Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dr. Charles Bertrand Schultz (1908-1995) - Repost For The 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

Dr. Charles Schultz was a highly respected vertebrate paleontologist and a faculty member of the University of Nebraska. Dr. Charles Schultz is also connected to the alleged Roswell Crash, though it's something I'm sure he never dreamt he would find himself involved in.

Circa July 5, 1947, Schultz, who was in Roswell at the time, tried unsuccessfully to meet up with a friend of his, William Holden. According to Schultz, the roads outside of Roswell were blocked by the military.

In December of 1947, Schultz and Holden attended the same conference. Holden, who was professor emeritus of history at Texas Tech, revealed to Schultz why he did not meet up with Schultz back in July as the two had planned. According to Schultz, Holden claimed he and a group of students were investigating Native American sites when they came upon the wreckage of a strange craft. According to Schultz, Holden claimed they contacted the military and when the military arrived he and his students were immediately kicked out of the area. Schultz then revealed to Holden that he too had attempted to meet up with Holden but found the roads outside of Roswell were blocked by the military.


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