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The Cobain Case By Ian Halperin

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Perhaps the best book currently released on the subject is the 2004 book, Love And Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin. I highly recommend purchasing and reading this book.


Anonymous said...

holy shit!!!!!! i mean, WOW!!!

i had heard the theories for years. after kurts death i tuned out all that stuff because i thought it seemed like opportunists trying to make a buck from selling books on conspiracy theories. but this is no joke - im only beginning part IV and i am BLOWN AWAY at the incriminating evidence and circumstances against ms. love. how this never went to trial is beyond me!
thank you very much for posting this documentary!

Anonymous said...

i would be interested in hearing comments from other readers...after a few hours of letting this soak in, i think its possible much of the slander against courtney is just conjecture. was El Duce to be trusted? what were the circumstances of his death? (inebriated, wandered into the path of the train?). also, OF COURSE courtney tried to stop the release of the documentary - there could be a handful of reasons why. although kurts grandfather claimed otherwise, another relative said that yes, he was obviously depressed...this is a fascinating case. im not defending courtney as much as i am trying to sort it out in my head. that Alan Wrench guy, too - quite the tool.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous at 7:24 am,

I'm suprised you liked it so much. Even though I believe Kurt was murdered I didn't quite like this documentary. I thought it was filled with too much fluff and too much commentry from crazy people.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous at 10:12,

Allan Wrench did not kill Kurt. He's just lying so he can get some fame out of it. P.I. Tom Grant has openly accused Courtney of having Michael DeWitt, the male live-in nanny and Courtney's ex-boyfriend, kill Kurt. Courtney even gave Michael a large sum of money after Kurt died and the two parted ways.

El Duce passed a lie detector test with flying colors. He died under mysterious circumstances a week after giving an interview for Nick Broomfied's documentar, "Kurt & Courtney". Yes, the police claim he was drunk and passed out on the train tracks. However, his friends said before that he was paranoid and asked to get a fake ID and made comments about how easy it would be to just get rid of somebody.

Read the book, "Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain". It's really good.

The sad fact is that murders that are staged to appear as suicides are extremely common. People just aren't that aware of how common it is so they view it as a "conspiracy theory" when in reality it's actually in the police textbooks now, but it wasn't in the textbooks back in 1994.

Anonymous said...

one more comment from me!

i 'slept on it'...and i agree. this documentary, although shocking to me in that it presented the 'courtney did it' theory of which i was never aware, WAS full of fluff. remember that part with the guy sitting at the drums? he wasnt even identified! there were so many things left open-ended (like El Duce's death). courtney's recorded messages may have been used out of context. (i have a 180deg. view of her now, for the worse). and that michael dewitt? that was hardly a key element in the film!
by the way, if someone reads this, they may be interested in "hits so hard", a doc. on Hole's former drummer. again, a weak documentary, but more devoted to its subject and less scattered than "Kurt and Courtney". anyway, its an eye-opening expose on courtney love and her abrasive, callous nature.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Anonymous,

If Kurt was murdered, which I do believe he was, then Courtney Love is the prime suspect as the is the one who most benefitted from his death.

As far as the taped phone calles of Courtney, they were not taken out of context. However, they could have been explained better.

There's so much to talk about with regard to Kurt Cobain's death. It literally just makes me want to tear my hair out that the SPD did not real investigation and that to this day people still think he killed himself.

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