Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Hoodoo Truth: Don't Play Games With Workers

This is some very good advice that I am giving to people who are considering hiring workers either online or in "real-life".  That advice is not to play games

I don't know what it is about the Internet, but people will act the fool online and play games with workers. I will tell you flat out that real-life workers won't put up with it. If you go to a real-life worker and start playing games they will kick you out and tell you never to come back. In fact, if a worker thinks you are trouble they may never even let you in to begin with.

What do I mean by "playing games"? Below is a partial list of behavior that I've experienced or seen online.

1.) Being Too Cryptic

2.) Refusing To Give Your Name Or Giving A Fake Name

3.) Flip-Flopping Or Constantly Changing Your Mind As To What You Want

4.) Back-Talking

5.) General Rudeness

6.) Making Demands

7.) Being Dishonest About The True Need Or Desire

8.) Being Dishonest About The Situation

9.) Fighting Over Pricing

10.) Nonsense Requests (ex. - turn a man into a woman, turn a person into a werewolf, etc.)

I can't speak for other workers, but when people contact me via email and are playing games I will give them 1-2 chances based on how patient I am at the time. If they blow those chances I send them packing. The number one problem I seem to encounter is with people who are far too cryptic and refuse to get to the point or communicate the situation. Below is an example of how this type of thing goes. Each line represents one email. Keep in mind that it may be that each email may represent one day in time, so you should be able to tell how frustrating this is.

Person: Hello, I'm emailing you for some help and would like to hire you to do work for me.

Me: Great. What's the nature of the situation or what's going in your life?

Person: It's a problem I've been experiencing for several years now.

Me: Can you be more specific?

Person: Well, it's just something that's been bothering me for some time and I think that I need some work done to help solve it.

Me: Okay, I will be happy to help you to the best of my abilities. Can you please describe the situation.

Person: It's about some problems I have.

Me: Ummm.... can you please throw me a bone here?

I don't have time to play a game of 20 questions with people, especially one lasting multiple days. So if I ask people to please advise me of the nature of the problem I mean exactly that. Depending on how patient I feel I may ask them a second time to respond with the nature of the situation. If they blow that chance I will not waste anymore of my time on them. In real life if you go to a worker and act like this they will eventually tell you to leave and come back when you know what you want. Or they may not ask you to come back at all. Some may just give you a quick work and push you out the door to be rid of you.

So this is how a communication should go:

Person: Hello, I'm emailing you for some help and would like to hire you to do work for me.

Me: Great. What's the nature of the situation or what's going on in your life?

Person: I feel like I'm stuck in my life and I can't get ahead. The bills are piling up, I constantly get turned down for promotions at work, and I just feel like there's this black cloud following me around everywhere I go.

Me: Yes, it sounds like you are blocked. I'm also sensing that someone has tied your money up. In fact, I suspect that there may be someone at your work who may be throwing for you. I sense this person is female and you may have dated her and broke off the relationship. I think this is her attempt at getting revenge.  I can help you with that and help get the money and prosperity flowing back into your life.

See how easy that is, folks?

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