Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Review - Black Hawk: Working With His Spirit

The book is, Black Hawk: Working With His Spirit by Momma Starr.

This book has the honor of being the first book written concerning actually working with the spirit of Father Black Hawk. As such I should stress that if you are not called to work with Black Hawk that you should not purchase or read this book. Black Hawk has become very popular over the last few years and pretty much most of the information found online is written by people who have had no actual training in working with Black Hawk. Instead, these people are self-styled experts who have simply made up their own way of working with Black Hawk. The problem is that one just doesn't make the decision to work with Black Hawk. Instead, Black Hawk chooses you. If you have been chosen by Black Hawk then consider yourself blessed as he does not work with everyone, despite what you may read online. Working with Black Hawk is also a life-long commitment and is not something you can just toss aside when you lose interest. You cannot literally or metaphorically put Black Hawk's bucket on a shelf and forget about him. He won't tolerate that. In the least he will abandon you, and yes, if Black Hawk is mistreated he will abandon you. At worst Black Hawk will turn on you. Yes, you read right. Black Hawk can, and will, turn on someone if he is mistreated. It all depends on how he feels.

The books begins with a short history of Black Hawk, his people the Sauk Indians, and his struggles with white people who constantly deceived him and abused him. Included are sections on Mr. Robert, the man who taught Momma Starr how to work with Black Hawk, as well as the woman who taught Mr. Robert. Included in the book is a short section on working with White Eagle, Father Black Hawk's spiritual brother. Included in the book is information on how to set up Black Hawk's bucket and his colors, favorite offerings, and the tools needed to work with him. Starr also explains what Black Hawk will and will not do. This aspect is important because many people online are writing on this without having proper training. For example, I will write this because Momma Starr has already said it on her radio show. Black Hawk will not do money work for you. He will protect your money but he will not bring you money. I would add that though it's inappropriate to ask Black Hawk for money you can ask him to make a way for you to obtain what you need. That way you are not actually asking for money. For example, the way I received the money I needed to purchase Momma Starr's Black Hawk book and to take her class was by asking Black Hawk to make a way for me to obtain the teaching and the tools I needed to work with him.

A word of warning. Do not take working with Black Hawk, or even White Eagle, lightly. Working with them should be treated seriously. These are not spirits you can take up and toss aside when the trend fades away. Repeat: If you mistreat or abuse Black Hawk he can either abandon you or turn on you. By turning on you he will cut you down just like he cuts down your enemies.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 8. It is a must read for those who have been called to work with Father Black Hawk. It should be avoided by those who are not called to work with him.

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