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The Moore Show - The Roswell Crash With Donald Schmitt

Frankie Rowe - Repost For The 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

Frankie Rowe is one of the few surviving witnesses of the Roswell Crash who claims to have held actual wreckage. Rowe was 12 years-old at the time of the incident.

Rowe's father, Dan Dwyer, was a Roswell Fireman. According to Rowe, Dwyer went out to investigate what he assumed was a crashed airplane only to discover it to be not from this world. Dwyer claims to have seen a child-size being with large dark eyes, brown skin, and no hair stumbling around the scene. Later a piece of the wreckage that displayed strange properties would be shown to Rowe. Rowe claims the piece could be crumbled up and that it would return immediately to it's proper shape. Rowe claims the next day that military men came to the house and threatened them with the implication that they would be killed if they ever talked of what they had experienced. Rowe's story was verified by her sister, Helen Cahill. Cahill did not live with her family at the time but recalls that her parents told her the story of what had happened.

Controversy: Frankie Rowe has been the target of a smear campaign involving both debunkers and believers in the Roswell Crash as being extraterrestrial. Unfortunately several lies have been told, such as that Frankie's father wasn't truly a fireman. Such lies can easily be proven wrong with research.

One of the researchers who initially rejected Rowe's story was researcher Karl Pflock who had interviewed three former firemen who all claimed that they never made runs outside of city limits as well as that they never responded to any crash on the day in question. Investigator Kevin Randle has rescued Rowe's reputation by producing documentation revealing that the firemen did indeed make runs outside of city limits as well as testimony from another fireman who claimed that Dan Dwyer took his own personal vehicle to the crash scene. As it stands today, Frankie Rowe's story has not been discredited.

Frankie Rowe And The Roswell Crash

Corroboration For Frankie Rowe

Unsolved Mysteries (Various Episodes) Part 5

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Chasing UFOs...How'd You Like?

I thought the series was off to a wonderful start and I hope this is developed into an on-going series. As many of my readers may know, I recently 'came out of the closet' with regard to being an abductee. Yes, not only are UFOs real but the core of the Alien Abduction experience is real as well. I can't really tell you much but can provide some answers for people who are interested.

1.) They are machine-based intelligences. When we see a car on the highway we just assume that the driver is the intelligence behind the car but such is not the case with the extraterrestrial UFOs. The occupants were created by these machine-based intelligence.

2.) They are in the process of becoming human or "humanesque". I would describe it as a "reverse Turing test" of sorts.

3.) These beings will live here among us, perhaps are among us now.

4.) In the future there will be a new way of doing things. Things will not be like they are now. They will be here and things will be run differently.

5.) They have a plan for us. They are superior to humans and unlike the puny human brain, they are pursuing multiple plans simultaneously in order to achieve their goal. They would prefer scenarios that would be best for humans.

6.) The believe that if they openly revealed themselves that the governments of the earth will release a nuclear apocalypse in order to try to destroy the world. The belief is that if the world is destroyed that they would leave. Meanwhile, the elite and the top dogs would have taken shelter in their underground bunkers and would have murdered everyone else in the nuclear blasts."They" will never allow this to happen.

7.) So I guess you can say their plan is to merge with us and we will be this big happy family. However, things will be differently and they will not be like they are run now. These new beings will be in control and things will be better, it will be almost like a utopia of sorts. Or that's how they sell it at least.

8.) The most important thing of all is that they have no spokesperson. All this b.s. in the past of people who claim they speak for them is pure nonsense. They have no spokesperson. Even I don't speak for them.

I would love to see if 'Chasing UFOs' decides to tackle the alien abduction experience.

For more information, click on the tag 'The Alien Abduction Truth', below this post.

Maj. Jesse Marcel (1907-1986) - Repost For The 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

Major Jesse Marcel was the head intelligence officer at Roswell A.F.B. during the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial craft in 1947. Due to his position, Marcel was knowledgeable on a wide-range of material sent up in the air.

Major Marcel was the first person to inspect the wreckage at the site shown to him by Mac Brazel. Marcel could not identify the wreckage.

According to Marcel the wreckage appeared to be like balsa wood, tin foil, and parchment. This description of the debris is used to this day by debunkers who insist that what crashed in Roswell was a Project Mogul weather balloon. However, closer attention to Marcel's story indicates that Marcel was striving to explain materials that he had never seen before and was forced to compare them to materials he did have experience with. For example, "...looked something like balsa wood, and were about the same weight...and would not burn". It would be wrong to conclude that Marcel was implying the material was balsa wood. The correct interpretation is that the material was similar to balsa wood but was obviously not balsa wood. Keep in mind that this was a pre-plastic age.

In addition, Marcel described debris that had strange hieroglyphic-like writing as well as material that displayed strange properties, such as not being able to be burned or dented.

According to Major Marcel, the debris field at the site was "3/4 of a mile long and several hundred feet wide". Colonel Blanchard ordered Marcel to fly some of the debris to Ft. Worth, TX, so that General Roger Ramey could view the material before Marcel was to fly it to Wright Field (Wright-Patterson) for official inspection. It was at Ft. Worth that the famous photo of Marcel posing with the debris was taken. You can view the picture by clicking HERE. According to Marcel, the actual wreckage was swapped out with normal weather balloon wreckage. Since the government has admitted that it's original claim of the Roswell Crash being a downed weather balloon was a lie, it is likely that Marcel is telling the truth. This was the point in time where the cover-story of the crash being that of a weather balloon was put into place and when the public seemed to have forgotten the incident.

Marcel was approached by UFO researcher Stanton Friedman in 1978, which helped usher in a renewal of interest in the Roswell Crash.

Marcel died at 79 years of age in 1986, fully believing that what had crashed was extraterrestrial in origin.



Ill-wishing, the wishing of harm, misfortune, destruction, or even death upon another human being, has been viewed by most cultures throughout time as a form of witchcraft. There are two types of ill-wishing, secret and spoken. Both forms are considered dangerous. In secret ill-wishing a person keeps their evil wishes to themselves, perhaps dwelling on them in internal fantasies. This form of ill-wishing is equated with the "evil eye". The second type of ill-wishing is the spoken word or curse in which a person deliberately speaks an evil wish against a person and usually out of envy or anger. An example of the spoken form of ill-wishing would be, "I wish you would drop dead!". In times past the spoken form of ill-wishing, if done in public and with witnesses, often led to the accusation or even arrest of the person on grounds of witchcraft, and especially if some misfortune occurred to the victim after the curse was leveled.

Older generations tend to understand the power of words and will usually refrain from at least the spoken form of ill-wishing. One may hear an older person say things such as, "I take that back..", if by chance they feel they have said something they should not have. Unfortunately today's generation seems oblivious to the concept of ill-wishing.

Spacing Out! - Episode 9 - Ben Hansen shows stunning UFO footage captured in Florida

Could SETI Download An ET Virus Or Trojan? = Yes!

Some speculate that SETI may be in danger of downloading an extraterrestrial virus or trojan.

Is SETI at risk of downloading a malicious virus from outer space?

I think it is a possibility but I think we would need to develop the proper technological advancements before this could be a real threat. For example, when we creat an advanced A.I. it is possible that the E.T. A.I.'s may assimilate it.

I can't help but think of this movie:

Blanket-Throwing Ghost In Sherman, TX?

A store owner caught footage of packages of blankets flying of shelves.

Ghost believed to be cause of "creepy" happenings at Texas store.

Coast 2 Coast AM - June 28, 2012 - Gobekli Tepe & Baltic Sea Mysteries

Robert Johnson Was Not Illiterate

An article concerning the myth of illiterate blues performers.

Robert Johnson And The Myth Of The Illiterate Bluesman 

National Geographic Poll = Most Americans Believe In Government UFO Conspiracy

The results of a National Geographic poll indicated that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe the U.S. government is indeed hiding information on UFOs.

Most Americans Believe Government Keeps UFO Secrets, Survey Finds

'Embrace Of The Vampire' To Be Remade

The original 1995 movie which stared Alyssa Milano, will be remade.

'Embrace of the Vampire' remake shooting: Alan Mruvka's Filmology teamed with Grobman-Campbell

Naked Witches Who Allegedly Flew With Magic Basket To Undergo Psychiatric And Medical Testing

Two naked Zimbabwe women who claimed to be witches and to have flown with a magical grain-threshing basket will undergo testing. The women claimed they were left in a person's yard after the basket flew off.

Naked 'Witches' Say The Flew On Magic Basket

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Reminder: 'Chasing UFOs' Tomorrow On National Geographic

James Fox will be on the show. If you haven't heard of James Fox then watch his documentaries below. Chasing UFOs debuts tomorrow, June 29, 2012, on the National Geographic Channel.

UFOs: 50 Years Of Denial

Out Of The Blue

I Know What I Saw

Colo Colo

Colo Colo is a vampiric creature of Brazilian folklore.

Appearance: Colo Colo has the appearance of a small creature that is part rat, part lizard, and part rooster. The creature may or may not possess a long serpentine neck and tale and may or may not be covered if fur, scales, or feathers.

Lore: Colo Colo are believe to attack their human prey while they sleep. The monster prefers to bite the tongue of it's sleeping prey and then proceeds to drain the victim of it's saliva, body fluid, and life force. According to some sources human brains may also be consumed. The victims of Colo Colo can be identified by their 'zombie' or trance-like state. If repeat attacks occur the person will eventually die. According to legend, Colo Colo are believed to be hatched from eggs laid or incubated by roosters. This would make them similar to the Basilisk or Cockatrice.

Powers: Colo Colo are shape-shifters.

Defense Against Colo Colo: Colo Colo are vulnerable to fire. The presence of a Colo Colo can be ascertained by the creature's calls which sound like a new-born baby. If a Colo Colo is present it will also produce a very distinct, foul smell.

Colo Colo!

Coast 2 Coast AM - June 27, 2012 - UFOs/ET Contacts

Unsolved Mysteries (Various Episodes) Part 4

BOA - The 1987 Wytheville, VA, UFO Flap With Sean Kotz

Sean Kotz is producing a new documentary titled, Strange Country: A Different Kind Of UFO Documentary. The documentary will cover the Wytheville, VA, UFO flap of 1987.

BOA - The 1987 Wytheville, VA, UFO Flap With Sean Kotz

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It's Official: Face-Eating Zombie *NOT* High On Bath Salts

I've been one of the few people online stating that there was no evidence that the Miami 'zombie' who ate the face off of a homeless man was high on 'bath salts'. I also stated that I believed this was a cover-story that was given in order to calm the public down and prevent further inquiry into the possible causes of the incident. Now the official toxicology results have been released and the 'zombie' in question, Rudy Eugene, had marijuana in his system but not 'bath salts' or any other drug.

I think that this 'zombie' outbreak may in fact be a genuine mystery that needs to be properly investigated. If it turns out to be a virus then it may take decades before it is discovered and only if researchers are looking for it. Look how long it took for the HIV virus to be discovered and that was with teams of researchers looking for it. As far as I know, nobody is even questioning if there may be a pathogen responsible for these 'zombie' attacks.

Just for the record, pot gives you the munchies. It does not make you eat the face off of a human being.

Marijuana found in face-chewer's body, but no other drugs, medical examiner says

The True Story - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (2012)

Note: Regarding the segment on the Betty & Barney Hill abduction, what is almost always left out on any article or t.v. segment is that an unidentified object was tracked on two (2) separate radar systems over the location and on the same night that the Hill's claim they were abducted.

Unsolved Mysteries (Various Episodes) Part 3


'Vampire' Gets Reburied

Bulgarian archaeologists have reburied the remains of a man who was believed to have been a vampire when he died. The 'vampire' had a metal stake driven through his chest in an attempt to keep him in the grave.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Rebury Medieval 'Vampire'

'Baltic Sea UFO' Disrupts Electrical Power

The UFO at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, which turned out to be of natural order, is now allegedly disrupting electrical equipment in it's vicinity.
'UFO' at the bottom of the Baltic Sea 'cuts off electrical equipment when divers get within 200m'

Reply To 'Wow' Signal Will Be Sent

As a publicity stunt for the new show, Chasing UFOs, a reply to the infamous 'Wow' signal will be sent. Viewers can tweet a message to aliens. Um....Didn't Stephen Hawking warn us not to attempt to contact with aliens as they would likely be hostile and may come here to take us over?

Possible alien message to get reply from humanity

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'Zombie' Eats Dog In TX

Tales from the zombie apocalypse continue as a Waco, TX, man was arrested for crawling on all fours and then devouring a dog. When he arrested he had blood and fur around his mouth. This time the media is blaming "incense", like K-2, which is actually a type of synthetic weed. At least they are not blaming 'bath salts'.

Michael Daniel Accused Of Killing, Eating Dog On K-2-Fueled Rampage

Dr. Charles Bertrand Schultz (1908-1995) - Repost For The 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

Dr. Charles Schultz was a highly respected vertebrate paleontologist and a faculty member of the University of Nebraska. Dr. Charles Schultz is also connected to the alleged Roswell Crash, though it's something I'm sure he never dreamt he would find himself involved in.

Circa July 5, 1947, Schultz, who was in Roswell at the time, tried unsuccessfully to meet up with a friend of his, William Holden. According to Schultz, the roads outside of Roswell were blocked by the military.

In December of 1947, Schultz and Holden attended the same conference. Holden, who was professor emeritus of history at Texas Tech, revealed to Schultz why he did not meet up with Schultz back in July as the two had planned. According to Schultz, Holden claimed he and a group of students were investigating Native American sites when they came upon the wreckage of a strange craft. According to Schultz, Holden claimed they contacted the military and when the military arrived he and his students were immediately kicked out of the area. Schultz then revealed to Holden that he too had attempted to meet up with Holden but found the roads outside of Roswell were blocked by the military.


Book Review: Magic Spells And Incantations

The book is, Magic Spells And Incantations by Elizabeth Pepper.

This is more of a booklet or pamphlet than an actual book. The pages inside are filled with drawings, blank pages, and various quotations. The actual spells only compose a minimum of the book and they are the classic "rhyme" variety. The booklet is slightly below average and doesn't leave an impression with the reader. I found only one "spell" in the book that I thought was interesting.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 4.

Unsolved Mysteries (Various Episodes) Part 2

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Former CIA Agent Says Roswell Crash Real, Bodies Recovered, Writes Book

Chase Brandon worked for the CIA for 35 years and was also the agency's entertainment liason officer. In his new book Brandon claims that the Roswell crash actually happened and bodies were recovered. Controversy surrounds Brandon as his job description dealt specifically with propaganda. The book itself is written in a fiction format with hints that certain truths are revealed within.

CIA veteran writes Roswell conspiracy book

You can listen to Brandon on his recent Coast to Coast interview below:

UPDATE: I just listened to the interview. Brandon delves into Roswell toward the end of the interview. According to Brandon there is a box of material from the Roswell crash at the CIA. Also, Brandon claims he knows for a fact that bodies were recovered. However, Brandon doesn't know where the material and bodies are at now. Another interesting thing is that Brandon does in fact believe there was a conspiracy in the JFK assasination and that Oswald did not act alone. Brandon believes this from his meeting with a doctor who worked on the president.

June Crain - Repost For The 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

June Crain was a clerk/typist with top secret clearance who was employed at Wright Patterson from 1942 to 1952.

At 72 years of age and shortly before her death, Crain claimed to have knowledge gathered during the time of her employment. According to Crain, at the time of her employment there had been three extraterrestrial vehicles that had crashed and were recovered by the U.S. military. The Roswell Incident was one of the three crashes. Crain claims that extraterrestrial bodies from the Roswell crash were kept at Wright-Patterson. Crain did not see the bodies herself, but was made aware of them through her work on classified documents dealing with the retrieval of extraterrestrial wreckage as well as by conversations with co-workers.

Crain also claims she was handed a piece of the Roswell wreckage by a superior. The piece displayed the same unusual properties described by most witnesses.

According to Crain, her superiors became worried about employees discussing this information and clamped down by making everyone sign a confidentiality agreement and forbidding the future discussion of the subject.

June Crain passed away in 1998, about a year after revealing this information.

Roswell Witness June Crain Interview

Book Review: Real Aliens, Space Beings, And Creatures From Other Worlds

The book is, Real Aliens, Space Beings, And Creatures From Other Worlds by Brad Steiger And Sherry Hansen Steiger.

I could not finish this book. The book feels rushed, like things were just thrown together in a mad dash for printing. Most of the stories included have not been investigated and not-so-credible sources and stories are included with a few credible ones. This book is similar to a gossip magazine one can find at the local supermarket check-out stand.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 2. I would not recommend anyone purchasing this book. If you must read it then check your local library.

Coast 2 Coast AM - June 24, 2012 - More Odd Disappearances

Coast 2 Coast AM - June 23, 2012 - Undercover Operations (CIA Secrets)

England's Haunted Discount Store - Dr. Ruehl

NY Zombie Woman Tried To Eat Cops

The cops were called a disturbed woman in Utica. When the cops arrived the 'zombie' attempted to bite them and allegedly said she wanted to eat people. The claim that she was on bath salts was made. As usualy no evidence seems to have been provided indicating such was the case.

Zombie Apocalypse: Upstate Woman Tries To Eat Cop; Bath Salts NOT Suspected (Just Kidding)

Fionna Apple - Werewolf

The True Story Of The Warlock Of Westborough

The true story of Ted Rabouin, the Warlock of Westborough.

Part 1

Part 2

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Brig. Gen. Arthur E. Exon (1916-2005) - Repost For The 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

At the time of the alleged Roswell crash in 1947, Arthur Exon was a Lt. Colonel stationed at Wright Field (Wright-Patterson A.F.B. in Dayton, Ohio), the location where the alleged debris and bodies from the crash were allegedly shipped. In the future, Exon would go on to become base commander of Wright-Patterson A.F.B.

According to Exon, the Roswell crash actually happened and that though the debris was first assumed to have come from a Russian craft, it soon become extremely clear that the material was not anything made by man. It should be stressed that Exon never claimed to have direct, first-hand knowledge of the event save for the fact that he flew over the reported crash sites. Instead, Exon's information comes second-hand from individuals who were directly involved and from the benefits of holding a high-position later in life.

Among claims made by Exon was of being told that a special project was created at Wright Field as soon as the technicians realized that the material was other-worldly and that there were two crash sites, the first site being on the Foster ranch and consisted mostly of debris while the second site had more intact structures of the craft as well as bodies. Additionally, Exon claimed that while he worked at the Pentagon in the late 50s and 60s that he was made aware that there was a small group of men that was handling the UFO situation. Exon dubbed this group, "The Unholy 13", though it should be stressed this is not an official designation.

During a 1994 interview with a Congressional Staff member for the GAO investigation of Roswell, Exon reported that he feared he was being monitored for coming forward with what he knew.


Brig. Gen. Arthur E. Exon

Witness To Roswell: Unmasking The Government's Biggest Cover-Up

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UFO Files - Hanger 18: The UFO Warehouse

The wreckage of whatever crashed at Roswell was taken to Wright Patterson, A.F.B, then called Wright Field, near Dayton, OH. Many believe that evidence for the existence of UFOs continues to be kept at this site.

Ultimate Guide to the Roswell UFO Crash

The 65th Anniversary Of The Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting

On June 24, 1947, business man Kenneth Arnold sighted nine metallic, disc-shaped objects that he claimed flew in the sky in the same manner as would a saucer skipped over water. The modern UFO era had officially begun.

Kenneth Arnold Radio Interview

Happy St. John's Eve!

Today is St. John's Eve, with tomorrow naturaly being St. John's Day. Today is a very special holiday around the world and is connected to the Summer Solstice. It is the most powerful time of the year for practitioners of New Orleans Voodoo as well as conjure workers. The spirit of Marie Laveau is believed to rise from her grave and join in on Voodoo celebrations tonight.

Wishing All My Readers A Very Wonderful St. John's Eve & St. John's Day. Happy Conjuring!

St. John The Baptist Day 

Coast 2 Coast AM - June 22, 2012 - Ghost Communication

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'Millennium' Book To Be Released This Summer

A new book on the FOX cult series Millennium is set to be released this summer. Talk of a Millennium movie is still going strong. Let's cross our fingers!

Fourth Horseman Press To Publish Book About Fox’s 1990′s TV Series ‘Millennium’


Kanaima are avenging spirits or humans possessed by said spirits in the folklore of the native tribes of British Guinia and in Northwestern Brazil.

Apperance: Kanaima are shape-shifters and can appear in a variety of forms.

Lore: Kanaima, as spirits of vengeance, attack and kill their victims in retaliation for some injustice. In order to accomplish their goal, Kanaima will possess the bodies of animals or people. In such possessed form the host becomes enraged, wild, and will violently attack it's victims. Kanaima are not above harming or killing the friends, family, and loved-ones of it's victim. Individuals possessed by the Kanaima will not dwell in homes but will live wild or feral in the jungle or wilderness. Time nor distance are of any importance to those possessed by the Kanaima as they will track their victims to any location that they may have fled or may be hiding. An interesting aspect of the Kanaima is that it seeks the painful suffering of it's victim and will not kill it's victim outright. Instead, the Kanaima works it so that the victim dies a painful death three days after it's attack. During this process the Kanaima slashes the tongue of it's victim so that he/she cannot speak of what is occurring. As far as weapons, the Kanaima possesses supernatural weapons and is most noted for it's bow which it shoots arrows tipped with a magical poison. Victims of the Kanaima often die from having their intestines twisted up into knots. The Kanaima must perform a strange ritual that includes the ingesting of the victims blood on the third night after the death of the victim. The ritual includes the stabbing of the corpse with a special staff or stick of wood and then licking-off the blood or fluids clinging to the stick when it is pulled from the body. If the Kanaima can perform this ritual then it will immediately exit the body of the human it is possessing and then that person will return to normal. However, if the Kanaima cannot perform this ritual then the person possessed by the Kanaima will go insane and die.

Powers: Kanaima possess supernatural powers as they are spirits. They have the power to shape-shift and to possess the bodies of animals and humans. Kanaima possess supernatural weapons. The Kanaima is believed to be able to drive people insane with one look.

Defense Against Kanaima: Unknown.

Kanaima In Popular Culture: On the series Teen Wolf, a Kanaima who transforms into a reptilian or lizard-like humanoid is responsible for the murders of multiple people. The character of Derek explains that the Kanaima is a shape-shifter and an abomination. Derek also adds that the Kanaima doesn't know who he or she is.

An Inquiry Into The Animism And Folklore Of The Guiana Indians by Walter Edmund Roth 

The Kanaima and Charles George

The Roswell Incident (1995)

Unsolved Mysteries (Various Episodes)

Wolfen (1981)

THH Radio - Vampires Then And Now

Spacing Out! Ep. 8 - James Fox On 'Chasing UFOs'

The Monsters Of True Blood

I was discussing this with a friend a couple of days ago and I thought I would list them here. I know this is like 4 years late but the show is still on.

I'm giving a standard spoiler warning in case there are people who haven't seen the show yet.

The Monsters Of True Blood (In No Particular Order)

1.) Vampires - The staple, immortal, blood-drinking monsters. Their weaknesses include sunlight or UV rays and silver. The ritual by which a vampire is created involves the person drinking the blood of a vampire and both the person and the vampire are then buried in the earth. Vampires can be killed with a wooden stake or with a gun that fires wooden bullets. When a vampire is killed it explodes like a water balloon filled with blood. Vampire blood is a highly addictive drug that causes hallucinations similar to LSD and can make a person incredibly strong. People can and do get strung out on it. It's street name is called "V". Vampire blood also can help heal people. Vampires possess the power of "glamour", a power they can use to control people and make them forget things.

2.) Werewolves - Werewolves are born with their ability to shape-shift into wolves. They are not made. They run in packs. When a werewolf transforms it transforms into an actual wolf form and not a wolf-human hybrid.

3.) Were-panthers - Were-panthers are a dying breed and are highly inbreed. They are like werewolves except that they transform into black panthers. They are born, not made.

4.) Maenads - Maenads are the female worshippers of the Greek god of wine and ecstasy, Dionysus. They have evolved to the point where they are immortal. They can only die if they willing give up their immortality or are tricked into doing so. They have supernatural powers such as being able to transform their hands into monster claws. A scratch from their claws is deadly if proper treatment is not available. Maenads have the power to control people. This power is almost a form of possession. Victims under the Maenads spell can be identified from their black eyes and wild, animalistic behavior. The goal of the Maenads is to invoke Dionysus into the flesh and then merge with him. Maenads believe that if they can find the proper ritual that Dionysus will be made flesh once more. At that point they will surrender their immortality and allow themselves to be consumed by their god so that they merge with him. No Maenad has ever been successful so far. Maenads routinely perform sacrifices of supernatural creatures in which they rip the hearts out of their victim. They then offer the hearts to Dionysus. Maenads can be summoned to a specific location. The greenish-black blood of a Maenad is toxic to vampires.

5.) Fairies - Fairies are a dying race. They were made almost driven extinct by vampires. Fairy blood is irresistible to vampires. Vampires claim that fairy blood tastes like "sunshine and rainbows". In their true form fairies are ugly creatures. Fairies possess the power to make themselves appear as beautiful people. Fairies also possess the power to shoot light out of their hands. In some fairies this light is in the form of an energy ball. This light is like a small explosion or like an electrical shock and it can either repel, harm, or even kill. It usually throws the affected person some distance away. In a desperate bid for survival, the majority of fairies have fled earth to live in their own dimension or universe. Various faeries are also pursuing a hybridization program with human beings in order for their species to survive. Fairies can communicate via telepathy.

6.) Fairy-Human Hybrids - There are two types. Both types are considered to be very attractive to the opposite sex. However, only one type has powers. This one type possesses the power of telepathy. The main character of Sookie is this type of hybrid. Sookie also possesses the light-power of purebred fairies. It is unclear if any other fairy-human hybrid has this same power.

7.) Shape-shifters - Shape-shifters are born that way and are not made. They have the power to shape-shift into any animal shape. Unfortunately most shape-shifters have to see the animal before they can take on it's shape. Most shape-shifters have a specific "go to" animal shape they prefer.

8.) Skin-walkers - Skin-walkers are made. A Skin-walker is a shape-shifter who has killed a family member. This gives the shapeshifter the power to shape-shift into another human being. A normal shape-shifter cannot take on the form of another human being. The killing of the family member doesn't have to be murder. At least one character became a skin-walker when her mother died in childbirth. Another skin-walker on the show became one via killing his parents in self-defense.

9.) Mediums - People who can communicate with spirits are real on the show.

10.) Ghosts/Spirits - Duh, if mediums are real then spirits are real.

11.) Witches - Most of the witches on the show are of the Wiccan variety and have little to no true power. There has only been one witch in recorded history who had the power to cause a major blow to the vampire population. Her name was Antonia and as she was burnt at the stake she used her power to draw vampires within a certain mile-radius into the sunlight where they burnt up. Antonia was a necromancer and necromancers are portrayed as being the greatest threat to vampires as they can control the dead. Vampires are technically dead.

12.) Necromancers - A type of powerful witch and the only type of witch that vampires fear as they can control the dead.

13.) Brujas & Brujos - A type of witch. They have more power than the Wiccan variety of witches.

14.)  Rootworker - Only one rootworker appears on the show and she is exposed as a fraud. However, the exorcism ritual she uses appears to work, go figure. Unfortunately a Maenad sacrificed her and cut her heart out.

15.) Demons - Demons are real on the show. They possess people. The face of a possessed person will temporarily transform into a brightly-colored, part-animal, part-human face. The demon face is very tribal in appearance. Having a demon gives the host special powers. The main Brujo on the show was possessed by a demon.

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Your Stories ...#3

"R" shares with us stories of spirits, jinns, hearing ghostly voices, and shadow people.

"I'll tell you what I've experiances as best I can in English. (English are not my native language). When I was very young kid whenever I play alone there's often a female voice that calling out my name but when I ask weather maybe it was my mother or the maid calling me, but they said it wasn't them. No I dont have imagenary friend nor do I see spirit ect in that nature .  One night I had a bad dream I fell into this well, inside the wall of well was covered with  spirits that tried to grab me and at the bottom of the well was huge flame as was like hell some sort. I woke up scared to death about that dream even scared to sleep again the next few days.  Wasn't a pleasent dream and I still remember that dream.. But since then I never hear that female voice that calling me out when I'm alone. Any connection to it? I don't know! I never told my parents about this.

My parents always said as Christian we do not believe theres ghost ect. And I remember when people start to tell me ghost stories I used to say " Well, I don' believe that BS' stories !!". All that changed...

When I was 17 I had my first job as waitress at this cafe. One evening me and this other  waitress was preparing toasted sandwiches. There's only me and her in that room when  all of the sudden heavy voice of an old man in between us said "Ono opo iki?" (meaning  what's going on here?) Me and the other girl was stunt, we looking at each other and  make a run screaming from the kitchen. The owner saw us and he came rushing to us and ask whats going on. I told him what just happened. He doesn't look suprised by it. He  went to the kitchen and locked it from the inside. Half hour later he came out and he said  to us it was only jinn that supposedly guarding his place of bisnis to ward off unwanted  bad spirit sent by people that don't like him. And he lightly said to us to tell  the jinn not to bother us because we only come here to work!!  I was ill for 2 days after the incident maybe from shocked, I don't know but I quit and never return. The cafe closed not long after from what I've heard.

Few months later I work at pool hall. Normally at the end of night shift at 2am we closed, I sleep at the bench around the snooker table because I have to work again at 9pm for  morning shift, so I didn't bothered to go home. But this one night I can hear the  sounds of balls hitting each other as if someone was playing but when I looked there's  no one and no lights was on ( thinking I was tired and been listening people playing for hours, so it might stuck it my head) so I went back lay on the bench facing the wall.

Not long after I can hear foot steps that sounds like kicking a box of matches. I don't want to turn around because I'm starting to feel scared of what I might see if I turn around. I just closed my eyes under the blanket. I worked there for about 3 years but never again stay for the night after what I've experienced that night. The place is no longer pool hall, more like video games or internet cafe some sort now.

Back in 2009, A voice that have the same exact sound as my mother calling my name twice from the dining room,  which next to my room. I swear I thought it was my mother, I went to look for my mother then I realized I was alone in the house, as my parents was at the church.

I've encounter "shadow people" but I dont feel as they pose some kind of threat. At at grams (old colonial house) I've seen ... all I can describe is like that mask  from the scream movie accept the mouth wasn't long like that (twice Ive seen that thing  outside the window) I cant describe the feeling but it was like something inside me nagging  me to look up and see the window.

At midnight sometimes all of the sudden out of nowhere I felt so uneasy and I can feel my heart start beating so fast as if something is there with me. But the feeling gone as soon as I leave the room. Its weird for me as I don't know why Grams cat sometimes hissing at the corner of the room (same room when I feel like uneasy sometimes), but when she does that I looked and nothing unusual for my eyes anyway. My brother once said to me in the car "You don't have to see it, but u can feel there's  something in that house, cant you?" referring grams house. I know Im not crazy but when you told people about it , they think you losing it or laugh thinking you crazy. But now I can say " You believe those things when it actually happen to you"

'Chasing UFOs' Website

A new UFO reality show will be debuting on National Geographic on June 29th. The title is, 'Chasing UFOs'. Check out the interactive website below.

I'm really psyched! I was so disappointed when UFO Hunters was cancelled and I'm about to pull my hair out with the bat-shit insanity of Ancient Aliens. I'm hoping this show will be a credible and interesting show that will help get people interested in the topic.

Medium Made Women Strip, Perform Sex Acts...Because Spirits Are Naked

Karl Lang, an alleged psychic-medium, is being accused of tricking female clients to strip naked and perform sex acts. He allegedly claimed they needed to be naked because the spirits were naked.

Karl Lang, Medium, Convinced Women To Strip Naked, Send Dirty Pictures To Increase Psychic Powers, Cops Say

Senator Joseph Montoya (1915-1978) - Repost For The 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

Joseph Montoya was a U.S. senator (NM) from 1964-1977. During the time of the alleged Roswell crash, Montoya was Lt. Governor of New Mexico. According to Montoya's assistants/drivers, Montoya was a witness of the Roswell wreckage and bodies at Roswell AFB.

According to Ruben and Peter Anaya, assistants and drivers for Montoya, Montaya sent word for the pair, as well as Moses Burrola and Ralph Chaes, to pick him up from the base as soon as possible. The brothers were given the instructions not to pick him up in front of the hanger he was at but rather to meet him in front of the water tower. When Montoya entered the vehicle he reportedly shouted at the brothers to hurry up and leave the scene.

The brothers assumed that Montoya wanted to be taken to the hotel in which he normally stayed but were shocked to learn that Montoya wanted to go to Ruben's home and wanted a strong drink. Montaya became upset and revealed that he had seen something at the base which completely disturbed him. Later on at the house, and while drinking straight from the bottle, Montoya claimed to have seen a 'flying machine' and 'little people' who weren't human. Montoya described the bodies as small and child-like with large, dark eyes. The creatures were dressed in silver, one-piece suits. According to Montoya at least one of the beings was alive. Later that night, Montoya would be taken to the hotel room, but not before making them swear they would never reveal anything he told them.

The next day the brothers arrived at the hotel room and Montoya advised them that the bodies were transported to Ft. Worth, TX. He again made them promise never to speak of what he had told them. Later on, the pair was harassed by George Wilcox, the Sheriff of Roswell who also advised them to keep their mouth shut or risk being murdered. If this wasn't enough, the brothers, as well as the other two men who had heard Montoya's stories, were approached by Senator Dennis Chavez who told them not to believe anything Montoya told them because he was a liar. Senator Chavez went on to state that Montoya saw something he wasn't supposed to see, a secret government project, and that for the security of the United States, nobody should ever speak of it.

Ruben Anaya passed away in 2002. Moses Burrola is deceased and the whereabouts of Ralph Chaes has not been established.

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition)

Coast 2 Coast AM - June 20, 2012 - UFOs & Evil

Forger Found To Be In Possession Of Voodoo Dolls Against Authorities

The alleged Canadian forger was found to be in possession of equipment needed for credit card forgery and other crimes. In the freezer were 'voodoo dolls' of police officers, judges, and other authority figures.

Fraudster had voodoo dolls of cops, Crowns

You Too Can Own Alleged Bigfoot Hair For $30

Ty Shafer is selling alleged Bigfoot hair for $30. I think I'll pass.

Lufkin man puts 'Bigfoot hair' up for sale

Another Naked Florida Zombie...Bites Chunk Out Of Man's Arm

A Florida man forced his way into his girlfriend's home, stripped naked, and caused havoc. When a man tried to restrain him the 'zombie' bit a chunk out of the man's arm.

Another Florida ‘zombie’ attack? Naked man storms girlfriend’s house, bites chunk out of man’s arm

Coven Of Salem Witches Show Support For Exotic Dancer Arrested For Drunk Driving

The exotic dancer is an alleged Wiccan and her father an alleged Warlock. The father is also alleged to have threatened to curse anyone who harms his daughter. A 19 year-old man was killed in the resulting car wreck. The dancer's coven showed up at court to show support.

The drunken stripper from the Golden Banana, a coven of Salem witches and the 'groping' man horrifically impaled when she crashed into a flatbed truck

Saudi Man Executed For Witchcraft

A Saudi man has been beheaded for being found to be in possession of certain books and talismans.

Saudi man executed for 'witchcraft and sorcery'

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dr. Eric Arthur Walker (1910-1995) - Repost For The 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

Dr. Eric Aurthur Walker was president of Penn State University and was a key person who helped form the National Academy of Engineering. For a complete biography of Dr. Walker, click HERE.

Dr. Walker has a place at this blog due to Dr. Robert Sarbacher's claim that Walker was a key player with regard to the U.S. government's secrets concerning UFOs and of the recovery of a crashed extraterrestrial craft. According to Dr. Sarbacher, Walker attended several secret meetings at Wright-Patterson A.F.B. concerning the recovery of a crashed UFO.

In several phone interviews in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Walker revealed a few things to the UFO researchers who spoke to him. Some of the things that Walker revealed are listed below.

- An extraterrestrial craft crashed and was indeed recovered by the military.

- At the time of the interview Walker admitted to still having in his possession notes he took during the meetings about the recovery of the crashed UFO.

- The existence of a group of individuals who have almost complete control over the matter. Walker stated that such group is not composed of military or lay citizens, but is rather composed of various elites. Admittance into the group is by invitation only.

- Walker implied he was a member of this group.

- Walker's opinion was that the origin of the extraterrestrials, as to their star-system or planet of origin, remains unknown.

- Walker's opinion was that the extraterrestrials may have a base in our solar system and are not travelling long-distance between their home-world and earth.

- Walker did not believe the MJ12 papers were authentic.

- Walker revealed that we were only able to learn so much about alien technology because it was far more advanced than our own.

- Walker refused to answer several specific questions. His refusal can be viewed as being telling with regard to the subject.

- Walker admitted that he and a few others went to the site of the alleged crash of a UFO at Kecksburg, PA. This event occurred near to his home in PA, on December 9, 1965. Walker refused to comment on if what was recovered was extraterrestrial.

- Walker gave warnings to UFO researchers to stay away from the subject of UFOs and to stop investigating the phenomenon. Walker added the question (paraphrased), "Just what are you going to do if you somehow uncover the truth?"

Dr. Eric Walker passed away on February 17, 1995.

Dr. Eric A. Walker - Penn State

Dr. Eric Walker - Department Of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Eric Walter Interviews

Info on Dr. Eric Walker, MJ-12 member 2

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Dr. Robert Sarbacher

Book Review: Zombies by Adam Woog

The book is, Zombies by Adam Woog.

I could not finish this book. Now, I don't mind spoofs. I don't mind bending of 'historicity' in my reading but this book has gone overboard. My biggest fear is that young people will pick this book up and actually begin to think there were documented zombie outbreaks and that certain key points in history involved zombies. This book is the opposite of 'tongue-in-cheek' and is seemingly written to totally confuse young minds.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 2. If you are a young person reading this book, the answer is "No". None of the historical events in the book involved zombies.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Today is the Summer Solstice, also called Midsummer, the first day of Summer and the longest day of the year (hours of sunlight). From this day forward the days will grow shorter and shorter until we reach the Winter Solstice, the beginning of Winter and the shortest day of the year.

Today is also the Wiccan and Neopagan holiday of Midsummer, the celebration of the Summer Solstice.

So a very happy Summer Solstice and a wonderful summer to all my readers!

Dr. Robert Sarbacher (1907-1986) - Repost For The 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

Dr. Robert Sarbacher was an American physicist and consultant to the DOD (Dept. of Defense).

In 1950, Sarbacher reportedly told a group of Canadian scientists that the U.S. had recovered a crashed extraterrestrial craft, including bodies, and was attempting to reverse-engineer the technology but to no avail.

In a letter dated November 29, 1983, Dr. Sarbacher confirmed that he had indeed made such statement.

To see an actual copy of the letter, click HERE.

Dr. Robert Sarbacher - A Key U.S. Contact

Of Roswell & Rockets: The Secret V-2 Flying Saucer Film

30 Odd Minutes - The Real Dracula With Dave Schrader

30 Odd Minutes - Phone Calls From The Dead With Cal Cooper

Update: Travis Walton UFO incident witness Steve Pierce

Miriam Bush - Repost For The 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

Miriam Bush was an Executive Secretary, working under Hospital Administrator and Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Col. Harold Warne, at the Roswell AFB Hospital in 1947. Bush was employed at the base during the time of the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial craft near Roswell, NM in July of the same year.

According to Pat Bush, Miriam's sister-in-law, Miriam came home from work one day extremely excited about something that had occurred. Relating the events over diner, Bush claimed that her Boss took her aside and told her there was something she needed to see. Bush claimed she was taken to a room in which bodies of what she thought were children were displayed on tables. When Bush noticed the heads of the beings, she realized they were not children at all. Bush noticed that at least one of the beings was alive at the time, as it moved it's hand.

According to Pat Bush, when Miriam arrived home from work the next day her demeanor had completely changed. Bush appeared frightened and informed the family never to discuss what she told them the day before.

Effect Of The Sighting On Her Life: The sightings negatively effected Miriam Bush, possibly being a factor for her turning to alcohol and her eventual death. According to Pat Bush, Miriam was never the same. She lived the rest of her life in a state of fear.

Death: According to Pat Bush, Miriam Bush's death was mysterious. In 1989, Bush had checked in to a hotel under an assumed name (her sister's name) and was subsequently found deceased with bruises on her arms and with a plastic bag over her head. The door had been locked from the inside. According to Pat Bush there was no investigation and the Police simply ruled it a suicide, though her family had their doubts.

Possible Connection To Roswell Mortician Glenn Dennis: Glenn Dennis claims he had spoken with an employee at the Base Hospital who had witnessed the bodies, drawing him a picture on a napkin of what she had witnessed. This unknown woman then burned the napkin in an ashtray right after Dennis saw it. Some people believe this unknown woman to have been Miriam Bush. Dennis gave the false name of 'Naomi Self' to the woman, a regretful error since many Roswell investigators and skeptics were led to believe Dennis was either lying or making the story up as there was never any record of a 'Naomi Self' at the base during the time-frame. Confusing matters further, Dennis claims 'Naomi Self' was shipped off and was later said to have died in a crash. It's likely that this further comment is also incorrect as well, probably being an addition to the fake name in order to protect the true identity of the woman who revealed the information. Finally, in the latter years when Dennis was still giving interviews, he admitted that the name 'Naomi Self' was false and that he was in fact protecting her true identity. Today, Glenn Dennis is in frail health and no longer gives interviews concerning his experiences regarding the crash at Roswell.

Observation Concerning 'Naomi Self': Dennis gave the middle name of 'Maria' to the woman who informed him of her seeing the bodies. The name 'Maria' is a derivative of the name Miriam and may be an example of Dennis giving an unconscious slip-up, hinting at the true identity of the woman.

Witness To Roswell: Unmasking The 60 Year Cover-Up by Thomas J. Carrey and Donald R. Schmitt

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Judge Budd Payne - Repost For The 65th Anniversay Of The Roswell Crash

Budd Payne was a Roswell rancher in 1947 during the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial craft. Later in life Payne became a county judge.

Payne claims that he was chasing a steer that had wandered onto the Foster ranch during the Army's recovery of whatever had crashed.

Payne claims he was then confronted by a jeep of MPs who then man-handled him and threw him off the ranch.

Payne claimed that later Mac Brazel showed him the exact site where the material came down.

If Payne's story is true, then the behavior of the MP's would indicate that whatever had crashed was not a weather balloon, nor a project mogul balloon, as the material itself was not classified.

Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Cover-up (Revised and Expanded Edition) by Thomas J. Carey and Donlad R. Schmitt

Captain Oliver W. Henderson - Repost For 65th Anniversary Of The Roswell Crash

Capt. Oliver Henderson, a.k.a. "Pappy", was a senior pilot at Roswell AFB durring the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial craft in 1947.

When the fascination with Roswell was renewed in the 1980s, Henderson decided to tell his wife, daughter, and friends about his involvement. Henderson claimed that he was told never to speak about the incident but he decided that since the subject was now appearing in the papers that it would be okay to talk about it.

According to Henderson, he was one of the pilots that flew the wreckage and bodies to Wright-Patterson. Henderson described the bodies as being small, pale, with large eyes and heads, and dressed in a strange material. Henderson also claimed that it appeared as if scavengers had gotten to the bodies. The bodies were temporarily preserved in dry-ice for shipment.

Investigator Karl Pflock concluded that Henderson had told his family and friends a joke. Pflock, though a good researcher, was a proponent of the Project Mogul explanation for Roswell and as such tended to dismiss anything that didn't fit his preconceived views. Henderson's family and friends insisted that the story was related to them in all seriousness and that it was not a practical joke.

Henderson passed away in March of 1986.

Capt. Oliver W. "Pappy" Henderson

Oliver Wendelle "Pappy" Henderson

REAL VOODOO behind the scenes interview with La Belle Deesse

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Roswell (1994)

The real story of the crash of an unidentified object near Roswell, NM, in July of 1947, as told through the eyes of Jesse Marcel, one of the first military men to have discovered the debris field. This movie is based on real-life events and aired on Showtime in 1994. The move stars Kyle MacLachlan, Martin Sheen, and Dwight Yoakam.

June 9 (2008)

Moon Of The Wolf (1972)

Remote Viewers Capable Of Helping Solve Murders & Locate Missing People

An article about a convention of remote viewers and how remote viewing has helped solve crimes and locate missing people.

Seeing dead people: ‘Remote viewers’ in Nevada help solve California murder

Saturday, June 16, 2012

In Search Of... UFO Cover-Ups (1980)

Murder At Lake Washington

This is a book written by the P.I. that was hired by Courtney Love to find her then missing husband, Kurt Cobain. That P.I. is none other than Tom Grant. Grant would go on to publicly accuse Courtney Love and their male nanny, Michael "Cali" DeWitt of conspiracy to murder Kurt Cobain.

Kurt Cobain's Death Should Be Re-examined

In Search Of... UFOs (1977)

I re-watched this last night. It is one of my favorites of the series. The farmer and his daughter who sighted the "turtle-shaped" UFO in the street are so very credible. Just watching them and listening to them makes you realize they are not lying, nor are they out for fame or fortune. They are simply telling of their sighting and it is highly believable. I miss this series. I would love for it to re-air. I remember that certain stations use to air it well into the late 90s and early 00s.

Book Review: How To Be A Vampire

The book is, How To Be A Vampire: A Fangs-On Guide For The Newly Undead by Amy Gray.

This book is written in a fang-in-cheek fashion, a guide for the newly-turned vampire. The artwork and photography are superb. The writing focuses mainly on the emo and goth-lifestyles, catering specifically to the alternative crowd who identifies as vampires. There are sections on the history of the vampire and the role of the vampire in film and books. A bit of a warning. The "real" vampire of folklore is pretty much absent or should I write that the emphasis is on the alluring, la femme fatale and l'homme fatale version of the vampire.. The book is a light read.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 6.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cunning Men And Women

Cunning Men/Cunning Women, were professional practitioners of folk magic found in many parts of the Europe throughout the latter middle-ages and up into the twentieth century. The term "cunning" is a synonym for wise or crafty.

Cunning men and women were believed to be skilled healers, knowing the properties of the plants that grew in the area and were believed to be able to help with life's problems, such as finding a mate, reconciling lovers, recovering lost objects, ensuring fertility and prosperity, and achieving justice. Cunning men and women were for the majority of the population of the time, the only medical "professionals" people visited. Many cunning women were also trained midwives.

Cunning men and women should not be confused with witches. Instead, and like with the similar traditions of folk magic like hoodoo/rootwork/conjure, cunning men and women were closer to "witch doctors", meaning that it was their job to fight witchcraft, remove evil spells, and heal sickness caused by witches. The belief that cunning men and women were witches stems mainly from Wiccan propaganda.

Unfortunately starting in the 1950s with the birth of the Wiccan religion, various proponents of Wicca began to claim cunning men and cunning women as their spiritual ancestors. This process of assimilating the cunning tradition into Wiccan mythology entailed the rewriting of history. Cunning men and women were not Wiccans, nor were they pagans. They were Christians and prayed to the Christian God and used the bible in their works.

Many cunning men and women were falsely accused of being witches and were persecuted, tortured, and executed during the witchcraft hysteria of the middle ages. Please keep in mind that not every accused witch was a cunning man or woman, but many of them were. Likewise, most of them were innocent of the crime of witchcraft and were instead simply used as scapegoats for any number of reasons by their communities.

Note: Though the word cunning is indeed a synonym for wise, the word witch is not. The word witch does not mean "wise woman" and has never held a positive connotation. Today there are people who still claim to practice the cunning tradition though most of the individuals are Wiccans or other self-styled witches and have little to nothing to do with the actual cunning tradition of centuries past which may now be extinct.

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The Pendle Witch Child (2011)

Canadian Teacher Made Class Watch Cannibal Snuff Film

A Canadian teacher has been suspended for making his 10th grade class watch the cannibal snuff film, "1 lunatic, 1 ice pick", which features the real-life murder and cannibalism of a human victim.

Outrage as teacher forced his 10th grade class to watch horrific video of 'Canadian cannibal murdering, eating and dismembering his lover'

"Underwater UFO" In Baltic Sea Is Natural Formation

No shocker but the strange circular object found on the bottom of the Baltic sea turns out to be a natural, mushroom-shaped formation.

Voodoo Tour With Dr. John

An NPR article, video, and audio tour of New Orleans with musician, Dr. John.

Sense Of Place: A Voodoo Tour With Dr. John

Zombie Tarot Cards

Stacey Graham has produced her own zombie tarot cards. Love it! LOL

Famous Authors' Zombie Tarot Card Readings

Zombie Woman Dies After Being Tasered

A naked, growling, 35 year-old mother began to attack her son, strangle a dog, and attempt to attack nearby people and bite them. After being taken into custody she died. It is alleged that she was on "bath salts" but once again there doesn't seem to be actual proof of that.
Police: Woman who died after being tased, assaulted child while allegedly high on bath salts

Florida Teacher Arrested For Cutting, Burning Teenagers In Exorcism Ritual

The 35 year-old teach alleged formed a group of her former students and med around a fire in order to perform an exorcism on them. The exorcism involved cutting the teenagers to allegedly allow the demons to exit their bodies as well as burning the wounds to prevent same demons from returning.

Bizarre burning and cutting ritual on kids lands Florida woman in jail

Thursday, June 14, 2012

30 Odd Minutes - Real Werewolves With Linda Godfrey

The Credible UFO Sighting That Caused A Behind-The-Scenes Stir In Britain

It was a highly credible sighting made by a military pilot and the unidentified object was tracked on radar. It set off a behind-the-scenes frenzy in British government.

UFO Sighting in 1952 Kicked Off Britain's Behind-The-Scenes Flying Saucer Debate

Not only do people need to wrap their heads around the idea that some UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial, they also need to understand that "they" are in the process of becoming 'humanesque', save for their seemingly supernatural abilities to communicate telepathically and altar and control human perception. There's a reason why their goal appears to be the creation of beings that look, on the outside at least, completely human. Ponder what their motivation could be. Let me give you a hint: At some point in the future beings that look human, but with mental abilities normal humans do not possess, will walk this earth. Ponder the implications of this.

Dream Decievers: The Story Behind James Vance Vs. Judas Priest (1992)

The Pagan Path

UFOs, ET And Cover-Ups With Stanton Friedman

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Project Archivist - Real Werewolves With Linda Godfrey

Wicca What?

30 Year-Old Mystery Put To Bed - Coronor: Yes, Dingo Took Baby

Coast 2 Coast AM - June 12, 2012 - Zombies, Spiders, & Remote Viewing Rock Stars

Santeria Sacrifices & Occult Practitoners Upsetting To Jewish Cemetery Management

During a convention for management of Jewish Cemeteries, problems with animal sacrifices and occult practitioners performing rituals at graves were discussed.

Voodoo and Grave-Selling Irk Cemeteries - Jewish Cemeteries Battle Never-Ending Host of Odd Problems

Jesus Malverde Popular In NYC

Jesus Malverde is extremely popular in NYC. The folk saint is believed to be able to keep the law away.

Prayer cards of 19th-century 'Narco Saint' Jesus Malverde hot seller in Brooklyn and Queens

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Jesus Malverde

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Review - Black Hawk: Working With His Spirit

The book is, Black Hawk: Working With His Spirit by Momma Starr.

This book has the honor of being the first book written concerning actually working with the spirit of Father Black Hawk. As such I should stress that if you are not called to work with Black Hawk that you should not purchase or read this book. Black Hawk has become very popular over the last few years and pretty much most of the information found online is written by people who have had no actual training in working with Black Hawk. Instead, these people are self-styled experts who have simply made up their own way of working with Black Hawk. The problem is that one just doesn't make the decision to work with Black Hawk. Instead, Black Hawk chooses you. If you have been chosen by Black Hawk then consider yourself blessed as he does not work with everyone, despite what you may read online. Working with Black Hawk is also a life-long commitment and is not something you can just toss aside when you lose interest. You cannot literally or metaphorically put Black Hawk's bucket on a shelf and forget about him. He won't tolerate that. In the least he will abandon you, and yes, if Black Hawk is mistreated he will abandon you. At worst Black Hawk will turn on you. Yes, you read right. Black Hawk can, and will, turn on someone if he is mistreated. It all depends on how he feels.

The books begins with a short history of Black Hawk, his people the Sauk Indians, and his struggles with white people who constantly deceived him and abused him. Included are sections on Mr. Robert, the man who taught Momma Starr how to work with Black Hawk, as well as the woman who taught Mr. Robert. Included in the book is a short section on working with White Eagle, Father Black Hawk's spiritual brother. Included in the book is information on how to set up Black Hawk's bucket and his colors, favorite offerings, and the tools needed to work with him. Starr also explains what Black Hawk will and will not do. This aspect is important because many people online are writing on this without having proper training. For example, I will write this because Momma Starr has already said it on her radio show. Black Hawk will not do money work for you. He will protect your money but he will not bring you money. I would add that though it's inappropriate to ask Black Hawk for money you can ask him to make a way for you to obtain what you need. That way you are not actually asking for money. For example, the way I received the money I needed to purchase Momma Starr's Black Hawk book and to take her class was by asking Black Hawk to make a way for me to obtain the teaching and the tools I needed to work with him.

A word of warning. Do not take working with Black Hawk, or even White Eagle, lightly. Working with them should be treated seriously. These are not spirits you can take up and toss aside when the trend fades away. Repeat: If you mistreat or abuse Black Hawk he can either abandon you or turn on you. By turning on you he will cut you down just like he cuts down your enemies.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 8. It is a must read for those who have been called to work with Father Black Hawk. It should be avoided by those who are not called to work with him.

The Moore Show - The Roswell Crash With Chuck Wade

Ufologist Chuck Wade grew up in Corona, NM, the closest city to the alleged crash of a UFO in 1947. The term "Roswell Crash" has become very popular but the location is actually closer to Corona, NM. Chuck Wade's father was asked by Mac Brazel, the man who found the wreckage, to come with him to see it.

Katy Perry & Kanye West - E.T.

This is the official video for "E.T." by Katy Perry. This version features Kanye West. I personally thinks that Kanye is a poor choice for collaboration on this project. His crude language and ego-stroking ruins the otherworldly performance, and appearance, of Katy Perry.

Lungs Found On LA Sidewalk, Police Investigating

A pair of lungs was found on a sidewalk in LA. Do we have another zombie on the loose?

Officials investigating possible lungs found on South L.A. sidewalk

Katy Perry - E.T.

Wow...this song has been out for a couple of years now and I never payed that much attention to the lyrics before. Unfortunately alien abduction isn't as sexy as Katy Perry seems to think. Unless you are being bred, then all kinds of fantasies can placed into your head. LOL

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Reminder: True Blood Season 5 Premieres Tonight!

Tonight is the night for us die-hard True Blood fans! Will Tara survive? Will she be made into a vampire? I'll guess we will find out tonight!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Book Review: The Craft: A Witch's Book Of Shadows

The book is, The Craft: A Witch's Book Of Shadows by Dorothy Morrison.

I first saw some YouTube videos of the author and liked her sense of humor. I decided to read some of her books. The Craft is the first book of the author I picked up. I was not impressed and could not finish it. The book is a rehash of the exact same material that is found in nearly every single book on Wicca. If you are new to the subject of Wicca or a new Wiccan, this book may be of use to you. If you've read more than one book on Wicca you can safely avoid this book.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 2.

Haunted Lives: True Ghost Storeis - Episode 2 (1992)

Face-Eating Zombie Didn't Swallow & Probably Didn't Take 'Bath Salts'

Information has been released revealing that the face-eating 'Miami Zombie' didn't actually swallow the bits of human flesh he bit off his victim, as no human flesh was found in his stomach. However, a large number of pills were indeed found in his stomach. This might point to the conclusion that 'bath salts' weren't involved, as I have been posting for a long time now. 'Bath Salts' tend not to be consumed in pill form. It's possible they could be put into capsules; however, such method of consumption is rare. My guess it is that the 'zombie' ingested some other drug and the whole 'bath salts' thing is a cover-story meant to calm the public and prevent panic and further questioning. I can't wait until the toxicology report is released.

Rudy Eugene Autopsy: No Human Flesh, But Undigested Pills In Stomach: Report (VIDEO)

Wig Thief Bites Chunk Out Of Man's Arm

A woman who stole a wig from a shop bit a chunk of flesh out of the owner's arm while being pursued.

Lowpel Davis Bit Wig Store Owner's Arm, Spat Flesh In His Face, Cops Say

Friday, June 8, 2012

Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories - Episode 1 (1991)

I remember watching this when it aired. This is the show with the segment on the haunted Toys R Us store which featured a younger Sylvia Browne.

Is Bigfoot An Alien?

I hate to say this, but there are indeed many reports that suggest that Bigfoot is an alien. I don't believe it, but yest, these reports do exist. However, keep in mind that most Bigfoot sightings do not involve UFOs.

Is Bigfoot Possibly an Alien Entity?

'Vampire High Priest' Has Lawsuit Dismissed

A self-styled 'Vampire High Priest' had his lawsuit dismissed. The man claimed that his religious freedoms were being violated.

“Vampire High Priest” Inmate Loses Civil Rights Suit

'Smurf' Attack

A man dressed in skin-tight blue suit has been scaring women near a wooded location called May Hill. The smurf likes to do 'star jumps', whatever that is, and peek out at people from bushes.

'Smurf' victim tells of fear after series of bizarre incidents

Expedition To Explore Possible Underwater UFO Report Finding Something Unusual

The update is vague and not much information is provided. In the update the team that is exploring a mysterious structure on the bottom of the Baltic Sea has now claimed that they have indeed found something very unusual. According to the sonar results the object is circular, leading many people to speculate that it is a crashed UFO.

Eating Human Flesh Is Addictive

Karen Hylen, of the Summit Malibu Treatment Center, states in the article below that many cannibals get off on eating human flesh. Interestingly, Native Americans knew this long before now. Many of the Native American myths of monsters involve a person who becomes a cannibal and literally cannot stop eating human flesh.

Cannibalism Can Be Addictive, Expert Says

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Unexplained: Witches, Werewolves And Vampires (1994)

Godsmack - Vampire

I'm posting this because yesterday I watched the documentary that the sound bytes used in the above song come from. It's called "Mysterious Forces Beyond - Vampires". As soon as the host started talking I realized that this was the documentary used.

Hamilton's Pharmocopeia - Zombies

Zombies: When the Dead Walk - Clairvius Narcisse

Proof Teenage Girls Are Crazy

According to Line Nybro Petersen, of the University of Copenhagen, more teenage girls are turning away from traditional religions and are finding spirituality in vampire-themed books, movies, and television shows.

Teens find spirituality in vampire films

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Horde (2009)

One of the best zombie movies.

Louisiana Zombie Attacks Man, Bites Off Chunk Of Face Plus More 'Bath Salt' B.S.

A man in Louisiana was attacked by a 'zombie' who bit off a chunk of his face. A friend of the 'zombie' claims he was on bath salts but the police did not perform any drug tests on the 'zombie'.

Carl Jacquneaux Bit A Chunk Of Face Off Victim Todd Credeur In Louisiana, Cops Say

Homeless Florida Zombie Kills Man, Eats His Brain & Eyes

30 Odd Minutes - ET Disclosure

Coast 2 Coast AM - June 4, 2002 - Spirit Communications

Skull Found In Hollywood, Florida, Believed To Be Part Of Palo Worship

A skull found in a pot in a Hollywood, Florida, lake is believed to have been used in a Palo religious ceremony.

Skull Found in Oak Park Lake Used For Religious Ritual: Hollywood Police

How The Zombie Apocalypse Could Happen In Real Life

An article on how the zombie apocalypse could actually happen in reality.

How A Zombie Outbreak Could Happen In Real Life

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where's The Proof It's 'Bath Salts'?

Am I the only one asking this question? It's all over the news. Yesterday on my local station they aired a segment on how this "new" drug called bath salts causes cannibalistic urges. The problem is that the drug is not new. It's been out for a decade or longer. Before it was called "bath salts" it was some type of fertilizer thing. Yet we are supposed to believe that the drug only has recently began causing users to turn into flesh-ripping cannibals. And for some reason this seems to be concentrated in Miami, Florida.

The fact that the media is reporting that the recent cannibalism episodes are caused by 'bath salts' reeks of a cover-story to calm the public down and stop them from questioning things. The autopsy reports are not in. How do they know it's bath salts? Where's the evidence?

2012 = The Year Of The Zombie, Or At Least, "The Summer Of Zombies"

Face-eating, people-biting, blood-spitting, baby-eating,..I hear by dub 2012 the year of the zombie. Imagine in the future how we all can tell our grandchildren our stories of how we survived the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie-Virus being spread to humans by bats carrying Rabies-Flu hybrid?

CDC Not Being Honest About "No Such Thing As Zombies" Statement

Reps for the CDC must have forgotten about Toxoplasma gondii, the mind-controlling parasite people catch from cats. The parasite is believed to cause schizophrenia in humans.

CDC Silent On Zombie-Inducing Parasites That Live In Human Brains

Miami Man Growls Like Dog, Tries To Bite Off Cop's Hand

A homeless man began growling like a dog, attacked two police officers and tried to gnaw off one of the officer's hands.

Another Miami 'zombie' attack? Man on Cloud 9 growls at cop, tries to bite officer's hand, report

12 People Treated For Rabies In NM And 32 Dogs Put Down

Twelve people in Eddy County, NM had to be treated for rabies recently and 32 dogs were euthanized.

12 people treated in Eddy County rabies outbreak

Naked Dead Man With Arm Chewed Off Discovered In N.C., Police Blame Dog But Dog Owner Says Crock Of Sh*t

A naked corpse with it's arm chewed off was discovered in Roxboro, N.C. The police claim that the pit bull next door killed the man. The dog owner claims it's a lie, that his dog was locked up in his cage, that the man's bites were not consistent with dog bites and that the fact that the man was naked is a big clue that something else happened.

ZOMBIELAND? - N.C. Dead Man - Naked - Arm Chewed Off - Confused Cops Arrest Dog

Monday, June 4, 2012

Unsolved Mysteries Halloween Episode (1988)

This was the first Unsolved Mysteries episode to feature segments on ghosts.

Book Review: Witchcraft In Early North America

The book is, Witchcraft In Early North America by Alison Games.

This is an enjoyable read, a book dedicated to the belief in, or should I say fear of, witches found in North America. Included are many detailed, reprint documents from the time of colonial days. What I like best about the book is that it really hits home the true notion of witchcraft, as believed in by people, and not the modern Wiccan version that has no basis in reality. Covered in the book are the European, Native American, and African beliefs in witches and witchcraft. The only drawback that I foresee is that some readers may find the book a bit dull. I found the book easier to read in stages instead of one or two sittings.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I give this book a 7.

100 'Vampire' Graves Discovered In Bulgaria

The graves of 100 people have been discovered. Treatment of the bodies when they were buried indicates that people feared they were vampires or would become vampires. Iron stakes were used to pin the bodies down.

Over 100 'Vampire' Graves Discovered in Bulgaria - Official

Did Sir Francis Drake Make A Pact With Satan? - Dr.Ruehl

Coast 2 Coast AM - June 1, 2012 - Transylvania Expedition

It Started In Florida

The "zombie apocalypse" appears to have began in Florida. Several incidents that I've covered here appear in the following article at the below link. However, other incidents occurred in March and April that do not appear on the list.

Florida Is Center Of Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Yet Another Miami Zombie - Zombie Hit By Taxi, Attacks Cops & Bystanders

A bloody and partially-naked man who was hit by a taxi began attacking people who stopped to help him as well as police officers. Several officers were injured and had to be treated as they were exposed to blood. Three officers had to be taken to the hospital.

Man attacks Miami police who try to help him

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another Naked Miami Zombie - Naked Miami Zombie Attacked Man And Was Tazered, Dies

A naked man attacked a man and tried to bite his neck. The man was tasered by police and then taken to the hospital where he then died. An attorney from the family says that he was on LSD and that the cops tasered him multiple times as well as beat him savagely. However, keep in mind this is only what the attorney is claiming and may not represent an actual reality.

Police Investigate After Naked Man Shot With Stun Gun Dies

Is This What's Coming Next? Contemplating The Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies: A Living History (2011)

Woman Arrested, Attacked Man And Spat Blood On Police & Nurse

Police arrested an Ohio woman for assaulting a man. In the process of the arrest she spat blood on the police and a nurse.

Police: Woman Arrested for Assault After Spitting Blood On Officer, Nurse

Man Trying To Flee Police Spits Blood

A man who was attempting to flee from cops began spitting blood.

Man Spit Blood at Deputy, Nurse After Burglary Arrest

Doctor Goes Berserk, Spits Blood On Police

Man Bites Lowe's Employees

During an altercation a self-employed contractor attacked Lowe's store employees and bit them, drawing blood.

Contractor bites Lowe's employees, resists arrest

Man Arrested For Biting Woman

A man was arrested after grabbing a woman and biting her on the cheek.

Fear Of Zombie Apocalypse Grows After Cannibalistic Acts Make News

The fear of zombies is rising....

Zombie Apocalypse: After Gory Incidents, Zombie Talk Grows

'Porn Star Cannibal' Believed Hiding In Drag In France

A gay porn star actor who filmed himself allegedly killing his lover with an ice pick is believed to have escaped to France and disguising himself as a woman. Luka Magnotta, the porn star cannibal, is believed to have cannibalized some of the remains and may have mailed body parts to various Canadian offices. A video of Magnotta feeding live cats to snakes has also been released.

Revealed: Victim of Canadian porn star cannibal is Chinese gay lover as police reveal 'murderer' is on the run in France... dressed as a woman

Half-Naked Seattle Woman, Attacked People, Injured Cops, Does Backflip Out Of Patrol Car

A half-naked Seattle woman attacked several people at a local bar, as well as assaulted police who were trying to arrest her. At one point she was able to do a back-flip out of the police car. Several cops were injured.

Half-naked woman attacks police

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