Thursday, May 3, 2012

Your Stories.. #2

I was recently contacted by a person named Jennifer who believes that she is part werewolf, part hell hound. These are her words below.

"Three years ago, I met a werewolf down in my woods while going for a walk. His name was Connor. He told me that I wasn't human, that I would become like him in my own time. I didn't believe him, but later that year, a week after my birthday in September, I starting feeling a change coming over me. The shift was extremely painful and I don't remember anything after it. Shortly after my first shift, I came across Connor again in my woods and told him of what happened. He told me that he knew, and that the reason I didn't remember my shift was because I was something mixed in with the wolf...It wasn't until Connor invited his friend, Damon (a werewolf/shadow wolf/wiccen mixture), that I found out that that other half was that of a hell hound. Since then I've only shifted once more, and both Connor and Damon feel that I won't shift again because of the amount of hell hound blood in my system."

(certain information withheld for her privacy)

" I haven't shifted since that second shift, but the moon brings my blood to a near boil. I am not stronger, faster, or more powerful than any other human being. Damon says that's due to my werewolf side. As far as hell hound side...I have more aggression, prone to more violence quicker, and have a bloodlust (almost like a vampire). I have met another werehound, but he lives far away, and we've only conversed over e-mail. He doesn't know much about being a werehound, because he was bitten, and there's nothing that I can find online about it, so it's a learning experience for me."

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