was returned to the pencil holder all suggest that the author was comfortable or at ease in the home. The author did not fear being caught.

It is my personal opinion that this ransom note is perhaps the most important piece of evidence in the case. It is my person opinion that if readers ponder the implication of the ransom note it will lead directly to the guilty people. The note itself does not prove that the author murdered JonBenet. Instead, the note only points to the group of people who should come under suspicion for the murder of JonBenet.

So the next time you hear JonBenet's murder in the media or hear or see an interview with John Ramsey or their supporters, take note on how the ransom note is completely ignored and swept under the rug, as if it never existed.

Kurt Cobain Death Timeline Finished!

I wrote 'finished' in the title but actually I need to go back and correct typos and perhaps insert some videos. What is complete is the entries as I do believe I've covered the most important dates in the timeline.

So if you are interested in the controversy over Kurt Cobain's death, do give the entire timeline a read or re-read. I'm pretty sure that after reading the timeline that most readers will agree that the case needs to be reopened, if not become convinced that it was murder.

Check out the timeline below.

Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

Tricia's True Crime Radio - July 22, 2012 - Carol McKinley On JonBenet Ramsey Case

New information with journalist Carol McKinley on the JonBenet Ramsey murder.


Levi Page Show - Breaking News In The JonBenet Murder Case (2010)

New information concerning the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

Levi Page Show -Breaking news in the JonBenet Ramsey case!

Unswered Questions In The JonBenet Ramsey Murder

This list of questions may grow with time.

1.) Why were the DA and Boulder Police at war with one another?

2.) Why did the DA refuse to allow the police to subpoena the Ramsey's for the phone records and credit card transactions?

3.) Why did DA Mary Lacy allegedly refuse access to the Ramsey's medical history out of fears of hurting her friendship with the Ramseys?

4.) Why did Mary Lacy publicly "exonerate" the Ramseys while claiming that new DNA cleared them. In reality the DNA that Lacy cites is not strong and is possibly an artifact, meaning that it was likely left by the person who made the panties and possibly by coughing or sneezing on them. The DNA does not clear them at all.

5.) Why didn't the media do it's job and investigate this "new DNA" instead of just parroting Mary Lacy's statement? All they had to do is contact the Boulder police to learn that they did not clear the Ramsey's or the new DA, Stan Garnett, to learn that his office has not cleared the Ramseys.

4.) Why is the ransom note being swept under the rug? Almost nobody talks about it anymore. Ramsey supporters act like it never existed.

5.) Why is the stun gun theory being touted as fact when in reality it is just speculation? Many of the investigators do not believe a stun a gun was used.

6.) Was Burke, JonBenet's brother, asleep or awake during the 911 call? The Ramseys said he was asleep but some feel that his voice can be heard on the 911 tape.

7.) Who fed JonBenet pineapple? JonBenet loved pineapple. Pineapple was found in her small intestines at autopsy, meaning that shortly before she died she had eaten pineapple. A bowl of pineapple with Patsy's fingerprints on it was found on the kitchen table. However, Patsy denies feeding pineapple to JonBenet and claims that they put her to bed immediately upon arriving home. It's unlikely that JonBenet got the pineapple herself. Are we supposed to believe that an intruder fed her pineapple?

8.) If there was an intruder then how did they know that the dog would not be there that night?

9.) Why did Patsy claim to have worn the same dirty clothing from the night before? Patsy claims that after she awoke, and before any indication that JonBenet was missing, put on her same dirty clothing she wore the day before instead of either showering/bathing or at least changing into fresh clean clothes. Did Patsy actually change back into her dirty clothing or did she simply not sleep at all that night and was simply still wearing the same clothing?

10.) Why was JonBenet Ramsey found wearing over sized panties? Why were the panties she wore from the night before never found?

11.) Why did investigator Lou Smit conclude the Ramsey's were innocent before reviewing the case files?

12.) Why did Lou Smit crop photographs of the scene in order to exclude information that could possibly contradict his intruder theory?

13.) Why are supporters of the intruder theory so obsessed with the basement window? There were other windows left open in the house and reportedly there were some doors as well.

14.) Why do Ramsey supporters continually forget about the cobwebs on the grate/window? Just like with the ransom note, they appear to pretend as if they never existed. If there were cobwebs then nobody came through that window.

15.) If an intruder came in through the basement window then why weren't any of the debris outside of the window accidentally tracked inside?

16.) Why did the Ramsey's implicate so many people as being responsible for their daughter's murder?

17.) Why did DA Alex Hunter "clear" Burke? Due to his age he cannot be considered a suspect so how could he ever be cleared? Why did a Ramsey Lawyer draw up the paper that Hunter signed?

18.) Why was John Mark Karr (Alexis Reich) arrested off of shady tales and Internet rumors?

19.) Why is JonBenet's death listed on her headstone as December 25, instead of December 26?

20.) Did the Grand Jury ever actually vote on whether to indict the Ramsey's for the murder of JonBenet? During DA Alex Hunter's speech to the media he never states that a vote was made. Instead, he simply says there's not enough evidence for a prosecution. So the million dollar question was if this was his opinion and his action or whether the Grand Jury actually took a vote.

21.) Why did the Ramsey's say in their first media interview (CNN, January, 1997) after the murder of JonBenet that the killer needed forgiveness and that they were moving on with their lives?  After only a week?

22.) Why did the Ramsey's refuse an exhumation of JonBenet's body? Why hasn't the Boulder Police exhumed the body? They don't actually need the Ramsey's permission to do so. The Ramsey's cooperation would be nice but it is not necessary. An exhumation of the body could provide further evidence and could even possibly confirm or rule out if a stun gun was used.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TrueCrimeStories - James Kolar On His New Book, "Foreign Factions: Who Really Kidnapped JonBennet?"

This is a must-hear interview with James Kolar, a lead investigator on the death of JonBennet Ramsey. Kolar has a new book out titled, Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBennet? Be sure to give this book a read as Kolar has seen all of the evidence. The title is a reference to the nonsense that is the alleged ransom note.

TrueCrimeStories - James Kolar On Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?

The Best Book On The JonBenet Ramsey Murder? - Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet?

Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet? by A. James Kolar, is gathering a lot of attention. The book is written by former lead investigator on the case. I have yet to read the book and am waiting for a copy of the book. I have read the reviews and readers seem to have been extremely shocked and spellbound by the book. Include in the book is the drama between the DA and the Boulder police. The whole intruder theory is dismantled pieces by piece. The book is said to be written in three parts, the first part deals with the DA, the same DA which has now cleared the Ramsey family though the Boulder police department has not cleared them, and the second and third parts deal into how the killer got away with it and who helped them in the process. Kolar also touches on how this new "Touch DNA" does not clear the Ramsey family despite what the DA claims. The title of the book itself is a reference to the fictional "foreign faction" of the ransom note. For more info, visit the page below. Once I read the book I will definitely do a review of the book.

Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped JonBenet? by A. James Kolar

The Present - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

At the time of this writing it's been 18 years since Kurt Cobain died. P.I. Tom Grant continues to do interviews concerning his beliefs that Courtney Love and Michael DeWitt conspired to murder Kurt Cobain. Tom Grant is currently in the process of writing a series of books concerning the murder hypothesis.

A new movie is in the works to be released in 2014. The movie is titled, Soaked In Bleach and will be abased on the events surrounding Kurt Cobain's death.

On March 20, 2014, a detective with the SPD told KIRO 7 News that the Seattle Police were reopening the case. Hours later it was revealed that the police were merely reexamining the evidence to prepare for the 20 year anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. A roll of film was produced and pictures of it were developed. Two of the pictures were released. You can view them by clicking the link below.,,20799054,00.html

For more information concerning Kurt Cobain's death, visit the following links:

Who Killed Kurt Cobain?: The Mysterious Death Of An Icon by Ian Halperin and Max Wallace

Love & Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin

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April 26, 2007 - Sgt. Cameron's Death - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On April 26, 2007, Sgt. Donald Cameron, the lead detective for the Kurt Cobain death investigation, passed away.

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August 6, 2002 - Dr. Nikolas Hartshorne's Death - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On August 6, 2002, Dr. Nikolas Hartshorne, the ME who performed the initial exam of Kurt Cobain's body and long time friend of Courtney Love, was killed in a base jumping accident.

****Note: Dr. Hartshorne also  performed the autopsy on Kristen Pfaff.

****Note: Dr. Hartshorne never advised anyone of his friendship with Courtney Love. Hartshorne knew Courtney since the 1980s. They were allegedly seen together in public until the time of his death.

****Note: Dr. Hartshorne made the rounds in interviews claiming that Kurt Cobain's death was a "classic suicide". However, there has yet to be a documented death similar to Kurt Cobain's death.

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Perfet Murder, Perfect Town (2000)

If you are interested in the muder of JonBenet Ramsey then this is a definite must watch. This miniseries follows very closely to the real like goings on in the case and includes the internal drama between the police and the DA's office.

Crime Stories - The Witching Hour

National Geographic Explorer - Witchcraft Murder (2005)

Murder & Mysters In Laurel Canyon David McGowan With Zeph Daniel

American Goth (2005)

L.E.D. (2012)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?

I received an email from a reader who was intrigued by my posts on the death of Kurt Cobain. The reader asked for my opinion on the murder of JonBenet Ramsey so I thought I would share it with my readers.

When it comes to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey the situation can be complex. It can be so complex that people really don't know what to think. As far as I'm concerned this is how I view the situation. The ransom note is the weakest link. Focus on the ransom note. Experts believe the ransom note was written by a woman. The ransom note was also far longer than most normal ransom notes. Now ponder that a ransom note was allegedly left even though the body was in the basement. Does that make sense? Why leave a ransom note if the body is in the basement? You can't get the ransom money if they discover the body. Therefore, logically one would assume that you take the person, or if they are dead their body, with you so that one still has the potential of getting the ransom money. This is why the ransom note is the weakest link of the case. It is believed it was written by a woman and it's existence does not make sense. The ransom note was written on Patsy's notepad and Patsy Ramsey was the only family member who could not be ruled out as being the author of the note. Ponder the note as I do believe it will lead directly to the killer.

In conclusion It is my opinion that JonBenet Ramsey was murdered by a family member.

In the below clip the Detective at the scene was convinced the killer was one of the people in the house at the time of the discovery of JonBenet's body.

2005 - Jack Blood - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In 2005, radio host Jack Blood posted on his website forum his opinions that Kurt Cobain was murdered. Blood was a former neighbor of Courtney Love and stated that Courtney was intelligent and devious and that she "had it in her to pull this off".

Among other allegations, Jack Blood claims that Courtney Love constantly cheated on Kurt, that the pair were getting a divorce, and that Henry Lee, the ME who performed the autopsy on Eldon Hoke, was a former punk rocker and close friend of Courtney Love. Blood also claims that Karush Sepedjian, the witness to the conversation where Eldon Hoke claimed Courtney Love offered him $50,000.00 to kill Kurt, was a good friend of his. Blood also claims that after Kurt's death Courtney Love had a "threesome" with Evan Dando (The Lemonheads), and a teddy bear Courtney had placed some of Kurt's ashes in.

****Note: Jack Blood lived next door to Courtney Love and her first husband, James Moreland

****Note: Pictures of Courtney Love making out with Evan Dando while holding the teddy bear surfaced online shortly after Kurt's death. You can view it HERE.

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August 30, 2005 - Uncut Magazine Interview With Kim Gordon - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In the August, 2005, issue of Uncut magazine, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) is interviewed. Kim Gordan, a close friend of Kurt Cobain, goes public with her belief that Kurt Cobain was murdered. Gordon also states that there are many close friends of Kurt who likewise believe that he was murdered. In response to the interview Courtney Love allegedly denies that Kim Gordon was friends with Kurt.

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November 4, 2002 - Kurt Cobain Journals - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On November 4, 2002, the book Kurt Cobain Journals was released. Courtney Love had previously sold select passages of Kurt Cobain's private journals for this publication. Included is at least one passage that appears to be Kurt contemplating suicide.

****Note: I have not read them and will not read them. These were Kurt's private journals and were never meant to be released to the public.

****Note: Courtney Love hand-selected which passages to include. I would urge readers to show extreme caution when reading the journals as for all we know the journals may have been altered.

To order Kurt Cobain Journals, click HERE.

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April 3, 2004 - Love & Death Book - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On April 3, 2004, the book Love & Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin is released. The book is a follow-up of the authors' 1998 book, Who Killed Kurt Cobain?: The Mysterious Death Of An Icon.

Unlike the authors' first book, Love & Death clearly points the finger at Courtney Love as the person with the motive for having Kurt Cobain killed. However, the authors are clear that there is no "smoking gun" evidence linking Courtney to Kurt's death. Included in the book are sections on Kristen Pfaff's death, Eldon Hoke's death, interviews with Leyland Cobain, Kurt's grandfather, who believes that Kurt was murdered, Hank Harrison, Courtney Love's father, who believes that Kurt was murdered, a forensic pathologist who claims that the official ruling of suicide is not only incorrect but downright impossible per the circumstance and believes Kurt was murdered, and interesting updates such as that Courtney Love attempted to have the official police crime scene photos destroyed back in 1995. This last information was obtained via a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request. The book would go on to increase awareness of the controversy over Kurt's death.

To order, Love & Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain, click HERE.

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August 15, 2001 - Heavier Than Heaven Book - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In 2001 the book, Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R. Cross is released. Cross relies so heavily on Courtney Love for information for the book that the book is best described as a collaboration with Courtney Love, though other people are interviewed for the book. The book is highly criticized for the author's fictional portrayal of what Kurt Cobain felt and thought in the days before his death and the moments leading to his death. This reason why this is a problem is because the book is touted as a non-fictional biography, so the inclusion of fictional elements is not acceptable. Other criticisms of the book include that Cross made it appear as if the Cobains were a loving couple when in reality they were facing divorce, that it was Kurt who made Courtney use heroin,  and that Kurt was suicidal his entire life when in reality there is no evidence supporting such. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the book is that it appears as if Courtney Love used the book as a vehicle to attempt to explain certain strange details of Kurt's death. However, Courtney's explanations often raise more questions than provide credible answers. Some of these problems found in the book include the altering of dates, such as Courtney claiming that Michael DeWitt didn't tell her that he saw Kurt at the home until April 4, Courtney's claim that it was Michael DeWitt who was attempting to use Kurt's credit cards, and Courtney's admittance that it was she who flattened the tires on both of Kurt's cars!

****Note: In the book Courtney claims that Michael DeWitt didn't tell her that he saw Kurt at the home until April 4, 1994. Michael Dewitt originally stated that he called Courtney and told he later in the day on April 2. Phone records prove that phone calls were made from the Seattle home to Courtney's hotel room on April 2, 1994.

****Note: Courtney claims that Kurt gave Michael DeWitt his credit card on April 2, 1994, before Kurt would kill himself, and that it was Michael DeWitt who was the one who was attempting to make charges on Kurt's card. Note: The Police did no investigation as to who was using Kurt's card. This is just what Courtney Love is claiming.

****Note: In the book Courtney claims that she flattened the tires on BOTH of Kurt's cars, a Volvo and a Dart. She says she did this to trap him at the home for the drug intervention. The problem is that only one of the cars had it's tires flattened. The Dart was not found at the home and it's tires were not flattened.

****Note: In 2007 Courtney Love announced that the book would be made into a movie. Courtney Love has released the names of several actors she wished to play Kurt and herself. To date all of such actors have denied working on the project and the project appears to be dead.

To order Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R. Cross, click HERE.

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Alien Abductions: The Evidence

K$sha Claims Had Sex With Ghost

K$sha claims she had sex with the ghost of a man who she does not know. The experience was apparently wonderful and inspired K$sha to write the song Supernatural, from her upcoming album.

K$sha: I had sex with a ghost

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