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1999 - Sgt. Cameron Corruption Charges - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In 1999, Sgt. Cameron, the lead detective in the Kurt Cobain death investigation, is accused of participating in the theft of $10,000.00 from a crime scene as well as staging a crime scene in an unrelated case in which a man was shot and killed by police in 1997. Sgt. Cameron immediately retires. Another detective accused in the incident would later be tried twice. On juror, Carol Pease, gave an interview in which she said some of the jurors were convinced that Sgt. Cameron was "involved in what was going on". Sgt. Cameron never testifies against the detective at trial and Pease states that the jurors were of the opinion that if he was called he would plead the fifth. Ultimately no charges would be brought against Sgt. Cameron.

****Note: The original story was that Det. Davis stole $10.000.00 from a crime scene in which a man was shot and killed by police in 1997. Davis' partner, Det. Steiger found out about it and got mad. Steiger claims Davis then offered him half of the money in order to shut him up. Steiger went to Sgt. Cameron to report the incident and instead of reporting it to his superiors Sgt. Cameron allegedly told Davis to return the money to the scene of the crime and stage it so that the money could then be "found" by police and checked into evidence. However, Det. Steiger accused Sgt. Cameron of playing a greater role and stated he believed Sgt. Cameron was a co-conspirator in the theft.

****Note: Courtney Love claims she showed Sgt. Cameron the secret second suicide note. This note was not checked into evidence. If Sgt. Cameron did see this note and chose not to enter it into evidence is this against the law or at least some form of police code of ethics?

****Note: Courtney Love claims Sgt. Cameron told her to get rid of the Rome Note because it would cause her problems. Courtney Love admitted to burning the note.

****Note: According to Tom Grant, Sgt. Cameron told him that Kurt barricaded himself in the greenhouse with a stool. This was not true as per the police records the stool was found near the back balcony doors, not the entrance doors. Also the stool was small and most likely could not be used to barricade the doors. Grant also claims that Sgt. Cameron told him there were no Polaroids taken at the scene when in fact there were 23.  

To read a 1999 Seattle Times article on the incident, click HERE.

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Killer Kids - S1E5 - Occult Killers (2012)

The Self Image Film (If Mirrors Could Speak) (1976)

This is a very strange "social engineering" film made in 1976. If you watch Adult Swim you may recognize this as the network has used it in several strange promos. Note how if you are a very shy kid who has poor social skills that you are considered a problem. LOL

Spacing Out! - UFOs Over LA With Steve Murillo

Spacing Out! - Former Military And Government Men Talking About UFOs

Jack Frost 2: Revenge Of The Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)

Jack Frost (1998)

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February 2, 1995 - Courtney Pressures The Police To Destroy The Official Crime Scene Photos - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On February 2, 1995, a Seattle Police Department memo was made stating that Courtney Love had her attorney ask if the official crime scene photos taken at Kurt Cobain's death scene could be destroyed. Courtney Love cited her fear that that the pictures would be released to the media. The detective who spoke to Courtney Love's attorney advised him that if they destroyed the official photos it would make them appear unprofessional and attempted to assure him that the photos would never be released. The memo detailed that Courtney Love's attorney was not happy with the answer and that the detective felt that he would attempt to go further up the chain of command with this request.

****Note: It is believed that the Seattle Police Department ultimately bowed to pressure from Courtney Love and destroyed the photos as the Seattle Police Department reportedly no longer answers if they are still in possession of the crime scene photos.

****Note: The knowledge that Courtney attempted to have the crime scene photos destroyed was not released until circa 2004 with the release of the book, Love & Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin.

****Note: The police memo was released under a FOIA (freedom of information act) request.

****Note: Courtney Love has destroyed nearly all evidence relating to the death of Kurt Cobain.

To read the memo, click HERE.

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March, 1997 - Courtney Sells The House - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In March of 1997, Courtney Love announces she is selling the Seattle home, the location where Kurt Cobain died.

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June, 1996 - Greenhouse Demolished - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In June of 1996, Courtney Love announced that she is having the greenhouse destroyed. Courtney Love claims she is doing this for safety reasons as she claims fans were routinely trying to sneak a peek at the structure.

****Note According to Tom Grant, Courtney Love has destroyed nearly all of the evidence associated with Kurt's death, including the greenhouse, shotgun, and suicide notes.

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C2CAM - September 26, 2012 - Ghosts & Law Enforcment And Animal Communication

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (2005)

End Of Days (1999)

Cujo (1983)

Maximum Overdrive (1986)

Trilogy Of Terror (1975)

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1995 - The Dream Machine Hoax - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

Shortly after Tom Grant goes public with his claims that Kurt Cobain was murdered a strange rumor spreads online. The rumor was that Kurt's death was caused by a "dream machine" that he had built. The rumors were spread by a group going under the acronym, F.U.K. (Friends Understanding Kurt) or F.O.K. (Friends Of Kurt). The F.U.K. allege that Kurt Cobain learned from a friend of William Burroughs of a device that when used would send one into an altered state of mind. The F.U.K. allege that the use of this machine destroyed Kurt's mind and caused him to commit suicide. The F.U.K. claimed that the "dream machine" was found by the Seattle Police at Kurt's death scene

A representative of SOMA, The San Francisco "Journal of Left Coast Culture", tracked down a man named Steve Newman who claimed to be a part of F.U.K. Newman stated that F.U.K. was composed of Courtney Love and several people close to her. Newman claimed that Courtney Love played a "low key role" in F.U.K.

****Note: In case you missed it the acronym F.U.K. means something else.

****Note: Tom Grant believes Courtney Love deliberately invented this rumor and spread it online in an attempt to discredit people who believed Kurt Cobain was murdered.

****Note: It's been reported that a few publications printed this story as if it was a fact.

****Note: To this very day there are people who still believe this rumor is true.

To read the April, 1996, High Times article that mentions the dream machine, click HERE.

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April, 1998 - Who Killed Kurt Cobain Book - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In April, 1998, authors Ian Halperin and Max Wallace release their book, Who Killed Kurt Cobain?: The Mysterious Death Of An Icon. This would be the first book published on the hypothesis that Kurt Cobain was murdered. The book does not point fingers at any one person. Instead, the book focuses on the strange facts surrounding Kurt Cobain's death which indicated that it may have been a homicide.

To purchase Who Killed Kurt Cobain?, click HERE.

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Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil

Just wanted to give out a recommendation for a series to watch. It's called, Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil. The show is set at Crowley High School where a group of teens have to attempt to track down the mysterious Book of Pure Evil, a Necromonicon-like grimoire, while stopping the evil that it creates when people read from it. They must acquire the book before the geriatric group of Satanists who run the city can lay their hands on it. The series was cancelled after it's second season but there is a movement to have at least the third season produced. Also, Jason Mewes of "Jay and Silent Bob" is in it. Check it out.

30 Odd Minutes - Real Werewolves With Linda Godfrey

Retired Col. Accuses U.S. Government Of UFO Cover-Up

At a recent National Atomic Testing Museum symposium on UFOs, retired Air Force Col. Charles Halt accuses the U.S. government of a UFO cover-up. Halt also stated that he believed there is a secret agency charged with keeping the UFO secret under wraps.

Charles Halt, Former Air Force Colonel, Accuses U.S. Of UFO Cover-Up

Killer Clowns From Outer Space (1988)

Night Of The Demons (1988)

Night Of The Demons 2 (1994)

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February 27, 1998 - Kurt & Courtney Documentary - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On February 27, 1998, Nick Broomfield's documentary, Kurt & Courtney is released. The documentary would go on to renew interest in the controversy over the death of Kurt Cobain. For many people the documentary would turn out to be the first introduction to Eldon Hoke and his claims that Courtney Love offered him $50,000.00 to kill Kurt Cobain. (Eldon Hoke died under strange circumstances just eight days after giving his interview for this documentary.)

Kurt & Courtney (1998)

****Note: The simulated test that allegedly proves that Kurt Cobain could have shot up with heroin and then committed suicide with a shotgun has been discredited. For one, they couldn't use heroin in the test so they were forced to use methadone. Second, it was administered orally and not injected. Third, Nick Broomfield admitted that the test is invalid but that it was too late to remove it from the documentary.

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March 2, 1997 - Dead Men Don't Pull Triggers - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On March 2, 1997, Canadian Chemist Roger Lewis revises and expands his essay, Dead Men Don't Pull Triggers, which he wrote with assistance from Lori Clermont. The essay was an argument for the hypothesis that Kurt Cobain was murdered and that his death was staged to appear as a suicide.  A rebuttal was written by Daniel Speers, a pharmacology student. Lewis then published a counter response.

****Note: I've not been able to find the date Dead Men Don't Pull Triggers was first published.

****Note: Dead Men Don't Pull Triggers would be revised again on January 8, 1998.

****Note: I'm not able to locate a copy of the rebuttal and counter-response online. If any readers may know of a working link to the rebuttal or counter-response then please leave it in the comments.

To read Dead Men Don't Pull Triggers, click HERE.

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C2CAM - September 24, 2012 - Alien Artifacts On The Moon

In The Shadow Of The Highgate Vampire Part 2

Sinister (2012) Trailer

Teen Witch (1989)

My Boyfriend's Back (1993)

Dead Set (2008)

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April 19, 1997 - Eldon Hoke's Death - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On April 19, 1997, the body of Eldon Hoke was found. According to police Hoke was intoxicated, fell asleep on train tracks and was struck and killed by a train. Hoke died eight days after giving an interview for Nick Broomfield's documentary titled, Kurt & Courtney.

According to friends Hoke left his house with an unidentified man at circa 5:00 PM. The identity of this man has never been determined. Hoke's body was discovered shortly after 9:00 PM.

According to Hoke's friend, Drew Gallagher, Hoke showed up at his house on April 17, 1997, and was acting paranoid. Gallagher claimed that Hoke inquired about getting a fake I.D. and was talking about how easy it would be to get rid of someone and mentioned people getting buried in cornfields and lost in swamps. Gallagher claims that Hoke eventually broke down and told him the identity of the person who he believed truly killed Kurt.

Hoke's friend Al Bowman was convinced that Hoke's death had something to do with Courtney Love.

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February 7, 1997 - Unsolved Mysteries Segment - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On February 7, 1997, the now famous Unsolved Mysteries segment on the strange circumstances of Kurt Cobain's death aired.

****Note: The Unsolved Mysteries segment would turn out to be the source by which many people became aware of a controversy regarding the death of Kurt Cobain.

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April 11, 1997 - Eldon Hoke's Last Interview - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On April 11, 1997, Eldon Hoke is interviewed by Nick Broomfield for his documentary, Kurt & Courtney. Hoke reasserts his claim that Courtney Love offered him $50,000.000 to kill Kurt Cobain. During the interview Hoke "lets slip" the name of Allen. Hoke states that he will just have to let the FBI handle Allan.

Eldon Hoke, a.k.a. "El Duce", Interview For Kurt & Courtney

****Note: This interview would be the interview that most people would learn of Hoke's claims by.

****Note: The Allen in question is Allen Wrench of the band, Kill Allen Wrench. Hoke's mention of him appears to have been deliberately done. Over the years Allen would relish the accusations that he murdered Kurt Cobain. Unfortunately it's simply not true and Wrench is simply using the publicity to booster his own fame.

****Note: This is Eldon Hoke's last interview.

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March 6, 1996 - Eldon Hoke Is Polygraphed - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On March 6, 1996, producers for the NBC show Hard Copy paid to have Eldon Hoke take a polygraph (lie-detector test) regarding his claims that Courtney Love offered him $50,000.00 to kill Kurt Cobain..  Hoke is tested by Dr. Edward Gelb, the same man who tested O.J. Simpson (O.J. failed the polygraph). Hoke passed the test with flying colors and was scored at 99.91% chance of telling the truth on the question if Courtney asked him to kill Kurt Cobain. Since the test took place in Los Angeles the result were sent to the LAPD. The LAPD contacted the Seattle Police Department. However, the Seattle Police Department was not interested in the results and claimed that Hoke was not a credible witness. The LAPD then quickly lost interest and dropped the matter.

****Note: Just how credible do potential hit men have to be?

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Psychic Medium Claims Kurt Cobain Was Murdered

C2CAM - September 23, 2012 - UFO Special

Blade: The Series - Episode 2 - Death Goes On (2006)

Blade: The Series, Pilot (2006)

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (1993)

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000)

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April, 1996 - High Times Interview With Eldon Hoke - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In the April, 1996, issue of High Times, Eldon Hoke is interviewed. Hoke goes public with his claim that in late December 1992, Courtney Love approached him and offered him $50,000.00 to kill Kurt Cobain. Hoke was an acquaintance of Courtney Love from the 1980s.

The event occurred at the Rock Shop, a store that Hoke frequented. According to Hoke, Courtney Love pulled up in a limo and propositioned him for the hit. At the time Hoke claimed he really didn't think she was serious but she asked for a contact number for him. Hoke did not have a phone so gave the number of the shop instead. In hindsight Hoke believed that Courtney Love wanted Kurt dead because he was going to divorce her.

The store manager, Karush Sepedjian, was a witness to the conversation.

To read the April, 1996, High Time interview Eldon Hoke, click HERE.

****Note: According to Karush Sepedjian, the store manager, Courtney Love called the shop in late March, 1994, looking for Eldon Hoke. Hoke was not there as he was on tour at the time.

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1995 - Rumors Of A Hit Man - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In 1995, P.I. Tom Grant hears from an informant about a man named Eldon Hoke who claims that Courtney Love offered him money to kill Kurt Cobain. Grant asks the informant to try to get Hoke to go to the police with his story.

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C2CAM - September 22, 2012 - Alien Visitations

C2CAM - September 21, 2012 - Vampires, Werewolves And Banshees

The Stepford Wives (1975)

Incubus (1982)

Gargoyles (1972)

The Laughing Dead (1989)

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Unknown - Threats Of Law Suit Made To Media - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

At around this time Courtney Love's attorneys make several threats of lawsuit. Full page ads are taken out in several internal broadcasting magazines threatening to sue anyone who gives Tom Grant air time.

The scare tactics work. Many stations drop their scheduled interviews. A few interviews, such as the one for MTV, were filmed but never air. Those stations that do interview Grant are usually contacted by Courtney Love's attorneys afterwards and chose not to have Grant on a second time. Several stations read a legal disclaimer. One source who is not intimidated was Allan Handelman. Handelman would go on to have Grant on as a guest for multiple shows throughout the years.

Despite the threats of law suit, not one law suit has been filed to date.

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1995 - Courtney Love Tries To Have Grant's P.I. Licence Revoked

Courtney Love's attorneys file a complaint with the State Department of Consumer Affairs in Sacramento, CA. The complaint alleges that Grant violated the California Business and Professions code by going public with the results of his investigation without consent from his client, Courtney Love. The complaint would subsequently be dropped when it is revealed that Courtney Love would have to testify and answer certain questions. No actions were taken against Grant.

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January, 1995 - Tom Grant And Courtney Love Part Ways - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In January of 1995, Tom Grant and Courtney Love officially part ways. One of the last conversations Grant records with Courtney was his attempt to get Courtney to release the coroner's report. Courtney is recorded saying she will release the report but never does.

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January 6, 1995 - Allan Handleman Show - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On January 6, 1995, Tom Grant is interviewed for the Allan Handleman show. Grant talks about why he believes Kurt Cobain was murdered. This was one of Grant's first public appearances discussing the case.

Courtney Love listened to the show and called Grant and left the following message on his answering machine:

"Hi Tom. This is Courtney. I just heard the radio thing. I haven't heard you tell an out, ya know, I listened to the thing and I didn't hear you tell, tell like outright lies. I wish you were doing it for the money and the realization that you are doing it because you think it's right hurts me a lot, and you're not, but....(machine cuts her off)."

****Note: The standard debunker response is that Tom Grant is only doing this for the money or for fame. Courtney Love's own statements disprove this. She was also recorded previously stating that Grant was a good P.I.

****Note: The recording of this message has been made public and can be found online.

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January 19, 1995 - The Secret Second Suicide Note - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On January 19, 1995, Tom Grant speaks to Courtney concerning her revelation of a secret second suicide note per the interview in the December, 1994, issue of Rolling Stone. The conversation is tape recorded.

Courtney Love claims that Kurt wrote a secret second suicide note and placed it under her pillow before going to the greenhouse to kill himself. Courtney Love claims she showed the note to Rosemary Carroll and Sgt. Cameron. The note was never checked into evidence.

As to the contents of the secret second suicide note, Courtney only states the following:

"You know I love you, I love Frances, I’m so sorry. Please don’t follow me. ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll be there I’ll protect you. I don’t know where I’m going, I just can’t be here anymore."
Grant confronts Courtney Love as he and Dylan Carlson searched the house on April 7, 1994, and searched under the pillows but found no note. Grant did find rohypnol under Courtney's mattress but no note. Courtney Love insists that the note was there.

Courtney claims she is keeping this note in a safety deposit box for Frances to read when she gets older.

Courtney Love Talking About The Secret Second Suicide Note

****Note: There's now a total of 3 notes of interest. The official suicide note, the Rome note, and a secret second suicide note. Courtney Love admits that the Rome note mentioned Kurt wanting to leave her. Re-read what Courtney claimed the secret second suicide note stated. Was the secret second suicide note also a note stating that Kurt was leaving Courtney? If so that would be two letters that Courtney claimed were suicide letters that were actually letters stating that Kurt was leaving Courtney. In effect they aren't suicide letters at all but rather, "Dear John" letters. Could it be that the official suicide note is also not a suicide note but rather a retirement letter to Kurt's fans that may have been altered?

****Note: If Courtney showed the secret second suicide note to Sgt. Cameron then did Cameron violate the law by not checking it into evidence?  

****Note: Frances is now an adult. Has Courtney allowed her to read this note?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

December, 1994 - Rolling Stone Interview And Grant Goes Public - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

In the December, 1994 issue of Rolling Stone, released December 15, 1994, Courtney Love is interviewed. In the interview Courtney Love drops two bombshells.

1.) Courtney claims there was a secret second suicide note (Not the Rome note, but a second alleged suicide note at the Seattle home where Kurt allegedly killed himself. So according to Courtney there were two suicide notes at the home).

2.) Courtney claims she had to drag Eric Erlandson away from Kristen Pfaff's body.

Unfortunately the interviewer doesn't grasp the potential importance of these statements and doesn't inquire further.

Tom Grant finally reaches the conclusion that Kurt Cobain was murdered. Grant goes public. Rosemary Carroll, acting as attorney on behalf of Courtney Love, sends Grant a letter threatening a lawsuit. The note was slipped under Grant's door. Grants writes a reply to Rosemary Carroll expressing in a nutshell that she of all people should know that he's doing the right thing. Nothing further develops. Grant would later go on to claim that Courtney Love will never sue him because she would be forced to answer questions that she doesn't want to answer.

****Note: There will be more information about the secret second suicide note further in the timeline entry.

****Note: Was Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson at Kristen Pfaff's place prior to the discovery of her body?

****Note: At this time Grant was not pointing the finger at anyone. Later Grant would go on to publicly accuse Courtney Love and Michael DeWitt of conspiracy to murder Kurt Cobain.

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Unknown - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

The following events occurred in and around this following time but the exact dates are unknown to me. Tom Grant may be able to provide the exact dates.

- Courtney Love admits to giving Michael DeWitt $30 grand to go to a rehab program. She is tape recorded saying it was a Scientology center in Oklahoma. Courtney is recorded saying she did this because Kurt was so fond of DeWitt. Courtney Love would also be recorded saying that Michael DeWitt was Kurt's closest friend.

- Grant attempts to get Michael DeWitt to take a polygraph but to no avail. At one point Courtney Love agrees to help get him to do it but DeWitt never does do it. Grant claims that every time he got near to the point where he thought he was going to get DeWitt to talk that Courtney would hire Grant for another job. Grant was able to meet with DeWitt at least once where Grant claims that Michael DeWitt admitted to searching the greenhouse on Sunday, April 3, 1994, but claims he found nothing.

- Courtney Love attempts to get Tom Grant to sign a confidentiality agreement. Courtney is recorded stating that she is making all of her employees who work for her longer than two months sign one. Grant ultimately refuses to sign.

- Courtney Love released a picture of Kurt to the media. The picture is of Kurt with a toy rifle in his mouth. According to Grant, Courtney took a picture or Kurt goofing off with his band mates, cropped them out of the picture so as only to focus on Kurt, made it black and white, and then released it to the media. Grant feels she did this specifically to make it look like Kurt was suicidal.

****Note: Michael DeWitt was not Kurt's closest friend. Dylan Carlson was Kurt's best friend at the time.

****Note: Was there any physical proof that Michael Dewitt attended this or any other drug rehab? Was there a receipt of payment? Many believers in the murder theory feel that this may have been either a hit man's payment or hush money.

****Note: Grant claims Courtney also mentioned that she was making Michael Dewitt sign a confidentiality agreement. It's also assumed that Rosemary Carroll, the Cobains' family attorney, was also made to sign one.

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Offerings (1988)

Return To Boggy Creek (1977)

The Legend Of Boggy Creek (1972)

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)

I first saw this movie as a young teen and it freaked me out!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

House Of The Long Shadows (1983)

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June 17, 1994 - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On June 17, 1994, one day after Kristen Pfaff's body was discovered, the Seattle Police Department returns the note found at Kurt's death scene and the Rome note that Courtney Love gave the police as a copy of Kurt's handwriting to compare to the alleged suicide note. Janis J. Parker of the Washington State Patrol crime lab already reported that it was her opinion Kurt Cobain wrote the alleged suicide note found at the death scene.

Courtney Love claims that Sgt. Cameron told her to get rid of the Rome note because it would do her and her family no good and only cause problems. When asked by Tom Grant, who recorded the conversation, Courtney Love admits the Rome note talked about Kurt wanting to leave her but that she still believed it was a suicide note. Courtney admitted to burning the Rome note.

Courtney Love Admits To Burning The Rome Note

****Note: Several experts have called into question whether or not Kurt Cobain wrote the entirety of the alleged suicide note. Most of the experts had problems with the last few lines of the note and believed that a second hand may be at work. However, experts only had a copy of the note to go off of and would need the original to provide a conclusive opinion. It is assumed that Courtney Love has destroyed the original note found at the death scene.

****Note: If Sgt. Cameron did tell Courtney to get rid of the Rome note then what about the note convinced him that it would only cause her problems? It is my personal opinion, as well as the opinion of various other individuals, that if the contents of the Rome note were leaked to the public it would cast doubt on the note found at the death scene being a suicide note. It doesn't take a genius to realize that wanting a divorce and wanting to kill one's self are not complimentary desires.

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Circa 3 Weeks After Kurt's Death - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

Circa three weeks after Kurt Cobain's death, Courtney Love hooks back up with her old boyfriend, Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins). According to Tom Grant, Courtney Love called him from a retreat in Arizona and bragged about their lovemaking. According to Hank Harrison, Courtney Love's father, Courtney had been carrying on an affair with Billy Corgan while Kurt was still alive.

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Fright Night (2011)

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)

The Grudge (2004)

The Ring (2002)

Snow White: A Tale Of Terror (1997)

June 16, 1994 - Kristen Pfaff's Death - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

At circa 9:00 AM on June 16, 1994, the body of Kristen Pfaff was discovered by her friend Paul Erickson in the bathroom. The police would say it was a drug overdose.

Kristen Pfaff was bassist for the band Hole. Outside in a Uhaul were all of Pfaff's belongings as this was the day that she was to move to Minneapolis to be near old friends. Pfaff was tired of Courtney Love and wanted to leave the Seattle drug scene. Pfaff had completed drug rehab and wanted to start her life over. Pfaff had reunited with her old band, Janitor Joe, and was excited.

The last person to see Pfaff alive was Eric Erlandson (Hole), who visted her at circa 8:00 PM the night before. Sometime later Pfaff drew herself a bath and allegedly shot up with heroin.

When Pfaff's belonging were returned to Janet Pfaff, Kristen's mother, Janet discovered that someone had ripped out pages from Kristen's diary. The pages that were ripped out and missing were for the week that Kurt Cobain was missing.

The autopsy was performed by Dr. Nicolas Hartshorne, the same long-time friend of Courtney Love who announced that Kurt Cobain's death was a "classic suicide".

Janet Pfaff has publicly stated that she does not accept the official explanation from police on how her daughter died.

****Note: Kurt Cobain and Kristen Pfaff were close friends. Kristen stated that Kurt had the "soul of a poet". Friends claim Kristen took the news of Kurt's death very hard.

****Note: Like Kurt Cobain, Kristen died in the process of leaving Courtney Love.

****Note: Almost everyone who knew Kristen personally were shocked by her death as they believed that Kristen was clean and had kicked her addiction.

****Note: Kristen had indeed quit the band Hole. There have been attempts made by various people to imply that Pfaff was only taking a break but this is not true. She was done with Courtney. You don't rent a Uhaul and pack up all of your belongings if you are only going on vacation.

****Note: Kristen and Courtney fought constantly. Courtney accused Kristen of having an affair with Kurt.

****Note: Were Kurt and Kristen really having an affair? Courtney was obsessed with the notion that Kurt was cheating on her. Courtney desperately wanted to find out the identity of the woman Kurt bought the second plane ticket for on April 1, 1994. Was Kristen the "mystery woman"?

****Note: Who gave the heroin to Kristen? What was Eric Erlandson doing there that night?

****Note: Was Courtney Love at the death scene? In the December, 1995, issue of Rolling Stone, Courtney is interviewed. Among other things she claimed she had to pry Eric Erlandson away from Kristen's body.

****Tom Grant believes it's possible that someone purposefully gave Kristen a "hot shot", a super pure dose of heroin that is deadly. Grant, and others, believe that Courtney may have given Eric a final "present" for Kristen, a hot shot which took her life.

****Note: An alleged friend of the family and close friend of Jason Pfaff, Kristen's brother, has made various damning comments about Courtney Love being involved in Kristen's death. However, unless that person goes public in a more routine manner, such as an interview via magazine, newspaper, book, or news segment, I will not re-post the comments here.

****Note: Who ripped out the pages of Kristen's diary and when was it done?

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Urban Legend (1998)

Prom Night (2008)

Jeepers Creepers II (2003)

Jeepers Creepers (2000)

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Game Walkthrough

Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)

June 4, 1994 - Det. Terry Is Murdered - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

At circa 1:30 AM on April 4, 1994, Det. Antonio Terry, a narcotics detective for the Seattle Police Department, clocked out from work and proceeded to drive home. Det. Terry saw a stalled vehicle and pulled over to investigate. Det. Terry was then shot and killed. His killer was later tried and convicted.

Courtney Love and Det. Terry had a strange relationship. Courtney frequently called him, once even from Tom Grant's cell phone at the Carnation property while she, Grant, and others were searching the property. Grant also tape recorded Courtney Love speaking about Det. Terry on several occasions. According to Courtney Love, she was working with Det. Terry to get local drug dealers busted.

****Note: The murder of Det. Terry has nothing to do with Kurt's death nor am I implying that Courtney Love is connected to the death of Det. Terry.

****Note: Was Courtney Love a drug informant? This would explain the special treatment she received from the Seattle Police Department. Also note that Courtney Love was herself a drug user.

****Note: Tom Grant believes that it was Det. Terry who censored the May 2, 1993 police records in order to cover-up and protect Courtney Love.

To view a memorial page for Det. Terry, click HERE.

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May 6, 1994 - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On May 6, 1994, the police submit paperwork to have the shotgun tested for fingerprints.

****Note: This is one month after Kurt's death. The police claim they investigated Kurt's death as if it was a homicide. In homicide investigations the police do not wait a month to test for prints.

****There were no legible prints found on the gun, the shells, nor the pen Kurt allegedly used to write the suicide note. The police claim that when Kurt shot the gun that it smeared the prints. However there were a total of 3 people who handled the gun in the days before Kurt's death. Also, the explanation that the gun was smeared upon firing doesn't explain why there are no legible prints on the shells or the pen.

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Dead Snow (2009)

Grace (2009)

Tales From The Hood (1995)

Tales That Witness Madness (1973)

Campire Tales (1997)

Nightmares (1983)

May 11, 1994 - Kurt Cobain Timeline

On May 11, 1994, Dylan Carlson gives an interview to the Seattle Times in which he stated that he didn't know the greenhouse even existed.

****Note: According to Grant, Dylan told him on April 8, 1994, the day Kurt's body was found, that the greenhouse was a small room above the garage that the Cobain's stored lumber in. Both Rosemary Carrol, Kurt and Courtney's family attorney, and Wendy O'Connor, Kurt's mother, questioned why Dylan didn't search the greenhouse.

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May 8, 1994 - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On May 8 1994, P.I. Tom Grant writes Courtney Love a letter expressing his suspicions about Kurt's death. The letter mentions the many inaccuracies and false information being spread by the media. In the letter Grant informs Courtney that he is continuing the investigation into Kurt's death at no charge and that he may uncover things that she may not want him to uncover.

Grant claims he assumed he would get an angry response from Courtney, possibly even be fired. Instead, Grant claims Courtney Love hired and paid him to do other jobs unrelated to Kurt's death. Grant would later come to the conclusion that these other jobs were meant to keep him busy and distract him from his investigation into Kurt's death.

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April 18, 1994 - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On April 18, 1994, Seattle police meet with Courtney Love. Courtney Love finally tells the police that Michael DeWitt saw Kurt on April 2, 1994. Courtney also tells the police that Michael DeWitt wrote the note found on the stairs. Courtney Love states that she knows her husband killed himself but that she wants to know his activities before his death. She claims she was in California because her psychiatrist told her that if she went that Kurt would follow her. The police ask Courtney Love for a sample of Kurt's handwriting to compare to the alleged suicide note found at the death scene. The police had previously called her attorney to advise her that they would need a sample of Kurt's handwriting. Courtney gives the police the Rome note, the note Kurt wrote in Rome on March 3-4, 1994. Courtney then tells the police that the Rome incident was actually a failed suicide attempt and that the Rome note is actually a suicide note.

****Note: Courtney doesn't tell the police that Kurt was seen at the Seattle home on April 2, 1994, until some two weeks after Kurt died. Courtney Love hired a private investigator on April 3, 1994, to find Kurt and didn't tell him that Kurt was seen the previous day. Courtney Love filed a missing person's report posing as Kurt's mother on April 4, 1994, and did not tell the police that Kurt was seen at the home on April 2, 1994. Phone records prove that Michael DeWitt and Courtney Love were in constant communication during this time.

****Note: Courtney Love told everyone else that she was in California on business. It doesn't make sense why she would not tell people that her psychiatrist told her to go because most of these people were at the drug intervention on March 25, 1994.

****Note: Please take note of the fact that of all the notes and writings that Kurt made Courtney specifically chose to give the police the Rome note while claiming that it too is a suicide note.

****Note: Courtney's claim that the Rome incident was a suicide attempt contradicts the statements of everyone else involved, including Dr. Osvaldo Galletta who believed it was an accident.

****Note: The Rome note is listed as a suicide note in the police reports.

****Note: Courtney claims the Rome note is a suicide note and also claims the note talks about Kurt leaving her. How can this be? Are we really supposed to believe that Kurt wrote her a note saying he was going to get a divorce from her and then kill himself?

****Note: Courtney would later claim that Sgt. Cameron, the lead detective on Kurt's death investigation, told her to get rid of the note. Courtney admits to burning the note. Courtney Love is tape recorded by Tom Grant saying that the note is not nice to her and talks about Kurt leaving her. If Sgt. Cameron did in fact tell her to get rid of the note then the obvious question is why? Could it be that if the public found out about the contents of this note that the legitimacy of the official "suicide note" may be called into question?

****Note: The official police records which detail these events contain a few errors in the dates. The officers confused the month of March for April in this section of the report.

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April 16 1994 - Wendy - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On Saturday, April 16, 1994, Tom Grant returns to the Seattle home. An unknown woman answers the door and informs Grant that Courtney is sleeping. Grants asks if Wendy, Kurt's mother, was there. Grant was told she was. Grant asks to speak to Wendy. The woman left and returned a short while later and stated that Wendy said she had nothing to say to Grant. Grant left the home.

Grant and Klugman meet with Charles Pelly, an electrician supervisor who was at the death scene. Pelly tells them that Courtney had called on April 6, 1994, asking them to start work on the security lights of the garage/greenhouse of the Seattle home. Grant and Klugman also inquire about statements that Pelly had given to the media about how it looked like someone had combed Kurt's hair.

****Note: Grant doesn't actually believe that someone combed Kurt's hair. Instead, he feels that was just what Pelly perceived at the time.

****Note: Kurt was estranged from his mother, Wendy, for years. Wendy showed up at the Seattle home after Kurt's body was found. Courtney claims she liked Wendy to sleep in her bed because it reminded her of Kurt. Later the two would have a falling out and Wendy would try to battle Courtney for custody of Frances.

****Note: Wendy gave an interview claiming that she told Kurt "not to go join that stupid 27 club". There's no evidence that conversation ever took place as Kurt was estranged from her.

****Note: Wendy is one of three people who could clear up a lot of information on Kurt's death by having the coroner's report released to the public. Currently, Courtney Love, Wendy O'Connor, and Kurt's father, Donald Cobain, all have the power to obtain the coroner's report and release it. Donald Cobain wanted nothing to do with Kurt in either his life or death. Courtney Love was tape recorded claiming she would release the coroner's report but she never died. Wendy likewise has the power to obtain the document and release it. At first many people assumed that Wendy didn't want to release it because she was trying to get in good graces with Courtney so as to be able to see Frances. However, after 18 years and after her and Courtney have had a falling out, Wendy has still made no attempt to release the document. Kurt's grandfather, Leland Cobain, attempted to get the coroner's report so that he could release it to the public but was denied as he was not close enough of kin. 

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April 15, 1994 - Tom Grant Meets With Sgt. Cameron - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On Friday, April 15, 1994, P.I. Tom Grant meets with Sgt. Cameron, the lead detective on the Kurt Cobain death investigation. According to Grant there was a famous attorney present who currently remains anonymous. Grant details his suspicions concerning the fact that someone was attempting to use Kurt's credit card and that Kurt wanted a divorce. According to Grant, Sgt. Cameron claims that Kurt barricaded himself in the greenhouse with the stool. When Grant inquires about pictures he claims he is told that the pictures will probably not be developed as the police don't develop film from suicides. Grant claims he asked Sgt. Cameron about Polaroids and was told that none where taken. Sgt. Cameron claims that nothing Grant has talked about proves that it was anything other than suicide and the meeting is concluded.

Tom Grant's partner, Ben Klugman, flies to Seattle to meet with him.

****Note: Kurt did not barricade himself in the greenhouse and this is proved by the police records themselves. According to the police records the stool was found near the back balcony doors, not the entrance to the greenhouse. Additionally, the stool was small and most likely could not be used to barricade any doors. Why did Sgt. Cameron say this? This would not be the first time that the Seattle Police Department gave out false information concerning Kurt's death.

****Note: Sgt. Cameron previously stated that Kurt locked himself in the room. The greenhouse entrance doors were the "push lock" variety, meaning that anyone could lock the doors and close the doors behind them self.

****Note: There were 23 Polaroids taken at the scene. Why did Sgt. Cameron say that none were taken?

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The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Dawn Of The Dead (Directors Cut, 1978)

Day Of The Dead (2008)

Lifeforce (1985)

Night Of The Lepus (1972)

Slugs: The Movie (1988)

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April 14, 1994 - The Heroin Level And The Carnation Property - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On April 14, 1994, the Seattle Post Intellengencer published an article with information on the level of blood morphine in Kurt's system at death (heroin is transformed into morphine in the body). An anonymous source from the King's County Medical Examiner's office leaked the figure of 1.52 mg/l. This is 3 times the average lethal dose seen at autopsy. In addition to the heroin, diazepam (Valium) was also found in Kurt's system.

April 14, 1994, is listed as the day that Kurt Cobain was cremated. His ashes would later be divided up and scattered in multiple places and a portion was used to create Buddhist statues. Courtney also kept a portion for herself. Some of the ashes would be sprinkled around a tree at the Seattle home. These ashes were allegedly recovered after Courtney moved out and sold the house.

The police speak to the taxi driver who was called to the Seattle home on April 1, 1994. The driver could not identify the passenger but included the detail that he had dark hair. The driver admits he has been called to the home on several occasions.

On April 14, 1994, Tom Grant returned to the Seattle home and met with Courtney Love and Kurt's mother, Wendy. According to Grant, Wendy was friendly and open to him at first and voiced her concern over why Dylan didn't search the greenhouse. Later Grant claimed that Courtney came up to Wendy and whispered something to her. From that time on Grant felt that Wendy responded coldly to him. Later when Grant would ask to speak to Wendy, Wendy allegedly refused and said she had nothing to say to Grant.

Grant claims that Courtney asked him to come upstairs with her. Courtney talked about events while sitting on her bed. Grant claims he took advantage of the opportunity and was able to trick Courtney into allowing him to both see the alleged suicide note and make a copy of it. After Grant made a copy of it he claims Courtney's demeanor changed and that she seemed upset. She then asked Grant to go back downstairs and wait for her. Grant believes she was upset because she knew he had tricked her.

Later that day Grant pressured Courtney to go with him to search the Carnation property. Courtney had convinced the police that while Kurt was missing he was actually at the Carnation property. The Carnation property consisted of an unfurnished mansion that was Courtney's and a small cabin by a pond that was Kurt's. Courtney finally agreed and a gang of people is formed to all go together to search the Carnation property. The gang included Courtney Love, Tom Grant, Eric Erlandson (Hole), and Kat Bjelland (Babes In Toyland). Grant claims that before they left Courtney pulled Eric Erlandson aside into another room and talked to him. Eric then left the home. Grant claims he then asked Courtney about Eric leaving as Eric was supposed to go with them to the Carnation property. Grant claims that Courtney told him that Eric will go on ahead of them and meet them at the property. Grant, Courtney, and Bjelland set out for the Carnation property. During the trip Courtney got lost driving to her own property. She then insisted on stopping for snacks twice. During one of the stops Grant hears on the radio a report that Kurt's death was part of a failed "suicide pact" between Kurt & Courtney.* When they arrived at the Carnation property Eric Erlandson was no where to be seen and he never showed up while the trio were there.*

Courtney Love calls her friend Det. Terry from Grant's cell phone.

The trio decided to search the cabin first. According to Grant, there was no sign that anyone had recently stayed in the cabin and the cabin itself was covered in moss. There were dead rats in the toilette. Courtney Love and Kat Bjelland decided to go upstairs to search. Within a few minutes they returned. Grant claims Courtney opens her coat and pulls out a cloth pouch. Inside the cloth pouch is a syringe. Courtney insisted this was proof that Kurt had been at the cabin while he was missing.*

The trio then searched the unfurnished mansion. Inside they find a sleeping bag, soda pop cans, and cigarette butts. Grant claims that Courtney insisted on having the items fingerprinted.

After arriving back at the Seattle home Eric Erlandson returned. Grant told Courtney he wants to speak to Dylan Carlson and Michael Dewitt. Courtney Love asks Eric Erlandson to call Michael DeWitt to have him fly back as he was out of town. Dylan Carlson comes over but before Grant could speak with him he goes upstairs to talk to Courtney. When he came back downstairs it was obvious that Dylan had shot up heroin. He nods off in the middle of being questioned. Grant asks Eric Erlandson to call him when Michael DeWitt arrives and then leaves. Grant claims that later that night he called the Seattle home and talked to Eric Erlandson. Grant claims that Eric told him that right after Grant left that Courtney called Michael DeWitt and told him not to fly back.

****Note: In a later segment for the show Unsolved Mysteries, noted forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht stated that this level would produce unconsciousness within seconds, not minutes, after injection for the majority of addicts. Though Wecht said he agreed with the initial findings he did state that this level would raise the question of who actually fired the shotgun.

****Note: There is no evidence that Kurt wanted to be cremated. However, it's within Courtney's right as widow to have this done.

****Note: The taxi driver claims the passenger had dark hair. What color was Kurt's hair at that time? The taxi driver claims he has been to the home on several occasions yet he can't identify the passenger.

****Note: The police believe that Kurt was at the Carnation property not because of any investigation they performed. Instead, Courtney Love told them that Kurt was there and they simply chose to believe her. Remember she called Det. Terry while they were at the Carnation property.

****Note: The implication is that Eric Erlandson may have been asked to plant items at the Carnation property and that Courtney Love getting lost and stopping twice for snacks were attempts to stall for time.

****Note: Grant believes the rumors of a "suicide pact" may have been planted in the media by Courtney Love. Grant believes that this is a reference to Courtney's alleged "overdose" the day before Kurt's body was discovered. Courtney has a long history of planting false stories in the media.

****Note: Grant believes Courtney brought the syringe with her and then faked finding it at that cabin.

****Note: Courtney later drops wanting to fingerprint the items found at the unfurnished mansion.

****Note; Someone plants a story in the media that tire tracks at the Carnation property were analysed and proven to have been from Kurt's car. This is completely false and there was no police investigation at the Carnation property. Tom Grant believes it was Courtney Love who planted this false story to the media.

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April 13, 1994 - Tom Grant Meets With Rosemary Carrol - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On April 13, 1994, independent journalist Richard Lee speaks to Seattle Police Department spokesperson, Vinette Tichi. According to Lee, Tichi claims that Kurt's death was a suicide and that there was a suicide attempt a month previous. Richard Lee would be the first person to go public with accusations that Kurt Cobain was murdered after he uncovered evidence that the Seattle Police department and the media were spreading false information concerning the circumstances of Kurt's death.

Tom Grant meets with Rosemary Carrol, Kurt and Courtney's entertainment attorney and then godmother of Frances. According to Grant, Rosemary Carrol tells Grant the following;

- Kurt was not suicidal.

- Kurt called her and asked her to have a new will drawn up excluding Courtney Love.

- Courtney Love called her asking her to get the "meanest most vicious divorce attorney" she could find.

- Courtney Love inquired of her if it was possible to get out of the prenup she had with Kurt.

- After Kurt's body was found Rosemary Carrol found it suspicious that Courtney would not let anyone see the actual suicide note.

- Rosemary Carrol claims that despite what Courtney Love said, that she had no business to attend to in California. All of the business on her new album was already completed.

- Rosemary Carrol claims she specifically heard Courtney Love tell Dylan Carlson to check the closet for the shotgun and check the greenhouse. Both Courtney and Dylan deny this.

- Courtney Love left a backpack at her house. When Rosemary picked it up some papers fell out. One of the papers appeared to be a practice sheet for forgery. It had letters written out in different styles. The second sheet of paper was a "to do" list that included the phrase, "get arrested".

- Rosemary Carrol believed that Courtney may have called the police on herself to purposefully get herself arrested.

-Rosemary Carrol would later tell Grant that it is her belief that the suicide note was cobbled together or traced from various things Kurt had written in the past.

-Rosemary Carrol would later state that the note that Michael DeWitt left on the stairs seemed phony, as if it was planted specifically for Grant to find.

-Rosemary asks Grant to continue digging into Kurt's death and Grant agrees. Rosemary Carrol asks Grant not to tell Courtney Love anything about what she has told him.

At circa 6:30 PM, Tom Grant takes a flight back out to Seattle.

****Note: Vinette Tichi is incorrect. Tichi could either be speaking of the Rome incident (March 3-4, 1994) or when Courtney Love called 911 claiming that Kurt locked himself in a room with a gun and was suicidal (March 18, 1994). The problem is that neither incident was a suicide attempt. In the Rome incident everyone involved said it was an accidental overdose. In the March 18, incident Courtney Love admitted she lied and the police warned her about making false calls to the police.

****Note: Courtney Love freely read from the suicide note in her recorded message to over 7,000 people during Kurt's public memorial/vigil service. She evidently had no problem reading the suicide note yet amazingly doesn't want anyone to see the actual note itself. Why?

****Note: It is believed that Courtney Love later made Rosemary Carrol sign a confidentiality agreement. Courtney was recorded stating that she is making all of her employees who work for her longer than two months sign one.

To see a copy of the "handwriting practice sheet" found in Courtney's backpack, click HERE.

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April 10, 1994 - The Memorial Services - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On Sunday, April 10, 1994, Kurt's body is taken to Bleitz Funeral Home presumably after the autopsy has been concluded. An open-casket viewing is held at the funeral home. According to various witnesses, Courtney Love snips a lock of Kurt's hair, some say it was his pubic hair, and keeps it. One witness reports that Courtney sticks Kurt's hand up her skirt.

A public memorial or vigil service is held drawing over 7,000 attendees. A tape recorded message of Courtney Love reading the suicide note and commenting on Kurt's death is played.

A private memorial service is held at Unity Church of Truth in Seattle.

****Note: The fact that there was a open-casket viewing proves that Kurt's head was not blown off per certain rumors.

****Note: In the recorded conversation Courtney claims that "some" of the suicide note is written to the fans. In reality nearly all of the note is written to the fans. Courtney isn't even mentioned by name until the last few lines.

****Note: P.I. Tom Grant believes the suicide note is actually a retirement letter Kurt was writing to his fans as he was quitting Nirvana.

****Note: Rosemary Carroll was taped recorded stating that she believes that the suicide note was cobbled together from various things Kurt wrote in the past.

****Note: Rosemary Carroll discovered a piece of paper that appeared to be a practice sheet for forgery in Courtney's backpack.

****Note: During Courtney's reading of the note she claims "it was going to happen" and then says that it could have happened when he was 40. Courtney in reinforcing the belief that Kurt was suicidal and that there isn't anything anybody could have done to stop him killing himself. Remember, Courtney was the ONLY person claiming Kurt was suicidal and she made no attempt to fly to Seattle to find her alleged missing and suicidal husband. She hired a P.I. to find her missing husband and didn't tell him that Kurt was seen at the home just the previous day on April 2, 1994, and then she files a missing person's report posing as Kurt's mother Wendy on April 4, 1994, and once again doesn't tell the police that Kurt was seen on April 2. Additionally, she doesn't tell anyone that Kurt left her a message at her hotel on April 1, 1994, reading, "Elizabeth's phone number is 213 - (censored)".

To listen to Courtney Love read from the alleged suicide note, click HERE.

To read the alleged suicide note, click HERE.

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The True Story Of The Exorcist

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined

Oklahoma City Bombing - Forerunner to 9-11

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April 8, 1994 - Kurt's Body Is Discovered - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On Friday, April 8, 1994, electrician Gary Smith begins working on the greenhouse of the Seattle home. At circa 8:40 AM, Smith looks through the balcony windows of the greenhouses and sees a body lying on the floor. At first Smith thinks that it is a mannequin. Slowly Smith makes out that there is blood on the ear of the body and a shotgun lying across it's chest. Gary Smith calls his boss who then instead of calling the police calls a local radio station, KXRX-FM, where he speaks to radio DJ Marty Reimer. The station employees believe the call is a hoax; however, and just to be safe, the police are called. Within an hour the news that a body was discovered at the Seattle home of Kurt Cobain spreads around the world.

Tom Grant and Dylan Carlson decide to make a daylight attempt to drive to the Carnation property in order to search for Kurt. Along the way the pair stop at a gas station. Dylan leaves to make a phone call and then quickly returns saying that a body was just found at the greenhouse of the Seattle home. Grant turns on the radio and listens to confirmation on the radio. Grant claims there was no reaction in Dylan. Grant then allegedly asks Dylan what the greenhouse was and why didn't he tell him about it. Dylan simply responds that it was a dirty room on top of the garage that the Cobains used to store lumber in.

Tom Grant calls his partner, Ben Klugman. Klugman tells Grant that someone is still continuing to attempt to make charges on Kurt's credit card. The most recent attempted charge occurred this morning, April 8, 1994, on the day that Kurt's body was found. This would ultimately be the last attempt made.

At circa 10:15 AM, three Seattle Police officers arrive at the scene. The door to the greenhouse is locked, via a push-lock, meaning that technically anyone could have locked it and then closed the door behind them. The Fire Department arrives a few minutes later and breaks the glass of the door so that the officers can get in. Within minutes official documents are written indicating that this is the scene of a suicide. The police records reveal that Kurt's car, a Volvo, has four flat tires. There is no follow-up on this. The police officers remove Kurt's wallet and set out his driver's license. There is a tray with dirt and plant bulbs. In this tray is a note that was written on the back of an IHOP menu. The note had a red pen stuck through it. The police automatically claim this is a suicide note and they note in the police records that it was directed to Courtney Love.

On the floor there is Kurt's jacket, the cigar box with drug paraphernalia, a lighter,  a pack of cigarettes and cigarette butts, two towels, sunglasses, a 2/3 full can of root beer, a paper bag full of shot gun shells, and a wad of cash totalling $120.

In the pockets of Kurt's jacket is the receipt for the shotgun.

In Kurt's pants pockets there is a note with an address for a gun shop, a note with the model of shotgun and type of ammo needed, various papers, an address planner book, a receipt for his plane ticket, and $63 in cash.

The shotgun was fully loaded.

According to the police reports there were marks on Kurt's hands proving that Kurt fired the weapon. Sgt. Cameron, the lead detective on the case, would later claim that this part of the police record is not accurate and that there were no marks on Kurt's hands.

The SeaFirst credit card that should have been on the body was missing. It has never been located.

At 11:05 AM, coroners arrive to the scene. Dr. Nikolas Hartshorne examines and photographs the body and informs homicide detectives that have arrived that this is a suicide. Information is leaked to the media that Kurt has indeed killed himself.

Courtney Love is released from jail and flies back to Seattle. Grant calls Courtney Love and talks to her. According to Grant, Courtney behaves as if she thinks Kurt died the night before yet is not angry that no one found Kurt.

Tom Grant calls the Seattle Police to voice his suspicions on the case. Grant is brushed off by claims implying it had to be a suicide because the door was locked from the inside and the fire department had to break the glass to get in. (The doors were the "push-lock" variety meaning that anyone could lock them and shut the doors on their way out.)

Tom Grant flies back to LA.

****Note: Dylan would later tell reporters that he didn't even know about the greenhouse.

****Note: A police officer would later tell the media that Kurt Cobain took out his driver's license before killing himself so that his body could be identified. This was not true. Sgt. Cameron, the lead detective on the case, claims it was just a "rookie error".

****Note: The note was not directed to Courtney as the police claim. Instead, it was addressed "To Boddah". The majority of the note is written to Kurt's fans. Courtney Love is only mentioned by name in the last few lines of the note.

****Note:  In the 2001 book, Heavier Than Heaven, Courtney Love claims she flattened the tires on both of Kurt's cars, a Volvo and a Dart. She claims she did this to trap him at the house for the drug intervention on March 25, 1994. However, only the Volvo was found with flat tires. The Dart was not at the home and was parked elsewhere with a "for sale" sign on it. The Dart's tires were not flattened. Courtney Love's claim that it was she who flattened both of cars is a very interesting statement that I would recommend people ponder the implications.  

****Note: When found the root beer can is listed as being 2/3 full. By the time it was checked into evidence it was empty. The can and it's contents were never tested. Who dumped it out and why?

****Note: Courtney claims she found Kurt with a wad of cash in his hand during the Rome incident. She claims the Rome incident was a failed suicide attempt. The money may have been planted there to bridge or connect both incidents. The money may also have been planted to fool the police into thinking that Kurt was alone as surely if there were people with him then they would have stolen the money.

****Note: There is money in Kurt's pockets and on the floor. Why? This may indicate that the scene was staged, that a wad of money was planted on the floor in order to both connect the scene to the Rome incident as well as to fool police into thinking that Kurt was alone.

****Note: Why would a person who is going to kill themselve fully load a shotgun?

****Note: Dr. Nikolas Hartshorne was a close friend of Courtney Love. The two met back in the 1980s. Hartshorne never informs anyone that he may be biased in this case. Hartshorne was seen in public with Courtney Love on several occasions up until his accidental death in 2002. Prior to his death, Hartshorne made the rounds in documentaries and interviews claiming that Kurt's death was a "classic suicide", even though there has never been a documented suicide similar to Kurt Cobain's death.

****Note: Courtney Love only returns to Seattle after Kurt's body has been found. Even though she claims that Kurt was suicidal she made no attempt to fly to Seattle to search for Kurt and didn't tell anyone that Kurt was seen at the home on April 2, 1994 or that Kurt left her a message on April 1, 1994, reading, "Elizabeth's phone number is 213 - (censored)".

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Sample Of Recorded Phone Calls Between Courtney Love And Tom Grant - April, 1994

Here are various segments of recorded conversations that P.I. Tom Grant made with Courtney Love in April of 1994. I have listed the segments and what was discussed under each video. Please note that this is only a sample of the recordings Tom Grant has made. Grant promises to deliver the recordings to the proper authorities when/if the case is ever reopened.

1.) Courtney claims that a man who claims Kurt was murdered is not crazy. She thinks he may be paranoid but not crazy. Courtney talks further about if Kurt was conscious or unconscious when he fired the gun.

2.) Grant tries to get Courtney to release the Coroner's report (She says she would but never does). Grant tries to get Courtney to make Michael DeWitt take a polygraph. Courtney is a bit upset with Tom Grant and claims she could try to get his license revoked. (Note: She tried but withdrew her complaint when it was learned she had to testify about subjects she didn't want to talk about.) Courtney states that she is is not really upset because she knows Grant is not like other people who are motivated by money, fame, or to make a name for himself. She knows that Grant actually believes in what he is doing.

3.) Coutney claims that "knowing how Kurt loved Cali" she decided to send him to rehab("Cali" is Michael DeWitt, the male nanny, and Kurt was not fond of him). Courtney admits to giving Michael DeWitt circa $30,000.00 outright so that he can attend a Scientologist rehab center in Oklahoma. This occurred shortly after Kurt's death. (Is this hush money or a hit man's fee? LOL) Grant once again tries to get Courtney to make Michael DeWitt take a polygraph test. Courtney acknowledges that she knows that Grant doesn't buy the note that Michael DeWitt left on the stairs. She tries to make excuses for Michael DeWitt and claims that he wrote that note because she kept bothering him.

4.) Courtney claims she would get custody of Frances if they got divorced.

5.) Courtney Love asks Grant to bug the phone of a woman she believes Kurt is cheating with. Courtney says if Kurt wants a divorce that it's fine.

6.) Courtney talks about the prenup and says her name is on all of the property. Courtney says she doesn't want a divorce unless she has proof that Kurt is cheating on her.

7.) Courtney bitches that Kurt doesn't want to do Lollapalooza, potentially turning down a 9 million dollar gig.

8.) Courtney claims Kurt bought 2 plane tickets. She's trying to figure out what he could have done with the tickets and who the other ticket may have been for.

9.) Courtney and Grant talk fees. Courtney claims "money is not a problem", unless Kurt divorces her and then it will be a problem unless if/when a publishing deal goes through.

1.) Courtney claims that Kurt can't even call a cab for himself. Courtney admits to cancelling Kurt's credit card and preventing him from accessing his own money.

2.) Courtney claims the Rome Incident was a suicide attempt and that the Rome note was a suicide note. Courtney claims that behind the scenes everyone knew that it was a suicide attempt but that the public was made to believe it was just an accident. (This is definitely not true.) Courtney admits the note was about him leaving her yet she still insists it is a suicide note!

3.) Courtney claims there is a secret second suicide note that she never told anyone about except for Rosemary Carrol, her attorney, and Sgt. Cameron, the lead detective on Kurt's death investigation. Courtney claims that Kurt put it under her pillow before he killed himself. Grant claims there was no note present when the house was searched. The note was never checked into evidence.

4.) Courtney recites the contents of the Rome Note and still insets it is a suicide note. Courtney claims that Sgt. Cameron told her to get rid of the note because it would not look good on her and would only cause her problems. Courtney admits the Rome note mentions Kurt wanted a divorce. (Just how the hell can a man commit suicide and divorce his wife at the same time? It's obvious It's a 'Dear John' letter.) Courtney admits that she got rid of it. (She burned it)

4.) Courtney comments on how weird the series of events surrounding Kurt's death is. Courtney claims she is going to see the Dali Lama.

5.) Courtney Love and Rosemary Carrol are both on the line and leave a message for Grant wanting to know if he received his payment and if he has agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement. (It is assumed that Courtney made Rosemary Carrol sign one too.)

6.) Courtney talks more on the confidentiality agreement. Courtney claims Grant is a really good P.I. and that she has dealt with sleazebags before. Grant eventually chooses not to sign it.

7.) Courtney claims that Michael DeWitt may have heard the gunshot when Kurt killed himself. (She is throwing him under the bus to try to shake off the suspicion on herself) Grant admits that he believes Michael DeWitt knew Kurt was dead all along. Courtney claims that Michael DeWitt was Kurt's closest friend. (This is not true. Kurt's best friend was Dylan Carlson.)

Monday, September 10, 2012

April 7, 1994 - Tom Grant's & Dylan Carlson's Search Of The Home - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

****NOTE: Many important things happened on this day. If necessary please reread this entry in the timeline as it is very important.

Continuing the events from the night of  April 6, 1994....

At circa 2:15 AM, on Thursday, April 7, 2012, Tom Grant and Dylan Carlson arrived at the Seattle home. Dylan got out of the car and walked around the property. Grant parked away from the property as he didn't want to scare or anger Kurt if he was at the house. Circa five minutes later Dylan returned to the car and told Grant that no one is home. The two then drive to a payphone. Dylan calls Courtney and asked her to turn off the alarm.

Courtney spent the night at her attorney Rosemary Carrol's house. Rosemary Carrol was present at the time that Dylan called her. According to Rosemary Carrol, Courtney specifically asked Dylan to check the closet for the shotgun and to check the greenhouse. Both Courtney and Dylan deny this.

Grant and Dylan drove back to the Seattle home at circa 2:45 AM, enter through an unlocked kitchen window and searched the home. There is no indication Kurt is or ever was at the house. However, there was indication that Michael DeWitt was recently at the home as his television was on and his bed was unmade. Dylan Carlson comments on how clean the house was and stated that it is the cleanest he has ever seen the home. Grant did not search the greenhouse as it was dark, raining, and he didn't suspect that there was a room above the garage. Dylan knew about the greenhouse but didn't tell Grant.

The remainder of the day Tom Grant and Dylan Carlson check around various locations Kurt was rumored to hang out at, and people Kurt was believed to hang out with.

During the day, someone in Courtney's hotel room had called 911 and said someone had overdosed. Courtney Love was taken to the hospital and then was released two and half hours later. She was then immediately arrested for possession of drugs, drug paraphernalia, and stolen property (a prescription pad). It is believed that Courtney called 911 on herself and purposefully got herself arrested.

Michael DeWitt boards a plane and flies to be with Courtney in California.

Later that evening Tom Grant decided he wanted to search the Carnation property, the second property owned by the Cobains. The two quickly became lost and Dylan wasn't quite sure how to get out to the property. After stopping at a gas station Dylan got out and used the payphone. Dylan came back to the car and told Grant that he spoke to Courtney and that Courtney got arrested. Dylan told Grant that Courtney wanted them to go back to the Seattle home and check to see if a shotgun Kurt had purchased was in the closet where it was supposed to be.

At circa 9:45 PM, Grant and Dylan arrived back to the Seattle Home. They searched the house again but this time they found rohypnol and a note that was left on the stairs. The note was not there on the first search. The note was written by Michael DeWitt and states the following:

"Kurt - I can't believe you managed to be in this house without me noticing. You're a fucking asshole for not calling Courtney & at least letting her know you're o.k. She's in a lot of pain kurt and this morning she had another "accident" & now she's in the hospital. She's your wife and she loves you & you have a child together. Get it together to at least tell her you're o.k. Or she is going to die. It's not fair man. Do something now!"

****Note: Courtney decided to stay with Rosemary Carrol on the night that Tom Grant left for Seattle. She knew that Grant would be searching the home. Why did she choose that night to spend with someone else?  I have my opinions and my opinions are that she suspected/thought that the body would be found that night. Therefore, she wanted to be with someone else, perhaps so that they could see her "grief" upon hearing the news. However, that's just my personal opinion and speculation. Don't view it the same as evidence, because it's not.

****Note: If Kurt was murdered then Dylan's comments about the house being cleaned may indicate the crime scene was cleaned and that Kurt may not have died in the greenhouse. Some speculate that Kurt died in the home and his body was taken to the greenhouse and the death scene staged.

****Note: Rosemary Carrol was adamant that Courtney Love told Dylan to check the closet for the shotgun AND the greenhouse during the first search. Both Courtney Love and Dylan deny this. However, Courtney does ask Dylan and Grant to return to the home to search the closet for the gun. For me at least, this indicates that Rosemary Carrol told the truth.

****Note: Courtney Love left a backpack at Rosemary Carrol's house. When Rosemary Carrol picked up the bag several pieces of paper fell out. The papers were suspicious. One paper appeared to be a practice sheet for forgery, with various letters written in several different ways. A second paper had a "to do" list with the phrase, "get arrested".

****Note: Michael DeWitt leaves Seattle the day before Kurt's body was found. Courtney would later claim that Michael Dewitt was "too scared" to stay in the house by himself.

****Note: Both Tom Grant and Rosemary Carroll believe the note that Michael DeWitt left on the stairs was disingenuous, or in Rosemary Carrol's words, "phony", and that the note was planted there specifically for Grant to find. Both Tom Grant and Rosemary Carroll believe that Michael DeWitt left that note because he knew Kurt was dead. 

****Note: Courtney has a history of planting false stories and faking incidents. Note that Rosemary Carrol found the "to do" list that read, "get arrested". Note that Courtney was released form the hospital only two and half hours later. For me at least it's clear that Courtney faked a drug overdose.

To view a copy of the note Michael DeWitt left on the stairs on April 7, 1994, click HERE.

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April 6, 1994 - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On Wednesday, April 6, 1994, Courtney Love contacted the electrians and asked them to start on the security lights on the greenhouse. Later in the day electricians would show up to make a preliminary look at the home.

Jessica Hopper, Michael DeWitt's girlfriend, finally left the Seattle home and does not return.

Michael DeWitt allegedly calls Dylan Carlson and asks him if he has seen Kurt.

Courtney finally told Tom Grant that Michael DeWitt saw Kurt at the Seattle home on April 2, 1994. Grant immediately boards a plane and heads for Seattle planning to personally search the home and other places. Grant claims that someone in the room then asked Courtney why she didn't go back to Seattle to look for Kurt and then Courtney responded that she has to stay in California for "business reasons".

At circa 11:30 PM, Grant has arrived in Seattle and has picked up Dylan Carlson. The two stop to get a bite to eat and Grant questions him. Dylan Carlson allegedly tells Grant that Kurt was not suicidal, which contradicts Courtney's claim that "everyone" believed he was suicidal. In truth, only Courtney was making these claims during these events. According to Grant, Dylan then goes on to tell him that he had bought the shotgun for Kurt because Kurt wanted it for protection. The pair talk about places Kurt may be at and Grant claims he asked Dylan if it was true that Kurt always stayed at fancy hotels. Dylan allegedly said it wasn't true, the Kurt usually stayed at "dumps". The pair decide to check out the drug dealer's apartment to see if Kurt is there or was there recently.

****Note: Michael DeWitt told Courtney Love on April 2, 1994, that he saw Kurt at the home. Courtney Love doesn't tell anyone until after Kurt is dead. She hires a private investigator to find her husband but doesn't tell him. She files a missing person's report and doesn't tell the police.

****Note: Rosemary Carrol, Courtney's attorney, claims Courtney had no business to attend to in California.

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April 5, 1994 - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

The ME lists on Kurt Cobain's autopsy report that the estimated day of death was Tuesday, April 5, 1994. Keep in mind that there is a 24 hour window or margin of error so it is possible that Kurt may have died on April 4 or April 6, 1994.

Courtney Love hires an electrician to work on the security lights on the greenhouse. Courtney allegedly claims she is concerned that "unauthorized" people are staying at her home. The only "unauthorized" person staying at the home was Michael DeWitt's (the male nanny) girlfriend, Jessica Hopper. However, since Michael DeWitt was in constant communication with Courtney it is far more likely that Courtney knew that Jessica was staying at the house. It's also not clear why Courtney Love would think that security lights would deter "unauthorized" people from staying at the home when these "unauthorized" people seemingly knew that the owners of the home were not there.

According to Tom Grant, Courtney believes Kurt may have been staying at hotels in Seattle. Courtney allegedly claims that Kurt only stays at the finest hotels. Courtney gives Kurt a fake name of Bill Bailey, a name she claims that Kurt sometimes uses. Grant begins to search upscale hotels in Seattle for any person checked in under that name of Bill Bailey. Courtney tells Grant not to make any contact with Kurt or to approach him as she didn't want Kurt to know that she was having him tracked. Circa 2:50 PM, Grant locates a person checked into the West Evergreen hotel under the name of Bill Bailey. Grant calls Courtney and asks her if she wishes to have the room be put under surveillance. Circa one hour later Courtney returns the call and says that she called the room and spoke to the man and that it's not Kurt. This seemingly violated her desire of not wanting Kurt to know that he was being tracked. Grant reaches the conclusion that Courtney has sent him on a goose chase.

Courtney Love allegedly asks Eric Erlandson (Hole) to search the Seattle home. Eric Erlandson allegedly makes Michael DeWitt and his girlfriend, Jessica Hopper help. The trio apparently did not search the greenhouse and find no sign of Kurt being at the home.

The police believe that Kurt somehow travelled from the Carnation property back to the Seattle home before going into the greenhouse and killing himself. Remember, the belief of the police that Kurt was at the Carnation property is not based on any investigation they performed. Instead, Courtney Love told them that Kurt was at the Carnation property and they simply chose to believe her.

****Note: Tom Grant believes that Kurt died either late April 3 or early April 4, 1994.

****Note: According to Dylan Carlson, Kurt's best friend, Kurt hated upscale hotels and usually stayed at "dumps".

****Note: Tom Grant has received much criticism from people who claim he is inept because he didn't search the greenhouse. The criticism is unfounded as several people, including the police, searched the property and did not find Kurt's body.

****Note: The Carnation property will feature more heavily further in the timeline.

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April 4, 1994 - Kurt Cobain Death Timeline

On Monday, April 4, 1994, Courtney Love, pretending to be Kurt's mother Wendy, filed a missing person's report with the Seattle Police Dept. Courtney, posing as Wendy, claims that Kurt escaped from rehab on April 1, 1994, bought a shotgun, and may be suicidal. She tells the police that Kurt may be at a drug dealer's house (the same house that she asked Grant to have under surveillance).

P.I. Tom Grant meets with Courtney Love at her hotel room. Grant's sleuthing has unveiled that someone is continuing to try to make charges on Kurt's cancelled credit card.

In response to the missing person's report the police drove by the Seattle home on several occasions on April 4 and April 5, 1994.

The Seattle Police would later believe that Kurt was given a ride by an unknown woman to the Cobains' second property, the Carnation property, sometime on April 3 or April 4, 1994. Their reason in believing this has nothing to do with any type of Investigation, Rather, it is what Courtney Love told them and they simply chose to believe it.

****Note: Courtney Love does not tell the police that Kurt was seen at the home on April 2, 1994. Instead, she makes it appear as if Kurt disappeared on April 1, 1994, and that she didn't know any of his whereabouts since that date. There is more than enough evidence to suggest this is not the case and that Courtney knew Kurt was at the Seattle home on April 2, 1994.

****Note: Courtney Love does not tell the police about the message that Kurt left for her at the hotel on April 1, 1994. That message read, "Elizabeth's phone number is 213 - (censored)". Why?

****Note: Courtney Love freely admits that she posed as Wendy Cobain. She claims she did this so the police would take it seriously.  

****Note: The shotgun was purchased on March 30, 1994, not after Kurt fled rehab, as Courtney made it seem to appear.

****Note: This is yet another instance of Courtney claiming that Kurt was suicidal. She does this a lot in the timeline. None of the other people close to Kurt ever suspected he was suicidal.

****Note: The Carnation property will feature heavily later on in the timeline.

To read the missing person's report, click HERE.

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