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April 5, 1994 - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

The ME lists on Kurt Cobain's autopsy report that the estimated day of death was Tuesday, April 5, 1994. Keep in mind that there is a 24 hour window or margin of error so it is possible that Kurt may have died on April 4 or April 6, 1994.

Courtney Love hires an electrician to work on the security lights on the greenhouse. Courtney allegedly claims she is concerned that "unauthorized" people are staying at her home. The only "unauthorized" person staying at the home was Michael DeWitt's (the male nanny) girlfriend, Jessica Hopper. However, since Michael DeWitt was in constant communication with Courtney it is far more likely that Courtney knew that Jessica was staying at the house. It's also not clear why Courtney Love would think that security lights would deter "unauthorized" people from staying at the home when these "unauthorized" people seemingly knew that the owners of the home were not there.

According to Tom Grant, Courtney believes Kurt may have been staying at hotels in Seattle. Courtney allegedly claims that Kurt only stays at the finest hotels. Courtney gives Kurt a fake name of Bill Bailey, a name she claims that Kurt sometimes uses. Grant begins to search upscale hotels in Seattle for any person checked in under that name of Bill Bailey. Courtney tells Grant not to make any contact with Kurt or to approach him as she didn't want Kurt to know that she was having him tracked. Circa 2:50 PM, Grant locates a person checked into the West Evergreen hotel under the name of Bill Bailey. Grant calls Courtney and asks her if she wishes to have the room be put under surveillance. Circa one hour later Courtney returns the call and says that she called the room and spoke to the man and that it's not Kurt. This seemingly violated her desire of not wanting Kurt to know that he was being tracked. Grant reaches the conclusion that Courtney has sent him on a goose chase.

Courtney Love allegedly asks Eric Erlandson (Hole) to search the Seattle home. Eric Erlandson allegedly makes Michael DeWitt and his girlfriend, Jessica Hopper help. The trio apparently did not search the greenhouse and find no sign of Kurt being at the home.

The police believe that Kurt somehow travelled from the Carnation property back to the Seattle home before going into the greenhouse and killing himself. Remember, the belief of the police that Kurt was at the Carnation property is not based on any investigation they performed. Instead, Courtney Love told them that Kurt was at the Carnation property and they simply chose to believe her.

****Note: Tom Grant believes that Kurt died either late April 3 or early April 4, 1994.

****Note: According to Dylan Carlson, Kurt's best friend, Kurt hated upscale hotels and usually stayed at "dumps".

****Note: Tom Grant has received much criticism from people who claim he is inept because he didn't search the greenhouse. The criticism is unfounded as several people, including the police, searched the property and did not find Kurt's body.

****Note: The Carnation property will feature more heavily further in the timeline.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how Kurt would use Axl Rose's dorky whitebread birth name (William " Bill" Bailey) as a fake hotel name. He and Courtney loved taking the piss on Axl.

Anonymous said...

Mockery, but even so, did you know that she sang one of Guns N Roses songs at one of her concerts not too long ago? Check it out on youtube.

Anonymous said...

d'après moi, si tu observes le livre de charles r. cross selon le témoignage de jessica hooper la petite amie de michael cali dewitt, lundi le 4 avril 1994, cali décide de sortir prendre de l'air et laisse sa petite amie seule a la maison avec Kurt, étrangement elle entend de forts bruits de pas dans la maison, elle ne va pas vérifier elle reste dans sa chambre, et cali ne revient que vers les 3 heures du matin, d'après moi encore, je pense que le tueur de Kurt s'est justement présenté ce jour-là, je fais un peu de numérologie avec ça et ça coînciderait beaucoup au jour de son exécution, si on calcule le jour 4 + 4+ 1+9+9+4= 13/4 le chiffre 13 correspond au squelette en tarot la mort, si on additionne le 13 au jour et au mois de naissance a kurt soit le 20+2+13= 17/8 le 17 l'étoile au tarot, et le 8 l'argent ma déduction tuer pour l'argent! c'est ma déduction!

chris b said...

How can the Seattle cops still take the missing person report seriously if she has already told them that he was at the Carnation property? The search should have ended right then. No matter who she was impersonating when she called.

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