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April 13, 1994 - Tom Grant Meets With Rosemary Carrol - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On April 13, 1994, independent journalist Richard Lee speaks to Seattle Police Department spokesperson, Vinette Tichi. According to Lee, Tichi claims that Kurt's death was a suicide and that there was a suicide attempt a month previous. Richard Lee would be the first person to go public with accusations that Kurt Cobain was murdered after he uncovered evidence that the Seattle Police department and the media were spreading false information concerning the circumstances of Kurt's death.

Tom Grant meets with Rosemary Carrol, Kurt and Courtney's entertainment attorney and then godmother of Frances. According to Grant, Rosemary Carrol tells Grant the following;

- Kurt was not suicidal.

- Kurt called her and asked her to have a new will drawn up excluding Courtney Love.

- Courtney Love called her asking her to get the "meanest most vicious divorce attorney" she could find.

- Courtney Love inquired of her if it was possible to get out of the prenup she had with Kurt.

- After Kurt's body was found Rosemary Carrol found it suspicious that Courtney would not let anyone see the actual suicide note.

- Rosemary Carrol claims that despite what Courtney Love said, that she had no business to attend to in California. All of the business on her new album was already completed.

- Rosemary Carrol claims she specifically heard Courtney Love tell Dylan Carlson to check the closet for the shotgun and check the greenhouse. Both Courtney and Dylan deny this.

- Courtney Love left a backpack at her house. When Rosemary picked it up some papers fell out. One of the papers appeared to be a practice sheet for forgery. It had letters written out in different styles. The second sheet of paper was a "to do" list that included the phrase, "get arrested".

- Rosemary Carrol believed that Courtney may have called the police on herself to purposefully get herself arrested.

-Rosemary Carrol would later tell Grant that it is her belief that the suicide note was cobbled together or traced from various things Kurt had written in the past.

-Rosemary Carrol would later state that the note that Michael DeWitt left on the stairs seemed phony, as if it was planted specifically for Grant to find.

-Rosemary asks Grant to continue digging into Kurt's death and Grant agrees. Rosemary Carrol asks Grant not to tell Courtney Love anything about what she has told him.

At circa 6:30 PM, Tom Grant takes a flight back out to Seattle.

****Note: Vinette Tichi is incorrect. Tichi could either be speaking of the Rome incident (March 3-4, 1994) or when Courtney Love called 911 claiming that Kurt locked himself in a room with a gun and was suicidal (March 18, 1994). The problem is that neither incident was a suicide attempt. In the Rome incident everyone involved said it was an accidental overdose. In the March 18, incident Courtney Love admitted she lied and the police warned her about making false calls to the police.

****Note: Courtney Love freely read from the suicide note in her recorded message to over 7,000 people during Kurt's public memorial/vigil service. She evidently had no problem reading the suicide note yet amazingly doesn't want anyone to see the actual note itself. Why?

****Note: It is believed that Courtney Love later made Rosemary Carrol sign a confidentiality agreement. Courtney was recorded stating that she is making all of her employees who work for her longer than two months sign one.

To see a copy of the "handwriting practice sheet" found in Courtney's backpack, click HERE.

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Unknown said...

A lawyer can get in a lot of trouble for revealing confidential statements of her client(s) like this. Rosemary must have been a pretty new lawyer.

Unknown said...

In addition, I suspect after he died everyone at Exodus and at the "Intervention", etc. would say Kurt was not suicidal.

To say otherwise would mean they knew he was suicidal and did nothing about it.

Drug rehab almost never works for anyone who does not voluntarily commit themselves.

Any chance the Rome coma caused brain damage?

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