Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Dressing Pillows

A very powerful way to conjure someone is to dress their pillows with spiritual powders. To accomplish this you will need to use the powders that are talcum or cornstarch-based, or powders that have a similar fine texture. Also it would be best to avoid any powders that are heavily tinted as this might either stain the fabric or at least be noticeable to the target.

To dress the pillows dip a finger or two into the powder to get a light coating. Make the sign of the cross on the pillow while calling the persons name three times and stating your petition or telling the target what you want them to do. You can make a total of three crosses if you prefer. Another way of dressing the pillows is simply to draw your fingers straight down in a line. Some people simply sprinkle the powder on the pillow, and this was the method I was taught. I don't use this method because I've found that it's far too noticeable. A way to get around this is to remove the pillow from the pillow case and then sprinkle the pillow with powder, replacing the pillow case afterwards.

When you dress pillows make sure to dress both sides of the pillow. That way if the target flips their pillow around they are still be effected.

Dressing pillows is a very powerful way to conjure someone as their head is coming in contact with the powder. Dressing pillows is also a very good method of domination work as the powder comes in contact with the target's head.

A pillow fixed by being dressed with powder will continue to work until it is washed. You can also use oils to dress pillows but make sure to use too much or it will be noticeable.

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