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Flying Ointment

Flying Ointment, a.k.a. Witches' Unguent, is a pungent, fat or oil-based ointment, unguent, or salve that witches were alleged to rub on their naked bodies and brooms in order to obtain the power of flight, specifically the power to fly to the witches sabbat. Such flight was achieved by the levitation of the body or via the riding of the broom as a vehicle for travel. In a small minority of accounts the flying ointment transforms the witch into a bird or other flying creature. Flying ointments were believed to be composed of foul or disgusting ingredients, such as blood, the fat of an unbaptized baby, animal parts, body parts from corpses, and various toxic or hallucinogenic plants.

One of the earliest, if not the first, documented account of a witch using a flying ointment appears in Lucius Apuleius', The Golden Ass (book 3, ch. 16), which dates to circa 160 AD.

"On a day Fotis came running to me in great fear, and said that her mistress, to work her sorceries on such as she loved, intended the night following to transform herself into a bird, and to fly whither she pleased. Wherefore she willed me privily to prepare myself to see the same. And when midnight came she led me softly into a high chamber, and bid me look through the chink of a door: where first I saw how she put off all her garments, and took out of a certain coffer sundry kinds of boxes, of the which she opened one, and tempered the ointment therein with her fingers, and then rubbed her body therewith from the sole of the foot to the crown of the head, and when she had spoken privily with her self, having the candle in her hand, she shaked parts of her body, and behold, I perceived a plume of feathers did burgen out, her nose waxed crooked and hard, her nails turned into claws, and so she became an owl. Then she cried and screeched like a bird of that kind, and willing to prove her force, moved her self from the ground by little and little, til at last she flew quite away."

The first source to describe the modern notion of a flying ointment was the Bavarian physician, Johannes Hartlieb in his 1456 work tittled, Puch Aller Verpoten Kunst, Ungelaubens Und Der Zaubrey (Book on all Forbidden Arts, Superstition and Sorcery). A little over a century later the Italian scholar, Giambattista della Porta speculated in his work, De Miraculis Rerum Naturalium (c.1558), that the witch's flight had a natural explanation in that hallucinogenic plants were used to create the flying ointment. Thus the perceptions of flight were in fact hallucinations brought on by the absorption of the toxins and hallucinogens through the skin. Porta was perhaps the first educated person of his day to suggest a rational explanation devoid of supernatural powers. Porta's observation are correct. The majority of the recipes given for alleged flying ointments make great use of various toxic and hallucinogenic plants.

The following recipes for flying ointments are provided for educational purposes only. The following recipes were taken from Witches by Erica Jong.

Traditional English Flying Ointment

3 grams annamthol
30 grams betel
50 grams extract of opium
6 grams cinquefoil
15 grams henbane
15 grams belladonna
15 grams hemlock
250 grams cannabis Indica
5 grams canthreindin

Blend with oil of your choice--baby fat, vaseline, safflower oil, or butter.

Modern American Flying Ointment

1 jar hand cream
1 tsp. vegetable fat
1/2 tsp. belladonna
3 drops of liquid detergent
1/2 tsp. wolfsbane juice

Mix well with perfume of your choosing

French Flying Ointments: Three Recipes

I. Du persil, de l'eau de L'Aconite, des feuilles de Peuple, et de la suye. (Parsley, essence of aconite, poplar leaves, and soot.)

II. De la Berle, de L'Acorum vulgaire, de la Quintefeuille, du sang de chauve-souris, de la Morelle edormante, et de l'huyle. (Water parsnip, sweet flag, cinquefoil, bat's blood, deadly nightshade, and oil.)

III. De graisse d'enfant, de sue d'Ache, d'Aconite, de Quintefeuille, de Morelle, et de suye. (Baby's fat, juice of water parsnip, aconite, cinquefoil, deadly nightshade, and soot.)

Many modern Wiccans have forsaken the hallucination-inducing ointments and have instead embraced various techniques for achieving "astral travel", or a directed out-of-body experience. However, various self-styled witches continue to use flying ointments that contain toxic and hallucinogenic plants.

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Wolfbane, a.k.a. Monkshood, Aconite, Aconitum, is a plant with primarily purple or blue blooms, though yellow, white, and rarely pink blooms are possible. Wolfbane has a long history and association with werewolves and witchcraft. The plant gets it's common name due to the fact that it was used to poison meat set out for wolves and feral dogs. The plant gets it's alternative name of monkshood due to the shape of the blossoms which resemble the hood of a monk. To view images of wolfbane, click HERE.

Wolfbane And Witchcraft: Wolfbane was believed to be an important ingredient in recipes flying ointments that witches were believed to rub on their bodies and brooms which allegedly gave them the power of flight.

Wolfbane And Werewolves:

"Even a man who is pure of heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright." -The Wolfman (1941)

The widespread belief that wolfbane repels or wards off werewolves most likely stems from the plant's long use in poisoning and killing wolves. The plant was also believed to be used to transform a person into a werewolf. For such use the would-be werewolf would either create for themselves a magic ointment or salve containing various toxic substances, including wolfbane, or would be given such salve by either a witch or the Devil himself. The ointment, when rubbed on the naked body, was believed to transform the person into a werewolf.

Wolfbane In Popular Culture: Wolfbane is portrayed in popular t.v. series, such as The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf for it's ability to repel werewolves.In Teen Wolf the plant also is given hallucinogenic properties and is used by the character of Lydia to spike the punch served at a party. The results were that attendees who drank the punch began to act intoxicated and began to hallucinate. In real life such action would most likely result in death as wolfbane is a highly toxic plant. Poet and author, Erica Jong, has written a poem on wolfbane/monkshood, which you can read by clicking HERE.

Palo Mayombe Site Discovered

SANTERIA! A Film by Larry Wessel. Written and Performed by Luna Olcott.

Jay Parker - Satanic Ritual Abuse

A lecture by a man who claims he was a victim of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). I have not seen this video and will not view it. Instead, all I can say is that in the past people who have come forward with such claim either had no proof or were found to be deliberately lying, often for reasons of financial gain.

Man Reports Werewolf Sighting To Police 2011

Celestial (2012)

Unsolved Mysteries (Various Episodes) Part 14

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Types Of Satanism

A comment by a reader helped to inspire me to write this blog entry. First let me state that I'm not a Satanist and hence am no expert on it. The following are my opinions concerning the different types of Satanism.

Types Of Satanism

1.) LaVeyan Satanism or The Church of Satan

LaVeyan Satanists are atheists and do not actually believe in Satan. For them Satan is a symbol of rebellion against the hypocrisy of Judeo-Christianity. LaVeyan Satanists do no practice animal sacrifice and are law-abiding citizens.

2.) Theistic Satanism

Theistic Satanists believe in Satan and worship him as a divinity.

3.) Luciferians

Luciferians are people who either worship Lucifer as a divinity or hold Lucifer in high esteem, especially from a philosophical viewpoint.

4.) Satanic Witch/Warlock

Any Satanist who practices magic.

5.) Teenage Dabblers

Teenage dabblers tend to be Theistic Satanists and view Satan as a supernatural being worthy of worship. A teenage dabbler is usually not a member of the Church of Satan or any other satanic organization. Instead, the majority of teenage dabblers simply make up their own beliefs and practices. Many teenage dabblers do perform animal sacrifices and may drink blood. Luckily, many teenage dabblers will eventually grow out of this phase. Heavy metal music and drug abuse tend to go hand-in-hand with teenage dabblers.

6.) Satanic Criminals

I use this term to describe the minority of teenage dabblers who do not grow out of the dabbler phase and continue into a life of crime, and usually drugs. These individuals may form their own 'covens' and may go on to commit murders.

7.) Pseudo-Satanists (False Satanists)

Pseudo-Satanists is a vast mixture of peoples whom predominately fundamentalist Christians label as being Satanists or 'devil worshippers'. Such groups include members or practitioners of Voodou, Santeria, Hoodoo, New-Age, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Goth subculture, or people having an interest in the occult, UFOs, or psychic or paranormal phenomenon. This group may also include individuals who wear a lot of black clothing or who frequently burn candles, listen to rock music, or who are otherwise considered "different'. Included in this group are the predominately fundamentalist Christians who claim they were Satanists prior to converting to Christianity. These Christians are included in this group because most of their stories are untrue.

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Alleged Witch Drunk Driving That Killed Teen Still Stiring Up Problems

The death of a 19 year-old teen is still causing problems among witches and members of the teen's family. The teen died after a wreck in which the 25 year-old witch driver was alleged to have been drunk. The witch has pleaded not-guilty but issues still persist.

Accident leads to rancor between crash victim's family, witches

NBC To Air New Dracula Series

Production has started on a new 10 part series based on Bram Stoker's Dracula.

NBC taking a bite out of Dracula classic with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the timeless vampire

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Papa Ce - Was The Miami 'Face-Eating Zombie' A Witch/Shape-Shifter?

Papa Ce speculates that Rudy Eugene, the Miami 'Face-Eating Zombie', may have been an African witch and shape-shifter. Papa Ce even speculates that Rudy was simply one witch among a group of witches/shape-shifters that may be responsible for multiple murders.

Papa Ce - 5/30/2012 - Man Eating Another Man's Face!: Shapeshifter?

The 8/8/88 Satanic Rally

On August 8, 1988, the world's first and largest Satanic rally took place in San Francisco.

More Haunted Houses: Tortured Souls And Restless Spirits

UFOs Spotted In Oklahoma

Several witnesses reported strange lights and crafts earlier this month.

UFOs Reported in Oklahoma

Joan Rivers Hosting 2 Benefit Shows To Help Her Voodoo Priestess

You may have seen Joan Rivers on the show, Celebrity Ghost Stories, in which she relates her tale of calling upon a Voodoo priestess, Sallie Ann Glassman, to exorcise her apartment of ghosts. Now Joan Rivers will be performing two benefit shows to help her Voodoo priestess' causes.

Joan Rivers to host comedy show to benefit voodoo priestess’ Katrina recovery center

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Grave Digger's Shovel

According to folklore, a shovel that has been used to dig a grave is imbued with the power to kill vampires. Such shovel would best be used to decapitate the undead. Such shovel can also play a secondary role as it can be used as a surface to burn the heart of the suspected vampire to ash. The ash would then be mixed with water and given to the victims of the alleged vampire as a cure for their condition.

9sense - Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan, Walpurgisnacht XLVII A.S

World Of Witchcraft

World of Witchcraft from Daniel Bogado on Vimeo.

Unsolved Mysteries (Various Episodes) Part 11

Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel talks about investigating and debunking UFO sightings

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The Wandering Jew

The Wandering Jew is a Jewish man who, according to Christian folklore, was cursed with immortality by Jesus Christ for some slight against him during his crucifixion. The identity of the Wandering Jew is not known, though one popular name often assigned to him is that of Ahasverus. Tales of the Wandering Jew date back to the middle ages. Tales of the Wandering Jew were extremely popular up until the late 19th century after which the popularity of the Wandering Jew seems to have waned.

Appearance: The Wandering Jew appears as a normal human being. The Wandering Jew is usually portrayed in his bearded, elderly form and holding a walking stick or staff as he wanders. You can view images of the Wandering Jew by clicking HERE.

Lore: There are many versions of the tale of the Wandering Jew. In all versions the Jewish man in question offends Jesus in some fashion, usually by laughing at his pain and suffering, mocking him, taunting him, yelling at him to hurry-up or move out of his way, or even slapping him. As punishment Jesus curses him with immortality and forces him to wander the earth until his second coming. According to lore, the Wandering Jew will age normally until circa 100 years-old in which he will then shed his skin like a snake and emerge as a 30 year-old man. This process repeats indefinitely until the second coming of Christ.

Powers: Immortality.

Defense Against The Wandering Jew: The Wandering Jew poses little-to-no threat to humans. If one suspects one is in the presence of the Wandering Jew check to see if the man casts a shadow. The Wandering Jew is believed not to cast a shadow.

Possible Origins Of The Wandering Jew Myth: The Wandering Jew tale shows similarities to the curse of Cain in Genesis. Cain was cursed to wander the earth as punishment for the murder of his brother, Abel. Scholars also believe that a misinterpretation of Matthew 16:28 also gave rise to the legend.

Matthew 16:28 KJV
Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.

Last Reported Sighting: The last reported sightings of the alleged Wandering Jew were in New York City circa the 1840s.

The Wandering Jew  

Wandering Jew

The Wandering Jew

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Naked 'Zombie' Attacks And Kills Motel Worker

Monday, July 16, 2012

Coast 2 Coast AM - July 15, 2012 - Reporting On The Paranormal

What Does Satanism Mean To You?

In The Shadow of Pendle Hill

A musical based on the Pendle witches.

The Witches Of Pendle (1976)

David Farrant At Pendle Witch Camp 2012

'Face-Eating Zombie' Knew The Victim, Scattered Pages Of The Bible

Strange information has surfaced which reveals that Rudy Eugene, the 'face-eating zombie' of Miami, FL, knew his victim. It wasn't a case of a man attacking a stranger. Also, police found scattered pages of the Bible along the path Rudy walked prior to attacking the victim.

Rudy Eugene Met Ronald Poppo Before Face-Mauling Attack: Friend (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Could Bigfoot Harbor Diseases That Could Harm Us?

Could Bigfoot harbor pathogens that it has adapted to but that which we have no immunity from? Bigfoot

Biohazard: Sasquatch Microbiome an Unpercieved Threat

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Today Is Friday The 13th!

Today is Friday the 13th. It's also the last Friday the 13th of 2012. This year was remarkable because we had the highest number of Friday the 13ths possible in any given year, which is 3.

Now, some may cower in fear today but not me! I believe that Friday the 13th is a powerful time for luck, good or bad. The energy available today is very powerful. So go out there and ask that special someone on a date. Go out and buy a lottery ticket. Go out and take a chance!

Charmed - S1E13 - From Fear To Eternity

Coast 2 Coast AM - July 12, 2012 - CIA & Roswell

Prime Minister Tony Blair Recieved UFO Briefing

Among the information released in the newest batch of the UK's "X-Files" is that Prime Minister Tony Blair was briefed on UFOs back in 1998.

Blair was briefed on UK UFO files

Alien Abduction Claims Prompt Secret MOD Investigation

The MOD secretly investigated the claims of Garry Wood and Colin Wright of being abducted by aliens back in 1992. The incident has been made into a movie set to be released later this year.

Friends’ UFO abduction claim sparked secret military probe

New, Horrifying Twist In Botanica Rapist Case

Back in April I reported on a Botanica owner who was arrested for allegedly raping a 17 year-old male employee, and on that employees first day on the job on top of that! You can read my blog entry on the story by clicking HERE.

Now the Botanica owner is being accused of a murder-for-hire plot where he allegedly offered an individual $15,000.00 to kill the victim and make it look like a cell phone robbery. The Botanica owner also allegedly asked for items to make a 'voodoo doll' of the victim and for a picture of the victim so that he could put a curse on him to cause him to get cancer.

CopsL LI. Man Charged With Drugging, Assaulting 17-Year-Old Conspired To Have Teen Killed

Picture Of Lechuza Taken?

A picture of two men holding a gigantic owl has been spreading online. Some believe the creature to be the infamous Lechuza of local legend.

Legend of "Lechuza" Possibly Seen In Carrizo Springs

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Salem Witch Admits Assaulting Business Rival

Laurie "Lorelei" Stathopoulos, witch and owner of Crow Have Corner, has admitted in court to assaulting her business rival, Joanna Thomas, owner of New England Magic. Thomas claims that while she was photographing strange oil that someone had poured outside her business that  Stathopoulos came up to her and slapped the camera out of her hand, tore off a necklace she was wearing, repeatedly hit her, and then slammed her head into her store's front window. Thomas claims that prior to this that she was also the victim of harassment from Stathopoulos. The courtroom was packed with local witches who came to show support for the abuser.

Witch admits to assault on business rival

Newly Released UK 'X-Files' Indicate Intelligence Officers Wanted To Harvest UFO Technology For Use As Weapons

With the latest release of the MOD's UFO files comes the release of memos indicating that some intelligence officers wanted to weaponize UFO technology.

UFO X-Files Released By U.K. Reveal Desire To Weaponize Alien Technology

Judge Rules Ban On Fortunetelling In Alexandria, LA, To Be Unconstitutional

Your right to visit a psychic or tarot reader has been upheld as a federal judge has ruled that the current ban in Alexandria, LA, is unconstitutional and violates free speech.

Fortunetelling, Palm Reading Ban In Louisiana Overturned By Federal Judge

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Lilith was originally a Sumerian air or storm demon associated with infanticide, "sudden infant death syndrome", still born births, the spreading of disease, the raping of men in their sleep (nocturnal emissions) and the infliction of infertility upon couples. By circa the 8th century the character of Lilith had evolved to become the first wife of Adam in Jewish mysticism and folklore.

Appearance: In her original appearance Lilith had a monstrous form, winged, hairy and part-animal and part-human. As the first wife of Adam, Lilith was said to be very beautiful, with long red hair. The description of red hair identified Lilith as being evil, as having red hair is believed to be a sign of evil among many Middle Eastern cultures. Such belief has also been passed on to European superstitions where having red hair was viewed as sign a person was a witch, vampire, or werewolf. To see a painting titled Lilith by John Collier, click HERE.

Lore: According to the Alphabet of Ben Sira, Lilith was Adam's first wife. This belief comes from Genesis 1:27 in which God makes man and woman as equals versus the latter verse of Genesis 2:22 where God makes Eve out of Adam's rib and thus subservient to him.

Genesis 1:27 KJV
So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

Genesis 2:22 KJV
22 And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

In order to reconcile both accounts of creation the belief that Adam had a first wife arose. According to Alphabet of Ben Sira, Lilith was created out of the earth as Adam was and was his equal. Problems soon developed concerning sex. Both Adam and Lilith demanded upon being the aggressor and to be "on top". Adam complained to God and God commanded Lilith to submit unto Adam and lie beneath him. This so infuriated Lilith that she pronounced the secret name of God and immediately flew up into the air in a whirlwind and left Eden. God then commanded three angels, Senoi, Sansenoi, and Sammangelof, to go search the world to find Lilith and return her to Eden. The angels found Lilith in a deserted cave where she had become the wife of Sammael and was giving birth to hundreds of demons a day. The angels ordered Lilith to return to Adam but she refused. As punishment the angels murder a hundred of her demonic children a day. Lilith told the angels that it was her job to keep humanity in check by killing babies. She then swore an oath to the angels that she would not harm any infant that wore a magical charm containing their names. As time passed Lilith eventually tried to return to Eden. In Genesis she is referred to as "the serpent" but by that time God had already created Eve as Adam's companion. Lilith, as the serpent, attempted to be rid of her new rival by attempting to trick Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Unfortunately Lilith's plan backfired as when Eve ate the fruit she then immediately gave some of it to Adam for him to eat as well. Frustrated, Lilith raped Adam while he slept and stole his seed. She used his seed to give birth to more of her demonic offspring.

Powers: Lilith, as a demon, possesses supernatural powers such as flight, invisibility, and shape-shifting. She is a skilled witch and seductress and men are usually powerless to resist her. Additionally, Lilith and her offspring can possess people, usually young women.

Lilin/Lilim: The Lilin/Lilim are the demonic offspring of Lilith created from Lilith's mating with Sammael as well as the semen Lilith has stolen from Adam and other human men.

Lilith & Mirrors: All mirrors are portals that lead to the cave of Lilith. Lilith and her offspring can travel anywhere in the world via mirrors. Through mirrors Lilith and her offspring can tempt, deceive, and possess mortals. Women who are possessed by Lilith or a Lilim will become vain, materialistic, promiscuous, disobedient, and will act to destroy families by seducing married men.

Defense Against Lilith: Lilith is vulnerable to magical charms meant to repel her. Some of the basic charms include the names of the three angels, Senoi, Sansenoi, and Sammangelof, as well as the phrase, "Adam and Eve, Baring Lilith". The charms are usually made for the infant to wear or to be pinned on their clothing. Charms can also be placed on the cradle. Lilith can usually only harm male infants within the first 8 days of their life. Female infants can usually be harmed within the first 20 days of life. As a spirit of the night, infants were usually safe from Lilith during daylight. Special bowls with prayers or invocations can be used to either trap Lilith or repel her. Additionally, a strong exorcism called a "divorce" can be performed which will force Lilith to flee.

Controversy Over The Burney Relief: The most popular image claimed to be Lilith may in fact not be her. You can view this image by clicking HERE. The features of the image are problematic for the portrayal of a demon and are more closer to the portrayal of a goddess. Lilith has always been a demon, never a goddess, and so many experts now believe the image is that of Innanna/Ishtar or Ereshkigal instead.

Wiccan And Neopagan Propaganda: Currently there is a trend among Wiccans and Neopagans to present a false conception of Lilith in order to promote various agendas. Though it is true that the account of Lilith found in the Alphabet of Ben Sira is mysoginistic, it should be stated that Lilith was always a demon from the start and has never been a goddess or a figure of goodness. The belief that Lilith was the first feminist is just outright wrong. She is a baby-killer and she harbors hatred and jealousy for human women, the offspring of Eve.

Lilith In The Bible:  Lilith makes an appearance in the Bible in Isaiah 34:14, though in the King James Version Lilith is translated as "screech owl".

Isaiah 34:14
The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest.

In the Vulgate edition of the Bible the name Lilith is falsely translated as "Lamia". Lamia is a shape-shifting serpent-woman who consumes men, while Lilith is primarily associated with the killing of babies.

King Solomon & The Queen Of Sheba: According to Arabian folklore, King Solomon first suspected that the Queen of Sheba was either Lilith or a Lilim because she had hairy legs.

Lilith As Mother Of Vampires & Witches: Since Lilith never ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good or Evil, she is technically immortal and cannot die, at least not until Judgement Day. As an immortal the popular belief arose that Lilith was the mother of all vampires. By mixing her blood with the blood of humans a race of "undead" beings may have been created. This belief has inspired many fiction writers to make Lilith into "the Vampire Queen". Similarly, Lilith is also sometimes claimed to be the mother of witches, the first witch in fact. This belief comes from the false identification of Lilith with the Greek goddess Hecate.

Lilith As Personification Of Crib Death: Due to Lilith's preferred method of killing babies, by strangling them in their sleep, many experts believe Lilith is the personification of "crib death" or S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Lilith Among Modern Christians: Certain modern Christians believe that Lilith is the demon of abortions.

Lilith In Popular Culture: Lilith makes an appearance in many books and films. In the 1996 movie, Bordello of Blood, Lilith is portrayed as the mother of vampires. In the HBO series True Blood, Lilith is the progenitor of the vampire race. In 1996 Sarah McLachlan created Lilith Fair as a means to counteract the sexism found among concert promoters. The name Lilith was chosen based upon the false belief that Lilith was the first feminist. Lilith Fair was retired in 2011 and ended up raking in millions for charities.

The Story Of Lilith

The Straight Dope: What's the story on Lilith, Adam's "first wife"?

Lilith In The Bible

The Alphabet Of Ben Sira

Lilith In The Zohar

The Myth Of Lilith

Unnatural History: Mythical Beasts & Monsters

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Unsolved Mysteries (Various Episodes) Part 9

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Ifrit, a.k.a. Ifreet, Afreet, Afrite, are the most evil and violent of the Djinn. Because of their capacity for evil, many Ifrit have been imprisoned in bottles, jars, gem stones, and other objects to prevent them from harming humans. Some Ifirit have tempted various mortals into releasing them with promises of granting wishes. Ifrit are the most preferred form of Djinn used by black magic practitioners or sorcerers who send these spirits out to attack their enemies.

On the HBO series, True Blood, a dying Muslim woman invokes an Ifrit to kill the group of American soldiers she believes is responsible for the deaths of many Muslims.

True Blood - The Ifrit

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Marid are the most powerful of the Djinn and prefer to live in the ocean.

See Also:



Djinn, a.k.a. Jinn, Genies, are in Middle Eastern folklore a race of supernatural beings that existed on the earth prior to the creation of humanity. Djinn are similar to the fairies of Europe and the demons of Judeo-Christianity.

Appearance: The Djinn's true form is that of a being of fire. However, as the Djinn possess the powers of shape-shifting they can take on any form or shape they choose. The Djinn tend to prefer animal shapes.

Lore: According to Islamic belief, God created the Angels from light, the Djinn from fire, and Humans from earth. The Djinn, though different from humans, are also similar to humans in several ways. For one they have both male and female genders. Secondly, their society is structured similar to human society, with the Djinn having their own form of government. Also, the Djinn can be Muslim, Christian, or members of any other faith. Despite how the Djinn are often portrayed, not all Djinn are evil. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Djinn are apathetic or indifferent toward humanity. Only a small percentage of Djinn are openly malevolent or benevolent toward humanity. Djinn can inhabit out-of-the-way places and also appear to dwell in a parallel world, similar to the notion of "fairy land". Interestingly, it is just as difficult for the Djinn to perceive humanity as it is for humanity to perceive the Djinn. The Djinn can, and sometimes do, interbreed with humans.

The Djinn And Sorcery: Djinn are vulnerable to magic. Sorcerers or magicians can enslave Djinn and force them to do their bidding. One of the best examples of this behavior would be the enslavement of the Djinn by King Solomon. According to legend, King Solomon possessed a magic ring that allowed him to command the spirits. Solomon used the ring to order the Djinn to build the temple attributed to him.  It is a common belief that black magic practitioners will send out a Djinn to harass, harm, or even kill a person.

Djinn As "Genies": The popular image of the "genie-in-a-bottle" is in fact a reference to a Djinn which has been trapped in a bottle, container, or gem or crystal via the use of magic or sorcery. Djinn can and do promise the granting of wishes to mortals in return fro releasing them. Unfortunately, many of the Djinn who were imprisoned in such containers tend to be of the evil and violent type of Djinn.

Powers: Djinn possess the powers of invisibility and shape-shifting. The Djinn can also possess a person or object. Djinn are impervious to human weapons.

Defense Against Djinn: Djinn can be exorcised from a possessed person. Djinn are vulnerable to magic. The most common method of dispatching a Djinn is to magically trap a Djinn in a bottle or container. Once trapped the Djinn can no longer harm humans.

Djinn In Popular Culture: Djinn make appearances in several books and movies. The classic One Thousand And One Nights, is perhaps the most famous. Movies such as Disney's Aladdin and the Wishmaster series also feature Djinn. A Djinn also features prominently in The X-Files episode, Je Souhaite.

The Vampire On Your Doorstep...(2003)

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Unnatural History - UFOs And Alien Encounters

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Naked Roof-Jumping 'Zombie' Bites Man's Stomach

Another 'zombie' reported in Florida. A naked man jumping on the roof of a family jumped down to the ground and proceeded to attack and bite a man on his stomach. At least nobody is blaming 'bath salts' yet.

'Zombie' attacks continue? Jeremiah Aaron Haughee, in naked rampage, bites man's stomach, police say

Monday, July 9, 2012

Brandon, Chase

Chase Brandon is a 35 year CIA veteran and author. In his career Brandon worked as a covert operations officer who worked missions involving terrorism, drug trafficking, and weapons smuggling. In his last 10 years at the agency Brandon worked as the CIA's entertainment liaison.

Chase Brandon has a place here at The Demoniacal for his recent claims that the Roswell crash was real, that an extraterrestrial craft crashed and that bodies were indeed recovered. Brandon bases his claims on his discovery of a box of Roswell-related material in a restricted section at CIA headquarters. Brandon refuses to divulge the contents of the box, other than admitting that documents and photographs were included.

Chase Brandon has also publicly stated his belief in a conspiracy regarding the JFK assassination. Brandon claims he spoke with a doctor who worked on JFK's body who admitted to him that JFK had been shot from the front of his head and not the back, per the official explanation.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

EMT Encounters "Morpheus" The Mississippi Monster

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Mississippi EMT named Drew Cherry who wanted to tell me of his encounter with some type of creature the locals have dubbed "Morpheus". The following is the original email I received.

"It's too much to type really because I'm fixing to go to sleep but we were campin out one weekend (I live in Mississippi) and woke up Saturday morning and hit the river early. About a 1/2 mile down the river with my friends I went to go get a beer, I though a friend was following me through the woods and didn't think about the noises I kept hearing and kept walking. After so long I turned around, this thing about 15ft before me was big as shit not fat but just tall and it had a face like a tree and moved faster than anything I had ever seen. It was dirty like not muddy more like it had been sleeping in a dried up dirt hole or something more like powdered dirt and it just stood there 1/2 way behind a tree. Well I freaked the hell out and ran- through briars, limbs, bushes, dove through mid puddles, I ran for my fuckin life man. I was barefoot, free ballin with board shorts. I got cut up, almost lost a toe and alot of stuff.... Finally got thru the woods got to my car and left. I was hysterical, every time I turned around he was right behind me like not on my back but like 25-30 ft back it's like he was just watching me. I finally worked up the nerve to tell someone and figured they'd think I'm crazy... Well the person I told's daddy is a game warden here, he said he got a bunch of crazy reports and went out to camp there, people were talking about seeing crazy shit and half eaten squirrels etc. he said he saw something jumping from tree to tree bigger than a man. They just call it Morpheus for short cos we don't know what it is!!!"

Below is an interview I conducted with the witness as well as pictures of the injury he sustained while trying to flee the creature.

1.) Can you tell us your name and a little about yourself?

My name is Drew Cherry, I'm a 21 year old EMT from Carthage MS.

2.) You aren't scared of revealing your identity, why?

Because I told all of my friends when it happened anyway...

3.) What was the day and time of the sighting?

June 28th or so 2011 at around 430 in the day

4.) Can you describe the location of the sighting?

Battle Bluff. It's an area of lobutcha creek between Carthage and Edinburg we swim at.

5.) Can you describe the events that led up to the sighting?

We were swimming down river when I noticed we had forgotten our coolers and food alone unattended. I made back for our camp beside the river by myself. I heard something creeping up on me and shrugged it off as it was my friend messing with me.

6.) Where you alone at the time of your sighting or where there other witnesses?

So to speak, I was by myself when I saw it but when I made it out of the woods there were people there that got to see me scared shitless

7.) Where you intoxicated at the time of the sighting? (Sorry, I have to ask.)


8.) About how tall do you think the creature was?

Taller than the average human! Looked like at least 7'. I know shit looks bigger when you're scared but that doesn't make it seem any smaller.

9.) Are you able to estimate the creature's weight?


10.) Can you provide a good description of the creature's features? For example, was the creature covered in hair?

It looked like it was covered in mud, like dark brown powder or something because it blended in with the tree it was beside. It almost looked like it had some kind of clothes on but that would be absurd to think. It all happened so fast and everyone tried to tell me I was fucked up or high but I don't smoke pot!!! It had a face like tree bark and a blank stare. I made eye contact and didn't understand what I was looking at. In nature animals look at you out of fear, humans (most humans) look at each other as equals, this thing looked at me like it was learning, and not scared

11.) Do you believe the creature was a Bigfoot or would you lean toward it being something far stranger?

It's not that I don't believe in Sasquatch, the evidence for the species far outweighs why so many people would reach out to get their stories told for just publicity, but I don't think it was Bigfoot.

12.) Where you armed at the time of the sighting? If yes, where you able to get a shot?

That's a funny question. I had just brought a .357 ross snug nose revolver to the camp with me and it got stolen that day. I left it in the tent so no a

13.) Have you attempted to go back to the scene? If so, where you able to locate any trace evidence indicating that the creature was definitely at the scene, such as prints or tracks, broken branches, etc.?

No, I got the hell out of dodge.

14.) Can you describe the wounds you received while attempting to flee the creature? Did you require medical attention?

Just scratches and stuff from clearing a path through the woods. I ran trough brush that would've made the warrior dash look easy. I remember trudging through the briars looking back, my friends said they could hear me yelling as I ran through them... I got a toe hung in a root and almost jerked it off. I swear I wouldn't have stopped if I had

15.) Looking back, do you believe the creature was a threat, was aggressive and meant you harm or would you describe the creature as just being curious?

I know by the size of it and how fast it moved it could've messed me up like a soup sandwich, but it didn't. Maybe it's because it saw I was unarmed and wasn't dumb enough to pick up a stick so it didn't perceive me as a threat. I didn't shout at it or swing at it, I just ran. It's hard to perceive something as a threat when it's running from you

16.) Can you tell us a little about how the creature received the nick-name 'Morpheus'?

That's what some of my friends called it, I'll ask them and get back with you.

17.) Where you made aware of additional sightings of the creature by any of your friends or acquaintances?

Yes, they said game wardens got weird calls to come down there. I'll get back with you ASAP about the circumstances.

18.) Do you believe that the creature is an escaped or misplaced known animal or would you lean toward the creature being something that is currently unknown to science?

I think it's unknown or some dude from wrong turn

19.) Do you believe there is a chance that the creature was actually a camouflaged hunter?

Hell no. Wrong time of year anyway, no one would be in the woods there either, it's too hot to hunt in the middle of summer.

20.) Do you believe this creature is a threat to humans? Or would you lean toward the notion that humans are a threat to it's existence?

I think we're more of a threat to it

21.) Have you had any additional sightings or encounters with the creature?

Not me personally. I've heard of others seeing it before.

22.) What would you say to people who may be skeptical of your story?

It's really hard for a mentally healthy young adult with no abuse, drug abuse, or any past traumatic events to mentally fabricate an entire being there before him in the woods. Now, to have a strange sighting is one thing, but to run from it and to continually turn around and see it behind you over and over is another. How do you explain that... When your mind plays tricks on you things move, walls move in, noises are louder, shades do things. Trees don't distort themselves to human forms and stick one limb in front of the other.

Drew had this to say additionally:
"I'm tryin to get the wardens info from his son in law now. I know this probably sounds crazy but more I think about it the less I remember. His eyes looked bigger than human but not much bigger... His eyes looked dark like brownish or so. He moved faster than anything I've ever seen before like 2x faster than anyone I've ever seen run. When I first caught a glimpse of him coming behind me he ran from right to left and all I saw was a blur, then left to right coming more towards me. Then up to the tree I looked and saw him behind. I'll let you know as soon as I get the wardens info (I hope he will talk to you)"
When I asked further about receiving the warden's contact info, this is what Drew responded with:
"I wrote him, he said its name was in fact morpheous and it was part man dog cat or some bs... I asked him about the warden but he never wrote back, I tried calling he didn't answer. Ima pop up by his house soon. My friend is a highway patrol man and he called and told me he picked up some hitch hikers that were headed to new Orleans, they told him Before the made out to the Mississippi line in Alabama some cannibals attacks and tried to eat them"
Below are the pictures of Drew's injuries he sustained while fleeing the creature.

So what did EMT, Drew Cherry see? I can't say. However, if any readers have had similar strange encounters in that part of Mississippi and would like to share their story then please email me at

Roswell expert Tom Carey on Open Minds Radio

Friday, July 6, 2012

So Long 'Chasing UFOs'

Tonight's episode isn't even over yet and I can just tell that the show is no longer worth wasting my time watching. For one, I think it's clear that they somehow think that running around outside with infrared cameras is somehow exciting to audiences. It's not. Then they give air time to Stan Romanek? Please.

I had such high hopes for the show. Jams Fox, this was a horrible mistake and I hope you don't ruin your reputation from being associated with this project. Your three documentaries on UFOs are awesome.

'Chasing UFOs' is about as exciting as watching grass grow.

MOH - The V Word (2006)

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'Naked Zombie' Threatens Golfers In Georgia

A naked 'zombie' went berserk on a golf course in Georgia and threatened to eat people. As usual, 'bath salts' were blamed.

Police: Man high on bath salts screamed about eating faces

Woman Confesses To Pagan Priestess Of Being Attacked By Demons, Charged With Stabbing 13 Year-Old Girl To Death

A woman who sought out a Pagan priestess and claimed she was being attacked by demons has been charged with the murder of a 13 year-old girl.

Casey Kearney killer 'told pagan priestess of demon attack'

'Vampire' Attacks Teen In Corpus Christi

A 16 year-old male claims he accidentally bumped into a Hispanic man only to have that man turn around and bite him on the neck. The bite broke the skins and tore off pieces of skin. The teen had to be treated at a nearby hospital. Police are searching for the 'vampire'.

Vampire attack? Man bites teen on neck in Texas

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sightings - Military aircraft attacked over Mansfield, Ohio

Scrutinizing Roswell, Area 51, Underground Bases, & The Pyramids Of Giza

Scrutinizing Roswell, Area 51, Underground Bases, & The Pyramids of Giza from Joseph Jordan on Vimeo.

Coast 2 Coast AM - July 4, 2012 - Ghosts: A Skeptic's View

Taboo: Skulls Unlimited

This place is literally right by my house. A friend and I took a tour of the facilities some years back. Let me tell you, the beetle room smells to high heaven! It's the type of stink that clings to you. I had to take a shower and wash my clothes afterwards because of the stink. Anyway, I think it's amazing that this man was able to turn his obsession with bones into a multi-million dollar business.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Saw A UFO Tonight

First let me state that I do not think it was an extraterrestrial craft at all.

Now, my brother and I were watching fire works in the front yard. I was the first to spot them in the east at circa 10 PM. I saw two bright orange "orbs" moving over the house across the street. The light they were giving off was a bright orange light that I would describe being similar to a flare. The lights acted as if they were joined together and then behaved as if they had somehow separated. The light on the left moved off faster than the light on the right and then quickly disappeared. The light that was on the right only slowly drifted away in the same direction before it too disappeared. During the sighting I was yelling at my brother to go in the house and get my father. He wouldn't budge so I had to run in and get him. Of course my father cussed and got angry but eventually he made his way outside and saw them briefly before they disappeared. My father said that maybe it was helicopters but I can tell you right now it was not helicopters.

While talking to my brother he believes it was some type of  'ship'. I disagree. The best I could suggest was that it was those candle-kite-things; however, I didn't see any balloon aspect to it. This being the 4th of July I'm inclined to think it has to be something relating to celebrating the holiday.

So once again, my brother, father, and I all saw something strange tonight. I don't think it's extraterrestrial but it was cool to see no less.

Kaufmann, Frank

Frank Kaufmann was an alleged insider and witness do the recovery of a crashed extraterrestrial craft near Roswell, NM, in July of 1947.

Kaufmann claimed that he and a team of military men from Roswell A.F.B. were sent to investigate reports of a fire ball that was alleged to have crashed. The team discovered a crashed UFO, similar in form to today's stealth aircraft, as well as bodies of extraterrestrials. Kauffman described the aliens as being very similar to humans, though smaller. Kauffman claimed the stories of the big-headed aliens with large, slanted, black eyes were incorrect and that the beings were far more human-like in appearance.

Kaufmann rose to a certain level of fame after first appearing under a pseudonym in the 1994 book, The Truth About The UFO Crash At Roswell by Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt. Since that time Kauffman appeared in several Roswell and UFO documentaries in which he repeated his tales of playing a key role in the incident.

After Kaufmann's death in 2001 it was discovered that Kaufmann had been lying about his past. He was not a Master Sergeant as he claimed but was in fact a Tech Sergeant. Kaufmann's widow allowed researchers access to his material at which point evidence was discovered that suggested Kaufmann had forged key documents which he then used as supporting evidence to his claims.

The question of why Kaufmann lied about his past and of being involved in the Roswell incident is a question that may never receive an adequate answer. Kaufmann definitely didn't benefit much financially from his deception. Some have speculated that Kaufmann was a disinformation agent. Whatever Kaufmann's true motivation may have been his deception did end up causing damage to the credibility of certain Roswell crash researchers, such as Kevin Randle.

Conspiracy X - Government Secrets Revealed (2000)

Ex-FBI Agent Claims Saw Angels At Flight 93 Crash Site, Writes Book

Little Leonardi, an ex-FBI agent, claims she saw angels at the crash site of Flight 93.

Lillie Leonardi, Ex-FBI, Claims She Saw Angels Guarding Flight 93 Site

National Ocean Service Declares No Evidence For The Existence Of Mermaids

Finally we can all rest soundly knowing that an agency of the Unites States government has declared that there is no evidence for the existence of mermaids.

No evidence of mermaids, says US government

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chavez, Senator Dionisio "Dennis" (1888-1962)

Senator Dennis Chavez was an respected United States Senator and Democrat from New Mexico. Chavez was the first Hispanic elected to a six year term as Senator.

Senator Chavez has a place here at The Demoniacal for the role he played during the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial craft near Roswell, NM, in July of 1947.

Circa July 6, 1947, Walt Whitmore, Sr., the owner of the KGFL Radio Station, had personally conducted and recorded an interview with Mac Brazel, the man who originally found the debris on the Foster Ranch. According to Whitmore, Senator Chavez personally called him and warned him not to air the interview. This warning came on the heels of a threat by the FCC.

A similar instance of 'warning' occurred when Senator Chavez approached Ruben and Peter Anaya, Moses Burrola and Ralph Chaes, and told them not to believe what Senator Joseph Montoya (then Lt. Governor of New Mexico) had told them because he was a liar. The four men were drivers for Montoya and the previous day Montoya had called for their service and asked them to pick him up at the base. After being picked up Montoya related a frightening tale of seeing a 'flying machine' and bodies at the base. Senator Chavez would go on to tell the four men that Montoya saw something he wasn't supposed to see and that for the security of the United States, nobody should speak about this further.

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition)

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Somebody cut and removed a banner reading, "Vote Satan", from the porch of a couple who are Satanists. The couple believes they are victims of a hate crime.

Satanists Claim Theft Is Hate Crime

Monday, July 2, 2012

Gardner, Norma

Norma Gardner was a typist with a high level of security clearance at Wright-Patterson A.F.B in 1955.

In 1959, and while on the brink of death, Gardner told her family that her duties at Wright-Patterson included that of typing autopsy reports on bodies retrieved from a crash of a flying saucer that occurred near Roswell, NM, in 1947. Gardner also claimed to have seen two of the bodies and stated that they were between 4 and 5 feet in height, with large heads and large, slanted eyes. Additionally, Gardner claimed she also had to type an inventory of various flying saucer wreckage stored at the base and that she was able to view at least two recovered flying saucers.

When Gardner was asked why she was telling this story now upon her deathbed, Gardner reportedly stated, "Uncle Sam can't do anything to me once I'm in my grave."

Little Gray Men: Roswell And The Rise Of A Popular Culture by Toby Smith

Officialdom and UFOs: the Hidden History

UFO Crash Con - Keeping UFOs Secret With Terry Hansen

'Cargo Cult Cannibals' Allegedly Killed And Ate 7 People In Papua New Guinea

A total of seven people are alleged to have been hacked to death and then consumed by a 'cargo cult' in Papua New Guinea.

Seven dead after alleged PNG cannibal attack

Chinese 'Zombie' Attacks Woman, Tries To Gnaw Her Face Off

A drunk Chinese bus driver attacked a woman and attempted to bite her face off. The victim will allegedly require plastic surgery to repair the damage.

Chinese 'cannibal' attack caught on camera as drunk bus driver leaps on woman and chews on her face

Cow Found Mutilated Near Polson, MT, Predators Rule Out

According to authorities, the mutilated cow died sometime last Wednesday and was not killed by predators. Police suspect people are to blame. Organs and other tissue had been removed.

Mystery cow mutilation reported near Polson

Cologne, Germany, City Council Pardons 38 People Executed For Witchcraft

The Cologne City Council has pardoned 38 people who were executed for witchcraft back in the 1600s.

German city pardons 38 witches from 1600s

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Coast 2 Coast AM - June 30, 2012 - Roswell Crash & Metaphysics

UFO Crash Con - UFO Secrecy With Richard Dolan

Australian Government Releases Files On Valentich Disapperance

On October 21, 1978, a twenty year-old man named Frederick Valentich disappeared after reporting a UFO hovering over his Cessna. No trace of the plane or the remains of Valentich were ever found. Now the Australian government has released it's files on the incident.

Valentich files released by Australian Government

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